Desired Hearts (MFM)

Three Hearts 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 49,600
41 Ratings (4.1)

[Menage Amour: Erotic Fantasy Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, Mythological]

It's custom in the goddess land for a mating celebration to be held when a royal heir comes of age. Aithne is the first of the three demigoddess heirs to reach her joining night, the night she will meet her destined heart. She knows not whom he might be, only that she will feel a pervasive tremor--the sign of destined love--in her heart and body when their eyes meet.

When Aithne spots Dustin, everything inside her quivers with desire so intense it leaves her breathless. She has found her true mate in the tall, blond, muscular Fae warrior. But when Hakan, heir to the throne of Tolynn, steps in, her desire spreads to him like a creamy wave. Is it possible to have two fated loves? If not, how will she choose between them?

"I developed a love for the worlds of the Goddesses and Gods many years back and enjoy bringing them to life in my own creations of the mythical realms. The Three Hearts Trilogy comes from my imagination and it shows that even daughters of the Gods face troubles at the hands of destiny." ~ Tonya ~

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

Siren Erotic Romance

Desired Hearts (MFM)
41 Ratings (4.1)

Desired Hearts (MFM)

Three Hearts 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 49,600
41 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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4.5 CHERRIES: "This was a fascinating story and a bit different from what I expected, but I really enjoyed it. Aithne is conflicted over her feelings for both men. Once she accompanies them to their homeland, she struggles with her decision between the two and also faces threats to her safety. Hakan and Dustin also struggle as they face jealousy over sharing Aithne. I felt for these characters as they dealt with the complications that arose from their attraction. The unexpected ending of the story was an interesting surprise that I didn't see coming, but it was handled nicely. I enjoyed this story and I look forward to learning about Aithne's sisters as they deal with the curse that haunts them." -- Lilac, Whipped Cream Reviews

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Aithne writhed against him, one arm coming up and snaking around behind her to find the back of his neck, nails digging into flesh at his nape. Her other hand buried itself in Hakan's hair, fisted, pulled as he began what Dustin could only figure was a gentle if vicious assault on her breast. He knew how Hakan liked to work a woman. Though it was he who used the biting edge of force by tugging at her hair, nipping at her flesh, it was Hakan who preferred the rough play. He would ease himself into that with Aithne, Dustin knew and wondered which the goddess queen's daughter favored, dominance or submission or an equal part in both.

"Dustin." She breathed his name in such a way it felt like liquid passion rolling over him. Her head lolled from side to side as if she wanted to fight the pleasure, knew she never could.

"Do you like what he is doing to your breast, Aithne?" Dustin whispered in her ear.

"Yes. Yes!"

"Do you wish for more?"

"Yes. Please."

"Let us finish undressing you, and you shall have more."


* * * *


Hakan heard Dustin's words to Aithne and, after one final, drawn out suck to her sweetly swollen nipple, lifted his head. Though he might have preferred his first time with Aithne, with the future queen of Tolynn, to be alone, he did not mind so much that Dustin was here to share in the pleasure, to share her. This was not the first time they shared a woman in such a way. Given Aithne's heated response to their touches, it would not be the last. He wished for a woman strong enough to handle two men, adventurous enough to want them. His wish had been granted.

He straightened before her, letting his gaze fall to her breasts. They were not large by any standard but ample enough for his tastes, enough to form a tantalizing valley between them that would be perfect for fucking. His cock throbbed at the thought and he felt a cool spurt of pre-cum slide down his shaft. Not this night, he told himself as he reached for the material now gathered beneath those lovely breasts, started to tug it down her abdomen, her stomach, to her hips. There would be a chance for pleasures such as that some other time for tonight he would sink his cock into her sweetly wet pussy.

As he peeled the bodice of the gown down her slender body, Dustin kissed her neck. His licks, nips, the slightly forceful tug to her hair had her writhing against him, hips swaying, making it easier for Hakan to pull the gown over them. He let it fall in a pool around her feet and heard himself give a small moan of appreciation at the sight now revealed to him.

"You wear nothing beneath your gown, Aithne. This is truly a wonderful surprise."

Dustin lifted his head at that, one brow raised. "Is this true, little fire?"

"Yes." Her eyes opened and, as Dustin released his hold on her hair, she slowly lifted her head, met Hakan's gaze. A blush rose to her cheeks, traveled down her body until her creamy flesh was a telling shade of pale pink. "It is, well, it was my little secret."

"I like your little secret." Hakan gripped her hips, pulled her hard against him and crushed his mouth to hers. So turned on was he by the discovery of her bare pussy beneath the gown that his cock felt on fire, the last of his resolve to take things slowly shattering to bits. He had intended to treat her like a goddess, at least for this first time. He had intended there to be a delicacy to his lovemaking for he knew not for sure what would be okay with her, what would not. Instead, he ravaged her mouth, his tongue sinking deeply, tangling with hers. Needs, desires, and the battle for dominance raged inside him until he simply took what he wanted and left the rest to chance. His hands roamed to cup her ass, the softly rounded cheeks molding perfectly to his palms. He squeezed and pulled her closer still.

