Chopper Pilot's Delight

A Paranormal’s Love 41

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 30,906
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While Enrique Walters thinks the request is weird, gas prices are high and work in the off-season is slow. He takes ex-mayor Sheldon’s money to use his helicopter to surveil the ranch where the new acting mayor—Albert—is living. Even hearing the crazy family rumors about Albert, Enrique thinks Sheldon’s infatuation is due to the fact that the ranch is not only the place where Albert lives but also where the sheriff’s partner works. Sheldon’s actions against the sheriff caused the guy to get fired, after all. Enrique figures Sheldon wants to get some sort of blackmail information on them all.

Still, money is money, and Enrique needs it.

When Enrique’s trips during the day turn up nothing, Sheldon insists Enrique fly by at night. He spots something he can’t explain right before something slams into his bird. Struggling to control his descent, he hits his head. As he slides into unconsciousness, he figures that’s the end.

Enrique’s surprised to wake up, safe and sound, in the arms of…something. He learns gargoyles are real, and he’s the mate of one named Trynche. Enrique knows he can never allow the ex-mayor to find out the truth. Except, Sheldon learns a little something another way and demands Enrique’s help in exposing the monsters. With the help of his new friends, can Enrique shut down Sheldon for good and keep their secrets safe?

Chopper Pilot's Delight
0 Ratings (0.0)

Chopper Pilot's Delight

A Paranormal’s Love 41

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 30,906
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Angela Waters

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With gentle touches to his controls, Enrique Walters touched his helicopter’s skids to the ground with nary a bump. He smiled as he looked at the passenger to his left. Then he peered over his shoulder and offered the pair in the back the same look.

“Thank you so much for joining me today, folks,” Enrique began, spotting his coworker Parish Dowers striding toward the landing pad. “I hope you enjoyed the ride.”

“Oh, it was amaaazing,” the woman next to Enrique gushed. As she took off her headphones, revealing her flushed cheeks, she continued, “I can’t believe how gorgeous everything looks from up there.”

“Bird’s eye view, just like you wanted,” one of the men in the back stated with a nod. He reached forward and touched the woman’s shoulder, a loving expression on his rather plain features. “Happy anniversary, baby.”

Peering over her shoulder at him, the woman rested her hand over his. “Yep. Just like I wanted.” She appeared so very happy as she stared back at him with clear affection. “Thanks, hon. Happy anniversary.”

For an instant, Enrique had to look away from the dang-near glowing couple. Upon introductions at the beginning of the ride, he’d learned that the pair were celebrating their ten-year wedding anniversary. The wife had wanted to see the world from above, and the husband had fulfilled her wish by chartering a flight with the helicopter tours that Enrique owned and operated.

Enrique felt a niggle of jealousy churn in his gut, but he did his best to ignore it. Watching happy couples often had that effect on him. After his third tour, Enrique had retired from the military and had looked for a permanent romantic partner. Nothing had panned out. He’d tried both males and females, having accepted his bisexuality in high school. Unfortunately, the hours Enrique had spent getting his helicopter tour business up and running had always gotten in the way.

Several years before, he’d sworn off relationships, but that didn’t mean he didn’t still want what he was missing.

What my parents had.

Forcing those sorts of thoughts away, Enrique focused on the present—and his paying customers. After all, he didn’t have too many of them this time of year. The winter was his slowest season.

Can’t wait for spring.

Everyone seemed to want to see the blossoming trees in the spring and the colorful leaves in the autumn.

Another month. My business can make it.

After nearly five years in the business, Enrique had learned to anticipate the highs and lows of the seasons. He planned ahead and budgeted carefully. That didn’t mean there weren’t bumps along the way, unanticipated problems and repairs. In this case, the economy tanked with the changing of the presidents, and gas prices had skyrocketed.

For that reason, when Enrique heard a certain chime come from his phone, he barely hid his wince. He’d set up a specific tone for the annoying person’s number.

Wish I’d never accepted ex-mayor Sheldon Loreman’s money.

Too late now.

Hindsight is always twenty-twenty, as they say.

“Thanks again for an amazing flight, man,” the husband told him from the back seat of the chopper. “You’ve made my wife’s day.” As the guy held out a couple of folded bills to him, he waggled his brows and added, “Which will make my night.”

Enrique felt the corners of his lips twitch as he took the tip. “Thank you, sir,” he replied, knowing the only reason the customer would tease like that was because Parish had already helped said wife out of the helicopter. “May the rest of your anniversary be just as, uh, fantastic.”

Mentally wincing, Enrique hoped that didn’t offend.

To Enrique’s relief, the guy barked a laugh. “You know it,” he claimed, reaching forward and patting him on the shoulder.

The door beside the husband opened, and Parish was there, encouraging the man to exit. The customer directly behind Enrique leaned forward and offered a second tip. The man had been introduced as the husband’s brother.

As Enrique took it, the guy stated, “Thanks again. It was great getting to tag along on the ride.” With a scoff, he added, “Been too long since I’ve been up in one of these things.”

Hearing the nostalgia in the man’s voice, Enrique turned as much as he could in his seat. “Ex-military?” he guessed, checking out the man’s expression—vacant eyes and a slight curving of his firm lips.

Yup. Definitely lost in a fond memory about something.

“Yeah.” The guy’s answer came out softly. He blinked once before refocusing on Enrique. “Although, flying in a civilian bird’s nothing like a chinook.”

With a laugh, Enrique shook his head. “No, it definitely isn’t.”

“You served, too?”

Enrique smiled and nodded. “Air force.” He didn’t expand on that. He really didn’t have time to chat about it, even though it would’ve been nice to catch up with a fellow serviceman.

“Reserves, I…” The man hesitated. Then he glanced around, and he must have realized that everyone was waiting on him. “Well, thanks again, and for your service.”

“You, too,” Enrique replied. Holding the man’s gaze for a few seconds longer, he added, “Everyone counts, no matter the branch.”

While each branch had their rivalries, they all understood the same basic tenant. They were all important, and everyone did their part. They were a team.

The guy nodded once, then exited the bird with ease, betraying that he had experience with flying.

Enrique hadn’t noticed it before. He’d been too focused on the pair celebrating their anniversary. As he watched the guy walk away, he couldn’t help noticing the way the guy filled out his jeans.

Nice ass.

“You need a fuel top-up before your next set of customers?”

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