Finding Alpha (MM)

Silver Moon Wolves 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 26,731
33 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]

Don's new pack alpha is insane, and they are all in danger as long as he holds the power, which is why his pack brings in another alpha to fight Zane. Don wouldn't have a problem with that, except that Rhys is his mate.

Rhys had been poisoned to lose the fight for the alpha position in his birth pack and is unwilling to trust anyone, especially not the pack who wants him to kill their alpha. Even if he is attracted to Don, it doesn't mean the other man is someone he should trust. He still hasn't come to a decision whether to risk another alpha challenge or not when Zane does one thing he won't forgive. He kidnaps Don. Now Rhys is left with no choice.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Finding Alpha (MM)
33 Ratings (4.4)

Finding Alpha (MM)

Silver Moon Wolves 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 26,731
33 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
An excellent short story. Can't wait to read the next Silver Moon Wolves book!
A very pleasant and light read with both very likable MC's. The alpha is actually the smaller of the two but not at all wimpy. I see myself reading this over and over as there are no traumatic parts.
Professional Reviews

4 FALLEN ANGELS: "Finding Alpha by Sunny Day is the first book in the Silver Moon Wolves series. Rhys wakens to find himself in a strange place and not knowing how he got there. The last thing he remembers is fighting for the position of pack alpha. Normally, he would be strong enough to win, but he knew that something was wrong when he began bleeding faster than his body was healing. His work with the Silver Moon Pack gave him the knowledge that he had been given something and he knew his friend Ben and the pack doctor were somehow involved. Rhys knows that they never can be trusted and he leaves his pack, never to return. The Black Lake Pack is at an impasse. Their new Alpha Zane's crazy behavior is endangering everyone in their pack and they need to get rid of him. Three members (Don, Murray and Jason) devised a plan to ask Rhys to challenge Zane for leadership of their pack. They heard the rumors that he had been poisoned before his trial, but believe he is their only hope. Murray approaches Rhys, taking him outside to meet with Jason, the pack omega, where they ask him to kill their Alpha. Rhys agrees to think about it, until he is knocked unconscious, awakening with the pack healer, Don, on their land. Don isn't happy about Rhys arriving unconscious and when he finds out that Rhys is his mate, it makes the situation even more complicated. Will Rhys agree to help the Black Lake Pack even if it puts him in harm's way again? Can Don find the love he needs in Rhys? This story began at a breakneck speed and never let up until the very end. It was incredulous how Rhys's pack would go to such lengths to prevent him, being a gay man, to become their alpha. I couldn't believe his supposed friends could poison him and feel no remorse about their actions. It was horrible to think that the only way for the members of the Black Lake Pack to get rid of Zane was to kill him. At least they felt bad about it, but Zane's out of control abuse of the pack left them with no choice. I felt bad for Don when he knew that Rhys was his mate because he knew it was the poison in Rhys system that prevented him from feeling their mating bond. It was fascinating how rules that the Silver Moon Pack had to follow, to keep all werewolves safe, made it almost impossible to interfere with inner pack issues, even an insane alpha. I would think that maintaining secrecy isn't any more important than the inner safety of a pack. I can't wait to learn more about the Silver Moon Pack and its members." -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

"The Blue Lake pack should be one of the strongest, most sought after packs in the state. They are blessed with an omega wolf and a healer. Unfortunately they also ended up with Zane, a crazy Alpha who took over when Gray stepped down after 20 years of prosperous leadership. A small group decides to find an Alpha without a pack to challenge Zane and hopefully win. They know their choice of Rhys is the right one even though he recently lost in his attempt as Alpha of his birth pack. Someone cheated by poisoning Rhys so that he was unable to win in a fair fight. This time will be different, especially if healer Don has anything to say about it because he’s recognized Rhys as his mate. Rhys however, still suffering from the poison doesn’t sense the pull for Don. Feeling as though he’s between a rock and a hard place, Don knows the pack needs Rhys yet doesn’t want his mate injured. How can he send his mate off to possible death before they’ve even bonded? The Silver Moon Wolves begin a racy, exciting new series with Finding Alpha. Multiple plotlines find their way to the turmoil surrounding the central characters where their personalities collide and eventually triumph. There is no lack of great characters either, from cautious Rhys to tender Don and many others. Finding Alpha is an intelligent and entertaining start to what looks to be a fantastic series." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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Story Excerpt


“Jay,” the first man said through gritted teeth. “For god’s sake, don’t piss him off.” He turned to Rhys. “Sorry about that. Jay is an omega and used to—well, pretty much to doing whatever he wants.”

