Steam Powered Passion (MMF)

Steampunked Lust 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 57,381
30 Ratings (4.5)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Steampunk Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F]

Tori is dealt a terrible blow when she is given to a couple of pirates as insurance on a ship. But finding herself lifted up into an airship is only the first of many surprises. The second? Malcolm and Sean attacked her ship in order to get their hands on her.

Malcolm and Sean both realize they need a woman in their relationship. Tori seems to be the perfect solution. But can she see past their physical differences to the men beneath and accept them as they are?

But Tori is more then she appears. She’s been passing secrets to the old-world rebels for years. When she is seen leaking information to the new-world military, will her men believe she wasn’t trying to betray them?

Can each of them see past their personal expectations and accept a relationship steam-built for three?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Steam Powered Passion (MMF)
30 Ratings (4.5)

Steam Powered Passion (MMF)

Steampunked Lust 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 57,381
30 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I liked the first part of the book, but it seems to me the other half was rushed. It got a little bit confusing about what was happening in the story line. Would have like to have a bit more words to explain some of the events taking place with the main characters.
Corinne Davies is definitely among my favorite writers and Steam Powered Passion cemented that with her world building, colorful characters and ability to transport me to a place where I really wished airships strolled the skies.
Heather Long
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litnymphsrecommendationaward.JPGRECOMMENDED READ: "Steam Powered Passion is what all erotic steampunk should strive to be; Victorian ethics and technology intermingled with modern day sensibilities and fantastic inventions, with some very hot sex. It is a fantastic read and the plot, both character and adventure driven, will keep you on the edge of your seat. Mal, Sean, and Tori are all very detailed, unique and believable characters. Each have their own wants, desires, and agendas; often at odds with each other. They are all very lovable characters and I cared deeply about what happens to them. Mal and Sean's relationship is obviously lacking something, but Tori adds the right balance to make the menage a trios both wonderfully erotic and believable. That is if all three strong personalities don't screw it up by the end of the story. The plot is clear and fun. This isn't to say there aren't some angst ridden moments where you want to reach in and strangle the protagonists or that there aren't any sad and poignant moments. The plot works on two levels - romance and adventure - and it does so deftly. I'm glad that Steam Powered Passion is the first in the series, Steampunked Lust. The world Corinne Davies created definitely deserves visiting again. I would love to learn more about the politics, technology and culture of this unique universe." -- Rogue Satyr, Literary Nymphs Reviews

5 TEA CUPS: "Corinne brought the a different world to today’s readers. Wow, this story of Viktorya’s, Sean and Malcolm was wonderful read and very entertaining to see a female put two men in their place as they put her in theirs right between them. Tori was in a loveless marriage and to her that was fine as long as she could keep her secret of giving the enemy their information needed to over throw the New World. What she didn’t count on was a husband who was willing to kill her instead of loving her. The day she was abducted from her husbands ship was the day her life really started. Facing the unknown future was better than looking at a man who care nothing for her. Mel Captain of his ship and of Sean his first mate and the love of his life he would do anything for and that is also bring Tori into their relationship. Sean had loved Tori since childhood and he couldn’t believe that Tori would marry a man without love. What he didn’t realize was the deep hurt that it cost her to marry Alexander,. The man without a heart or soul. Malcolm was strong and he used that strength to get him what he wanted. Sean was a man who was built to kill but when an accident caused him to lose one arm what was a man to do but build another. And being a mechanist he could and did just that. All Tori knew was that she had her old friend and the love of her life back and when he came with Malcolm then she knew her life was complete. The story of the three has many twist and turns and it was so exciting to read a book where you couldn’t put it down till the last word was read. Great job of writing an intriguing book. The sex scenes give you a warm and cozy feeling deep inside." -- Wendy, Happily Ever After Reviews

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Any moment, she was going to wake from this nightmare. Please let me wake up.

She watched in fascinated horror as the excess rope on the deck spiraled upwards. Following its path up, she saw the pirate ship for the first time as it hung in the air above them. Its underbelly had been whitewashed and somewhat resembled a very solid cloud hanging in the sky. She had heard of such incredible ships but never had the opportunity to board one. Of course, this was not how she hoped her maiden voyage would evolve.

The pirate behind her grabbed her wrists and crossed them over her chest, as if she was about to be laid in a coffin. For all she knew, that exactly was what her immediate future held.

His tanned arms wrapped around her and gave a slight reassuring squeeze. “Deep breath, Mrs. Trenton. Dinna look down.”

She felt a jerk, and then the world dropped away from her as they lifted up into the air. Fear clawed at her throat but for a moment. Despite his warning not to, she looked down at the smug face of her husband. So he’d thought he won? She arched her neck and spat at him. A useless act as the droplets blew away in the sea wind. 

“Good girl.” The man who held her sounded proud of her defiance.

