Asher (MM)

Dirty Devils 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,548
10 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative, Paranormal, Shape-shifter, MM, HEA]

Sawyer Riggs wants a break. He moved back to his home town to forget the wasted years he gave to his ex. Working is a good cure for a broken heart. When Sawyer lands a job as an accountant for a group of rough and tumble werebears, Sawyer doesn’t know what to expect. Sawyer can’t stop thinking of Asher, the fiercely protective and sexy werebear who gave him the job. Humans and shifters don’t mix but Sawyer’s heart isn’t listening.

Asher Haynes doesn’t take no for an answer. The moment that cute human walked into the chop shop, Asher’s been on a rut. Humans are fragile. Asher knows he should stay away from Sawyer but the human’s able to get under his skin and make his grizzly roar. When Sawyer’s dragged deeper into his world, can Asher protect his human not just from his enemies but also from the beast that shares his skin?

Asher (MM)
10 Ratings (4.8)

Asher (MM)

Dirty Devils 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,548
10 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“Tell me more about yourself, Sawyer.”

“Uh. It’s all in my resume.”

“Nah. Not what’s in here,” he said, nodding to the papers.

“Oh. Um. Sorry. I misunderstood. Well.” Sawyer paused, as if collecting his thoughts. “I know your ad discouraged humans from applying. I’m human, but I’m also tough. I’m a hard worker. Blaine says his accounts are in a mess, but I love sorting messes.”

“I bet you do,” he murmured. He turned the first page of Sawyer’s resume. He scanned the page quickly. “You worked at a firm in a big city. What made you move back here?”

Sawyer licked his lips. “Personal reasons.”

Asher waited. The human looked like he needed to get something off his chest. Asher had nothing better to do. Blaine asked him to handle this, so he would. Since Blaine wrote that ad, he had a feeling Blaine never intended to hire Sawyer in the first place. Humans had no place in a workplace full of unruly bear shifters.

He also felt the same way, but seeing and talking to Sawyer, he changed his mind.

Sawyer eventually caved. “I broke up with my ex. We’d been together for five years. Wait. You probably didn’t need to hear that.”

“Let me guess. He was a dick who didn’t know what he had.”

Asher could tell Sawyer wasn’t the one who screwed up. It was the other fucker. Besides, even his bear knew there was inherent goodness in Sawyer. Asher had always been able read people. Sawyer was the kind of guy who didn’t possess a single ounce of malice in his body.

No one had the right to smell that good.

Sawyer actually laugh. A sexy and free sound. “I caught him cheating with one of my friends. Well, we’re not friends anymore. I moved back here, because I couldn’t stand the noise and loneliness of the city. When I saw Blaine’s ad online, I went for it.”

“Even if the chances of Blaine hiring you isn’t high?”

Sawyer’s face fell. “That’s it then?”

The human grabbed the papers from the desk and shoved them back inside his suitcase. “Fine. Sorry to have wasted your time.”

“Hey, hold on a second. I didn’t say jack shit yet.”

More papers fluttered out of Sawyer’s suitcase. Asher didn’t know why he stood up, walked around the desk, and started grabbing the loose sheets. Sawyer’s face started turning red. He plucked one paper and turned it upwards. Asher had the surprise of his life.

It was a sketch. More than that, it looked like some kind of comic panel. This one featured what looked like a dog in a suit.

“Thanks,” Sawyer said, snatching the paper he held or tried to. “Let go. Those are private.”

“Did you make these?” Asher read the little comic strip and smiled. “They’re good. Funny. Benny the Corporate Dog?”

“Yeah. I like to doodle in my spare time. Benny’s a web comic I’ve been working on for years,” Sawyer mumbled. “During lunch time, I mean. I don’t really get along with the others at my old workplace. Never fit in anywhere, you know?”

Now they were seriously digging deep. Maybe Sawyer thought since he had nothing to lose, he let those words slip out.

