All By His Lonesome (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 11,257
0 Ratings (0.0)

Handsome young porn star "Scott Bottoms" is reeling from a double whammy -- not only has he been kicked out of his master's house, but the COVID-19 epidemic means he's all alone with no job and no friends -- so it's hard to resist replying to an email from an ardent fan.

Still stuck in an employment contract with Scott's former master, hot daddy, Bill, has been forbidden to talk to Scott. But he's been in love with the young bottom for years, and he'd do anything for the boy. When Bill offers more than just phone sex and friendship, Scott responds eagerly.

Would Scott still want Bill if he knew his new long-distance crush had helped his former master take advantage of him? Or will Scott remain all alone?

All By His Lonesome (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

All By His Lonesome (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 11,257
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

Scott tumbled in his bed and dropped his shorts, wondering what Bill looked like. All of Scott's partners and most of his fans were old enough to be his father -- experienced, dominant, natural daddies who knew what to do with a submissive bottom like him. He hoped Bill fit the category. He fantasized about what it would be like to be with "someone special" instead of being passed around. He tried to remember a time he'd had sex with only one man or a time he'd been kissed. There was one time someone had truly kissed him, which had been remarkable. Who was that? It certainly hadn't been Nate. According to him, Scott's mouth was only for sucking dick. Scott shook his head. Why did he like humiliation?

Scott reached between his legs and tried to conjure images of someone making love to him instead of "owning his ass." But soon he was fantasizing about Nate and what Nate wanted most. Scott found himself stroking to the memory of one of his films, Pussy Boy Theory.

In several videos, Nate's obese, small-dicked friend, Chuck Buckholt, credited as Chuck Cuckhold, played Scott's hapless partner. In this one, Chuck had failed to lock the door to Scott's apartment after he left, and Nate barged in on a nude Scott. Nate grabbed Scott's groin and began preparing his hole for penetration. Scott moaned, legs spread wide, and tried to helplessly push Nate's hand away.

"I can't give you my ass, sir," Scott protested. "I have a boyfriend now." Nate had taught Scott the "proper way to roleplay resistance." Scott would say no five times before giving in and losing his ass. To Scott, it wasn't as much acting as following orders.

Scott remembered Nate giving him a hungry grin before speaking. "Let me explain why you can't have a boyfr --"

Scott's phone buzzed with a new email. He wiped his hands on a towel and picked the phone up. Bill again, he realized. A ripple of excitement went through Scott's sides. There was a number and the sentence, "Maybe I can help if you call me."

Scott decided to wait until his erection went down before calling. His whole life shouldn't be about sex anymore.

"Wow, it's really you," Bill said. He sounded breathless.

Scott felt shy. How to handle this? He did want phone sex, but for once he should behave. He managed, "Hi, Bill. Nice to sort of meet you."

Bill cleared his throat. "The pleasure is mine, and may I say, I've always loved your voice. You have a natural, soft growl that is so ... arousing."

Scott's hard-on began to return. If Bill led their direction toward sex, then it was what Bill wanted, and that was fine. That wasn't his own misbehavior.

"What are you wearing? If it's okay to ask," Bill said.

"Uh. Cologne."

"That's all?"

Scott felt himself blush. "Honestly, yes. I'm trying a new scent."

"Mmm," Bill said. "You don't know how not to be sexy, do you?"

Don't fight it. You want this so bad. "Thank you, sir," Scott said.

"Oh, that did it," said Bill. "You called me sir. Now I need to stroke. Is that all right with you?"

Bill was asking him instead of telling him. That was new.

"Of course, sir," Scott said.

"Tell me about the cologne you're wearing."

"It's called Red Bishop. I get images when I try colognes and for this one? I feel like there's bacon frying or perhaps a barbecue. Maybe sage and mesquite. But the guy doing the grilling is a handsome man with graying hair, wearing a red tie."

"Just a tie?"

"No, he's in a suit for some reason. Briefcase in one hand and spatula in the other. But from his eyes and smile, you know what he wants."

Bill was silent for a moment "A smile, huh? You know what? In all your movies, I don't think I've seen you smile. You have such a beautiful face, but it's always contorted in agony or ecstasy because of the dicks inside you. God, that's hot."

Nate had told him never to smile. Smiling and laughing are not for sex, he'd said.

"What movie was hottest for you to make, boy?" Bill asked.

"I was just thinking about Pussy Boy Theory," Scott said, "though I wish Nate had found another title. The name is embarrassing."

"Ooh, I love that film. What makes it hot for you, Scott?"

It was the moment I realized I was trapped and loved being trapped. Scott's erection was full. "I ... uh ... when Nate told me those things."

"Told you what, tiger?"

"That I was too horny and too easy to be anyone's boyfriend. Nate and his friends were always going to fuck my ass because ... it was what I was made for."

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