The Bikers' Babe (MFM)

The Dirty Dozen 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,862
30 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M]

When Tina is attacked by a serial killer, Zack and Cole offer her their protection while they are riding on the road. They convince her to stay with them while she is recovering.

The guys are falling for her and think Tina, a travel nurse who works all over the United States, feels the same way, but she's insistent that her life is on the road. As part of a construction crew, Zack and Cole travel as well, but they would stick closer to home for her.

When the killer returns to finish what he started, it takes Zack and Cole working with the police to rescue her.

Tina thinks she loves the two men, but what about her life on the road? She is used to coming and going as she wants. Can the men convince her to stick around on a more permanent basis, and can Tina trade in her wanderlust for domestic tranquility?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Bikers' Babe (MFM)
30 Ratings (4.4)

The Bikers' Babe (MFM)

The Dirty Dozen 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,862
30 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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AWESOME!!! I loved this book and I just adore the whole series.. Wonderful reading and be sure to get a fan.. HOT
Barefoot Okie
I am a big fan of Marla's books. I really look forward to her bikers' series. I have enjoyed them all. Good series to read. I can't wait for the next one.
Erika Reed
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "Having a job that requires you to travel can make it difficult to find that sexy someone you want to share your life with. That is unless that certain someone travels too. Tina is a travel nurse and a biker that does not like being tied down to one place. She enjoys the freedom of choosing where to work and the opportunity to meet new people while seeing new places. For her, finding a man that can accept the fact that she prefers her bike to the back of a man's bike can be difficult, or so she thought. During a routine traffic stop, Tina encounters a group of bikers that fall prey to the traffic police as well. It was then that traveling construction workers, Cole and Zack first laid eyes on her and refused to let go. After learning that a serial killer is on the loose and then suffering a near abduction, Tina agrees to let the biker duo escort her to her next work site and allow them to keep an eye on her until she gets settled. She didn't realize that their idea of keeping an eye on her meant keeping eyes, hands and other yummy body parts on every part of her. Can Tina handle two bikers that want to keep her all to themselves? Zack and Cole are determined to show her that two is better in more ways than one. For Tina it takes a lot of convincing and surviving a serial killer to help her decide. This was a delicious read that kept me turning the pages. The attraction happens fast and the determination that Cole and Zack have just makes me melt. This read is a fast ride with lots of biker babe ménage action and a bit of suspense that is sure to please." -- Alyn, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

"Traveling Nurse Tina escapes an attack, when she finds out it might be a serial killer she is stunned. She decides to take the offered protection to travel with Zack and Cole. Once she decides they actually are respectable hard working men, who just happen to love Harley’s, she decides to take them up on the offer. She never expects that the offer will extend to living in their gorgeous house while she is recovering, dealing with the police and looking for her next job. Zack and Cole know right away they are attracted to the little spitfire. Especially when she is attacked. Now they want her to give them a chance. While the men travel for work they are willing to stick closer to home. But, what about the life Tina has come to love? Can she give up the travel for Zack and Cole? They are starting to work through things and explore their growing love when the killer returns to finish what he started. Zack and Cole will do whatever it takes to get her back. But will it be enough? The Bikers’ Babe is an intense fast paced, and erotic, adventure. I love how Ms. Monroe is able to develop love between three characters while at the same time they are unsure how they would really work together. Add the suspense to the mix and you have one fast paced read that you can’t put down. Any fan of the Alpha male and a little “ménage” should pick up The Bikers’ Babe and you will understand why Ms. Monroe has a winning series on her hands." -- Tanya, Joyfully Reviewed

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Story Excerpt


“I’m a travel nurse.”

“No shit. So you, like, go from hospital to hospital and work?”

“Basically, yeah. I have an agency I work through. I pick and choose what cities I want to go to and they look for openings there. I fly or bike there. I ship my clothes ahead of me. They provide the apartment for me to live in while I’m there. I haven’t decided where to work next, so I’m just exploring right now.”

“Man, that’s a pretty damn good life.”

“So, what do you guys do?”

“Not a lot different from you except we do construction. We have a couple of contractors we work with, and when something comes up we’re interested in, we go.”

“That’s amazing. I mean, amazing that we work so similarly.” Tina shook her head.

Cole returned, as did several others. Zack could see that she was trying to put faces with names. He wondered if she’d get riled if he introduced her to all of them again. Probably.

“Ready to ride, everyone?” Cole asked.

There were hell yeahs all around. They climbed on their bikes and started them up with a roar. Zack loved getting started in the mornings. Right now, though, he was starved. He pulled out after Cole and hoped that Tina was right behind them. He wanted the gang around her to keep her safe. He wasn’t sure why he suddenly felt that way, but he didn’t want anything to happen to her.

They arrived at the diner and were greeted by their usual waitress. She welcomed them in then blushed when they all hugged or squeezed her. She was a good fifty-plus years old, but they liked her because she had treated them nicely the first time she had seen them. From then on, they always stopped there when they were out this way on their way home.

“What can I get you guys—oh, and gal. You’ve added a new member. Oh, and what happened to Kyle and West?” she asked with a knit in her brow.

“They’re getting married, and this is Tina. She’s riding with us to Dallas.” Zack made the introductions. “Tina, this is Myrtle.”

“Good to meet you, Myrtle. I take it you don’t mind it when they descend on you.”

“Nope, don’t mind a bit. They tip well.” She winked at them.

