The Alpha's Challenge (MF)

The Wolfes of Kinfoyle 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,481
5 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Romance, werewolves, spanking, HEA]
When human Ari Mackintosh lets wolf shifter Jacob Wolfe know she fancies him, fur and sparks fly. Especially as Jacob isn't a mere shifter. He's the Alpha of his pack and a Dom to boot.
Jacob cannot believe his luck when he discovers that the woman he’s been lusting after from afar not only knows about shifters, but is turned on by seeing him shift. It becomes clear that Ari knows far more than she ought to when she recognized him in his wolf form.
It challenges Jacob, as it’s his duty to keep the pack safe. There are rules to follow—rules that he breaks one by one, as he cannot resist Ari’s natural submissiveness.
When push comes to shove and Jacob reveals his secrets, he is fully aware that they might send Ari away screaming.
He has to take the chance and trust that she will stay.
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Alpha's Challenge (MF)
5 Ratings (4.6)

The Alpha's Challenge (MF)

The Wolfes of Kinfoyle 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,481
5 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Awesome book. Have read it several times!!!!
Ari has known Jacob since they were both children and has been in love with him almost as long. Now all grown up she needs to find a way to let him know that. She can’t stand the idea of not spending the rest of her life with him. She just isn’t sure she knows how to go about telling him.

Jacob wants her and he knows that she is his mate, he’s known that for most of his life. But there are things that she needs to know about him before he can claim her. Like letting her know what he is. And he’s not sure how she will react when he finally tells her.

But she knows what he and his family are. She found out by accident years ago from her friend, his sister. She also knows that she needs a Dom, which he is, because of her strong submissive nature. She knows Jacob is the person for her.

He knows that he needs to explain this to her, and he needs to do it now, before he can claim her fully. What he isn’t expecting is that she already knows about him.

Will she accept him for who he is? Will she be able to give him what he wants and needs? Will he finally get the woman he has wanted for practically his whole life.

I have read so many of Raven’s books and she never lets me down. Each one is different and you never feel like you are reading the same book over and over again. I knew this book would be great and another great addition to her catalog of books. I was right.
I can’t wait for more of this series. I know it’s going to be fantastic.




“Ari? You okay?”

“Yeah, sure. Ah, don’t mind me. Maybe I’m hormonal or something.”

Nope. Jacob sniffed. Definitely not hormonal. He’d sense that. It was one thing that helped all male wolf shifters in his pack know when to keep shtum and agree with their hormonal mates. Luckily in their pack it didn’t happen unless it was time to mate.

“But I dread to think what else she’ll think of,” Ari went on. “Riding on his back? Could you even do that? Ride a wolf’s back? Or a man in wolf’s clothing.”

“Who knows?” Jacob shrugged, and did his best to look clueless.

 Sometimes, with help, but that’s a whole new ball game. So are the spanking, the claw, and definitely the “something else.” However he didn’t say a word. It was probably a good thing he didn’t look like a shifter. He had to live and eat, and human flesh had never appealed to him. He preferred chicken. However, her ideas intrigued him. As long as he was involved. It struck him he was thinking of her as the client, and no one else. If he was wrong, there could be problems.

Ari shook her head. “Some people. That reminds me, I’ll need to see where I can hunt out a wolf costume.” She opened a deep desk drawer and began to rummage in it. “Fuck it, where’s that sodding list of costumiers. I’ll have to increase my stock if I keep getting requests like this.”

Wolf costume? Jacob bit his lip and drew blood. Enough to stop him responding in a way guaranteed to have Ari run for the police and demand the local zoo attend or something. Even without the distraction of a bleeding lip he wanted to close his mind to anything other than the way he could respond to her challenge.

Don’t shift. Do not shift. He concentrated on Ari’s bum as she left the desk and walked round him to open a tall cupboard, and ignored the way his skin burned and his mind begged for release. He’d shift once he was safe on his own land.

“Let me know if you want me,” he said and ignored the desperation in his voice. After all, he only wanted her and not some shifter-lusting person. However he wouldn’t see her stuck. “Dinner, tomorrow?”

Ari turned from the cupboard and stretched her arms over her head. Her skirt hem lifted and the lacy edge of a stocking showed for a second. The action also un-tucked her shirt, and stretched it tight over her boobs. The mesh cups of her bra showed through the fine silk, and her nipples were visible as a dusky shadow. If only he could rip away those coverings and feast his eyes on her tits, before savouring each one in turn.

If he didn’t realize that wish, at least Jacob got a tantalising glimpse of her midriff and his cock hardened.

“Love to.”

Jacob blinked. He sure would love to… “Ah, Dinner. Great. I’ll pick you up at seven.” Damn it, I need to get my head out of unlikely-to-happen scenarios and control my cock. He walked towards her, resisted the urge to lift the shirt even higher and see just how dark those nipples were, and went to kiss her cheek. She turned her head and he kissed her on the lips instead. Ari gave a soft sigh and opened her mouth just enough for him to slip his tongue between her lips, if he wanted to. Jacob gave into temptation. He wanted to.

