Battling with Gideon (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 54,206
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA]
David Hunt has used and abused Charlotte Conway. After initiating her into the seedier side of sex he throws her away. Destitute and alone she turns to the man who witnessed her shame, David’s half brother, Gideon Black. Desperate for respectability, Charlotte agrees to Gideon’s outlandish suggestion that she marry him.
A marine biologist researching wildlife on the Cornish coast, Gideon is the epitome of respectability and yet in his arms, Charlotte becomes wild and wanton, craving his possession and needing his approval. However, all is not as it seems, and the arrival of Gideon’s research assistant shakes her newly found contentment. Sassy, striking, and secretive, Tawny arouses many emotions in Charlotte but friendship isn’t one of them.
Mistrust of the other woman soon has her embroiled in the underworld of smuggling. Danger dogs Charlotte’s footsteps, and as her love for her husband grows so do her misgivings.
Will Charlotte keep her man? Or will the darkly, dangerous smuggler entice him from her arms?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Battling with Gideon (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Battling with Gideon (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 54,206
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Charlotte gazed apprehensively down at the broad gold band on the finger of her left hand and then to the door as it opened. Her eyes met those of Gideon Black, her husband. She couldn’t believe she’d actually done it, married a man she hated.

‘Charlotte,’ he drawled, his voice like dark chocolate. ‘Are you ready?’

‘Ready?’ she asked, playing for time.

He shot her a cynical look.

‘Charlotte, we’ll get along a lot better if you accept the situation.’

‘No, I’ll never accept it any more than I’ll accept you. Oh, I know I married you, but I had no choice and remember this, Gideon, that it’s a marriage of convenience, nothing more.’

‘Indeed.’ He smiled and, picking up her case, headed for the door.

Indeed? What exactly did he mean by that? Staring after him, she quickly gathered her scattered wits and hurried after him.


* * * *


Leaving London, Gideon drove all afternoon, stopping regularly for something to eat and for her to use the service station facilities. Through the long drive Charlotte remained silent, staring blindly out of the window, her thoughts on her life before Gideon.

After delivering his astonishing proposal, she had refused absolutely to even consider it, storming out of David’s loft and out of his life. Or so she’d thought. However, things had moved quickly and within a few days she had received a solicitor’s letter advising her to vacate the property immediately as the new owner would be arriving at the end of the week. Stressed and almost beside herself with worry, she had quickly checked her bank account and as a result had slumped in the depths of despair. She’d very little money, just the small amount she had managed to save when she had been working for David. However, since then he had paid for everything, telling her she had no need of money. So now she was destitute, friendless, moneyless, and homeless—or maybe not. Maybe she could, if she was willing to lower her standards get a small flat and a job. Any job would do—she was young, fit, and healthy, after all—and she didn’t need a man to get her out of a fix she could do it herself.

 After scouring the streets of London for a job and a reasonably priced bedsit, she had returned to the flat she could no longer call home, and cried bitter tears. There were no jobs advertised, not ones she could start straight away, and she didn’t have time to go for numerous interviews. She needed money now. And not even the shabbiest of slums could she afford. So swallowing her pride, she had tried contacting David hoping to make him see reason or at least to give her time, time to find a job and flat. Only she hadn’t been given the opportunity to persuade him as he had immediately hung up when she had been put through, and then no matter how many times she’d tried, a distant female voice had dealt abruptly with her by telling her Mr. Hunt was unavailable and to not call again. But undeterred and desperate, she had reluctantly gone to the studios and he had, without even seeing her, asked security to escort her from the building. Humiliated, disgraced, and defeated, she finally realised that there was only one option left: Gideon Black. At least he was prepared to marry her, which at least meant security. But at what cost?


* * * *


Coming back to the present, Charlotte looked across at Gideon. Reluctantly she had to admit that he had been nothing but kindness since she had contacted him. Making sure she was taken care of by seeing to her immediate needs. Depositing a small amount of money into her bank account, overseeing the removal of her things from the flat and into storage, and finding her a room in his hotel. She had to confess she had been impressed with the speed in which he’d gotten things done, but not impressed enough to show any interest in her own wedding. Therefore it had been left to Gideon to arrange the wedding and even to the buying of her dress. She smiled when she thought of the dress. It had been absolutely gorgeous and ruiningly expensive. The ivory taffeta skirt had been shaped like a bell and was covered in yards of netting. Drawn in at the waist with a silver belt, it skimmed her ankles and entertained her mightily as it swished elegantly when she walked. With a short pearl-encrusted bodice and shoestring straps, it screamed designer label, whilst her shoes had been Jimmy Choos, the colour and design a perfect match for her dress. Her hair had been arranged in a Grecian style and dressed with tiny pearl drops, and she had carried a small posy of cream roses and freesias. Gideon had made sure she had a day to remember as afterwards they had lunched at the Ritz, which had been a special and unexpected treat.


