Love Under Two Wildcatters (MFM)

The Lusty, Texas Collection 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 57,535
121 Ratings (4.5)

[#287 Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M]

Twenty-first century women don’t need a man—or two or three—to make their lives complete. That’s been Susan Benedict’s mantra for some time now. The sadder truth is, she doesn’t know if she'll ever find any men as important to her as her relatives are—both past and present.

Enter Colt Evans and Ryder Magee, two rough-and-tumble wildcatters who arrive with more on their minds than just drilling a well on Susan’s property.

Soon Susan finds herself discovering the thrill of love under two wildcatters, but there are a couple of catches. First, Susan discovers her brothers sent the wildcatters, hinting at a bonus if they could romance Susan away from her self-imposed isolation. Then someone seems determined to destroy all Colt and Ryder have built up over the years.

Will Colt and Ryder be able to uncover their enemy and conquer Susan’s mistrust before it’s too late?

Note: There is NO sexual relationship/touching between the brothers.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Morgan Ashbury/Cara Covington is a Siren-exclusive author


Love Under Two Wildcatters (MFM)
121 Ratings (4.5)

Love Under Two Wildcatters (MFM)

The Lusty, Texas Collection 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 57,535
121 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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Once again, Cara Covington is fantastic. What an awesome addition to her wonderful series.
Have to agree with other reviewers: The initial sex scene felt very premature and unbelievable. The female character, Susan, wasn't adequately explored before she took on two men she had met moments before. Once I got past that issue though, I really enjoyed the book and revisiting Lusty, TX. I did think that too much time was spent dwelling on the daddy/mental issues of the man trying to kill our trio, but appreciated that those segments were clearly delineated and was able to pass them over later in the story as I found them too repetitious. A good and entertaining read. BUY.
Professional Reviews

5 FALLEN ANGELS: "Susan Benedict has given up the idea of finding the perfect relationship. She's decided to content herself with fixing up her ranch. However, her brothers have other ideas for her. When they take it upon themselves to fix her up, the scene is set for the sparks to fly. Colt Evans and Ryder Magee are longtime friends who grew up as brothers. From their hard start on the streets to their company today, they have only been able to count on each other. That changes when they meet Susan. They fall head over heels in love, never knowing that a threat from their past is out to get them. When a mad man targets Susan, will they be able to save her in time? Right from the start, Ms. Covington had my attention. With a short scene, detailing the beginning of their lifelong friendship, I was in love with Colt and Ryder. Once they meet Susan, I was laughing out loud at the double entendres that filled their first encounter. Susan is written as a strong woman who knows what she wants and doesn't hesitate to go after it. And once they all realize how fast the initial attraction has blossomed, there is no pussy footing around. They are all adults, and they have no illusions that it will be a walk in the park, but they are willing to do the work to make a relationship work. Of course, per Ms. Covington's trademark, there are plenty of outside distractions and dilemmas to keep this book hopping. She always manages to catch my interest with her steamy hot love scenes and the tender, romantic side that each male seems to possess. Once again, we get to meet other wonderful characters in the Lusty, Texas Collection. By the time I'm done reading one book, I know enough to be eagerly awaiting the next. It's enough to keep me interested for a long time to come. If you haven't already, it is time for you to check out the Lusty, Texas Collection!" -- Ursula, Fallen Angels Reviews

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She stepped out from under the overhang of her front porch so the driver of the truck could see her. She didn’t need a mirror to know what this unseen person would be seeing when she stepped into view. She’d tugged on her oldest pair of blue jeans and donned her rattiest shirt before she’d started scraping the paint off the trim. It didn’t make any sense to wear anything but rags when all she’d had on the agenda for the day was being alone with some hard, dirty work.

The truck slowed as it neared, finally coming to a screeching halt about ten feet from where she stood. Two doors swung open at the same time, and a man stepped out of each.