Jason didn’t seem worried. “Never mind Murray. He’s still rattled because he had to go in your club.” He smirked at the other man. “I told you I could have done that.”

He grinned at Rhys. “Murray is, well, how would I say that? Slightly homophobic?”

Murray, that was how his friend had called him, groaned. “I’m not.”

Laughing gray eyes found his again. Rhys smirked. So he had read Murray correctly. “You mean, still in denial?”

The grin widened. “Something like that.”

“My sex life isn’t important here,” Murray cut in.

“What is important here?” Rhys turned to the other man. “You said you wanted to talk with me?”

He had brought an omega with him, presumably to lend credence to his proposal. Rhys was rapidly sobering. This was an important meeting.

“We want you to kill our alpha.”

Rhys’s lips parted in surprise. He hadn’t expected this. He paused, then said, “Why?” Murray looked serious. Deadly serious, because this was a serious matter.

“Because he is nuts,” Jason said. Murray threw him a warning glance.

“What? He is nuts.”

Murray rubbed his forehead. “That would be the gist of the thing.”

Rhys leaned back on the wall. “Why me? Why not someone from your pack?”

If he was reading Murray correctly, he was pretty strong. Murray shook his head. “It’s not that simple. No one is strong enough. Zane didn’t get his position because he was incompetent.”

Rhys didn’t answer right away. “You could petition Silver Moon for his removal if he is as dangerous as you say.”

Murray smiled without humor. “What’s Silver Moon going to say? They won’t meddle into pack internal things, not until they have proof he is over the edge. By then it’ll be too late.”

Rhys had to agree. Silver Moon couldn’t be seen undermining alphas’ authority. The alphas wouldn’t stand for that, so Silver Moon was delegated to political games.

“Besides,” Murray continued, “even if we did ask for help, they would do something similar to what we are doing now, find someone strong enough to defeat him.”

Point to Murray. It was the cleanest way to deal with the matter. Rhys pursed his lips.

“That still doesn’t explain why me. You are, of course, aware that I lost my last challenge?” he drawled.

Jason snorted. “You are going to be clean of bloodrun this time.”

Rhys’s whole body went rigid. “I’m sorry?”

Jason frowned at him. “Come on. We were honest with you. You could be honest with us.”

“How do you know it was bloodrun?” Rhys demanded. Coldness spread through him. The pack was going to be in trouble if that fact became widely known.

“It wasn’t that hard to find out,” Murray said. “Remember, there were members of other packs present during the alpha fight.”

“So? That’s tradition.”

Anyone could witness an alpha fight. It was one time when all old grudges and difficulties were put aside. It also served to help ensure the fights were clean and fair.

“They were there. They saw the fight. Most, if not all of them, had to have noticed that something was wrong,” Murray explained. “You were bleeding too much. If your opponent tried to kill you on the spot, it might have gone unnoticed. Instead, he gave you many small wounds, probably hoping you’d cede defeat. You didn’t. The rumors are already flying. There aren’t a lot of potions that can make a wolf bleed. Bloodrun is one of them.” He watched Rhys carefully. “I would say it’s a matter of time before Silver Moon finds out and comes sniffing.” He smiled tightly at Rhys. “Does it matter?”

Rhys blinked, surprised at the question. But Murray was right. It was Little Ridge’s problem, and he didn’t belong to Little Ridge anymore.

He crossed his arms over his chest. “Not particularly. However, let’s address one thing. If I kill your alpha, I get his position.”

They exchanged looks. “We are aware of that.”

“And you do know that I’m gay?” This time his tone was mocking.

Jason rolled his eyes. “We picked you up from that club, didn’t we?”

They did at that. He gave them another measuring glance. “And that’s not a problem?”

Murray shrugged. “I’m not thrilled. I’m also the one who suggested you. You do your job well, I don’t care who you fuck. No one else will.”

There was one other way to resolve the matter. “What stops you from trying to kill me once you have what you want?”


Adult Excerpt


“Come here,” Don repeated, a hint of impatience in his voice.

Still staring at him suspiciously, Rhys carefully inched closer. Don grabbed his arm and pulled. Rhys yelped as he landed on his back on the couch. Pinning his arms next to his head, Don crawled over him, nestling himself comfortably between Rhys’s legs. Rhys sucked in a sharp breath. He wriggled, only to freeze as Don’s cock rubbed suggestively against his thigh. He gulped, his eyes searching Don’s. They were darkened with lust. His lips, swollen from the kiss, curled in a teasing smile.

