The Lynx Who Claimed the Sun (MM)

Mate or Meal 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 39,731
49 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters]

Heartthrob or hot wings? For lynx-shifter Garth Mckenna, hummingbird Nicolas is both. Without a doubt, Nicolas couldn’t be hotter if he tried. He is Garth’s sun, his love, and his unexpected mate.

Between such different men, finding a middle ground is never easy. When Garth’s two sons reject Nicolas, Garth is torn between his boys and his mate. He does not know what to do and what to believe.

Nicolas doesn’t remember his past, and he has kept what little he does know a secret from his new friends. Garth brings love to his life, and he is hurt when Garth’s sons refuse his affection.

However, sometimes, the sun is too scorching even for its children. Nicolas’s mysterious past emerges to threaten his loved ones, and it might eclipse all his hopes for the future. It is up to Garth to save them from perpetual darkness.

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Lynx Who Claimed the Sun (MM)
49 Ratings (4.5)

The Lynx Who Claimed the Sun (MM)

Mate or Meal 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 39,731
49 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Ms hyacinth does it again fast paced I could not put the book down until I was done a true must read.
great series
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "THE LYNX WHO CLAIMED THE SUN is a great addition to an excellent M/M shifter series. The great world-building continues here and the romance is the perfect combination of heartfelt and spicy. Garth is a non-monogamous lynx shifter raising his two sons alone when he meets the mysterious hummingbird shifter, Nicolas. Garth immediately recognizes Nico as his mate but Garth's sons feel differently. Nico can't commit to Garth when his own past is a mystery--a mystery that threatens the new family's safety. Nico is one of the characters from the previous novellas whose story I've been waiting for. Nico is a unique combination of bravado and vulnerability that I loved. He's made a life for himself even while being unable to remember his past. One by one his friends have found love with predatory shifters and he's one of the last left. So Nico is both happy and skeptical when Garth claims they're mates. I enjoyed how readers learn Nico's past along with him and Garth, and this was paced well so it never dragged. Garth is a fully developed character too and a lovely partner for Nico. The romance is a perfect combination of sexy and tender that I adored and think other readers will too. I also have to mention what a great world has been builtin this series. Readers won't need to have read the previous three books, though I recommend them since they're great reads too. But this world of predatory and non-predatory shifters is a unique take on shifters and is very well written. Each novella has been my new favorite--until I read the next one and THE LYNX WHO CLAIMED THE SUN is no exception. The best thing about this story, and the entire series, is the focus on shifter families. The romance couple, here Nico and Garth, are certainly the focus as it should be, but the children of the men make a couple into a family and I adore this. Additionally, the leads from the previous books also help Garth and Nico and this adds a community feel with all the couples and their children. THE LYNX WHO CLAIMED THE SUN is an excellent novella in a truly charming series. Fans of M/M romance must add this book, and the entire series, to their to-be-read pile today." -- J9, The Romance Reviews

4 NYMPHS: "From the moment lynx-shifter Garth Mckenna first laid eyes on Nicolas, he thought the hummingbird-shifter was the hottest man he’s ever met. He quickly becomes the center of Garth’s world, his love and his unexpected mate, but making a relationship work isn’t easy for two such different individuals. When Garth’s sons reject Nicolas, he’s upset and doesn’t know what is wrong or what to do. Nicolas has problems of his own. He doesn’t remember much of his past and has kept it a secret from his friends. He’s loves Garth and is hurt about the kids change in behavior and doesn’t understand their rejection. But things get worse when his past comes back to haunt him, threatening the people he cares about. When Nicolas disappears, it’s up to Garth to find him before what started twenty years ago, comes full circle, ending his life. The Lynx Who Claimed the Sun is release four in Scarlet Hyacinth’s Mate or Meal series. Note: Due to the interweaving of characters, the books should be read in order. It’s another fun and entertaining look into this unique shape-shifter world and it just keeps getting better and better. Garth and Nicolas are interesting guys and each has problems they’re dealing with, and I really appreciated the inclusion of Garth’s children. They certainly add an extra level of strain on their relationship and let us see another side to Garth...that of parent. Too bad the kids are little monsters to Nicolas…but it did fit in nicely with the plot. The story has a little bit of everything. A nice plot with a steady pace, good personality development, plenty of secondary characters, a fun, snappy dialogue and lots of sizzling hot sex. You don’t learn too much of Nicolas’ background until the later part of the story when a dramatic twist finds him back in the Mexican rainforest where he was born. Its here you’ll also find action, danger, betrayal and deceit as Nicolas struggles to survive and Garth attempts to save him. If you enjoy shifter stories or have read the other books in this series, I know you’ll like this one. Give it a try. Look for The Shark Who Rode a Seahorse next." -- Dragon Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews

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A vein twitched in Nicolas’s forehead as the cold water hit him from behind. He should have expected this. His instincts had told him to get ready for something, but still, he’d wanted to see Garth. The man worked too much, and Nicolas wanted Garth to relax a bit. Apparently, this had been a bad idea. He should never have come here in the first place.