Her scent surrounded him and he sensed her astonishment. However, she didn’t pull back. Instead she moaned deep in her throat, a sexy, happy, and aroused sound, and drew him in. Jacob pulled her closer until his cock rested against her. Ari wriggled and ran her hands down his spine. Did she know what that did to him? She couldn’t. Nevertheless he had to stop her before she reached the one spot guaranteed to start his shift. For him it was the tiny indentation where in his shifted state, his tail was.

It was the hardest thing in the world to end the kiss and put space between them. How he managed he had no idea. The only thing he knew was he’d have to give himself a hand and come as soon as possible. Or his shift would be hell. And this was one of the nights where he led everyone in the area, as they shifted en masse and celebrated their heritage.

They were both breathing deeply and erratically as Jacob walked to the door. The air was heavy with their arousal, and he couldn’t control the way his heart jumped and his mind shouted “at last!” It had been a long wait to see if she’d ever respond to his subtle wooing. It had taken him even longer to accept he wanted her, a human, as his mate, and no one else would do. Today had been the first time she’d sent out the unconscious signal, showing him it could be time to act.




Jacob ran a finger over her clit and dipped it inside her slit to coat the digit before he drew a heart on her mound. Then he tapped her clit hard enough to make her rock before he drew her up onto her knees and waited whilst she rested her head on her arms as he’d directed earlier. She could feel him looking at her, and then Jacob—well she hoped it was him—ran a finger over the curves of her ass.

“Beautiful. Now hold on and think just what might happen next.”

She waited.

The first spank was soft and stroked her skin. She yelped and he growled deep in his throat.

“We never discussed safe words. Use ‘red’ for ‘no’ and ‘green’ for okay.”

“Er, okay.” Safe words? She trusted him not to knock seven bells out of her ass. How could she think of things like that when she was wet and wanting? Men were so dim sometimes. Goodness knows she wouldn’t be here half naked if it wasn’t something she wanted.

He smacked her again, harder than before. “‘Okay’ is not the answer I want, now is it?”

Isn’t it? What the hell does he want then? Ari replayed his words, thought of her latest reading matter and swallowed.

“No, Sir. I mean yes, Sir.” Three bags full, Sir.

He really gave her ass a hard spank. “Don’t be sassy. It’s for your own benefit.”

Damn it, anyone would think he can read my mind.

“I can when we’re together. Read your mind, that is. You’d be wise to remember that.”

She intended to.

There was silence for a few seconds, and Ari couldn’t discern any movements. Surely he hadn’t left her there, alone? Dare she take a sneaky peek?


Okay then, whatever he meant by no, and she assumed it was no looking she wouldn’t. Then she heard the rip of foil and a grunt of satisfaction.

The air around her ass moved, and her coat lifted over her back and head. A cool breeze tickled her neck. It seemed that was bare to the elements. Whatever light there had been was darkened almost to pitch black. It was arousing, kneeling there, smarting ass high, head down, and wondering just what was about to happen. The telltale trickle of juice that collected at the neck of her channel and drizzled down the top of her leg showed it.

Jacob nipped her nape again. That small caress almost sent her over the edge. Such a tiny thing to invoke such a strong reaction.

“Well as much as I’d like to tan your ass red, and fuck it till you beg to come, I think I’ll do this instead.” His cock circled the entrance to her pussy hole and then edged inside her.

Gently at first, until, exasperated, she pushed back. “Lordy, has your cock never seen a pussy hole before? Is it all dark and scary for it? Poor little thing.” Although “little” it surely wasn’t. Lucky for Ari, Jenissa had warned her how well-endowed the pack of wolf shifters were and that Jacob, due to his position of leader, was more generously proportioned than most.

“Sassy pet. I’ll remember that for later. However, this is no good. I need to feel you.” She had no idea how he managed it. However, he was more than a mere man, and Jacob rid her of her coat and jumper within seconds. Now her boobs were tickled by hay. She didn’t give a damn. Instead she raised herself a little so only her arms and forehead were in the hay.

That’s better.

“Thin ice, woman. I’m taking care and going slowly for your welfare, not for the bloody fun of it. However, as you’re not bothered, all the better for me.” His chest was warm on her back as he leaned onto her to encircle her body with one arm and pinch her nipple hard enough to make her catch her breath, and bite back a sob of pleasure.

 “Fuck me properly, please, Jacob.” All thoughts of titles and etiquette went out of her mind. Damned if she was begging but needs must, and she needed him.

“Fuck you? I’ll mark you as well.” He bit hard on her neck at the same time as he grasped her waist and thrust his prick deep into her channel.

“Who’s not fucking who properly, eh?” He gasped the words as he set up a hard and fast rhythm. “Who needs to watch her mouth? This little subbie does, that’s who.” He withdrew to the tip of his cock, circled her clit with it and then pushed into her so harshly she almost hit the straw full length. Only his hand holding her in place saved her.

The feel of being stretched further than she thought possible, his balls slapping her sensitive skin, and his hand on her nipple as he pinched hard and then bit her nape once more, made her shivers increase to the point of pain, and all the hairs on her body stand on end.

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