Deadly Surrender (MM)

Maple Grove 20

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,100
20 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Contemporary, Alternative, Paranormal, Werewolves, MM, HEA]

Deputy Joshua Hayley has made more than one enemy with his acerbic personality. He was surly and a jackass until he finally took a long, hard look at himself. Did he really want to end up like his father? Jackson Hayley was in the military, and raised his sons accordingly. Harsh, brutal, and with no forgiveness. All that changes when Joshua pulls over a guy for speeding and Reno rocks his entire world.

Reno couldn’t put Maple Grove behind him fast enough. When flashing lights appear in his rearview, Reno is pissed. Then his mate walks to his window and Reno knows leaving town is no longer an option, but he has to get past Joshua’s defenses. The guy is closed off, refusing to give Reno the time of day. A contract on Reno’s head forces them to flee, and in a secluded cabin in the woods, Reno shows Joshua exactly what he’s been missing out on.

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Deadly Surrender (MM)
20 Ratings (4.7)

Deadly Surrender (MM)

Maple Grove 20

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,100
20 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole


After returning home and changing into his uniform, Joshua scratched Pretti’s head and made sure her food bowl was full. “Daddy’s gotta work. You know the drill. Guard the house with your furry life.”

The cat meowed and butted her head against his hand.

Jackson never visited Joshua’s house. If he had, he would’ve talked shit about Pretti, about how having a female cat was for softer men whose balls hadn’t dropped yet.

Joshua snarled to himself. He’d been trying for over a year to change his ways, trying to be less of a douchebag. It had all started with one of the residents, Emilio, nearly getting raped.

Joshua had acted like a complete ass that night and had regretted it ever since. It wasn’t easy changing after twenty-nine years of being raised to hate anything that wasn’t considered “normal” in his father’s eyes.

But Joshua was trying. He was trying his damnedest not to end up like Jackson. Cold, bitter, and alone. After that incident with Emilio, he’d taken a long hard look at himself and didn’t like what he saw. Joshua knew he had to make a change, and fast, before he was just as hateful as his father.

The drive to the station was short since Joshua lived in town. He slid behind the driver’s seat of his patrol car, inhaling the familiar scent and centering himself, trying to wipe his conversation with Jackson from his mind, as well as his sour mood.

Joshua was trying to be a new man, turning over a leaf, and letting his father affect him while he was on duty wasn’t going to happen. Not anymore. Joshua would enjoy his day, no matter what.

Not ten minutes later he was pulling over someone for speeding. He got out and walked to the driver’s door, tapping his knuckles on the window.

The stranger rolled it down. “What’d I do wrong?”

“Going forty-five in a twenty-five zone,” Joshua answered. “Let me see your license and insurance.”

“I wasn’t speeding,” the guy argued.

That was what they always said. Joshua wasn’t going to argue with the guy. He’d run his name and give him a ticket. Routine shit.

“Just hand over your license and insurance card.” He rested his hand on his utility belt, hoping this jackass wouldn’t give him any more trouble. Joshua was trying to have a good day, and he didn’t need anyone else to ruin his mood.

“Where’s your proof?” the guy asked.

With an aggravated sigh, Joshua bent at the waist and rested his arm on the frame of the window. This was his first look at Mr. Speedy and damn if Joshua wasn’t blown away by his good looks. He had the most amazing cobalt blue eyes Joshua had ever seen.

That rattled him. Joshua was usually pretty good at keeping his lust in check. So far he hadn’t met anyone he’d been willing to sleep with, anyone he was willing to let his guard down for.

If Jackson caught even a whiff of Joshua’s sexual preference, he didn’t want to imagine what his old man would say or do. And that was the sad part. His father’s opinion mattered to him. So much so that Joshua had been hidden in the closet for so long that moths should’ve eaten him alive already.

That made him the biggest hypocrite considering he’d snarled at any gay man around him. Denial was a son of a bitch, and so was hypocrisy.

