Thanks For The Memory

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 13,200
0 Ratings (0.0)

A collection of erotic short stories with varied themes including menage and sex with a stranger.

Thanks for the Memory by Roxanne Sinclair

Lather up baby! Carla is the first one to the shower cubicle this morning, or so she thinks! While foaming up with her mango scented soap, she realizes pleasantly that she isn’t alone after all! Although she may need another shower if this handsome foreigner has his way!

Phone Jack by Landon Dixon

What an exhilarating rush! Poor Vicky is stuck on the phone with work again, but husband Jim has a tasty surprise in store to make her work day more enjoyable! Fortunately, turnabout is fair play when Vicky shows up at Jim’s work with a surprise of her own!

Arlene by N. Vasco

Arlene’s husband Mark has taken care of everything, hotel reservations, dinner at a 5 star restaurant, even a sexy outfit for Arlene’s yoga sculpted body to wear, but when Marks long lost buddy Phil joins them for dinner, Arlene learns the true meaning of double your pleasure, double your fun!

The Boss by Ruby Latour

John’s reputation as a ladies’ man has always made Jade a little weary. But after a few glasses of wine at a rather boring company party, Jade can’t seem to take her eyes off of him! Perhaps dirty talking John might have the chance after all to show Jade why all the women love him!

Company Picnic by Chloe Devlin

Greta doesn’t feel like she belongs at this company picnic, seeing how she is just a temp and all. But Marcus and Dominic, the two top salesmen, make her feel more then welcome! Will Greta satisfy their ravenous appetite or will they have Greta for dessert?

These stories were orginally published in Seriously Sexy Two

Thanks For The Memory
0 Ratings (0.0)

Thanks For The Memory

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 13,200
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Wearing nothing but an oversized beach towel, Carla grabbed her wash bag and bounced down the two steps of the caravan in France that had been her home for the last week and a half. The sun was already warm even though it was not yet seven o’clock in the morning and she headed to the shower block with the feeling that today was going to be a good day.
She was the only person in the small brick building, probably the first of the day. The smell of disinfectant hung in the air as a reminder of the cleaner who had been there earlier.
She walked into the middle cubicle and allowed the door to close behind her at its own pace. She removed her towel and draped it over the hook on the back of the door, watching the door click shut, she did not lock it.
Walking the three feet from the door to the shower head, she positioned herself under it and twisted the silver knob, bracing herself for what she knew was coming. The first thirty seconds or so was always icy cold but Carla took delight in the way it made her feel.
The initial touch made her catch her breath but she forced herself to stay under the water. She bounced on her toes without realising it until her body became accustomed to the temperature. Her arms were by her side and her face was turned up to the ceiling. The jet of water landed in the V at the base of her neck and formed tiny rivers that ran down her body on their way to the ground. Her whole body came alive under its icy fingers. Her skin formed goosebumps and tingled. Her nipples were hard and erect.
Carla shook her head. Her dark hair fanned out like ribbons.
She glanced over her shoulder and grasped the bar of soap from her wash bag by the door. She held the tablet under the water and rotated it between her fingers. A film coated her hands and she rubbed them together to form a thick foamy lather.
She rubbed that foam along the length of her neck. As her hands moved along her upturned throat she could smell a hint of mango from the scented soap She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation. She passed one hand briefly over the back of her neck before leaning forward and allowing the water to wash all the foam away.
She worked the soap into another lather and ran one hand over her other arm before repeating the motion with her other hand. With her arms still covered in suds she ran her hands over the wet mounds of her breasts.
Her fingers caressed the underside of each breast before moving over their point and onto the top. Her nipples were still erect and she squeezed them between her fingertips. It was more an act of arousal than hygiene and Carla repeated the whole motion, enjoying the sensation.
Lost in her own world of personal pleasure Carla didn’t hear the door open behind her. She sensed someone behind her, but didn’t turn around. Instead, she moved her hands over her breasts once more. This time a moan accompanied the action.
Moving very slowly and with her eyes closed, she turned around and realised how disappointed she would be if she found herself face-to-face with the cleaning lady. She kept her eyes closed a second or two longer than she needed to.
When she opened her, eyes a smile formed on her lips. She was not disappointed by what she saw.
‘Oh,’ she feigned surprise.
He said nothing. His lips were parted in a smile of his own and his eyes rested on her hands which still cradled her breasts. She worked her fingers into the soft flesh and watched him enjoying the show that she was putting on.
Her eyes dropped to the shorts that he was wearing and admired the stalk that had formed. She caught his eyes with hers and indicated that he should lose the shorts. This he did immediately, allowing his cock to bounce free from its prison. It came to rest at an angle about forty-five degrees to his stomach and twitched in anticipation with a life of its own.
Using her head this time, she indicated that he should join her under the spray and he obeyed with a smile. They locked eyes, each defying the other to back away.
Without taking her eyes off his Carla noticed the rise and fall of his Adam’s Apple. She felt his breath on her lips. He was breathing harder and faster now.
Carla inched forward until the tips of her nipples touched the soft down that covered his chest. Carla looked into his eyes and knew that he would do whatever she asked him to.

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