Susan slowly lowered her hand as she looked from one to the other of them. Tall, muscular, one with blond hair, the other with dark hair peeking out from beneath twin battered Stetsons. In a move that seemed choreographed, they each peeled dark sunglasses away from penetrating eyes and gave her the once-over, hot gazes leaving nothing unscorched.

Susan swallowed as her slit released moisture onto her panties and her nipples tightened.

The driver cocked his head to one side, his gaze zeroing in on her traitorous breasts before focusing on her eyes. “Are you the woman who’s looking for a couple of really good drillers?”

“You must be Texan.” Only Texans, in her estimation, could brag about their sexual prowess and make it sound like innocent conversation.

“Yes, ma’am, just a couple of strays from El Paso looking for a warm, willing woman to take us in.” The driver managed to say that with a straight face.

Susan could tussle with the best of them. Having four brothers meant there wasn’t much a man—or two—could toss her way that she couldn’t handle. “I don’t know. I’m seeing a lot of rust, there. I’m thinking the equipment might be past its prime, maybe doesn’t even work anymore. I’d be too afraid the intense action of nonstop drilling might prove too much and the bits might break.”

“Well, now.” The passenger spoke for the first time. Susan could see his dark eyes sparkling from where she stood. “You’ll pardon me for saying that sounded like a challenge. If you give us a chance to loosen things up a little and lube them down, we’d be pleased to give you our very best shot.”

Susan felt her female parts heat to the point of producing steam. It had been a long time since she’d engaged in this kind of heavy-duty flirting. Damned if she hadn’t missed it. She decided to push it just one little bit further. “I don’t doubt you’d be pleased, cowboy. Question is, would I be?”

“Darlin’, we absolutely guarantee complete and total satisfaction.” Being Texan, the driver had no lack of self-esteem.

“We’ll see.” Would they? Had Susan just committed herself to taking these two men for a ride when she didn’t even know their names?

They were tempting, very tempting.  Before she could get herself into any more trouble, she took one step forward and held out her hand. “Susan Benedict. Am I to assume my brothers sent you?”

“Colt Evans. This is my partner, Ryder Magee. And yes, Alex and Josh sent us.” Colt shook her hand then stood to the side.

Ryder stepped forward, accepted her hand, and completed the introductions. “Ma’am.”

“I haven’t done anything to cause my brothers to seek revenge, so I’m going to assume you’re the real deal and know how to work that thing,” Susan said, nodding toward the rusting portable drilling rig in the back of their truck.

“Don’t you worry none, we know how to handle our equipment,” Ryder said.

She snapped her gaze to him. His angelic expression was really very well done.  Beside her, Colt coughed, but she knew the sound of a cutoff laugh when she heard it.

Susan sent Ryder a considering look. “That’s what they all say.” She shook her head.

Colt stepped forward and reached out toward her hair. She stood perfectly still, her gaze locked with his as she waited to see what he would do.

“I’ve heard of painted ponies. You’re the first painted woman I’ve ever met, Ms. Benedict.” He used a delicate touch to pull a few paint flecks from her shoulder-length blond hair.

“You’re the first man to compare me to a pony, Mr. Evans. I’ll have to think some before I know how I feel about that.”

“Well, now,” Ryder stepped closer, “there are some similarities. The very best ponies are lithe and lean and just made to be ridden.”

“Once they’ve been taken in hand and tamed, of course,” Colt added.

A twenty-first century woman should be outraged at such talk. Outraged, insulted, and ready to land a couple of well-earned slaps on smug male faces.

Susan sighed as she felt her arousal climb. She guessed it was time she stopped lying to herself.

She might live in the twenty-first century, but her female parts clearly wept for an earlier time, a time of manly men who knew how to be true masters in the saddle.





Colt didn’t care that they’d just met Susan Benedict. At that moment in time, he didn’t even care that her brothers had more or less set them up with her. The only thing he cared about was getting her naked and between them as quickly as possible.

