Erotic Short Stories, Volume 4 (MM)

The Lynn Hagen Collection 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,147
12 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection:Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, MM, HEA]


Lester lost his Christmas spirts years ago when his mother passed away. When his cousin comes over on Christmas Eve, he shows Lester a book he found in his Nana’s attack. Lester isn’t convinced the book of spells is real, until his night turns into a burning passion from a god who was trapped in that book.


Stuck on the road during a blizzard, Sam is terrified of the person who comes to his rescue. The guy is the hugest person he’s ever seen, and he runs once his tire is free. But the stranger knocks on Sam’s door, wanting in, and Sam finds that he can’t resist the temptation.


Lucas just broke up with his train wreck of a girlfriend and needed to clear his head. He can’t believe she accused him of being in love with his best friend. Was she right? Lucas drives to Dominic’s house on Christmas Eve and finds out that maybe Teresa was on to something.


Alone once again during the holidays, Percy indulges in one too many spiked eggnog drinks. On his way home, he encounters a man breaking into a building. Trying to get away from the guy, his sketchy red van, and two twinks with bells around their necks, Percy soon discovers the true meaning of Christmas.

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Erotic Short Stories, Volume 4 (MM)
12 Ratings (4.5)

Erotic Short Stories, Volume 4 (MM)

The Lynn Hagen Collection 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,147
12 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole


I wasn’t sure what had woken me, but I rolled over and looked at the clock on my dresser. The digital numbers glaring red told me it was ten minutes to three. Too damn early to be awake, so I snuggled back down under my comforter.

Then I noticed lights spilling in under my door. Alarmed, I shot up into a sitting position. I never left lights on at night. A habit from my childhood. My father always harped about the electric bill, drilling it into everyone to cut the lights off if they weren’t in the room.

I slipped off my bed and looked around for a weapon. I was groggy, and grabbing my cell phone hadn’t entered my sleep-deprived mind. Instead I grabbed my only baseball trophy off the shelf over my dresser and held it like a bat as I crept to my bedroom door. I stood there for a minute listening, but I didn’t hear a burglar trying to steal the only valuable thing I owned. My television.

Taking a deep breath, I turned the knob and eased the door open. I paused and listened but still didn’t hear anything.

Taking a few more deep breaths, I crept down the short hallway as my jaw dropped. My living room looked as if Santa’s workshop had exploded in there. A tree stood in one corner, lights and bobbles hanging on the branches. There was a wreath on my door, garland strung at the top of the walls, a stocking hung from my radiator, and the pictures on my walls had been wrapped to look like gifts.

Had my mom snuck in and decorated? I doubted that because my father would never let her leave in the middle of the night. Besides that, she would have pulled me out of bed to make me help her.

I wanted to call the cops, but what was I going to tell them, that someone had broken in and decorated for the holidays? There were even a few gifts under the tree.

Curious, I started toward the wrapped mysteries then stopped and yelled, dropping the trophy.

On my couch was the hottest guy I had ever laid eyes on. He was even more handsome than Officer John. The stranger was completely naked, except for a red bow around his neck like some cheesy Christmas thing a stripper would wear.

His dark hair fell to his shoulders in waves. His body was muscly everywhere, and I meant everywhere. His cock lay softly against him, but even flaccid, the guy was hung. He also had the prettiest eyes I’d ever seen.

I had to be dreaming. Shit like this didn’t happen in real life, but my dreams had never been this vivid. My surroundings were as clear as a bell, and the guy didn’t have a shadowy face.

This wasn’t a delicious dream.

This was real.

“Who are you?” I asked, tempted to inch closer so I could poke him to make sure he really was there.

The stranger lay in a pose like he was being photographed for some sexy calendar. Stretched out, one leg propped up and bent, his hands tucked under his head as he stared up at me.

“I am Selek.”

His voice was deep, and it almost sounded like he’d purred his words.

“That still doesn’t tell me who you are,” I said. “How did you get into my apartment?”