Childish giggles reached his ears through the haze of anger. Nicolas dumped his keys on a coffee table, turned, and smiled tightly at Garth’s kits. They’d stopped trying to create traps in the halls when it had become apparent that he was too quick for that. Now, they just attacked him outright. “Wow, cold water. Always so refreshing. Thanks, boys.”

Preston and Corbin gave him twin looks of amused pleasure. “Don’t mention it,” Corbin said cheekily. As the older boy, he was always the leader in the pranks the kits pulled on Nicolas. Preston tended to simply follow his brother’s indications.

Nicolas would have liked to tell them something, to shout at them and explain they shouldn’t act like this. Perhaps they didn’t like that Nicolas was dating their father, but there were boundaries that needed to be set, and the kits’ rudeness was getting out of hand. But he had no authority over them, and they were the proverbial apple of their father’s eye. Besides, even if he hated to admit it, he liked the boys. They’d been amazing in the beginning of his relationship with Garth. He couldn’t understand their change.

“What happened here?” Garth asked. He was coming out of his office, and Nicolas immediately regretted his initiative. Garth had far too many problems for him to have to worry about Nicolas’s disagreement with the kits.

“Nothing,” he answered. “The children and I were just playing.”

Garth’s expression darkened, and he glared at the two boys as he reached their sides. “Go to your rooms,” he said. “You and I will talk later.”

Looking a bit apprehensive, Preston and Corbin took off and headed toward their rooms. As soon as they were out of earshot, Garth sighed and hugged Nicolas. “I’m sorry about this, love. I swear I don’t understand what’s going through their little minds sometimes.”

Nicolas broke away from the other man’s embrace. “Don’t,” he said snappishly. “You’ll get your clothes wet.”

With a sigh, Garth released him. “Come on. Let’s get you showered and changed.”

Nicolas nodded and allowed his lover to lead him to his room. Once the door closed behind them, Nicolas tore his clothes off with a disgusted huff. As a rule, moistness didn’t bother him. In fact, the hummingbird inside him reveled in wet environments. What pissed him off, however, was the intent behind the prank, the very idea that he was rejected by the two most important people in Garth’s life.

“They’re just kits,” Garth offered in a low voice. “They don’t mean anything by it.”

Nicolas controlled his temper and turned to look at Garth. He knew the man was biased in judging his sons, but how could he not be? Still, he didn’t think he could bring himself to say anything comforting and understanding right now. His mood had been dark all throughout the day, with nightmares plaguing his restless sleep the night before. His coming here had been not only for Garth’s benefit. Spending time with the lynx usually helped, but since the kits had grown cold and rude, it only seemed to make things worse.

Acknowledging his own bitchiness, Nicolas didn’t say anything. Distantly, he noticed some humidity had gotten on Garth’s clothes, making the garments stick to Garth’s muscled body a bit. Nicolas forced himself to turn away before arousal could overcome frustration and anger. He dumped his wet clothes on the floor and headed to the bathroom without a word. He didn’t want to think too much about the reason why he left the door cracked in silent invitation.

As Nicolas ran the water in the shower, he thought back to the scene in the hallway. He was overreacting, he knew it. He shouldn’t let the kits get to him so much. If he didn’t get angry, the boys would stop teasing him. But lately, he’d been feeling off. The nightmares were growing worse, and Nicolas felt lonelier than ever.

What bothered him most was that he couldn’t understand why the two children had changed their attitude toward him. In the beginning, the four of them spent a lot of time together, and Nicolas was loath to admit he’d started to care about the little rascals. But all of a sudden, they seemed to change their minds and now spent their time torturing Nicolas and doing their best to separate him from their father. Yes, he’d begun to care about them, and their new behavior hurt him deeply.

He stepped into the shower, doing his best to not think about anything except the calming flow of water. Sometimes, it seemed the only thing that could get his temper back in check, except sex with Garth. Just remembering the feel of his lover’s prick inside him left him hard and aching. Christ. Nicolas needed to get a grip. He wasn’t a sea creature so as to depend on having water around, nor did he need any carnivore to function. He would ask Garth to take a break in their strange relationship. After all, the lynx wasn’t the only one with baggage. Nicolas had issues far more troublesome than two harmless kits from a previous relationship. Their bond would never work, not with all the secrets between them.

The feel of an approaching presence startled him from his glum thoughts. Instants later, Garth slid into the shower stall, naked as the day he was born. He pressed his hard body to Nicolas’s and met his gaze. “I know this is hard for you, love. You’ve been so understanding. Just wait a little longer. They’ll come around.”


Adult excerpt


Garth crushed their lips together, groaning as Nicolas’s taste invaded his senses. Christ, had he said he was going to wait? He must have been out of his mind.

He pulled his mate close and forced the other man to walk back until they hit the couch in the center of the office. Nicolas fell on the settee, and Garth climbed on top of him. Their mouths only parted for a brief second, but it was too much for Garth to withstand. He needed Nicolas, needed him with a desperation that he’d never have thought he would feel.

