Vampires' Witness (MFM)

PUP Squad Alpha 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,700
25 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, vampires, spanking, HEA]

Skye Hastings was content with her life. It was predictable and maybe a little dull, but she was happy to go with the flow and not ask for more—until she witnessed a brutal murder. Now she wants answers.

As elite members of the Paranormal Undercover Protection squad, Benjamin Carrington and Samuel Eldridge are quite happy. Okay, life isn't exactly one long party, but they get the job done and they know the people they're protecting are better off not knowing what goes on around them.

But when they find Skye dying, the only survivor of a brutal attack, it's a single decision that changes all of their lives.

Thrown into a world she doesn't understand, surrounded by creatures that aren't supposed to exist, Skye finds herself clinging to the men who saved her. But can she trust her emotions when the rest of her world is dissolving?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Abby Blake is a Siren-exclusive author.

Vampires' Witness (MFM)
25 Ratings (4.0)

Vampires' Witness (MFM)

PUP Squad Alpha 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,700
25 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Started off really well but the momentum kind do stalled then faded.
Excellent series love the Pup Squad
Professional Reviews

5 ANGELS: "Skye Hastings is not happy about meeting her sister at this particular dance club because something seems off about the place. Nevertheless, Skye apprehensively waits for her sister at the bar. What a huge mistake that turns out to be. Not only is Skye unwilling lead into the alley by two creepy guys, she also witnesses a horrific murder before death turns it sights on her. Vampires Agents Benjamin Carrington and Samuel Eldridge are partners in an elite group known as Paranormal Undercover Protection squad, PUP Squad for short. While investigating an anonymous tip at a local vampire club, the men happened up on hideous vampire attack scene - one woman brutally murdered and the other on the threshold of death. Without a second thought, Benjamin and Samuel decide to save the human woman's life by turning her into a vampire with hopes that she will understand and embrace her new world. While still on the hunt for the evil vampires, it soon becomes apparent that Skye is still in danger because the mastermind behind the brutal attacks has learned that she is a surviving witness to one of their attacks. Will the squad be able to capture the mastermind before he succeeds in killing Skye? Wow! With Vampires' Witness Abby Blake has given us yet another series to love. Fans of Ms. Blake know that her novels are filled with blazing hot Ménage a Trois and/or multiple men verse one-woman sexual encounters. Whew! I am blushing just reminiscing about Benjamin, Skye and Samuel's naughty sexapades. In addition to the passion, the plot is also filled with a suspenseful mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end. Ms. Blake does a spectacular job of hiding the identity of the malicious mastermind. I don't know who was more shocked when it was finally revealed, me or the characters in the book. I cannot wait until I get my hands on the next exciting installment within the PUP Squad Alpha series. If future reads are as half as good as this one; then, I know that I am in for a treat!" -- Contessa, Fallen Angel Reviews

"Skye Hastings isn’t happy about meeting her sister at this particular bar, something about it just makes her uneasy. However Skye figures she will be okay sitting at the bar while she waits. She soon learns that thought was a big mistake when she finds herself going with a creepy guy against her will out to the alley. Benjamin Carrington and Samuel Eldridge are both vampires and also members of the Paranormal Undercover Protection squad or the PUP Squad as they are called. They and the rest of their group have been called to a bar to check out a call saying that there was something funny going on there that sounds a lot like the investigation they are currently on. Benjamin and Samuel entered the bar expecting anything but their senses lead them to the alley where they found two women who had been attacked by vampires. They go over to check the women to see if they can find any clues; the biggest one is discovering one of the women still alive but the only way to save her will change all three of them forever. Benjamin and Samuel made the hard choice to save Skye the only way they could. Hoping that Skye will understand and embrace her new world, they waited until she woke up knowing they would be her lifeline. Skye woke up to two very handsome men in the room with her. When she learns of her attack and the outcome, Skye decides pretty quickly that being alive is better than being dead and works to learn all she can. Benjamin, Samuel and the rest of the team are still-hunting for the men who attacked Skye and the other woman. While hunting for the men, it becomes clear that Skye is still in danger because someone has figured out she is still alive and has decided the only good witness is a dead one. As Benjamin, Samuel and the rest of the squad begin to connect the clues, they are discovering that some things just don’t add up. Tracking down the mastermind behind the killings and capturing him will take very bit of skill they have, especially when the mastermind is a person who seems to be a step ahead. A tragedy becomes a lifetime filled with passion when two agents discover the woman of the dreams they didn’t even know they had. Skye, Benjamin and Samuel all meet in an unexpected way in Vampires’ Witness and find out that love can spring up anywhere and anytime. I could understand why Benjamin and Samuel made the choice that they did with Skye – life is always better than death. I was very happy that Skye seemed to come to terms with her new life once she got over the shock. Of course it helps that she had the hunky Benjamin and Samuel there to help her. I was a bit worried about what was behind their feelings like Skye, however I could see that the feelings with all three were more than just a blood link. When the mastermind finally came to light, I think I was as shocked as the entire PUP Squad and Skye. Vampires’ Witness is filled with erotic passion and suspense, with a touch of mystery to keep you guessing." -- Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