“Do I need to arrest you?” Joshua asked. “I’m asking for simple documents that you should already have on you. Now stop being a pain in my ass and hand them over.”

The guy’s eyes tightened. “Be careful who you threaten.”

The statement made Joshua look closer at the guy. Could he be one of the nonhumans? His gaze dropped to the guy’s mouth as he looked for canines, but none were showing.

The stranger leaned forward and dug his wallet out. He handed over his license. Then he tapped a few things on his phone and showed Joshua his insurance card.

Alexi Reno.

“Thank you, Mr. Reno. I’ll be right back.”

“Just Reno,” he muttered. “Not Alexi and not Mr. Reno.”

Whatever. For a hot guy Reno was sort of an ass. Joshua took the license back to his cruiser and ran the name and date of birth. Nothing popped up, so he went back to Reno’s car.

“Happy?” There was a slight teasing in the guy’s voice. “Did my name come up as a serial killer?”

Joshua refused to be charmed by the jerk. “Nope, but I’m writing you a ticket. Make sure you pay it before you go on your killing spree.”

He looked into the backseat to make sure all was clear. Joshua didn’t have probable cause, but a cursory glance satisfied him.

He handed the ticket to Reno. Their fingers touched. Joshua yanked his hand back as if the guy had burned him. He wanted to apologize for his reaction but didn’t.

Reno had out-of-state plates and was probably just passing through. He’d never see the guy again, so why explain the reason?

Joshua gave Just Reno his ticket. “Drive more slowly.”

“Yes, sir.” Reno winked. That flustered Joshua. He cursed when he felt his face heat up. With a curled lip, Joshua walked back to his car.

He slipped into the driver’s seat and watched Reno pull his dark red Jeep from the side of the road and merge into traffic. Joshua rubbed his jaw, thought about the hot stud a moment longer, and then put Reno out of his mind.




Reno broke the surface of the water and looked around, spotting Joshua not twenty feet from him. His mate stood in the shallower end, his bare chest glistening from the water. Joshua had stripped down to his boxers, but Reno had gone completely naked.

“Are you gonna keep standing there staring at the trees?” Reno teased. He hadn’t been swimming in decades and felt like a giddy kid as he swung his arms back and forth to balance himself.

Joshua looked over at Reno. “I’m enjoying nature. Leave me alone.”

Reno wasn’t having that. He swam toward his mate, stood in the shallower part, and gripped Joshua around his waist.

“What’re you doing!” Joshua flailed his arms as Reno picked his mate up and tossed him toward the deeper end.

“I’m trying to have a bit of fun.” He swam toward Joshua. “You should try it some time.”

It might remove the stick out of Joshua’s perfectly shaped ass. Those wet boxers clung to his skin, leaving little to the imagination. Reno was hard as fuck in the water as he reached his mate.

“I know how to have fun,” Joshua scoffed. “I just stopped acting like a kid when I hit puberty. Clearly you haven’t.”

Reno had had enough. He jumped up and landed on Joshua’s shoulder, dunking his mate. Joshua came up sputtering and wiping at his face.

With a bark of laughter, Reno swam away, letting his mate chase him. He swam out to deeper water, and when Joshua finally caught up to him, Reno spun and pulled his mate into his arms.

Joshua stiffened, but Reno ignored it. He wasn’t letting his mate go unless Joshua demanded it. But his mate didn’t. He stared into Reno’s eyes with uncertainty and need, as if he wanted to trust Reno but was afraid to let go.

He cupped Joshua’s face, caressing his warm and wet skin, and then drew closer, capturing his mate’s lips in a searing kiss.

When Joshua tried to pull away, Reno said against his lips, “There’s not another living soul out here. Let your guard down, babe. Be yourself and take what you’ve been depriving yourself of.”

Joshua hesitated for a heartbeat then smashed their lips together, the kiss hungry and brutal. Reno let him take the lead, let Joshua explore any way he wanted to. He could set his dominance aside for this moment, this space of time when Joshua was more than willing to touch him.

