Between Love and Duty (MM)

Vampire Clans 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,189
8 Ratings (4.1)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, HEA]
Brett Underwood is a low-level vampire that hates fellow vice president Eric Turner. They are as opposite as night and day. He starts to dream of another person that looks just like him, a person that is in love with Eric. Now, every time he gets close to Eric, he can’t keep his hands to himself.
Eric has watched and protected Brett for most of the vampire’s life. He’s given him a new name and identity, trying to keep his painful past from awakening.
After being forced to spend time together, the sparks fly. Not the normal fist-pounding ones. The sexual attraction leaves them both wanting more. As Brett’s memories start to resurface, he begins to realize the extent Eric has gone to protect him. He starts to question Eric’s feelings. Does Eric really see him, or is he just an obligation that needs protecting?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Between Love and Duty (MM)
8 Ratings (4.1)

Between Love and Duty (MM)

Vampire Clans 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,189
8 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Eric Turner muttered as he walked down the compound hall. “I don’t have time for games.” He didn’t take the king’s summons seriously. The man often called vampires from all over the world to play chess, look at his latest painting, or some other mundane activity. Last time, the king had ordered Eric to the compound to balance a checkbook. Just thinking about the financial reports that needed approval or the checks that needed signatures left him even more annoyed. Eric was vice president of an international corporation not a secretary. He didn’t have time to balance a personal checkbook. Tens of thousands of jobs depended on him.

He headed toward the main meeting room, aka throne room. Yes, the king of vampires still sat on a golden throne covered in diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires. Maybe he slept too long in a coffin and missed the previous centuries’ revolutions. That would explain the tacky chair Eric would soon kneel before.

It didn’t surprise him. Dead people didn’t change. That was true for both humans and vampires. Maybe warm blood and a beating heart equaled an open mind. Too many centuries had passed since his heart thumped and warm blood flowed through his veins that he couldn’t be sure.

As he moved deeper into the compound his senses started to tingle. It felt like an itch he couldn’t scratch. The closer he got to the meeting room the oddities became more noticeable. Since arriving he’d seen no one. By now he’d made five turns and should’ve been asked by at least five different vampire soldiers to state his purpose or some other asinine statement spoken with enough authority to make the guard feel important. Of course, Eric could snap their heads off or order them to dance with the sound of his voice, but instead he usually behaved and nodded like he gave a shit. Today, though, he felt like twisting off heads. His luck sucked. The one day he wanted to play with the guards and that was denied him.

He tried to ignore the questions, but they nagged at him. Where were the guards? Did the constant complainers that moaned to the king about the littlest things finally grow a backbone? What about the ass kissers? The vampire race had a lot of those.

He shook his head. Nothing made sense. The anger at the king’s order prevented Eric from thinking straight. The first clue that something was wrong started with the king’s follow-up command. As if appearing wasn’t punishment enough, he had to decipher a cryptic message that made him feel like a spy.

He’d been too ticked off to see it before. The abrupt order and annoying command—come alone and tell no one. Normally, he avoided such nonsense. After all, five-hundred-year-old vampires didn’t play games, but apparently they still missed important clues.

He studied the abandoned halls. Paintings from the world’s most famous painters hung in a row. It was a strange collection of abstracts, portraits of kings, religious pieces, and modern art.

What am I doing here?

Unfortunately, he couldn’t refuse the king’s order. He could have ignored it for awhile, locked himself in his office, and shut out the world. He’d get away with it for weeks and if he was lucky years, but the mysterious reason behind the king’s summons trapped him. If the king wanted to discuss him, that changed everything. With that possibility hanging over his head, Eric couldn’t refuse. All the normal excuses flew out the window as he rushed to the compound.

The echo of his shoes clicked against the marble floor, filling the space and breaking the silence. He turned the corner and spotted the oversized double doors with solid steel hinges. Finally, he would get answers. The reality started to sink in. He noticed but had ignored all the warning signs. The empty reception area screamed danger.

 He placed a hand on the door handle and stopped. Something was wrong. Did he want to know? Running wasn’t an option. Not until he saw him. Deep down he felt the strong bond and knowing that he was okay, kept Eric moving.

Eric didn’t knock. Proper vampire etiquette required two guards and a greeter outside the door. Since the king no longer adhered to the rules, why should he? Eric pushed open the door.

A gray light seeped in from the window. The night darkness outside didn’t matter. With vampire vision he saw everything as if the high noon sun shone down into the room. The normal bustling activity within the vampire ruler’s throne room wasn’t there. The too-quiet room held an eerie aura of impending danger.

The king stood facing the outside window. Golden-blond hair flowed down his back. He watched the city below, not turning to acknowledge that someone else had entered the room.

“It’s strange. We can’t fully live among humans, but we’re fascinated by their lives. I spend hours each night just watching. Compared to us, their time is limited and they live for each moment. It’s amazing. When you have less of something, you appreciate it more.”

“Your Majesty,” Eric greeted about to bend over and bow.

“Eric, we don’t have time for proper protocol.” The king shook his head. “No, I don’t have time.”

