Black Queen (FF)

Fairy Mafia

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 81,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

Ready to get back to business as usual, Jorja doesn’t see the gathering storm despite a staged attack on her by her supposed new allies the Elemental Coalition. However, once the dust clears, Jorja is on alert and the coup goes into full swing.

To defeat the fairies led by an old enemy, Jorja knows she’ll have to become the goblin to protect her family. She’ll strengthen a growing alliance and build a bridge into a new fairy community to increase her power.

As Jorja faces off against the enemy, her relationship with Jena becomes stronger. However, the ever-bold attacks against Jena will turn Jorja into the Black Queen, and she’ll leave no enemy standing.

Be Warned: f/f sex

Black Queen (FF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Black Queen (FF)

Fairy Mafia

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 81,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Jay Aheer

“She made this agreement without consent of the rest of the family. No one owes you a thing.” Defiance darkened her eyes as she glared at Jorja.

“That is where you’re wrong,” Jorja said coolly. “Annas admitted this was on behalf of her uncle, Thyme’s father.”

“How could she,” Rue whispered.

“I’m a reasonable person, Rue,” Jorja said. “Your family needs to ensure that Thyme holds her tongue or—”

“Or what?” Rue demanded.

“Let’s just say this won’t be an easy situation,” Jorja said.

Rue stared at her. “The police will know you’re responsible if you do something to me or any of us.”

Jorja chuckled. “Rue, the only thing you did just now was confirm my suspicion. I hated myself for thinking you’d come here wired.”

Rue took another step back, and Jorja felt the rising of energy. “It was just for my protection in case you wouldn’t accept my resignation,” Rue said coldly. “Just leave us alone and don’t try to force us to honor that deal Annas made. After all, Annas is attached to you not us.”

“I think they knew and tried to use me.” She said it casually, but the look in Rue’s eyes was further confirmation.

“Get over yourself,” Rue snapped.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Jorja answered. “I understand their desperation, but the deception is what’s problematic.”

“There was no deception,” Rue muttered. “You’re delusional, but I guess that happens when you’re a power-hungry goblin.”

“Your family drew me in,” Jorja said. “Why? What do they want from me? What do they have against me?”

“How could anyone have anything against you?” Rue said in a hard tone. “You’re such a great person. You killed to cover up Jennifer’s murder of Theron, but killing to get what you want is what you do isn’t it?”

“So, your family decided to get revenge for a wrong they think I did them,” Jorja replied

“You have your head so far up your ass you don’t even understand how despicable you are.”

Jorja laughed. “Give me the names.”

“One of the people you killed was my father,” Rue snarled. “He didn’t deserve to be slaughtered and left in a ditch to die over some fucking jewels.”

“A name,” Jorja insisted.

“His name was Walker James, and he was a good man.”

“Walker was a fucking pussy,” Jorja told her. “But I didn’t kill him. His boss did.”

“You’re lying. Duke told us how you killed him and his brother and wife.”

“I didn’t kill your family,” Jorja told her. “Your mother was fucking around with Duke, and she wanted out. He said no and he killed her because she was carrying his child, but claimed she’d kill it before she let him have it.” Jorja shrugged.


“I had no reason to kill your father. He stole from me, and I stole my jewels right back.”

“You lying bitch. My mother never would have cheated on my father.”

“But she did,” Jorja said.

“Liar,” Rue thrust out a hand and tendrils of brown energy raced toward her.

Jorja sighed and blocked the magic with a wave of her arm before using her other hand to push out black energy that rushed forth and curled around Rue’s neck.

Rue fought to free herself as Jorja moved toward her. When she reached her, Jorja backhanded Rue hard enough for her to stagger backward.

“I regret this,” Jorja said coldly as she closed the distance between them and grasped Rue by the throat. “I was prepared to work this out, but I guess there is no way to get you to see reason.”  

“Let go of me,” Rue ordered. “People know I’m here.”

“You came wired thinking you could trap me into a confession,” Jorja said. “That is a betrayal of another kind.”

“Jorja don’t,” Rue pleaded. “I can convince Thyme not to talk any further to those agents. She’ll listen to me.”

The fear coming off Rue was a rush and Jorja fed off it, taking the energy into her. The goblin feasted, loving the taste, and wanted more.

The goblin wanted blood.

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