Zack smiled and waited his turn as she took everyone’s order. He was surprised when Tina ordered a big breakfast. He was used to women eating light meals to keep their figures. He didn’t think there was a damn thing wrong with hers. She had curves made for riding.

“So, what are you going to do when you get to Dallas? Got a nursing job lined up?” He filled Cole in on what she did for a living. He nodded at the similarities in what they did.

“Nope, no job lined up right now. I just wanted to see Dallas and see if I might like to work there sometime. I’m not sure when I’ll hook up another job. I’m enjoying a few weeks off.”

“Sounds good.” Cole glanced Zack’s way. He knew what he was thinking. He gave a short shake of his head. He didn’t think it was time yet to talk to her about staying with them. Especially not around the other guys.

They ate their breakfast and then, after settling up, got back on the road. They stopped for lunch at a truck stop about four hours outside of Dallas. They were closing in on home. He couldn’t wait and hoped they would have Tina with them when they arrived.

“I’m going to run back out to my bike for a second and get another shirt. This one is tight across my neck.” Tina stopped Zack as they were getting ready to pay.

“Okay. We’ll be right out.”

They paid their tab and walked over to the convenience store side to grab some water for the road. They had just paid for the water when one of the guys ran inside calling for them.

“Man, get out here. Someone tried to grab Tina, and she’s shaken up.”

“Fuck, I shouldn’t have let her go outside without us,” Zack cursed.

Cole was right behind him as they all ran outside. She was sitting on the ground next to her bike with several of the guys standing around her. They parted as soon as Cole and Zack walked up. They both bent down to check on her.

“Hey, baby. Are you okay?” Zack could tell by the tears that she wasn’t.

“I’ll be okay in a minute. I got scared.” Her voice was husky.

“I don’t blame you. Let me look at you. Did he hurt you?”

“Just my throat. He grabbed me by my throat and tried to pull me over to a van. When I finally managed to break his grip on my neck, I screamed and he ran.”

“Let’s see what he did to you.” Cole lifted her chin and cursed.

“Hell, he left bruises, Tina. He could have strangled you. I’m sorry, baby. We shouldn’t have let you come out alone.”

“It’s not your fault. It’s fucking daylight. I wouldn’t have thought anyone would try something in broad daylight like that.”

“Your knees are skinned, too.” Cole looked up at the men. “Someone go get something to clean them with.”

“I’m okay, it’s just a scrape. My jeans kept them from getting much damage.”

She started to get to her feet, but Zack stopped her. “Don’t move till we get you cleaned up. Are you hurt anywhere else?”

“No, really, I’ll be okay.” She still had a difficult time talking.

Zack didn’t like that. If she hadn’t been able to break his hold, he would have had her.

“You realize we need to report this to the police. They need to know about a near miss and the area he was last seen in.” Cole pulled out his cell phone.

“That’s going to put me behind getting to Dallas. I don’t want to ride there in the dark by myself.”

“You won’t be by yourself. Cole and I will ride with you. The others can go on ahead of us.”

“Hell no,” Shane said. “We ride with you. We were out here talking and just about let the bastard get her.”

“See, you’re not alone,” Zack told her.


ADULT Excerpt


Zack’s finger rasped at her nipple through the silky material. He pinched it, leading Tina to close her eyes in pleasure. Heat suffused her face as she grew damp between her legs. Her breath grew quick and raspy as he followed through with the other breast as well.

“Fuck, you’re wet. I can smell you.” He reached down and rubbed her pussy through her jeans.

“Zack. We need to stop.”

“I know.” He backed her up against the door. “I just need a taste, baby. Let me have a taste of that sweet pussy.”

“Oh, God.”

He reached between them and unzipped her jeans. When she didn’t stop him, he shoved them down her legs and went to his knees before her. He licked his lips looking up at her. Then he leaned in and licked her hot cunt. As if the taste of her was more than he could take, he began lapping at her as if his next breath depended on it.

Tina threw her head back against the door and moaned. She was vaguely aware of Cole walking into the room. He leaned in and nipped at her jaw.

“You’re so beautiful when you’re aroused like that.

“She tastes like spicy nectar, Cole. You’ve got to have some.” Zack moved over and Cole knelt down in front of her.

He leaned in and tongued her clit, then delved between her pussy lips. His mmm of pleasure was nearly her undoing. Cole spread her pussy lips and began licking in earnest.

Zack chuckled and stood up. He stared deep into her eyes and slowly lowered his head until his lips were a hair’s breadth from hers. He was so close she could smell her arousal on his lips.

“I want to taste your breasts. Will you let me take off your bra?”

She nodded her head in a jerky movement, and he reached out with his tongue and licked her lips. She opened her mouth and he plunged inside, using his tongue to explore hers. They slid along each other like old lovers, until she was sucking on his in time to Cole’s licks to her cunt.

Zack continued his kiss while he used his hands to unclasp her front closure bra. He peeled back the cups, leaving the bra hanging on her arms. She felt his fingers lightly brush across her nipples before he pulled back from their kiss and leaned in to lick each one. He groaned, giving them both a long, slow rasp of his tongue.

Tina whimpered at the barrage of sensations between Cole’s mouth on her cunt, licking her pussy lips, and Zack’s on her breasts. They both alternated between licking and nipping until she was on her tiptoes trying to escape the overwhelming need to climax.

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