“I know a thing or two about not fitting in.” Those words hit Asher right in the chest. He could relate, because their entire lives, Archer and he had been nomads. They never had a place to call home until Blaine welcomed them to the Bone Claws Bear Clan.

Asher changed his mind. “Tell you what, you’re hired.”

Asher plucked the last of the loose papers, reading each comic strip before handing them back to Sawyer.

Sawyer took them, then looked at him for a long time. “You serious?”

“Yup. You start first thing tomorrow.” Now all Asher had to do was try to convince Blaine that Sawyer was perfect for their little ragtag operations. Not an easy task, but Asher would make sure Sawyer got his chance.

“Oh my God. Thank you!” Sawyer dropped his suitcase and to Asher’s shock, swept him into a hug. Given Asher was bulkier and taller than Sawyer, it almost looked humorous. He didn’t understand why he hugged Sawyer back.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to do that,” Sawyer was babbling.

Asher couldn’t help himself. Sawyer smelled so tasty he had to shove his nose into the side of Sawyer’s neck. The human stilled.

“Are you sniffing me?”

“Yeah. You smell amazing.”

Asher then moved to Sawyer’s lips. Damn. They were soft as he imagined and Sawyer tasted so sweet. He would’ve retreated if the human pushed him away, but Sawyer didn’t.

The human kissed him back. Sawyer had bite to him, and that was a good surprise. Sawyer kissed him back desperately, eagerly, like Asher was the dollop of sunshine, the fresh breath of air he needed.

Asher craved. He wanted so much more. He slipped his tongue down Sawyer’s throat, and Sawyer sucked down hard on it.

When he pulled away, Sawyer was panting. So was he. Asher had to stop there and then because if he didn’t, he’d start shoving all of Blaine’s shit off his desk. Then he’d lower his tasty little human right over the wood. Strip Sawyer naked. Then have his way with him.

He bet Sawyer wouldn’t resist. The human wanted him. That much was clear.

Realizing the human had gone stiff, Asher reeled in his horny bear. Right. Humans weren’t touchy-feely like shifters were. This was new for him as well.

With his looks and charms, Asher never had a problem with finding men willing to warm his bed at night. This was the first time he made an actual effort to flirt. To go on the offensive.

“I don’t know how to react to that,” Sawyer admitted. The human took a step back from him. Sawyer looked wary again, like a prey animal who wasn’t sure how to act in front of a predator.

Asher cursed himself for making things awkward between them.

“Well, um. I’ll see myself out. Thank you again, Asher. It was a pleasure meeting you.” Sawyer performed a strange little bow, then ran out of the office like a spooked rabbit.




The werebear’s eyes glowed bright gold, reminding Sawyer of the sun. Asher slid a hand up his cheek, cupped it. His heart hammered. Asher looked so handsome, so sexy and out of his league under the moonlight. Sawyer couldn’t believe this was happening, yet it was.

Asher leaned in close and took his mouth, the kiss explosive. The werebear plundered, he took, and Sawyer gave it all. Asher finally put those big and callused hands on his body. The werebear slid them under his shirt, finally touched fever-hot skin.

He parted his mouth, let Asher deepen the kiss. The werebear undid the first button of his jeans, pushed his hand lower, past his underwear to give his thickening dick a squeeze. When Asher pulled away, he groaned.

The old him would’ve been horrified they were doing this in public, but the new him didn’t give a damn. Asher’s mouth, his hands, they felt so good. He even leaned in close, rubbed himself at Asher.

A snarl slipped from Asher’s mouth. Sexy man.

“Come to my place,” Asher whispered in his ear. Then Asher nipped at his ear and pressed a kiss on the side of his neck.


“My bike’s parked right over there.”

Someone, a puppet master, must be pulling his strings because Sawyer went without complaint. He felt high, drunk, although he only had two beers. Sawyer was a good drinker. He often downed a six-pack after a hard and long day at the office back in the city. No one was there to witness his shame. Miguel was never home.

