Elysia's Passion (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,600
10 Ratings (3.8)

[Ménage and More: Erotic Western Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, mention of heroine's past involvement in F/F activities]

Elysia is a young woman trapped in servitude to a man she loathes because of her father’s debts. Desperate for freedom, when she meets Sean and Jake, two of the Old West’s most dashing rogues, she decides to risk everything and ask them for help.

Elysia only wants freedom, but what she never counted on is the seductive charm of the men who take it upon themselves to secure her freedom. They inspire laughter as easily as uninhibited desire.

Individually, they are seductive men. Collectively, they possess charm no woman could hope to resist. They inspire feelings of passionate hunger more intense than anything Elysia has ever dreamed possible. But now she must ask herself whether she’s becoming a slave to the ecstasy Jake and Sean inspire!  

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Elysia's Passion (MFM)
10 Ratings (3.8)

Elysia's Passion (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,600
10 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
This is a well written story and I wanted to give it a higher rating than it has received. The heroine to me appears strong and capable even though she is subjugated in an awful relationship in the beginning. The two heroes, although dominant, still show respect for Elysia. She willingly submits, and yet still remains empowered. Perhaps to some readers she appears to be easily overpowered, but in my opinion she is very much in control of her heart.
Everything was well written and the steamy scences extremely passionate! the ending however seemed very abrupt.

but over a good read. xoxo--FunkyDiva.
Professional Reviews

5 TEA CUPS: "Elysia's Passion was a wonderful quick read. I loved how Robin wrote about how to turn a horrible lifestyle into one of love and great orgasms. Elyisa was in a relationship not of her choice, indebted to a man who had her over a barrel. Elysia's stepfather owed Karl Schultz a lot and he gave her to him as a slave, not of servitude but as a sex slave, whenever and how ever he wanted. He never let her forget that he could make her do what he wanted or go back to her step father and get her step sisters. Elysia would do what was necessary until the opportunity arised to escape. Going west with Karl and his warped sex ménage with other women, Elyisa never thought she would receive help from the men who Karl wanted to do business with. Their payment for helping her was a submissive to do what they wanted any way they wanted. Somehow after meeting with Sean and Jake, two banker cowboys who were more than willing to help Elysia escape the man who had a warped sexual desire. Being submissive with Jake and Sean wasn't a horrible thing. She was more than willing to do what they wanted. Where Karl thought of only himself and his satisfaction, Jake and Sean showed Elysia what a real relationship was supposed to be like and they were men enough to give her all the pleasure she sought. The story could have been longer, but Robin wrote it out with a wonderful ending. Great job Robin." -- Wendy, Happily Ever After Reviews

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On her knees, Elysia shivered with lust as she looked into Sean’s eyes. Everything about the man aroused her beyond measure. She loved Sean’s hand thrusting boldly in her hair, and the sharp tug against her scalp when he gave her head a little shake to let her know that he was the master and she his subservient sex slave.

She turned her gaze from his eyes down to his cock standing up from his opened trousers, the crown plump and darkened with passion, a bluish vein visibly pulsing along the underside of the shaft. At the slit, a small droplet of fluid glistened. When she tried to lick off the pre-cum, Sean prevented her, tugging on her hair, keeping her tongue a taunting three inches from the tip of his erection.

“Please,” she whispered, “let me suck your cock.”

The words burned in her soul. Had she really been reduced by Sean and Jake into being so wanton that she would beg to do something as lurid as giving fellatio? Before these men had come into her life, she had to be coerced to give fellatio. Now she fantasized about giving them the pleasure of her mouth and lips, sucking on them privately or in public—it didn’t really matter. What was important was that Elysia fantasized about being on her knees and sucking on either Sean’s cock, or Jake’s. Or, preferably, both of them, one at a time, going back and forth, taking one lover as deeply as she could, then turning her head and taking her other lover into her mouth until the bulging head of his erection pressed demandingly against the entrance to her throat.

While holding her so that her lips were inches away from the crown of his cock, Sean chuckled softly and said, “What do you think, Jake? Does she deserve to suck my cock?”

In a strained tone, Jake replied, “Maybe. Maybe you should just let her lick it a bit.”

Elysia felt her nipples tighten even more, tingles emanating outward from the brown, erect nubs. Her body was electrified. All her nerve endings were fine-tuned for pleasure.

“Please,” she whispered, her palms rubbing up and down over Sean’s muscular thighs, caressing him through his trousers, “I want to taste your co—”

She had been caught by surprise when Sean forced her face down. His thick flesh filled her mouth. She tasted the salty essence of his passion. With her hair wrapped around his fist, he pushed her down until the head of his cock threatened to enter her throat, then held her securely while she squirmed on her knees, fighting against her body’s reaction to choke.

“Fuck!” Sean whispered.