* * * *


It was growing late into the evening before Gideon came to a halt. Charlotte peered through the window in astonishment. Pressing the button, the window slid down and the smell of the sea assailed her nostrils, and the distant crashing of waves against the rocks could be heard. The door opening had her coming back to earth and she took the hand Gideon held out to her and quickly alighted from the vehicle.

Gazing upwards, her eyes took in what her head found difficult to accept.

It was a lighthouse!




Wrapping her arms around Gideon’s neck, Charlotte forgot her resentment and pressed closer. His kisses were like nothing she had ever experienced before. His lips caressed, beguiled, and enticed, seeming to draw the very soul from her breast. Her breathing became constricted and she breathed deeply, inhaling the scent of him. He smelt wonderful, of lemon soap and a particularly potent musky aroma that was uniquely his. His touch was magical, his hands and lips seeking out her erogenous zones, sensitive spots that’s goose-bumped her skin and had her writhing in mindless pleasure. His foreplay was slow, thorough, seeking, and electrifying. No part of her body was left unkissed, or uncaressed. When he’d finished exploring her front, he’d flipped her on her stomach in order to explore her back, the sensitive curve of her spine, the soft peachy roundness of her bottom and the long length of her thighs. Then, when she felt like a mindless mass of wanton femininity, he flipped her back on her back. Unable to resist any longer, she opened her legs, encouraging his possession, his mastery. Hungry for his touch, for his domination, she writhed eagerly against him, desperate to feel his penetration.

Moments later, Gideon thrust his cock deep into Charlotte’s hot, wet pussy and she groaned in ecstasy. Closing her eyes as she felt him begin to move, felt the soft rasp of his cock as it penetrated her core and felt the secret wonder of being completely and utterly at one with him. Giving herself up to the sensations that were beginning to ripple from her clitoris to her womb, she let her thighs flop further open in order to accommodate his thrusting hips as she embraced him in the cradle of her pelvis. With her legs wrapped securely around his pumping hips, anchoring him to her enervated, body she cried for him to push harder, go faster and tear her in two.

Charlotte’s breathing came thick and fast, causing soft mewing sounds to spill involuntarily from her throat. Digging her nails into his flesh as a pulsing pleasure speared her internal muscles, she cried out, begging him for more. Caressing and massaging his muscular back and smoothing his powerful shoulders, she grew bolder in her touch, and grasping his tautly perfect buttocks, she pressed down, forcing him in deeper. Becoming slower in his movements, Gideon drew his cock almost out of her hot sheath before with utmost control plunging it deeply back in. He dominated her, chaining her to him with the power of his body. The feel of his cock seeking out her G-spot pushed her over the edge and she splintered on an orgasm. Waves of pleasure rippled through her, stirring her blood to detonate like a starburst in her uterus, the feeling primitive in its intensity. A primal groan and Gideon was pumping his hot seed deep into her womb, creating another tsunami of sensation. Their coupling had been hard, fast, and hot, and Charlotte felt completely and utterly satiated. It had been a climax the like she had never experienced before.

Rolling off Charlotte, Gideon drew a deep, sustaining breath. The touch of her, the smell of her, and the taste of her was a heady combination that drove him to mate. He wanted her like he’d never wanted a woman before. Her body invited him to possess her and by god that’s just what he’d done. The stroke of her hand, the caress of her lips and the brush of her body turned him into touch paper immediately flaring and catching fire. He’d vowed not to touch her until she was sure of him; after her experience with David he hadn’t wanted to scare her. However, her wriggling in his bed the way she had stirred up something primitive in him and he became driven with the primal need to mate. He was still on a high and even though Charlotte was lying peacefully beside him now, he could still feel her quivering beneath him, crying for his possession and eagerly accepting his cock deep into her wet pussy. Silently he groaned at the thought of her enchanting pussy. Full, soft, and welcoming, it had opened up to him like a flower seeking the sun. God! When had he become so lyrical?

Charlotte felt drained. Gideon’s lovemaking had been—wonderful! His tenderness, his expertise, and his consideration was something she had never encountered before.

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