Numb as a Statue (MM)

Suncoast Society 85

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,296
16 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Sensations ManLove: Alternative Consensual BDSM Contemporary Romance, MM, sex toys, spanking, HEA]

Rom is an admitted control freak due to a life-shattering event that changed his world forever. He doesn’t believe in pretty words—he wants a guy he can trust, who shows him how he feels, not simply says it. But the gorgeous artist is a literal freaking Adonis…and Rom wants him.

Colton has faced heartbreaking rejection in his life and isn’t willing to settle for less than a guy who’s willing to take charge and not destroy his delicate trust in the process. In Rom he sees a quiet confidence with no need to prove anything to anyone. But Colton wants to prove to Rom he’s his forever guy.

Take two beautiful but wounded, fragile hearts, mix in one meddling matchmaker…and see what magic follows. Just hold the peanuts, please.


Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.

Numb as a Statue (MM)
16 Ratings (4.6)

Numb as a Statue (MM)

Suncoast Society 85

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,296
16 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
How interesting! Two men/people who have a lot of reason to not trust easily but they find each other with a little matchmaking by a rival to the "frightful five" for the matchmaking title at Venture and the Suncoast Society! Sweet story actually. Really enjoyed it.
Suncoast Society, Book 85. Can anything rise from the ashes of devastation or is all lost? Rom’s a control freak of the highest order, for good reason. His trust was crushed, and now he believes in no one. But at what cost? Does he even have a life? When it hits him that his idea of a good weekend is cleaning his apartment, washing his car, and shopping for cheaper insurance, there’s his answer. Meanwhile, Colton has problems of his own. Life’s never been the same since his parents disowned him as a child. Yes, Grammy was there for him, giving him a home and accepting every part of him. She nourished his spirit, imparting her passion for art. But now Grammy’s gone, taking Colton’s heart with her. He tries to carry on because that’s what Grammy would have wanted. But his soul’s shattered, and he feels nothing. Then one day, a trio of total strangers come into Colton’s shop. The ersatz leader of this small group brings something totally unexpected. But is Colton ready to accept anything from a stranger? When the same person approaches Rom, it seems fate may have walked into both men’s lives. Is anything ever that easy? As a Dom, Rom definitely takes an interest in the gorgeous subby Kent introduces him to. But, despite an initial attraction, can it be anything more than just one night? Words hold no value for Rom. Actions are the only way to reach him. And does Colton have anything to offer anyone? Since Grammy died, he’s been so hollow and broken. As both Colton and Rom take baby steps toward something neither recognizes, disaster strikes. Could fate be so brutal? Only one thing is certain. To get through this with take a megaton of hope, faith, trust, and more. But is either man capable of any of this? Or will the Universe once again cruelly shatter the dreams of each into splinters? Both Rom and Colton took me completely by surprise. You couldn’t find two people who are this severely damaged by completely different circumstances. Their pasts have utterly broken both. How could they find anything in common when neither trusts anyone? It’s heartbreaking to read what these men have endured. I cried for both and the heartbreak they’ve endured. That Rom is a huge control freak is no surprise and makes him a natural Dom. You’d think that would give him the ultimate confidence, making relationships easy. But his past ensures that’s not true. And Colton? His trauma is so very different than Rom’s, but he’s been ripped apart at the seams. He too trusts no one. He belongs nowhere. He only knows what he wants, and that’s not about to come walking into his life. But despite the pain and betrayal of their pasts, Rom and Colton also have a strength neither knows exists. This is the true beauty of this book. There’s a dichotomy of vulnerability versus strength and resilience that shouldn’t work. Yet it works so very well. Tymber Dalton has again shown the depths of her writing talent. I loved both Colton and Rom, their backstory, their present, the possibilities of what could be, and the surprise ending I never saw coming. I was captivated from the first page and flew through it, finishing it in one night. Congratulations, Ms. Dalton! This is another five star winner! A final note. This is an ADULT book. It contains explicit language and BDSM sexual scenes. If you don't enjoy this genre, this may not be the book for you. There are book synopses and reviews available on Goodreads and all booksellers' websites. Please use these resources. I urge you to leave a review, but with a proviso. Please don’t leave a negative review when you know you won’t enjoy the book. It's not fair to the author. She works hard to provide a quality work product. If you know you'll object to a book's subject matter before you buy it, you're doing yourself and the author an extreme disservice. Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!
Pam S.

