Threat Unleashed (MM)

Midnight Falls 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,773
5 Ratings (3.8)

[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Paranormal, Shape-shifters, Werewolves, Suspense, MM, HEA]

Traumatized by his past, Sanjay steers clear of wolves. Until he meets Jake. Still, no matter how sexy bar owner is, there’s no way Sanjay can allow himself to get close to a wolf again. Nope. Not happening. But sometimes life doesn’t leave you a choice. Slowly but surely, he begins to realize that not all wolves are alike, and maybe he can let go of his fear and embrace this mating after all.

Jake is thrilled to find his mate. Sanjay is a gorgeous gazelle shifter that Jake wants to get to know better. But something is holding Sanjay back, and Jake needs to know what that something is if they have a shot at happiness. Unfortunately, Sanjay’s best friend is in an abusive relationship, and Sanjay refuses to let Dario face it alone. But his determination just might get Sanjay killed. Not on Jake’s watch.

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Threat Unleashed (MM)
5 Ratings (3.8)

Threat Unleashed (MM)

Midnight Falls 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,773
5 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffett


“Can we ditch our plans and come up with a new one?” Dario asked, hopefulness in his eyes and voice.

“What do you want to do?”

“Let’s get some drinks and bar food,” Dario said then held up a hand. “I know shifters can’t get drunk, so you’ve never had a drop of alcohol, but I promise you that Fearless Fox has some amazing food. We could pig out while I drown my sorrows.”

Sanjay wasn’t sure that was a good idea. Alcohol would only numb the pain briefly. Or so he’d heard. But Dario looked like a kicked puppy, and Sanjay would do anything to bring a smile to his friend’s face.

“Okay, but I can’t stay out late. I have a huge order I have to finish tomorrow.”

Dario threw himself at Sanjay and hugged him. “Thank you.”

Sanjay patted his back. Dario was damn good-looking. If he’d been taller and had any kind of muscles, Sanjay might have been attracted to him. He was the sweetest, nicest person Sanjay had ever met.

But his friend was just as short and slim as he was.

Thirty minutes later—because Dario had to change clothes and get that weepy look off his face—they were seated at Fearless Fox. Sanjay looked at a table near the back and spotted some people he knew.

“I’m going to order some drinks and wings,” Sanjay said. “Try to smile, hon. You look like you’re about to burst out crying.”

“I am,” Dario said. “I thought this was a good idea, but now that we’re surrounded by all these people, I just want to go home.”

“And mope around?” Sanjay asked. “Not a chance. We’re going to stay here and eat and drink and forget evil men exist.”

Dario managed a small smile. “You’re right. I need to stop moping and start living again.”

“That’s the spirit.” Sanjay knew Dario was only putting on a brave face. He wasn’t ready to move on. The truth was apparent in his features.

Sanjay strolled to the counter to place their order. Dario was right. The place was crowded. He should have just waited at the table for a server, but the servers looked overwhelmed, so Sanjay decided to lessen their burden.

“Can I help you?”

Sanjay turned to the bartender and fell instantly in lust. The guy was tall, lean with muscles, and reminded Sanjay of a hipster. A deadly hipster. His brownish-blond hair looked as if the guy had run his fingers through it a million times, and he had a substantial beard, but it was the eyes that drew Sanjay in.

Electric blue with a touch of light grey in them. They stood out against his features, popping like eyes had never popped before. They were the color of the sky on a clear day, and Sanjay’s cock perked right up.

“Hi…yes…I would like…cupcakes.”

The guy frowned. “We don’t serve cupcakes.”

The bartender had Sanjay mindless. “I mean wings.” He gave a nervous chuckle. “A shot of whiskey, a Coke, and a dozen barbeque wings…please.”

The guy’s smirk was downright sinful. “Coming right up. Can I have a name for the order?”

“Sanjay.” At least he wasn’t so in lust that he’d forgotten his own name. “I’m at that table over there.” He pointed to where Dario was seated.

“Jake.” The guy extended a hand. “I don’t think I’ve seen you in here before.”

“My first time.” Sanjay felt his face catch fire. “I work insane hours.”

“What do you do?” Jake asked.

“I own Sweet Spot.” Sanjay normally didn’t have to say anything because a lot of people in Midnight Falls already knew who he was.

One of Jake’s brows rose in what Sanjay assumed was interest. “I have to say I love your cupcakes.”

Sanjay grinned, pleased that this sexy bartender knew his shop. “Wow, thanks. I’m glad you like them.”

“Are you kidding? The salted caramel ones are my favorite,” Jake said with a wink. “And your chocolate chip cookies? Delicious. You do great work.”

“I don’t remember ever seeing you come in.” Sanjay would have recalled someone like Jake coming into his store. The guy’s looks alone would have caught his attention.

“I’ve never been there myself, but my cook, Kendrick, brings in treats from your shop all the time.”

“I know Kendrick,” Sanjay said with a smile. “Really nice fella.”

“I’ll get your order in, and I’ll let Kendrick know it’s for you.”