He moved down, moved in, and captured her lips with his. He meant to keep the kiss simple, a claiming and a tasting and a promise of things to come.

Come. God, the taste of her went straight to his cock. His libido soared like it hadn’t done since he’d been a randy teenager bent on laying as many sweet young things as he could talk out of their panties.

She gave herself to him, opening her mouth, sucking his tongue into hers, and then giving him her own so that he knew this instant conflagration wasn’t his alone.

He had to pull back, take a gulp of air, or he’d be inside her before she could draw her next breath. He sent Ryder a look the other man obviously had no trouble reading, for it took him mere seconds to tip Susan’s head back and lay his mouth on hers.

Colt’s fingers actually shook as he worked to lift her shirt out of his way. Her lace-covered breasts filled his hands as if they had been made for them. Her nipples hardened into tight little buds. More than anything, he wanted to suck on them, to pull them into his mouth and roll them between his tongue and the roof of his mouth and see how elongated he could make them.

Ryder raised his head and shot a one eyebrow-raised glance at Colt.

Colt nodded, and together, they quickly skimmed Susan’s clothes off her. “We’ll slow down, honey,” he promised. “Just as soon as we’ve each had you.”

Susan licked her lips and then proved she wanted what they wanted. “Please hurry!”

Her lips glistened red and wet, her breasts beckoned, plump with pretty pink nipples that had hardened into granite peaks. Her tiny waist flared into lusciously feminine hips. A sparkle at the side of her navel snagged his attention. He reached out and, with one finger, stroked the round little diamond-studded ornament she wore there.

“Sexy,” he said, confident she knew he meant the entire package.

Susan stood between them, naked and practically vibrating, and Ryder’s hands were doing a good job keeping her fires lit. Colt reached into his back pocket, yanked out his wallet, and plucked out one of the condoms he’d put there just that morning. Then he dropped his jeans and skivvies, sat on the nearest chair, and reached for Susan.

Spreading his knees, he pulled her close between them. The fingers of his left hand reached up and combed through her silky blond hair, his nails scraping her scalp gently as he brought her to his mouth. Her taste quenched a thirst too long unsatisfied, and he used his tongue to drink and drink. With his right hand, he stroked her slit and then slid a finger into her, testing her moisture.

“You’re wet and tight, baby doll.” Colt’s words came out a little rougher than he’d intended. Something about the soft, hot woman under his hands seemed to bring out the primitive in him. He leaned forward and captured her right nipple between his lips. First his tongue and then his teeth teased that pebbled point until his fingers felt more of her juices trickling onto his fingers. He let her go with a wet plop and nuzzled the valley between her breasts. “How long has it been since you’ve had cock?”

She’d closed her eyes and begun to ride his fingers as they moved in and out of her. The clasp of her tunnel and the lush swelling of her pussy worked together to bring him to the very edge of ejaculation. With his question, her eyes opened, her lips pouted. She looked down at his engorged cock. She licked her lips and reached toward it. “It’s been so long. Please, I want to taste you.”

“You will. But first…” His hand left her head and took up the condom. He used his teeth to tear into the foil and, with one hand, was able to roll the protection into place. He raised his gaze and noticed Ryder had dropped his clothes, rolled on his own condom.

His friend pressed himself against Susan’s back then placed his hands on her waist.

“Up you go,” Ryder said.

“Impale yourself on me, baby doll.” Colt inhaled sharply because the scent of her juices reached him now, making him even hotter. “Give me your hot little cunt.”

“First you’re going to ride Colt, then I’m going to ride you.” Ryder’s voice, husky, strained, told Colt he was sorely triggered, too.

“You’re ours, Susie Q. From this moment on. Now fuck me.” The silk of her thighs slid against his, and the heat of her pussy teased, making his cock twitch in anticipation. Then he groaned in pure pleasure when the hot, tight sheath of her cunt slowly swallowed his cock.

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