His hands worked at Nicolas’s clothes, slipping under the material to find skin. Soft, so soft and so warm. He could hear Nicolas’s heartbeat racing, so fast it seemed impossible that it wouldn’t burst out of the other man’s chest. Nicolas’s tantalizing aroma tickled at his nostrils, a mix of exotic flowers, pure male, and hot arousal. Garth could feel his mate’s hard cock nudging against his thigh, and the knowledge of his mate’s excitement made his desire soar even higher.

He tore Nicolas’s shirts and pants off, with no regard whatsoever as to what the hummingbird might wear later. The only thing he knew was that he wanted Nicolas and he needed to taste his mate as soon as possible.

That thought gave Garth the impulse to break away from Nicolas’s luscious lips. He licked down his mate’s body, exploring each inch of delicious flesh. Nicolas released a soft, excited chirp as Garth's tongue trailed over the hollow of his neck, and Garth noted the hot spot. He dwelled over the sensitive area for the longest time, simply enjoying the sound of his mate’s sweet cries.

Never once did he cease mapping Nicolas’s body with his hands. His fingers found his mate’s nipples, and he tweaked on the tiny nubs, hiding a grin when Nicolas’s moans turned incoherent.

Garth’s senses were assaulted by his mate’s increasing desire, and his dick throbbed in answering to Nicolas’s arousal. It was slow torture, for both of them, and the beast inside Garth emerged, demanding that he take possession of what was his.

Garth wrapped his fist around his mate’s prick and began the slow journey down. His mouth abandoned Nicolas’s collarbone, tracing a line over the hummingbird’s chest and abs. Following a sudden impulse, he stopped at Nicolas’s navel, stabbing his tongue into the tiny opening.

Nicolas covered his mouth with his hand in an obvious attempt to tone down his cries, but Garth could feel the pleasure that coursed through his mate at the stimulation of the spot. It was actually a bit strange. Most birds didn’t have much sensitivity in the area. In species where reproduction wasn’t viviparous, the belly button appeared on a child years after their birth. It was, in a way, only a tiny adage meant to make shape-shifters fit in, and it didn’t have much connection to other nerve endings. But Nicolas seemed different, and Garth loved discovering every little thing about his mate.

What he wanted most, though, was to drive Nicolas wild, to wrap his lips around his mate’s cock and suck him dry, and then fuck him into oblivion. He didn’t delay in following that impulse. Without giving his new lover one single warning, he lowered his mouth over Nicolas’s prick and swallowed him down.

A choked trill escaped Nicolas as Garth bobbed his head up and down his hummingbird’s cock. Unsurprisingly, even Nicolas’s pre-cum tasted almost like honey. Even from the little time they’d spent together, Garth had noticed Nicolas loved things sweet. Besides, Nicolas was, after all, a hummingbird.

Garth continued torturing his mate’s cock. Half unconsciously, he started purring, and the vibration seemed to drive Nicolas crazy. All the while, Garth rolled Nicolas’s balls in his hands. The sac beckoned to him, and he lowered his mouth to taste the wrinkled skin. Nicolas whimpered, begging, “Please, Garth. Please…”

The sound of his name on his mate’s lips was too much. Garth returned to Nicolas’s dick and really went to town. He increased the suction, taking his lover’s cock deep into his mouth and swallowing around the head. At the same time, he released his own prick from its confines. It demanded being let in on the action, but Garth didn’t touch himself further. If he did, he’d climax, and he wanted to come in Nicolas’s ass. It wouldn’t be long now. He could tell Nicolas was moments away from orgasm, and he desperately wanted to taste the hummingbird’s cum.

Just like Garth had predicted, moments later, Nicolas arched his back and found his peak, muffling his cry once more. Streams of hot spunk filled Garth’s mouth, making him drunk at the taste. Sweet, so sweet, like nectar from the gods.

He would have loved to gulp it all down, but unfortunately, he couldn’t afford to do it. He didn’t keep lube all around the house, for obvious reasons, and he couldn’t risk going to the bathroom now. Instead, he gathered some of Nicolas’s own cum and slicked his dick up.

Garth flipped Nicolas on his belly, exposing the hummingbird’s delicious hole. The tiny opening seemed to wink at him as Garth spread his mate’s ass cheeks. He hissed when he slowly inserted a finger inside Nicolas’s anus. God, his lover was tight, so tight, and the hummingbird’s body sucked the digit right in, as if demanding more.

Eagerly, Garth added another finger and stretched Nicolas’s opening, preparing his mate for invasion. He crooked the invading digit just so, grinning when he found Nicolas’s prostate. As he rubbed the spongy gland, Nicolas buried his face in the couch pillows, his entire body emanating renewed arousal. A murmured “please” followed, and Garth could not resist.

He removed his fingers from Nicolas’s anus and lowered his body over his mate’s. He positioned his cock at Nicolas’s hole and readied himself to thrust inside. 

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