Reno took a chance and shoved his hand down Joshua’s boxers, curling his fist around his mate’s hard dick. He stroked Joshua for several seconds as Joshua moaned into Reno’s mouth.

What he wouldn’t give right now for them to be on dry land. Reno wanted to suck his mate’s cock, but unless he wanted to drown, that wasn’t possible at the moment.

But he could get Joshua off, and that was what he did. He pumped his hand as their tongues tangled and Joshua gripped Reno’s arms.

When his mate threw his head back and cried out, it was the most beautiful sight Reno had ever seen. Joshua shook and gripped Reno’s arms even harder, his nails piercing skin.

Reno kissed his way down Joshua’s neck, nipping his skin and enjoying what they’d just shared. He thought his mate would shut down once he floated back down to earth.

Joshua didn’t. He smiled at Reno. “Last one to shore cleans and cooks the fish.”

Reno didn’t mind cooking, but he liked the playfulness in his mate. He chased Joshua to the edge of the water before climbing out. Reno was naked and hard and didn’t hide the fact that Joshua turned him on.

His mate stared at Reno’s cock, as if fascinated with it. Reno didn’t move. Hell, he didn’t breathe as Joshua drank him in. His mate moved closer, just a few steps. Reno’s muscles burned from locking so tight as he waited to see what Joshua would do.

“I’ve never touched another man.” Joshua swallowed.

“You can touch any part of me you want.” Reno’s voice had grown husky, low and deep. “You’re my mate. My body belongs to you.”

Joshua moved closer, staring down at Reno’s length with intensity. His mate clenched and unclenched his hands, as if he wasn’t sure what to do with them. Reno’s heart melted. Joshua looked so damn vulnerable right now.

Unable to stand it any longer, Reno reached out and pulled Joshua to him. He guided his mate’s hand to his cock and hissed when Joshua gripped the hard flesh.

They kissed again, this time slowly as Joshua’s fingers trailed up and down Reno’s length. “Stroke me like you would stroke yourself,” Reno said into Joshua’s mouth.

Joshua’s moves were slow and a bit clumsy, but he picked up a rhythm that had Reno stretching on his toes, his jaw clenched tight. Thank god there was a tree behind him because it caught him as he slumped back, spreading his legs as Joshua pumped his fist with enthusiasm.

He used Reno’s pre-cum for lube, twisting his wrist and bringing Reno off so fast he became lightheaded. His cum covered Joshua’s hand and chest as Joshua ate his mouth, as if what they’d done had only whet his appetite even more.

With a deep growl, Reno took Joshua down to the grass. His mate had just come, but Reno didn’t care. He wedged himself between Joshua’s legs and sucked his mate’s cock down his throat.

Joshua cried out, gripping Reno’s scalp, digging his nails in as he thrashed his head back and forth. Reno moved lower, letting the cock fall from between his lips and sucked at Joshua’s asshole like it was a feast.

He spat several times into his mate’s tight hole before rearing back and lining the blunt head of his cock to Joshua’s entrance. He looked down at Joshua, making sure his mate was on board. The moment was intense, and things were getting out of hand.

Reno didn’t want Joshua regretting a single thing that happened between them.

With a slight nod, Joshua bit his lower lip. A bright flare of desire sprang into Joshua’s eyes. His mate wanted this just as much as Reno did.

Reno pushed his cock into Joshua’s ass slowly as he clenched his jaw, fighting the urge to plow inside. He felt his cock surrounded by tight heat, and all he could think of was to give Joshua the fuck of his life. They froze when Reno had finally buried himself.

Joshua was panting heavily, gripping Reno’s biceps. “Are you going to move at some point?”

Joshua’s face was pinched, and Reno wanted to erase that look. Gritting his teeth, Reno eased back, the pleasure all-consuming as he thrust inside the tight depths of Joshua’s body.

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