Breaking Free (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 36,816
10 Ratings (4.2)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, bondage, sex toys]

Danika Eldridge always did what she was told, followed the straight and narrow. She hid her dark desires behind the mask of a quiet librarian. When her world turns upside down, she realizes it’s time to make a change.

Gabe Cavanaugh is dark, dangerous, and oh so sexy, everything a good girl should be wary of. In his black leather, perched on his wicked bike, he scares and draws Danika all at once. Each has their secrets, but the white-hot passion between them can’t be denied. Once the fire ignites, they can’t get enough.

Just as their fledgling passion blossoms, a dark ghost from the past threatens. Can Gabe save his sweet librarian even as he awakens her desires? Can these two opposites have more than hot, steamy passion?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Breaking Free (MF)
10 Ratings (4.2)

Breaking Free (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 36,816
10 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
This is by far the best erotic romance novel I've EVER read!!!!!
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "Breaking Free is a stellar romance with strong leads and a unique plot. Dankia has always done what she's told in life and never explored her desires or wishes. When she finds her fiancé cheating on her, this gives Danika the freedom to explore all facets of her personality. One desire is to learn how to ride a motorcycle. When she goes to the local bike shop, she meets the dark and cynical Gabe who agrees to teach her but more than just cycling. As Gabe and Danika explore their incendiary passion, Danika's past may just force them apart. This is an outstanding read! I adore both Danika and Gabe and their passionate but emotional romance. Danika was such a fun character as she slowly explored her desires, both in and out of bed, and this was lovely to read. Gabe is more mysterious but no less interesting. Put these two together though and the romance is incendiary. Yes, it's about sex but it's also about their emotional vulnerability to each other and that elevated this great novella. Expect some light BDSM but that also offers an emotional connection between Gabe and Danny as they navigate their bedroom roles. Even the big misunderstanding that forces Gabe and Danika apart didn't irritate me as it usually does in books. I think because this is a novella, the resolution had to come much quicker and that kept the pacing moving along. I can't say too much about the unique plot because it would be a spoiler but it is very different than anything else I've read lately. I think readers will be surprised and enjoy the plot, just as I did. Breaking Free is a great love story with two very likable leads. I will definitely read more from this author." -- J9, The Romance Reviews

4 STARS: "For Danika, the best thing that could have happened was walking in on her fiancee having sex with a student, than proceeding to tell her it was all her fault. Having that wake up call thrown in her face made Danika realize that she had been hiding behind her fiancee since they first met and that it was time to find out just who Danika really was. Will changing everything about herself be just the ticket to find a real man who can love everything about her or will it lead to another dud behind closed doors? After becoming disillusioned by everything happening in his life, Gabe Cavanaugh, decided that a change is needed to make his life something more along the lines of what he envisions for himself. Leaving his day job and joining a biker gang was just the thing to put him in touch with his inner bad boy, and just possibly inside one Danika Eldridge. She is everything that he could want in a woman, but with secrets plaguing both thier pasts can a relationship be formed on lies and stories? This was a great story that not only warmed my heart with its tenderness but burnt up my ereader with the sizzling sex scenes. Grae McTavish doesn't pull any punches and she does it with such a flair that the story just fell into place around these characters. I will definitely be looking for more works by this author, and i suggest that anyone lookinng for a great sexy story pick up this great read. Reader be warned: turn on a fan because this book will raise your temperature and melt your heart all at the same time!" -- Rhys, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

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Story Excerpt


That first step over the scarred wooden threshold of Smokey’s Cycles & Choppers was tantamount to Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon for the shy librarian. Her palms were drenched, and she had images of bikers rolling on the floor in their leather chaps. Or worse, confronting the small percentage of bikers that were truly dangerous. Fear clenched her insides and suddenly her legs forgot to work. The image of Wesley’s sneering face flashed in her mind, and but she forced herself to move forward with determined feet. She immediately spotted Smokey behind the highly polished counter, working at his computer. Glancing up at the doors chime, he grinned a toothy welcome.

“Well, hello. What can I do to help such a beautiful lady today?” He questioned in a thick, gentlemanly southern drawl.

Blushing, she looked around the shop, not sure how to start. “I…uhm…” Lord this was hard. She was certain he’d laugh his big shaggy head off at her. “ I was kind of looking for a motorcycle,” she mumbled, and he shocked her with his widening smile, which was completely genuine and held not a trace of condemnation.

“Well, sweetie, you’ve come to the right place.” Moving out from behind the counter, he approached with that easy sway big men have that says they aren’t intimidated by anyone.

Giving a nervous laugh, Danika let her gaze sweep the room. “I didn’t realize they were so big.”

“Well, these are the larger, full-size models. What you need is one of our smaller 250’s. We sell that size to ladies all the time. Not as powerful as these bad boys, but as tiny as you are, I doubt you’ll know the difference. And it’s the perfect bike for a beginner.”

Blushing, she chuckled. “I was hoping I wouldn’t come across as completely clueless.”

