Daddy's Little Doubter (MF)

Daddy Series

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 24,800
1 Ratings (5.0)

Nate came home from the war after losing a good friend. The best thing he can do is check on his fallen comrade's family. He doesn't expect to fall for his little sister.

Tessa has already lost her father and brother and is about to lose her mother, which will make her an orphan with no other family. She pushes herself to make it through each day and sometimes barely makes it hour to hour.

Her first look at her brother’s army buddy makes her feel things she doesn't understand. After her mom dies, he’s the one who keeps her going and protects her from people she never thought would harm her.

When she overhears Nate and hears him say she's just an obligation, she doubts everything he’s ever said to her.

With so many obstacles in their path, Tessa doubts they’ll be able to make a future together.

Be Warned: DDLG, anal sex

Daddy's Little Doubter (MF)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Daddy's Little Doubter (MF)

Daddy Series

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 24,800
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Jay Aheer

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He studied her for a moment. “Go into the bedroom and wait for me.”


He gripped her upper arm, turned her, and smacked her ass.

She gasped and rubbed her bottom. “What are you doing?”

“My little is misbehaving and not listening to her daddy, so she got punished. If she keeps it up, her ass will be bright red. Do you have any other questions?”

She shook her head.

He tipped his head toward the hallway. “Then get your sweet ass in our bedroom.”

Nate hid his smile when she looked back at him a few times.

Damn, she was so fucking beautiful. Before heading into the bedroom, he wanted to ensure the door was locked.

He almost swallowed his tongue when he saw her standing by the bed with a desire-filled look mixed with apprehension.

“Baby, are you a virgin?”

She nodded, and her complexion turned rosy.

Damn, the thought that he’d be the only one ever to have her was like an aphrodisiac to his already passionate need for her. Nate walked to her and gripped her shoulders. “Baby, everything’s going to be okay. I’m going to take such good care of you.”

She set her small hands on his chest and nodded. “I know. I expect pain when you take me the first time. My mama and I talked about it.”

“I’ve got a few ideas that will make it better for you,” he said.

“I don’t care. I just want to be with you.”

He tilted her head back with one hand, dropped his, and kissed her sweetly several times. When she started pushing for more, he forcefully opened her mouth and took it as he’d dreamed about. His tongue swept in and mated with hers, making them both moan.

Nate tore his mouth from hers. “Jesus, woman.” Damn, that kiss alone about sent him over, and he could feel the head of his cock get wet from the drops of pre-cum coming from him.

Tessa patted his chest. “More, please.”

He grinned before he dipped his head and began kissing her again.

Nate released her long enough to undress her and then himself. He laid her on the mattress, grabbed a condom from his nightstand drawer, and set it by her head.

“Nate, I don’t think—”

He caught her staring at his cock. “Don’t worry. I promise we’ll fit together.”

“Without tearing me apart?” she asked.

He came down beside her. “You have to ask?” He started playing with her breasts. “Would I ever hurt you?”

She shook her head. The breath caught in her throat as he put pressure on her nipples, determining how much erotic pain she needed. He was surprised when it was more than he thought it would be. He began bringing her desire so high she would need him to fuck her to take away the ache.

She flinched at his first touch to her cunt. “Easy.” He separated her labia and started manipulating her swollen clit. “This little button right here is something I’m going to play with a lot.”

“Oh, God,” she whined. She gasped and then arched when he slid a blunt-tipped finger into her.

“This is just my finger, baby. I need to stretch you out, and I want to see how thick your hymen is.”

“God, Nate, I need more.”

“I know what you need. Just relax, and I’ll take care of you.

“Let’s try two fingers.” He felt her tighten on him, making it nearly impossible for him to move. All he thought about was when he got his cock into her, she’d strangle it, and he was looking forward to every second of it.

After two of his fingers slid easily into her, he started pushing three in.

“Ahhhh, Daddy.”

“Fuck, I love it when you call me that. Do it again.”

“Please, Daddy. Please fuck me.”


Nate reached for the condom, tore open the package, and rolled it on before he made her legs spread enough for him to fit between them. One of his hands cupped the back of her head, and the other was between her legs, manipulating her clit to keep her passion at a high level. He pushed into her until he bumped her cherry. Fuck yeah, this was his. He pinched her clit, giving her a bit of erotic pain while pushing through her hymen.

She screamed and then hit his shoulder.

“Easy, baby. You knew my going in the first time would pinch, but it’s done. You’ll never feel pain again.”

Tessa nodded and sniffed. “Okay.”

“Good girl. I’m so proud of you. Now I’m going to make you feel so good you’ll beg me to fuck you all the time.”

“Please, Daddy.”

His hand gripped her hip as he slowly slid all the way in. He watched her carefully for any pain, but all he saw was her heightened need.

His thrusts gained velocity until he was ramming into her, and she just begged for more.

Her cunt started to tighten on his cock, making it nearly impossible for him to move, but he was determined to give her all the pleasure he could, so he fought his way in and out of her.

“Come for me, baby,” he said.

He felt her nails dig into his back.

“I’m scared.”

“Baby, you know I’ll never let anything happen to you. Come for your daddy.”

He hissed as her cunt tightened into a vise. All he could do was rock inside of her, but it was enough to keep her orgasm going.

Tessa collapsed under him, and her cunt released its grip. He could finally move. He desperately needed to make her his.

“Hold on to me, baby. I’m going to fuck you hard.”

Her legs lifted and wrapped around his waist. He didn’t start slow and easy. He was too far gone at that moment and started pounding into her.

It didn’t take long for his own orgasm to grip him. One, two, three more thrusts, and he squirted out every bit of cum he had reserved in his balls. When he couldn’t go another second, he stopped his hips, laid his head on her shoulder, and concentrated on breathing and not passing out.

He’d never had this level of ecstasy before in his life. On the one hand, his loss of control bothered him, but on the other, he couldn’t wait to fuck her again.

When he was able to, he lifted his head and saw that Tessa was asleep but with a look of satisfaction that made him smile. He lifted himself off of her, being careful when he pulled his cock out. He took care of the condom and washed himself before cleaning any blood, sweat, or cum off her thighs and around her cunt.

He knew it was still early, but he needed to hold his girl. He arranged her back against his chest and pressed his lips to the back of her head.

“You’re mine now. You’ll never get away from me,” he said. He’d do everything in his power to make her happy.

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