Selek moved with liquid grace as he sat up. “You summoned me.”

The dude had to be on drugs. Or I was. “I don’t even know you, so how did I call you?”

An overwhelming urge to go to Selek and curl up in his arms hit me square in the chest. I had to actively stop my feet from moving toward the guy.

“You summoned me.” Selek stretched toward my end table and picked up Nana’s book. My heart kicked into overdrive. I remembered Manny taking that book with him. How did it end up back in my apartment?




It was as if my body was no longer my own but Selek’s. It danced to the man’s touch, swayed to his lips, and hungered to be caressed by this man.

His lips traveled over my throat, inhaling me, his breath cascading along my skin.

Selek’s eyes blazed before he reared back and flipped me to my stomach, pinning me down to the cushions. An animalistic growl ripped from the man’s chest. I shuddered and moaned as Selek’s weight settled over me. I wanted nothing more than to get rid of the barrier of clothes.

“You will accept me into your body.” Selek’s words were growly and low.

I jerked backward, grinding my ass into Selek’s groin. I understood nothing the man said and wasn’t going to bother trying to decipher it right now. I was too far-gone and would have agreed to be the man’s footstool just as long as Selek didn’t stop.

That said a lot about my control. It didn’t exist. Not when the heat of Selek’s body was soaking into me, driving me insane.

“Will you agree to be mine?”

Oh fuck. Would the man just shut up and get on with it? I had finally given into the insanity, and now that I had the man crushing me into the couch, I didn’t want to bother with anything coherent. “Yes!”

Selek clamped his teeth down on my shoulder. He didn’t break skin, but I had gotten the point. Submit. Hadn’t I already shown Selek that I was fine with him taking control? Did I have to spell it out for him?

My body jerked and quivered as Selek curled his fingers into the waistband of my boxers and then yanked them down my legs. I felt the cool rush of air slide over my ass. Now we were getting down to business. I hoped that Selek remembered lube, or I was going to beat the crap out of the guy. I was too wound up, primed, and ready to go. I didn’t want to wait around as the man fumbled for some sort of lubrication.

Next, he tore my shirt off. Not literally, because that might have been very painful, but the removal was quick and thorough.

A lightning bolt shot through me when Selek’s hand slid down the crease of my ass. I tried to spread my legs in invitation, but Selek had me pinned. I struggled, but that only seemed to excite him. He released my shoulder as his fingers formed a bruising grip on my waist.

I bucked wildly, desperate to feel Selek’s fingers deep inside of me. I cried out in frustration as I curled my fingers into fists. “Stop teasing me!”

His chest crushed into my back, and I moaned at the skin-to-skin contact. But it wasn’t enough. I wanted more. I was okay with hot, salacious sex. Hell, I was begging for it.

My eyes went wide, and I looked over my shoulder when I felt the blunt head of his cock poking me. “Lube?” To my utter shock and amazement, I felt a small spurt of something wet.

“Already taken care of,” he assured me. The man was kneeling behind me, his hands on my hips, his eyes riveted to where we would soon be joined. I felt myself blush at how Selek was gazing at my most intimate area.

Another spurt.

“What is that?”

Liquid heat filled Selek’s eyes, making them glow with arousal. The man appeared to be fighting for control as he knelt there, unmoving. I was trapped in his gaze, falling into the man, being consumed by him.

Another spurt.

Selek didn’t answer my question, but his face was an open book. He didn’t bother to hide the raw pleasure consuming him as he held tightly to my waist. I had a feeling it was pre-cum but couldn’t be sure. Whatever it was, it not only lubed me but relaxed my tender muscles.

My eyes fluttered closed as the head of Selek’s cock began to enter me. The pain was almost unbearable until I felt another spurt. My muscles relaxed further as Selek inched his way in. My skin pulsed as I drew in a breath, letting it go on a groan. I could tell that Selek’s control was slipping because the tips of his fingers pressed harder into my skin.

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