Just when Elysia was certain she would gag, Sean relaxed his hold on her. She lifted her head and shoulders quickly, relieving the pressure against her throat without taking him completely out of her mouth. She waited several seconds to compose herself, then began swanning her upper body, dragging her wet, soft lips over Sean’s cock.

The sound of footsteps behind her made her flinch, but Sean kept his hand entwined in her hair, so she had no choice but to continue her undulating movements.

“More champagne, Mr. O’Rourke?” Mr. Waverly asked pleasantly.

A wave of embarrassment washed over Elysia. Being scantily clad in front of the magnificently tolerant homosexual dressmaker was something that she had found slightly naughty and a little amusing, but lewdly giving fellatio while Mr. Waverly calmly refilled champagne glasses was a thousand times more adventurous than she had ever dreamed of being.

“Yes, please,” Sean replied.

“And Mr. Dunlop?”

Elysia heard Jake reply, “If you wouldn’t mind.”

“It’s my pleasure.”

They can make me do anything, thought Elysia as she rotated her face around the solid cock that filled her mouth. They make me want to behave like a trollop. Only with them is it exciting to suck cock!

The rustle of the curtain informed Elysia that she was again alone with her lovers. She moaned softly when Sean’s fingers loosened in her hair.

“It’s time to show Jake how much you love his cock,” Sean said.

When she turned to the other divan, she saw that Jake had lowered his trousers and underwear to his ankles. He was stroking his erection slowly, his eyes fiery as he looked at her.

“I put in a sponge,” she whispered as she started crawling toward him. “You can come inside me if you want to.”

It seemed as though the big man was about to say something, but when Elysia took his cock between her lips again, whatever words he had to say seemed to die in his throat.

Elysia had planned to seduce her lovers, but what was happening went far beyond her own lustful expectations.

“What if I want to come in your mouth?” Jake asked as his hand traveled the length of his cock. “What then?”

For a moment, Elysia closed her eyes. Under these circumstances, she had to speak the truth, but the truth wasn’t something she was comfortable with. She pulled up sufficiently to release him.

“Then I’d swallow your cum.” The blush in her cheeks darkened. “I’ve done that before, but never willingly. But with you it’s different.” She looked into Jake’s eyes. “With you, I’d suck your cock and drink your cum.” Her eyes closed briefly as the full impact of her words sank into her psyche. “And I’d think myself lucky to have done it.” She shivered and kissed the moist head of his cock. “When I’m with you, I’m shameless. You make me want to say things and do things that I’d never do with anyone else. Not ever.” She looked over at Sean, who was busy unbuttoning the waistband of his underwear. “There’s nothing you can ask of me that I won’t do.” She turned her gaze back to Jake. “Just please—please make me come.”

It seemed to Elysia that these men could make her reveal the deepest secrets of her soul with just a glance. She put a hand between her thighs and found, with no surprise, that the lips of her cunt were slick with her own honey. “I feel like my skin is on fire when you make me climax.” The middle finger of her right hand slid easily into her pussy. “Please, I need you to fuck me.” A sob caught in her throat. “You’ve made me a slut.”

“No!” Jake replied instantly. “We’ve made you a woman! There are no men who respect you more than Sean and I.” His tone softened. “No men will love you as completely as we will.” His gaze burned through Elysia as his tone softened. “No men will fuck you as thoroughly as we will.”

“We’ll make you our woman. No one else’s. Ours. To make you come so many times you’ll think you’ll die.” He moved closer. “But you won’t die. You’ll never be so safe as when you’re with us.”


* * * *


This is more pleasure than one woman deserves, thought Elysia, as she rocked back and forth between Sean and Jake on her hands and knees.

Two sets of powerful hands held her tightly. One set on her hips, the other set thrust into her hair. The coiffure she had that morning worked so hard to be the height of fashion for her men had been completely destroyed. The ivory combs she had thought looked so nice against her dark hair were somewhere on the floor—Elysia wasn’t certain exactly where. Now her long, wavy strands of ebony hair were wrapped around Jake’s fist as he rather indelicately fucked her mouth. Behind her, Sean’s hands were at the curve of her hips as he plunged his cock hilt-deep into her pussy with steadily increasing vigor. He wasn’t being particularly gentle, either.

Elysia thought of caressing herself. If she touched her clitoris while taking Sean’s erection deep, she’d climax in seconds. She had little doubt of this—she knew this from experience.

But then, as though these men could read her thoughts, two things happened simultaneously. With his right hand, Sean reached around her hip while continuing to thrust his cock into her pussy. His fingertip blindly found her clitoris with practiced ease and began a firm, circular motion. Jake, meanwhile, released her hair with one hand and reached beneath her body to catch the blunt tip of one erect nipple between forefinger and thumb.

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