Birthday Blues

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 13,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed and varied themes.

'Birthday Blues' by Judith Roycroft

Amber's friend Nikki had promised her a birthday present which would be delivered to her door, but Amber never suspected that it would be a well-muscled young man who would strip off his clothes to music. When he invites her to touch him, she accepts. She can hardly believe her luck when she learns that he is allowed to have sex with a customer, and he carries condoms with him.

'Two of a Kind' by J. Manx

Cathy is unsure of what to expect when she applies for a job. Her daughter has started school, and Cathy is divorced. She is attracted to her new supervisor, the ruggedly handsome Paul. Then she meets Peter, his identical twin! How can she desire two men at once? She quickly gets promoted to marketing director, and her two bosses invite her to their shared house for dinner. Cathy doesn't want a kinky fling, and she finds out just how emotionally satisfying a menage can be.

'Bathing Minerva' by Jeremy Edwards

Gary enjoys a lunch meeting with two female co-workers in a Japanese restaurant. Minerva jokingly wonders aloud if the women's lavatory has a bidet. For the rest of the day, Gary can't stop imagining Minerva straddling a jet of water, enjoying an internal cleansing. He invites her to his home, and finds her very receptive to some clever moves with a wet silk necktie. For the meanwhile, watching her arousal is all the pleasure Gary needs.

'Darling' by Sommer Marsden

'Darling' is their favourite song by their favourite band. Alice and Ken celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary by going to an outdoor rock concert where the music seduces them, just as it did before. Under a blanket, surrounded by other fans, Alice and Ken get into the mood and out of their clothes. And when the band plays 'Darling' as an encore, they both come to a rousing conclusion.

'Railway Signals' by J. Manx

The female narrator hates commuting on a crowded train from her home in the suburbs to her job in the city. The other passengers are so rude and pushy! A polite man in the crowd attracts her attention, and she notices how handsome he is. To her delight, she sees him again the next day. Before long, she is dressing to please him, even though they have never exchanged names. One day, he squeezes against her, and she lets his hands roam over her body. She finds the hardness at his crotch, and brings him relief. He asks if she will be on the same train the next day. She wouldn't miss it!

These stories have also been published in Tease Me ISBN 9781906125844

Birthday Blues
0 Ratings (0.0)

Birthday Blues

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 13,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Elizabeth Ponting

Amber was reaching for the phone when the doorbell rang. It was early for visitors but, as it was her birthday, the caller was most likely her mother. Then she remembered. On Saturday, Nikki Glendenning, her best friend, had whispered to Amber as she was leaving that her present would be delivered on Monday. This was most likely it, Amber decided, walking towards the door.
Through the frosted glass panel she made out the indistinct silhouette of a man. Someone from a courier firm she figured, as she hauled open the door, since the postie had been already. About to greet her caller, Amber’s eyes widened and the words stuck in her throat. A mountain of a guy clad in skin-tight jeans, a black bow tie and a white cotton shirt that stretched across his chest and hugged his biceps, stared back at her. Amber swallowed hard. This fine masculine specimen would fit right in amongst a line-up of Chippendales. Certainly impressive and gorgeous enough. And staring at the denim stretched tightly across an enticing bulge was hardly the polite thing to do.
If it’s this impressive in resting mode, how generous can it be when aroused?
‘Amber Pilbury?’
‘I’m Stephen.’ He stepped over the threshold, Amber retreating as he bulldozed his way through. ‘Got a stereo? Great,’ he said, when she nodded in the direction of the lounge. ‘Beats the tinny old thing I carry in my car.’ He held up a CD.
Intrigued, Amber stood motionless, observing her unexpected visitor as he took control, deftly slotting the CD in the machine, then pressing the play button. When familiar bump and grind music came filtering out through the speakers, she suspected what was coming next. Glancing up quickly, she met brown eyes, amusement twinkling in their depths.
‘I don’t think …really, um, Stephen. It’s very good of you, but really, you can’t do this in here.’
As though her protests were the expected response, he grinned, and blithely ignored them. ‘Happy Birthday from Nikki Glendenning,’ he said.
And he began to strip.

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