“Thanks.” Now Sanjay felt like a lightweight celebrity. It was good to know his hard work was appreciated.

Sanjay practically floated back to the table, his mood suddenly lifted. Dario gave him a knowing look. “Who’s the hottie at the bar you were talking to?”

“His name’s Jake, and he loves my bakery,” Sanjay said with a grin.




Sanjay moaned as his head fell back onto Jake’s muscular chest. Reaching behind him, Sanjay greedily gripped Jake’s hips, pulling his mate closer and reveling in the sensation of their bodies pressed together.

In that moment, all worries and thoughts were forgotten as Sanjay lost himself in Jake’s touch.

 Sanjay whimpered. His breath quickened as Jake traced the outline of his chest, causing sparks to ignite in his core. From the very first touch, Matt had always been selfish and rushed in his lovemaking with Sanjay.

But Jake, with his slow and deliberate touches, was awakening a new level of ecstasy within him. It was a slow exploration of every curve and crevice of Sanjay’s body, leaving him wanting more and more.

Every kiss, every caress, sent waves of pleasure through him, and Sanjay couldn’t get enough. He was quickly becoming addicted to this new lover who knew how to truly make him feel desired and adored.

Sanjay let out a guttural moan as Jake’s hands moved from his chest to the waistband of his jeans. His body trembled as Jake slowly unzipped him and slid down his pants and underwear, revealing every inch of his desire. “Lift up your feet.”

Sanjay eagerly followed Jake’s command. Then Jake discarded his own clothes with graceful ease, revealing every inch of his toned physique, a predatory glint in his eyes as he approached Sanjay hungrily.

The air between them crackled with desire as they stood naked before each other.

Jake glided his hands down Sanjay’s body, igniting a fiery trail of desire. The sensation of his nails lightly scraping against Sanjay’s skin sent shivers coursing through him.

Jake moved in close, their bodies pushing against each other. He took Sanjay’s hand and led him to the bed, desire building with every step.

Sanjay crawled onto the bed and then turned onto his back, watching his mate.

Jake reached down and spread Sanjay’s legs apart. “You have a pretty cock.”

Sanjay watched his mate as Jake slowly lowered himself to his knees. A moan escaped Sanjay as Jake expertly swirled his tongue around the sensitive tip of his cock.

Gritting his teeth, Sanjay grabbed the blanket tightly as he surrendered to the ecstasy of Jake’s skilled mouth.

Jake shoved Sanjay’s legs back, using one hand to tease and explore his tight entrance as he greedily took Sanjay’s throbbing cock deeper into his mouth.

Lost in the moment, Sanjay surrendered completely to the overwhelming sensations and let out a low moan. He had never felt so consumed by a heady rush of euphoria, and he couldn’t believe how good it felt to lose control in Jake’s hands.

Sanjay watched as his mate grabbed a bottle of lube from the side drawer. Jake slicked up his fingers and wasted no time plunging them into Sanjay’s ass.

A whimper escaped Sanjay. He couldn’t get enough of this sensation, and he knew Jake was just getting started.

Jake’s fingers glided along Sanjay’s sensitive skin, cupping and caressing his sac with expert precision. Their eyes locked in a heated gaze, as Sanjay writhed under his mate’s touch, his own desire growing with each passing moment.

“You’re so fucking beautiful.” Jake’s gaze roamed hungrily over Sanjay’s naked body, his voice thick with desire.

“Ugh, stop talking. I can’t think right now.”

Jake’s lips curled into a seductive smirk as Jake added another finger inside of him, causing a rush of pleasure to course through Sanjay. “I like that I make you mindless.”

 Jake’s finger scraped over Sanjay’s sweet spot, making his hips jump as he whimpered.

Sanjay rolled his hips, impaling his body on Jake’s fingers. “I’m ready.”

Jake breathed in deeply, his eyes burning with desire as he withdrew his fingers and crawled onto the bed. Sanjay scooted back, giving them both room. With a hungry look in his eyes, Jake aligned his cock to Sanjay’s hole and entered Sanjay slowly, causing both of them to gasp in pleasure.

As if waiting for Sanjay’s body to adjust, Jake stopped moving. Lying beneath Jake, Sanjay gazed up in wonder at the chiseled and sun-kissed skin of his mate’s face. In that moment, he knew, without a doubt, that this was the man he wanted to share his life with.

A sensual smile curved Jake’s lips as he locked eyes with Sanjay, causing a wave of heat to rush through Sanjay’s body. Those piercing blue eyes held the promise of pleasure beyond imagination, making Sanjay melt from head to toe.

Jake finally started to move, sending Sanjay into a frenzy of arousal. With each deep thrust, Jake stretched and filled him, igniting waves of pleasure throughout his body.

Unable to resist, Sanjay reached up and grasped at Jake’s chest, his nails digging into the smooth skin as he surrendered to the intense sensations. His thighs quivered with anticipation, and his moans grew louder as Jake relentlessly pounded into him.

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