This felt different though. He didn’t want to forget his troubles, but he wanted to drown in Asher all the same.

Asher suddenly held two helmets. He put his on. Asher did the same. Asher mounted the biggest Harley he’d ever seen. He nearly fell off trying to get on it. His face burned as Asher grabbed his arm.

“Careful,” Asher said. “Put your feet right there. Good. Now hold on to me.”

Sawyer could do that one little thing. He held on tight, locked his arms around Asher’s abs as Asher revved the engine. Next thing he knew, they were in motion. He let out a scream, then a yelp.

He’d never ridden a bike before. Eric called them death traps. Sawyer thought it was so much fun, and Asher’s back felt so big and warm. He pressed his face into the muscles of Asher’s back and inhaled.

So good. Asher smelled of soap, cologne, bear musk, and a little of motor oil.

Half an hour later, Asher slowed down. They entered a residential neighborhood no different from the one Eric and he lived in. Asher found a parking spot between two cars. They got off the bike. He returned his helmet to Asher.

“That was exhilarating,” he exclaimed.

“Yeah?” His werebear was smiling as he kept the helmets. “Come on, I’ll show you where my brother and I live, although it’s not much.”

“Please. I’m not one to judge. I’m practically bunking in with Eric,” he said.

“Well, Eric sounds like a good friend.”

“He is. We won’t be disturbing Archer? It’s late already,” he said as they entered the building, then the elevator.

Sawyer might’ve said those words, but he wasn’t stopping anytime soon. He kept going, eager to reach their destination. Behind closed doors, no one would stop them, and he had a feeling he knew where this was going. Screw the rules he set for himself. Asher made him feel alive, and it felt like he’d been dead inside ever since he left his ex.

It wasn’t just his lust Sawyer wanted to slake. Talking to Asher and getting to know him better made him realize this was real. This was no simple hook-up. It was so much more. He wanted to know Asher better. What made him tick, the things that made him smile.

Asher shrugged. “Archer’s not been able to sleep lately. He’s up most nights, running in the woods.”

He didn’t know what to say to that. They emerged on the fifth floor. By the time they reached Asher’s unit, they were kissing again. Asher managed to get the door open by some miracle and kick it shut.

Sawyer let loose. They stumbled their way past the messy living room and into one of the rooms, presumably Asher’s. Clothes were scattered everywhere, but he didn’t care. Asher peeled off his shirt. Dumbstruck, he stared a few good seconds.

Asher was ripped and his bear rocked a six, no, an eight-pack. His mouth watered. Sawyer wanted to touch, to explore.

Asher growled, waking him up from his reverie.

“Start undressing or I’ll rip those clothes off you. Then you’ll be walking out of here tomorrow morning naked.”

For a second, he entertained the idea of Asher ripping his clothes literally off him. He bet the shifter could do it easily, without much effort. Then he remembered he only had three suits for work. That wouldn’t do. Pay day wasn’t in two weeks.

“Don’t be silly. You’ll lend me your clothes, right?” He managed to get his shirt off, not easy because he had to undo the buttons.

He must’ve taken too long because Asher walked up to him and gave his chest a push.

Sawyer landed on the bed, pants still on, but Asher was fully naked by now. His gaze dipped to the V that led down Asher’s waist, those impressive abs, and finally, Asher’s long, hard, and meaty dick.

He licked his lips. Sawyer had never seen anything so big and he wanted it. Needed Asher to guide that prick inside him and claim him in the most intimate way possible. He fumbled for his jeans, must’ve taken too long because Asher let out what sounded like an impatient growl.

Asher hooked his fingers into the belt loops of Sawyer’s trousers and tugged them down, along with his underwear. Those two pieces of clothing, Asher tossed aside.

Finally, Asher crawled on top of him. His werebear looked hungry. For him.

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