Taken by His Alpha Protector (MM)

Safe Havens 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,987
2 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Paranormal, Shifters, MM, HEA]

After helping his best friend find his mate who was sold into the omega program, Martin wants to keep doing good deeds. Buying omegas and saving them from lives as alpha playthings seems like the best way to continue this journey, and maybe ease the guilt over how his alpha father treated his omega mother.

Discovering an omega there with a scent unlike anything he's ever picked up before was not in the plan. Martin can't stop himself. He wants this omega. Desperately. Now.

Jack has known the omega services for most of his life. He wasn't sold, but after the death of his parents, he's had no one. Now, he's determined to never trust anyone. Especially an alpha.

But Martin breaks through all of his defenses. He shows him how pleasurable it can be to be with an alpha. Martin awakens the sleeping omega inside him. The omega that wants to please. That wants to be loved.

Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.

Taken by His Alpha Protector (MM)
2 Ratings (5.0)

Taken by His Alpha Protector (MM)

Safe Havens 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,987
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Because he wasn’t simply choosing a profile on a website, he was brought into a room, and the omegas around him were dressed nicely in their thin, white uniforms. They almost looked like the sort of thing a nurse would wear, right down to the paper slippers.

Couldn’t give them proper shoes in case they got the idea to run away, could they?

He stopped, frowning, sniffing something.

Something good.

“Are you sure none of these omegas were given anything?”

The receptionist stopped short, looking at him and then at the omegas. “They shouldn’t have. Let me send a message to the handlers.”

“Yes, please do that.”

He didn’t think it was a heat scent, but it was something.

Something that called to him.

He started moving, searching for the source of the scent, the receptionist following close behind, texting on her phone, presumably to the handlers.

He glanced around at the men and women lined up from the tallest to the shortest.

The room was bright and wide, like a high school gym. He could see where tables for eating could be folded down from the walls.

For the first time, Martin wondered if this was where they brought the omegas for their daily exercise until they were picked up.

“Take your time, sir. If you would like to see their profiles, they are presented for you in front of each omega.”

“I see,” he said. In front of each omega was a small stand for reading material, but it wasn’t pointed toward them. It was pointed toward him, so he could read more about them as he walked by.

Most said the same thing. Everyone enjoyed cooking, gardening, cleaning, and servicing their alpha or beta. The charts also came with their age, weight, and temperament.

He passed everyone, still looking for that sweet scent that tickled his nose.

“Are you sure no one was given anything? Not even a pheromone?”

A couple of the omegas tried to covertly lift their arms to sniff under their pits, searching for whatever Martin was talking about.

The receptionist seemed uncomfortable, at a loss for what to say as she checked the notes on her phone. “I don’t believe so, sir, but I’m still checking.”

“Don’t bother,” he said. He just wanted to choose someone and get out of here.”

He kept wandering by each omega, a little sad he couldn’t take all of them.

Some were still fairly young, still had their looks about them. Their chances were better of being purchased by a lonely alpha or beta who would treat them well, perhaps even make a proper mate out of them.

The omega services only existed for omegas without family to care for them.

Or who had been sold into the service by families who didn’t want them.

It was the only way to put them to use, to see to their needs while benefiting alphas who paid decent money for their contracts.

Some omegas grew to love their alphas and have their alphas love them back.

When it worked, it seemed to work well.

But when it didn’t…he didn’t want to even think about that.

God, where was that smell coming from? He needed to find it.

Martin stopped looking at the faces of the omegas he walked past, no longer interested in how they looked, or their charts, as he was focused on following his nose.

It led him almost down to the end of the line, where the older omegas stood. Omegas in their late thirties, and he assumed the forty-one-year-old was right at the back.

There was one omega who was clearly a touch younger, however, standing second to last.

He was not a man in his late thirties, perhaps not even thirty, but Martin understood why he was at the back the instant he got a good look at him.

Half of his face was terribly scarred, a bright purple mark sliding down his cheek and around his lips.

He had one soft green eye, the other a milky white, and he sneered something fierce at Martin as though waiting for him to attack.

“What happened to your face?”

The omega sneered harder. “It’s a birthmark, asshole.”

He blinked at the choice of language from him.