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Colton nervously changed clothes about four different times before finally going back to the shorts and button-up casual shirt he’d started with. Kent had assured him casual was fine, because most everyone would be stripping shortly after the party started, anyway. Clothing was usually discouraged past that point, except for a few very special exceptions, or for people there for the first time.

Still, he wanted to set a good first impression for people.

Especially for the guy Kent was going to introduce him to.

Maybe they’d hit it off, maybe they wouldn’t, but from the sound of it, at least Colton would be able to get himself fucked tonight. He’d even cleaned himself out in preparation, and wore a butt plug for about an hour, just to make sure he was ready.

Tonight, he wanted to have fun.

Needed to have fun.

When he rolled up to Kent’s front gate, though, he nearly turned around and bolted.

This guy was money.

Kent had assured him there would be guys there tonight from all income brackets and backgrounds. That Kent was more interested in the quality of a man, rather than his bank account.

Keeping that in mind, Colton rolled his window down, plugged the four-digit code into the gate controller, and took a deep breath as the gate swung open for him.

Here we go.

Kent was already standing outside when Colton parked next to two other cars. Colton grabbed his bag with his towels and flip-flops—and condoms and lube, because he wanted to be prepared—and headed up the walk to meet him.

“Right on time,” Kent said. “Excellent. Come on in, so I can introduce you.”

He led Colton into the kitchen, where Tim and Paul talked with a third man.

Please don’t let him be a bottom!

The guy was maybe five-ten, slender, but not like a twink. Built like a runner or cyclist, maybe. Dark brown hair, glasses, and a short beard and mustache that looked like it might be a recent addition.

His brown gaze met and held Colton’s as Kent introduced them. “Colton, this is Rom. Rom, Colton.”

“Nice to meet you,” Colton said, sticking his hand out.

Rom smiled and shook with him, politely firm, no limp fish there. “It’s very nice to meet you, too.” From the steady, direct way Rom watched him, Colton found himself wanting to sink to his knees.

Kent spoke up. “Let me borrow him for just a moment, Rom, to show him around, then I’ll bring him back.”

The left corner of Rom’s mouth quirked up in a smile. “Yes, please bring him back, Kent. Don’t make me hunt him down because you sniped him from me.”

Kent laughed. “Told you—I’m happily taken, or that would be a valid concern.” Kent led Colton through the house, showed him where he could drop his stuff. “Well?” he softly asked Colton.

“Please tell me he’s a Top?” Colton asked.

“It’s your lucky day. So, we’re good?”

“Absolutely. Thank you.” He set his bag down.

“I just wanted to check, make sure you were okay with him before I turned you loose together.” Kent patted him on the shoulder. “Hey, want to show you something.” He led him to a door at the end of the hall with a keypad lock on it. After punching in the code, he opened it and pointed. “Look.”

There sat the two vases, in niches next to the window.

Colton’s eyes widened. “That’s perfect!”

“Right? If you want to take pictures, go ahead.”

He blinked back tears as he could almost hear Grammy’s voice in his head crowing about his success with the pieces. He pulled his phone from his back pocket and snapped a couple of wide shots, with both niches and the window visible, then stepped in close to get each one individually, as well as a short video clip. With the lighting, the vertical stripes that were supposed to be seaweed seemed to gently move, just like he’d planned.

“Thanks for showing me,” he said as he scrolled through the pictures.

“Sure.” Kent leaned in. “And, heh, I hope you don’t mind I showed Rom. Told him you made them. He seemed very impressed. And now, back to the kitchen, and I’ll go over the rules for tonight with you.”


* * * *


Rom hoped he wasn’t drooling as he watched Colton and Kent leave the kitchen.