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“Have you ever had a man in your ass?” Samuel asked as he seemed to watch the play of emotions over her face.

Breathlessly she tried to explain her reaction. “O–Only once. It hurt like hell, even several days later.”

Both men stopped moving. Their hands touched her, but they didn’t caress, didn’t arouse, didn’t enflame. She whimpered as she imagined their emotional withdrawal. “Please,” she begged. Holy hell, could she be any more pathetic?

“Shhh,” Benjamin said as he leaned over and kissed her, the taste of her own juices still on his lips. “You’re a vampire now, so you are much stronger than you realize. You also have two men who plan to take their time preparing you.” She nodded enthusiastically, so relieved that they weren’t about to leave the room that she almost missed the finger that probed her anus. Benjamin’s touch was gentle, soothing, not at all what she remembered of her one and only foray into anal play.


* * * *


Benjamin watched her closely, careful to move his finger slowly, making certain that she was enjoying his touch, not simply tolerating it. He and Samuel needed their woman to enjoy what they had planned, not stoically endure because she thought it was what they wanted.

But then Skye let out a little moan, coloring in embarrassment as she pushed against his finger in wanton need. That’s what he’d been waiting for. Samuel handed him the lube they’d bought earlier and went back to kissing Skye, caressing her breasts, tweaking her nipples, keeping her arousal high, as Benjamin pushed a second finger into her ass. He scissored them, gently loosening her anal muscles, watching closely for signs of discomfort.

When he added a third, her muscles pulsed around his fingers, caressing the invading digits, squeezing him harder as her orgasm approached. He leaned over her, capturing her clit with his lips, using them to nibble and caress the taut bud. She cried out, lifting her hips and then pushing down onto his fingers, over and over again, her need obvious, her movements frantic. He sucked on her clit, flicking the swollen flesh with his tongue, tormenting her until she exploded into orgasm.

Benjamin moved back, dragging at his clothes, desperate to be inside her. She was still screaming her climax when he lifted her hips and thrust his cock straight into her pussy. He rode her orgasm, loving the feel of her pussy walls grasping and releasing his erection. Over and over he thrust into her, groaning his own delight as he nearly lost himself in her sweetness.

Eventually they gentled her with long sweeping strokes and soft kisses as she caught her breath and finally stopped shaking all over.

Exhausted, she let Benjamin move her pliant body to the position he wanted, and she didn’t flinch at all when he pushed his fingers back into her ass. He lifted her legs higher, tucking her knees close to her chest, as he lined his cock up with her back passage and slowly breached the tight ring of muscle.

She moaned, trying to lift onto him, but he controlled her, stopping her movement, wanting to make this experience perfect for her. He ground his teeth together, controlling his own need to take her forcefully. In and out slowly, the gentle rhythm not nearly enough to satisfy them, but the absence of pain very important to all three.

Samuel rolled off the bed, stripping his clothes away as he nodded to Benjamin. He eased out of Skye’s ass as Samuel lay down on the bed beside them.

“Ride him, baby girl,” Benjamin said as he helped Skye lower onto Samuel’s cock. All three of them moaned as she took him deep and leaned forward to press her lips against his mouth. Samuel had his legs hanging over the edge of the bed, his hands wrapped around Skye’s knees so that she wouldn’t slide off. That left room enough for Benjamin to step between their legs, his cock pulsing pre-cum as his best friend and his woman fucked each other. He caressed her ass, happy to just watch for the moment, but then Samuel slid his hands higher, opening her ass cheeks, and the temptation to join in was suddenly irresistible. Samuel held her still, pressing her down against him as Benjamin pressed his cock against her ass and prepared to slide home.



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