The captain looked up, and her chest tightened, robbing her of breath again. She had never seen a more intense looking man before. He didn’t have perfect features like Trenton. His features were stronger. A tanned face made of harsh angles, and yet he looked amused at the same time. It confused her until she realized that he looked directly at her legs and, therefore, directly up her skirt. Embarrassment surged through her as well as a feeling she had not experienced in a very long time. There was a distinct possibility she would not live long, and the short time she had left promised horrors she wasn’t willing to comprehend. Why in the name of god did she feel such excitement at the prospect of a man…a pirate looking at her bare legs?

Life on a ship being so different than on land, she often disregarded proper undergarments for a preference to comfort. Never did she think her unconventionality would be put on display for all and sundry.

 “Sir, you will lower your eyes.” If he heard her, he didn’t acknowledge it, nor did he obey her demand.

The man holding her laughed, the low vibrations felt as they rumbled against her back. She looked up and watched the planking of the ship pass her eyes. Crustaceans and shells dotted the pitched wood as if his ship sailed both the water and air currents.

Renegade bits of hair blew against her face, tickling her nose. Her heart pounded a wild tempo in her chest as she watched the ship’s rail come into view. A deckhand waited for them and reached over, grabbing a hold of her harness.

“Watch your shins.” He pulled them over a narrow deck, which she stepped on as soon as they were lifted clear of the railing.  

The anger and pain of Trenton’s betrayal dimmed now that she stood as a prisoner on a pirate ship. There were no guns pointed at her this time. Logical, since her only means of escape was a suicide jump to the seas below. Not a choice she would entertain at this point.

“What’s to become of me?”

“That’s for the captain to decide.”





for the love of the gods, stop calling me Captain.”

“All right, Mal.” Tori grinned and caressed his length. A bead of moisture collected at the tip, and she remembered something she heard the maids discussing. I wonder if he would like it? Leaning over, she licked the tip of Mal’s cock.

“Holy fuck.” His body jerked upwards, and she jumped back, afraid she hurt him. “Do it again.”

Sean gripped Mal’s arms, holding them above his head, and Mal closed his eyes again. Feeling empowered, Tori licked him from base to tip, taking note of which areas he reacted more to. Trenton once forced her to take him in his mouth. She did it simply because she wanted him to leave so she could copy some information from a ledger. That experience filled her with disgust and loathing. Taking Mal into her mouth felt completely opposite. She enjoyed the way he bucked against her mouth and the velvety feel of his length.

“Relax your throat, Tori, and breathe through your nose. See how far you can sink down his length.”

She would have sworn Mal throbbed against her tongue as she slipped along his length. Following Sean’s advice helped her immensely. Mal bucked up against her mouth so she matched the rhythm of his hips. His reactions were intoxicating, and she had never felt so powerful. The captain…Mal was a large man in every way. To be able to assert a form of control over him made her feel like a goddess.

“You like that, don’t you, Tori?” Sean’s whispered words encouraged her to suck harder on Mal’s cock. “Can you tell how close he is to coming?”

“I…I’m not…” Mal’s words ended on a low moan preceding a shudder that made him quake under her.

 “He won’t last long now, but I have an idea.”

“Where are you going, Sean?”

Tori knelt there and watched Sean strip off his clothes as he walked around the bed to where she knelt. His cock stood out, dark and flushed, from the dark blond curls that surrounded its base. He left his shirt on, but it hung unbuttoned, exposing the defined muscles of his chest, but covered his arms to the wrist.

“I think she deserves a reward for such good work.”

“What do you mean?” Sean didn’t answer her. Instead, he pushed her slightly at the shoulders. “Up on your hands and knees, sweetheart, and then I want you to go back to doing what you do so well.”

Tori did as Sean asked and found herself staring down at Mal’s engorged purple cock. A teardrop glistened at its tip, begging for her to lick it away. When she did, Mal’s hips arched up to her, and his hand rested on the top of her head.

She heard a soft smack. “Nope, you don’t get to touch her. I’ll take care of her.”

The weight of his hand left her head, and she smiled around his cock, sucking him down as deep as she could go. Sean’s hands rested on her ass, and for a moment, she was completely aware that her bare bottom and other delicates would be completely on display for him.

“Perhaps I should…” A warm tongue slipped through her folds, sucking lightly on the skin. Pleasure blasted through her, so acute it stole her breath. She moaned around the cock in her mouth, and Mal shuddered again.

“Tori, you concentrate on Mal. Don’t worry what I’m doing.”

Don’t worry? What kind of a joke is that?

Every time she dropped down on Mal’s erection, Sean swirled his tongue around her delicate folds. He awakened nerves she hadn’t known existed. A shiver tingled up her spine and along her limbs, and she felt another tremor wash over Mal. His hands came down hard on either side of the bed, gripping the sheets in his fingers. Fear rushed through Tori for a moment, but it quickly morphed into a shiver when she realized that Mal wasn’t about to hurt her.

She would have happily taken her time with her task. The faster she slid along Mal’s cock, the faster Sean’s tongue danced in her folds. She gripped Mal’s cock by the base and quickened the pace, sucking and licking every inch of him. Sean twirled around a particularly sensitive spot, and she moaned low in her throat.

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