“Well?” Tim softly asked.

“Oh. My. God.” He turned to the other two men. “Fucking dibs, and I’ll cut a bitch who tries to get in my way.”

The men high-fived each other, and Rom. “Sir’s good,” Paul said. “He’s got a knack for it. Like he can see someone’s aura or something. Daddy and I, we’ve quit doubting him when he says he wants to introduce two people. It’s his secret superpower.”

“Fuckin’ A, he could go into business. Colton is a fucking god.”

In fact, Rom had to reach down and adjust himself in his jeans, because his cock was hard and screaming, begging to drag Colton into the playroom right now, before anyone else got a look at him, and fuck and beat the cutie senseless.

Kent and Colton returned a moment later, and Kent led him and Rom into the living room while Tim and Paul finished preparations for the evening in the kitchen. Rom couldn’t help but stare at the guy. Blond and square-jawed, had to be about six-four, and yes, broad shoulders and a gorgeous fucking ass he wanted to beat, bite, and fuck.

I guess my luck’s turning around.

Once Kent finished going over everything with the man, he smiled. “Any questions?”

Colton shook his head. “I think I’m good.”

“I’ll let you gentlemen chat and get acquainted, then,” Kent said. “Our first guests won’t start arriving for nearly another hour. I wanted you two to have time alone together, and it won’t be held against you if you wish to pair off even before the others arrive.” He dropped them a wink and returned to the kitchen.

Even though Rom was experienced negotiating sex and play, this guy totally had him tongue-tied. “Um, well, for starters, hi.”

Colton smiled. “Hi.”

“Let’s start with the easy part, I guess. Twenty-seven, Top for play and sex. I mean, I’ll catch when I feel like it, but overall, I’m a Top.”

“Thirty-two. Definitely a bottom. And I’m long overdue a good hard scene.”

While Rom wanted to drag him down to the playroom, he knew he needed to take a deep breath and take this slow. This wasn’t just a weekend-fuck kind of guy.

He hoped.

Rom wanted to know more about him. “I loved the vases Kent showed me. They’re gorgeous.” The man had huge hands. But now that Rom was looking at them more closely, he could see they were also soft, with long, nimble fingers, much like his own. Except Rom’s were smaller.

Colton’s expression brightened, adorable. “Thanks. I run a ceramics studio.” He whipped out his phone and Rom found himself dangerously sliding close to an immediate infatuation even as he slid closer to the guy on the sofa so he could look at more pictures.

Not just vases, either, but sculptures and other kinds of items.

“These are beautiful. Where’s your place?”

“Over on Venice Island. Right off the main street. Little slow this time of year, so I also work part-time as a personal trainer.”

“How’d you get started in this?”

Colton blushed, and it took every last ounce of self-control in Rom’s body not to grab him and kiss him right there. “My grandmother. It was her store. I loved being there, and learned so much from her. I started living with her when I was twelve. I’ve always helped her run it. I…I lost her four years ago.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“Yeah, other than my aunt and uncle, she was my only family.”

“I’m an orphan, too, except I have an older brother. He raised me.”

Colton’s expression darkened. “I wasn’t exactly orphaned,” he said. “I was disowned and discarded.”

Yikes. “At twelve?”

“Yep. I thought they’d be okay with a gay son. Turned out not so much. Grammy raised me from that point on. She loved me unconditionally, nurtured me and my art. I don’t know where I’d be if it wasn’t for her.”

Gawd, now all he wanted to do was bundle the cutie up and take him home and hold him.

“Mine wasn’t exactly like that. Our parents…died.”

Let’s see how far we get after tonight. Only then would he open up and tell Colton the full truth. It wasn’t a story he liked to share with people. Hell, even the people at work didn’t know the story.

Rom opted to change conversational directions. Tonight, he wanted to have fun. “I’m definitely interested in playing with you tonight, if you want to. I won’t be a dick if you’re not into me, though.”

“I’m definitely interested.”