Smokey’s deep belly laugh washed over her comfortingly. “That’s okay, darlin’. We get newbies in here all the time. We have a training class once a month for beginners, and you can also sign up for individual lessons. Tell you what, I just got a new cycle in that I think would be just perfect for you. It’s still in the back ‘cause, I just finished getting it set up last night. Why don’t I wheel it out so you can give it a look-see?”

He was gone less than two minutes before he rolled in the most beautiful piece of machinery she’d ever seen. Who needed a vibrator with that between your legs? The bike was deep sapphire blue with sparkling silver flames emblazoned down the tank and fenders. The thick leather seats were buttery soft and outlined with silver chrome studs. It had the look of the bigger bikes but was smaller, more her size. And she recognized the logo, the flaming BACK-OFF!

As he propped up the kickstand, she began to circle it, mesmerized. Practically drooling, she ran a lover-like caress down over the seat, up the sleek tank, to the polished chrome handle bars.

“Why don’t you hop on, see how it feels?” he suggested, recognizing that look in her eyes. She was hooked. No doubt about it, she might appear conservative and meek, but she was a wildcat at heart.

Danika glanced doubtfully down at the straight knee-length skirt she was wearing doubtfully, but she wanted to, wanted to badly. Damn, why didn’t she think to change her clothes after work. Motorcycle shopping in a skirt, she must look like an idiot. Hell with it! You’re turning over a new leaf.Not going to let anyone or anything hold you back right? Before she could give herself a chance to reconsider, she hiked up her skirt well above midthigh and threw a long, curvy leg over the seat and settled herself onto the rich leather. Gasping as the cold steel touched the insides of her bare thighs, she leaned forward gripping the handle bars, feeling herself meld with the bike like she’d never melded with anyone or anything before.

“I’ll take it!” she purred, not even looking up.

“Don’t you even want to know how much it is?” Smokey laughed, clearly knowing darn well it didn’t matter.

“Nope.” She had a nice little nest egg in the bank from her mother’s life insurance policy. Wesley would have told her she was being wasteful, that she should save the money for a rainy day, but she didn’t care. How could she when this beautiful piece of steel felt a hundred times better between her legs than he ever did had?


Adult Excerpt


Danny let out a soft “ah” at his words. “I’m in trouble,” she added breathlessly.

Gabe chuckled, as they returned to the bike. “Oh, baby, I’m gonna make you scream. Now bend over and brace your hands on the seat.”

She was shaking as she followed his instructions. He adored the blush that spread across her cheeks as he pushed her legs wide, spreading her.

Gabe stood behind her for a long moment, enjoying the view of her lush ass and glistening pink pussy. He was hard all over again. He wanted to take her right then and there, bent over his bike, hard and fast, but he forced himself to take a deep, calming breath. Not yet. He wanted her so excited that she saw stars when she came!

Studying her, he trailed a single finger down her spine, enjoying the goose flesh he raised. He lightly caressed the curve of her ass, down the luscious crack, drawing a strangled gasp from her as he reverently circled the pink puckered anus. “Am I correct in assuming you’re a virgin here?” he questioned, trying to sound relaxed so he wouldn’t frighten her.

He actually heard her gulp, but still she managed to nod.

Gabe fought to hide the pleased grin from his face. “We’ll take our time then, let you get used to the idea, but I’ll take you there eventually. There’s no part of your body I won’t use, no part I don’t own.” As he spoke, he knelt, leaning into the V of her legs. He ran his tongue from the sensitive back of her knee to the crease between her butt cheek and thigh. He felt her legs trembling and knew she was fighting to keep her knees from buckling. Playfully, he nipped at the soft curve of her ass, drawing a startled gasp from her. Inhaling deeply, he reveled in the intoxicating smell of her desire. Loving the glistening dew, he couldn’t resist lapping at the damp lips of her cunt. Parting the heated folds with skillful fingers, he opened her so he could taste her more fully.

Danny let out cry after lusty cry as he continued to lap at her steaming cunt, alternating between delving deep and lightly teasing her clit. Repeatedly he drew her to the edge, savoring every gasp. He wanted to take her outside of herself, past the point of pride. He didn’t let up until she begged, “Oh God, Gabe, please!”

“What do you want, baby?” he taunted, reaching up to pinch the throbbing bundle of nerves he’d been teasing.

“Please, I need to come,” she whimpered, her hips writhing with her need.

Standing, he reached around her to cup the moist lusciousness of her mound. “Who owns this hot little pussy?” he questioned as he continued to stroke her drenched flesh, but she was too far gone to answer. She could only whimper, riding his hand desperately. “Danny!” He stilled his fingers at her silence. “Answer me!” He growled, pulling his hand back when she tried to grind her hot little nub against him. “No, no, not till you answer me, brat.” He chuckled, wondering how far he could push her. Her pussy pulsed in front of him, copious amounts of wetness trailed down her thighs. 

“Damn it, Gabe, please!”

Leaning forward, he nuzzled her ear. “All you have to do is answer me, baby.”

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