The receptionist laughed nervously, stepping forward. “Jack here has been in and out. If you would like to see the others down this way once more.”

“No,” Martin said, eying the omega and really focusing on the man’s scent. “I want to know what is wrong with his face.”

“Nothing’s wrong with it!” snapped the omega, Jack.

The older omega next to him set his hand on Jack’s shoulder as if trying to calm him.

“It is a birthmark as far as we’re aware,” said the receptionist. “Though his eyesight was damaged by a previous alpha. He would need some medical bills taken care of for his eyes. Prescription glasses, at the least. He cannot shift either. These omegas over here would be less costly as far as medicine and care go, and they are far more docile.”

“I want this one.”

The omega blinked his mismatched eyes at Martin, then looked at the older male next to him as if neither of them could believe what they had just heard.

Even the receptionist was shocked. “Sir?”

He’d already made up his mind. The scent that came off this omega, sweet and spicy, called to the wolf inside him.

Mine. This omega is mine.

“Get the paperwork ready. I want to take this omega home with me.”




When Jack wasn’t kissing Martin, he was rubbing his cheek along the man’s shoulder and chest. He wanted more of his alpha scent. He was drunk on it. He wanted to bathe in it.

“Take me,” Jack gasped. “Fuck me.”

He felt empty and hollow. He wanted that ache inside him to be filled and satisfied.

Martin growled, but it wasn’t a scary sound. It seemed more determined, but Jack was still shocked when the alpha grabbed him by his legs and hoisted them up high.

“Hold these,” he said, and Jack worked on autopilot, grabbing onto the backs of his thighs to keep his legs up.

It wasn’t the most humiliating position he’d ever been put in, so it was easy enough to hold them up and keep them there.

The shocking, scandalizing part came when he felt Martin’s tongue come down and tease his hole.

Jack moaned. He normally tried to be quiet about these sorts of things, but he couldn’t help it.

No one had ever, ever, ever kissed him down there before. He’d never even dreamed of suggesting it to any of the alphas he’d been with. Never thought it was a possibility and never really wanted it before because who would want that anyway?

He did. Oh fuck, did he ever want it because that felt amazing.

“M-more. Alpha! More, please,” he begged.

Martin gave it to him, hardening his tongue and pushing forward until it was…oh God, it was actually inside him.

Jack flew off the handle. He couldn’t stop himself. He came again with a hard shout, his spine arching as he tried thrusting down on Martin’s mouth to ride through the orgasm.

Except Martin, the dick, pulled his mouth away from Jack’s hole. He said something in a low, husky voice, but Jack couldn’t understand a word of it because he was still riding that high.

He was aware of Martin leaving the bed for a second, which made something inside Jack mewl with sadness, reaching out for him. Wanting him.

Needing him.

Then Martin was back in bed, kissing his thighs, which Jack loved so much, and spreading something slick on his hole.

Oh, right. Martin had given Jack two orgasms so far. Of course, he would want his turn.

It was only fair, but Jack didn’t spread his legs because he thought it was his duty to do so. He adjusted his hips and curled his thighs around Martin’s hips because he wanted the man’s cock inside him.

Not his tongue, not his fingers, not even another amazing blowjob.

“Take me,” he begged, thrusting onto the fingers that stretched him, wishing for something else. “Take me.”

“Soon, baby. Soon,” Martin promised, scissoring his fingers, pushing them deeper.

But it wasn’t enough. It was as though Jack had been taken over by something mindless. He couldn’t think about anything other than being filled.

And he was so hot.

He huffed for breath, rubbing his hands over his face. “Is this…is this a heat?”

“I don’t think so, sweetheart. We’re just soaked in our scents.”

That didn’t make sense. This felt like way too much of just…everything.

How could this not be a heat.

But then Martin’s fingers were pulled out of him, and something thicker lined up against his hole, and he didn’t give a damn about whether or not this was a heat anymore.

“Yes, yes.” He sighed and then threw his head back and shouted when Martin’s huge cock stretched him wide open.

“That’s it,” Martin moaned, his eyes a bright shade of alpha red. “Baby, I needed this the minute I saw you.”

“I don’t care, fuck me,” Jack demanded.

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