Colton struggled not to hump himself against the bed. And when Rom bit him, he had to force himself not to beg for his fucking now. The rational part of his mind understood what Rom was doing—that the Dom was sizing him up, seeing how much he could take.

Except so far, Rom had been perfect.

Rom started off slow with the implements, quickly building up steam once he saw Colton’s tolerance for them. Floggers first, followed by straps, various paddles, and canes.

Rom played him like an instrument, and Colton knew he could quickly grow addicted to playing with him.

Colton fisted the sheets and arched his back, loving every bit of pain, of heat, of mind-numbing agony rolling through his body and sending him straight into subspace.

Holy fuck.

It was difficult for him to reach subspace. Or, it used to be. Then again, it’d been a long time since he’d played.

Except Rom was good. Really good. Colton suspected Rom would never have trouble helping him achieve subspace. Not if he was this good and barely knew him. He could only imagine how good he’d be once he got to know Colton’s body and mind better.

hope he’ll want to keep playing with me.

Colton lost all track of time as Rom worked over his back, his ass, the backs of his thighs. At one point, Rom stretched out next to him on the bed, hooked his arm under Colton’s head and fisted his hair, drawing him close to kiss him around the ball gag. But Colton kept his hands in position, where he’d started, unwilling to disobey Rom unless he ordered Colton to move.

As Rom kissed him, Colton felt Rom’s other hand on his ass. Then he delivered another series of bare-handed impacts that had Colton moaning around the ball gag.

“Mmm-hmm,” Rom whispered. “That’s what I want to hear. Is my boy ready for his reward?”

Colton tried to nuzzle his face against Rom’s, but Rom’s fist in his hair held him immobile. “Yeth, Thir,” he mumbled around the gag.

Rom’s tongue lightly traced Colton’s lips. “Going to have to get you your own ball gag,” he whispered. “Because that’s sexy as fuck.”

Colton whined, wishing he could kiss the man, suck his cock.

Beg him to never stop doing this with him.

Rom finally unfastened the ball gag and removed it from him. Then he pulled Colton in for another kiss, slanting their lips together and devouring each other.

Oh, fucking yeah!

The guy was a damned good kisser, too.

“You can move now, boy,” he murmured against Colton’s lips. “And A+ for not moving before I told you to. That was impressive.” Rom rolled onto his back.

Colton climbed on top of him, straddling him, kissing him. “Please, Sir,” he begged between kisses.

Rom’s hands settled on his hips and squeezed. “Someone’s eager.”

“Someone’s desperately horny, Sir.”

He felt Rom toe off his sneakers. “Then get me naked and let me feel that mouth of yours on my cock to convince me to let you ride me.”

Colton’s hands were trembling, he was so eager to please this man. He managed to unbutton Rom’s shirt without ripping the buttons clean off. Yep, his guess was right—the guy was fucking gorgeous under his clothes, lean planes of muscle that he wanted to lick and trace with his tongue.

Mostly, he was eager to get Rom’s cock in his mouth. He worked his way down to his jeans and managed to get them unfastened. Rom’s hands settled on his head as he fished his cock out and swallowed him to the root, both of them moaning over it.


* * * *



Rom wasn’t sure he might not explode from the sizzling perfection of Colton’s mouth around his cock. “Easy,” he hissed. “I don’t want to go off too soon.”

He lifted his head to find Colton watching him even as he went down on Rom, and it was beyond fucking sexy.

He was perfect.

Don’t think that right now. It’s too damn soon.

But it sure felt perfect.

There was the benefit that Kent had introduced them, although Rom didn’t know Kent beyond servicing his bank accounts.

Although Colton was welcomed to service Rom however he damn well wanted, at this rate.

“Grab a condom,” Rom said. He patted Colton on the head to get him to let go and sat up so he could shrug off his shirt.

Colton still wore a sweetly glazed look in his eyes, and Rom pointed to where he’d grabbed condoms and lube from his bag and left them on the nightstand.

He stood and finished stripping, then shoved Colton back onto the bed. “On second thought, I want to fuck you like this for the first time.” He wanted his cock buried inside the man, right now.

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