When he wrenched his mouth from hers moments later, her lips were swollen, her breathing as ragged as his own. His gaze flicked over her shoulder. Dustin stood there watching them, something odd, shadowing and unfamiliar, swirling in his eyes.

"Do you wish to see, my friend?" With his hands back on her hips, Hakan turned Aithne in his arms until she faced Dustin.


* * * *


Dustin's gaze slid down the length of her naked body in a slow appraisal that had her wanting to squirm from both embarrassment and yearning. The need Aithne saw in his eyes told her he liked what he saw. The shadow that lingered there told her that her nakedness was as much a torment for him as his studying gaze was to her.

Behind her, Hakan's hands skimmed down her hips, one moving around to her thigh, fingertips dancing closer to the heat between her legs with each miniscule of an inch. She arched her lower body back, grinding against him, affording him easier access to reach around her, wanting his hand to reach its destination fast. Still, she needed both their hands on her and, because she did, she reached for Dustin, let him see her desires in her eyes.

He took a small step toward her, just close enough that she could catch his hands in hers. She lifted them, bringing them up to cover her breasts. She held them there until he began to move them on his own. As he started to kneed, squeeze, caress, she let her head fall back on Hakan's shoulder, eyes drifting closed. Her hands itched to touch, to explore their bodies as they were doing to hers, but she held tight to that urge. She would let herself drift on this wave of pleasure for a few moments before dividing her attention between them to return the favors.

"Hmm." She moaned, loving the way Dustin's large, battle roughened hands covered her breasts so completely. He rolled her nipples between thumb and forefinger lightly at first, then giving them a bit more of a pressured squeeze along with slight tugs. Her right breast was more tender than the left, more sensitive thanks to Hakan's earlier attention. Dustin seemed to know it and applied more of that lightly restrained pressure to her left nipple until it too felt as though zillions of tiny bubbles fizzled beneath the skin. Between her legs, Hakan's hand found its mark but instead of delving a finger through her mound as her body wanted, he cupped it, his hand going still there.

"Please." She wiggled against him, against that hand, both loving the feel of Hakan's stiff cock jabbing into her lower back and burning from the torment of wanting it jabbing elsewhere. She experienced the same combination of emotions when she arched her back, thrusting her breasts out farther into Dustin's touch, both wanting his hands to continue their assault to her nipples and wishing to have his mouth there instead. Needs shot through her like blunt arrows of white-hot passion. Spasms of building electricity ricocheted from side to side, head to toe, seeking a way out, vying for any release possible.

"Please what, little fire?" Hakan's whisper was a warm and impious torment in her ear.

Aithne could not answer, could not find more words than that single and breathless, "Please." The hands on her breasts stilled, retreated and the heat she had felt radiating from Dustin chilled in the absence. Her eyes shot open. She lifted her head and found he had stepped back. The smallest of steps but enough to allow the coolness of the night air between them. That chill drifted over her frenzied flesh, seemed to swirl around her nipples so taut and responsive the breeze gave them another level of pleasured agony.

Aithne opened her mouth to speak, to call him back to her, thought of reaching for his hands again, but before she could do any of that, Hakan pushed a finger between her folds. The rapid, impromptu invasion stole her breath and all ability to move. "Yes." She said the word on a sigh, her head falling back again, eyes slowly closing.

Hakan made an hmmm sound much like she had done moments ago, the hum making his chest vibrate against the back of her head. "So wet. So hot." His finger swiped over her clit before pushing farther, grazing around the opening of her pussy. "So deliciously sticky."

He withdrew his finger so quickly her eyes popped open. A protest was on the tip of her tongue but then, as if to prove his words, he lifted the finger to his mouth. His gaze locked with hers as he licked her liquid heat from his finger. Her pussy throbbed at the sight, the fire burning between her legs blazing with renewed begs for pleasure and release. "Please, Hakan. Gods, please!"

He lifted a brow, one corner of his mouth curving in a grin of mischief and quiet triumph. "You wish to taste yourself?"

Before she could answer he delved that finger through her mound once more, this time not stopping between her folds but sinking inside her sodden channel, a quick plunge in, a brisk retreat. She writhed from that tease of exactly the intrusion she pleaded for. She stood on her tiptoes almost as if her lower body could actually follow that finger as he brought his hand to her mouth.

"Taste yourself, Aithne. Lick your sticky juices from my finger."

She did as he bid, parting her lips with her tongue, circling his finger with just the tip of her tongue before closing her lips over it, drinking it in. There were just enough of her juices on his finger for a good taste...sweet, thick, warm.

"My turn."

At Dustin's words, she let Hakan's finger fall from her mouth, met the gleaming hazel gaze of the man in front of her. His eyes were bright, hard, full of lust, and a wanting of his own.

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