“Tell me, alpha—and we both know you are more dominant than me—why didn’t you resist?”

Rhys opened his mouth to answer. Huh. He hadn’t actually objected to Don manhandling him. With anyone else he would have been at their throat before consciously thinking about that. But his body seemed to have no objections to lying under Don. In fact, he was pretty sure he enjoyed it. Don leaned in, his lips brushing Rhys’s ear. “I love your hair,” he whispered. Then his tongue darted out to lick Rhys’s neck. Rhys felt his pulse speeding up. Don growled in answer, the vibration sending small jolts of pleasure through his body. He bucked under Don, but instead of throwing him off, he rubbed against him like a cat in heat. He gasped, unable to resist the quickly building desire. Just like that, pieces of the puzzle clicked into place. “You are my mate.”

“Very good,” Don purred in answer, his lips still busy on Rhys’s neck.

“Why didn’t you—” He was cut off as Don’s mouth once again captured his.

“For an alpha, you certainly talk too much,” Don murmured, then pulled back, grinning when Rhys let out a moan of protest. He pulled his shirt over his head then went on to unsnap his jeans. Rhys rose on his elbows, his gaze latching on Don’s wiry, muscular body. Standing up so he could get rid of his jeans, Don glanced at him. “Roll over,” he requested.

Rhys obeyed, twisting his head immediately to stare at Don over his shoulder. He was too late, though, because Don immediately settled behind and above him, tugging at his hip to bring him up on his hands and knees.

Don pushed his sweatshirt up, and Rhys obediently shifted to allow Don to take it off him. He shivered as cold air nipped at his skin.

“Easy,” Don murmured. He put a hand on Rhys’s belly and nipped at his shoulder. Just his touch was enough to put Rhys on fire. His cock jumped. He resisted trying to push back.

Don reached between his legs to squeeze his swollen organ. Rhys growled in frustration, the touch not nearly enough for what he wanted.

Don laughed, his lips trailing over his shoulders and back, making Rhys arch wantonly in his arms. Don used his hand to press him into the couch. Rhys turned his head to look. His eyes narrowed as he noticed Don ripping a small package of lube.

“I thought you said you didn’t go out to get laid,” he accused.

Don’s lips quirked. “I wasn’t.” He pulled Rhys’s sweats down.

“Why do you have lube in your jeans, then?” Rhys objected, even as he spread his legs to allow Don to rub his fingers against his anus. “And what makes you think I’m going to let you fuck me?” he added.

He got what was definitely an evil smile in return. “You assumed the position before remembering to bitch about that?”

He hissed as Don slid his fingers inside, twisting them sharply. “You made me crazy,” Don whispered, leaning over him once again. “You don’t know how much I wanted you to wrap those legs around my waist while I fucked your ass.”

Rhys’s fingers curled into the couch. He let out a low moan. “I think—that’s enough,” he said, panting.

Don didn’t answer. He pulled his fingers out, though, and deftly positioned himself.

Rhys gasped as he pushed in. He screwed his eyes shut, enjoying the feel of Don’s cock stretching him inside. “That feels—great,” he finally managed, pushing back to encourage his lover.

“Glad you agree,” Don answered darkly. He gripped Rhys’s hip while his other hand pushed Rhys’s hair out of the way, pressing at Rhys’s neck. He snapped his hips, breaking his rhythm and causing Rhys to buckle under him. His cock, pressed between the couch and his belly, was leaking and ready to shoot. His balls tightened. He shivered, a heady rush of anticipation signaling orgasm.

Don slowed his pace, his hands gripping Rhys’s hips, holding him in place. Rhys whimpered. He’d been about to come. “Bastard,” he complained, trying to push back.

Don, infuriatingly, pulled back. “Oh, no,” he said in a warning tone, “you made me wait for almost two weeks. We are not finishing that fast.”

Rhys panted, the throbbing in his groin increasing with every second that passed. “That doesn’t count. I didn’t know.”

Don hummed, apparently satisfied with himself. “You want to argue with a man who has his cock in your ass?” Rhys growled in frustration, reaching down with his hand to tug on his cock. Don was still inside him, wonderfully warm and full, his thick cock stretching Rhys’s hole. He growled in frustration as he realized it wasn’t going to be enough.

“I wouldn’t have if you would just fuck me!” He growled, arching his back in a futile attempt to get Don moving.

Don leaned down to lick at his sweat-covered skin. His lips teased Rhys’s earlobe. “Was that an order?”

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