It was strange to hear the vampire king say in such a sad tone that he didn’t have time. Eric tried to interpret the king’s meaning. After all, vampires were immortal, and they had nothing but time.

The king turned. Eric spotted the golden-blond wisps of hair. The child slept nestled in the king’s embrace. Eric’s eyes studied the young prince, looking for any injury. The prince’s calm sleeping face relieved most of his tension. If he was okay, then all was right in Eric’s world.




The blood dripped from Brett’s mouth. He felt high and wanted something more. Eric stood a few feet away. He wasn’t thinking, only feeling. Soon he was right up to the other vampire, kissing him and sharing the blood that still lingered in his mouth. A voice inside screamed, what are you doing? Another voice laughed, it’s about time. Eric tasted good. He pushed his tongue in and Eric opened his mouth. The kiss deepened. Eric pulled away, the lust visible on the vampire’s face. They both wanted more.

Eric laughed. The older, faster vampire dragged them both to the ground. Brett’s back arched as Eric kissed up and down his neck. Their positions completely reversed, the attacker now lay helpless as Eric’s hand reached up his shirt to explore. Their mouths reconnected and their tongues danced together. Eric pulled away and looked into his eyes. Brett moaned. This was what he needed—to fuck and to be fucked. He wanted to feel alive in the other vampire’s arms. He closed the distance again, touching his lips to Eric’s. Tonight he would have it. He would have it all.

Eric pulled away.

Brett growled and tried to reconnect their lips. Eric growled back and Brett froze. The older vampire’s eyes bore directly into his eyes. They looked at each other. Eric sized him up, trying to read in between the lines. Brett didn’t want to wait. He wrapped both arms around Eric’s neck. Brett’s fingers moved down to Eric’s back and he started to claw at it.

“You are high,” Eric said.

Brett shook his head. “No, I want more. I want you.”

Eric continued to look at him. “Do you know what you are asking for?”

Brett nodded. “I want you inside of me. I want you to pound into my body. I want you.” He shivered just thinking about it. “I want it all,” he repeated.

Eric laughed. “I am not sure you will feel the same way tomorrow.” He leaned down and pressed small kisses on Brett’s throat before sucking on his earlobe. Eric moved down Brett’s neck, nibbling and biting the sensitive flesh. Brett hissed as sharp fangs pinched his skin.

He bit his lip trying to suppress a moan. Eric was going to do it, his mind screamed. Each kiss felt like soft silk against his skin.

Eric moved to meet Brett’s eyes. “If you regret it, it will not be on me. I am going to give you what you are begging for.”

Brett arched his back up in anticipation.

Eric unbuttoned Brett’s pants and slowly lowered the zipper. With one hard yank, he pulled Brett’s jeans off his body. The cool night air danced across his sensitive shaft. His cock, hard and stiff, wanted immediate attention. Brett bit his lip, trying to regain some control. Eric hovered above his shaft and then licked his lips. Their eyes locked and Eric lowered his head down, sucking his cock.

The vampire’s tongue darted out and licked his sensitive tip. He pressed the tongue into the slit opening. Eric moved his fingers down and took Brett’s balls in the palm of his hand. He squeezed them and then rolled them around before gently rubbing each one. The sensation never ended. Just when he got use to it, Eric moved his hand away.

Brett moaned and begged, “Please, Eric. Please. More, give me more. Suck me.”

Eric took pity on him and lowered his lips, taking in the entire cock. As his mouth sucked, his hand moved back to Brett’s heavy balls.

Brett just laid there and felt every touch. Nothing had ever felt so good. His hands moved to Eric’s hair. He wrapped his fingers around the dark silk strands. It should be a crime to have such soft, luscious hair. He spread his legs wider, inviting Eric in.

Eric’s fingers moved from his balls and rubbed the crease of his ass before parting his rear. The older vampire moved in between his ass cheeks. A finger rubbed his puckered entrance before slowly pushing in. After resting all the way inside, the finger started moving in and out of the tight ring. He’d never felt so alive with fresh blood in his belly, a mouth wrapped around his cock, and a finger thrusting into his ass. Nothing beat this night. A small part whispered, “Whoa, stop it,” and another part screamed for him to get Eric to fuck him. The louder voice overpowered all thoughts and pushed away the doubt threatening to surface.

He touched and rubbed his sensitive nipples. Eric moved up to his fingers. He lightly nipped at his hand, forcing it away. Soft lips attached to his nipple. A tongue swirled around before licking and then biting down. Never before had Brett been this sensitive. The tongue swirled around the hard nubs and Brett moaned.

He writhed underneath. Eric was too slow. Using his body as leverage, he pushed Eric off. He switched positions and now straddled Eric’s waist. His pants gone, he ripped his shirt completely open. His naked cock rubbed against Eric’s pants. He wanted their cocks to touch. He reached to unbutton the other man’s pants. He needed Eric’s shaft free and inside of him. Eric teased too much. The vampire should be fucking him by now.

Eric growled and used his strength to switch their positions. “You are no longer in control,” Eric warned.

Brett nodded. He didn’t care if Eric was in control. He didn’t care if he lost all control. He begged and moaned with his legs spread. He arched his back up, trying to get Eric to take the invention to join their bodies.

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