Cowboy Boots and Unsettled Debts (LoveXtreme)

Cowboy Boots 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 55,715
26 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Cowboy Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M/M/M, voyeurism, bondage, figging, spanking, sex toys]

Seduction turns deadly when Abby Rose, an agent with the Underground Unit, decides to put a provocative spin on revenge. Her plan to sleep with a cartel leader backfires when fellow operatives refuse to let Abby face her enemy alone. Abby’s fellow agents begin the fight of their lives. After discovering Abby will use her body to lure in the man who killed her father and their command leader, seven highly trained special operatives cope with high tensions as each man comes to terms with feelings they never acknowledged. This team isn’t fighting for another cause or plotting the best way to take out their mark. The stakes are much higher. These men will take up arms and meet their greatest challenge as they work together to protect the woman they admire and love.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Natalie Acres is a Siren-exclusive author.

Cowboy Boots and Unsettled Debts (LoveXtreme)
26 Ratings (4.3)

Cowboy Boots and Unsettled Debts (LoveXtreme)

Cowboy Boots 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 55,715
26 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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2011 Nominee for Best Series All Around
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Oh, she was pissed. She fought against the restraints and wondered why in the hell Sydney Kane Donovan allowed her men to keep something like this blasted wheel in their basement.

Kit propped up his foot on a spoke. “Bet you’re wishing you’d been a little more cautious about what you wished for, huh, doll?”

She jerked her arms. “This is not a laughing matter.”

“You’re damn straight it isn’t,” Ace said. “But one fact remains. This is precisely what you’ll see tomorrow night, so you might as well enjoy the practice run.” 

“What are you planning to do with this piece of machinery?”

“Abby, be quiet, doll,” Kit said, studying her bare pussy like he’d never seen a waxed mound before.

All eyes were on her, but instead of being embarrassed by her nudity, she enjoyed the attention. Her arms were overhead, her wrists tied. Her legs were parted as wide as they would stretch, and both ankles were secured.

The exposure wasn’t the key element behind her trickling juices. Oh no, her lust spiked because of the men admiring her with bridled control.

 Oh, but they would soon slip. The desire ran too deep. The anticipation would take over and drive them into throes of passion like they’d never experienced before.

“What do you think?” she asked, looking down at her body. “Is the outfit too much?”

“You’re perfect,” Ace assured her.

“I’m glad you’re such a willing submissive doll,” Kit taunted her. “What if Ace here had dragged out the harness tomorrow and couldn’t figure out the diamond-shaped patterns for himself?”

“I knew you had my back, Kit,” Ace said, leaving his comment loaded.

Abby caught his underlying meaning. Kit may have kept his dick zipped, but he’d been known to visit lifestyle clubs. When their relationship was still new, Kit used to take her to the clubs. He got off seeing women hog-tied by their Doms.

Some of the girls who tried to seduce him once told Abby he was considered the hopeless romantic, the untouchable Dom who visited the clubs, ordered a drink, and watched a show—generally between two committed Doms and their sub. Abby always assumed Kit had his preferences and fetishes like everyone else.

Staring down the length of her body, she studied the harness. It wasn’t what she would’ve considered a full restraint. The diamond patterns were straight down the middle, and an oblong cut exposed her breasts with the rope holding them up like a support bra. The largest opening framed her pussy, and the ties binding her weren’t painful. In fact, she was quite turned on by what she wore.

The entire experience was remarkable, sensual, and completely new. She’d cherish this moment all the days of her life. 

“You aren’t zoning out on us are you, Abby?” Judson asked, caressing her right calf.

“No, am I supposed to?”

His laugh was throaty, carnal in every way. “Not quite. You’ll enjoy this more than you could ever imagine.” 

She wouldn’t argue there.

Fowler fiddled with his phone. “Listen to this. At Juraz Mendete’s Lifestyle Resort, pain and pleasure meet Domination and servitude in the gymnasium, recently converted into a public forum for exhibitionists. Couples are invited to rent their own cages for one evening or for the duration of their stay.

“Each cage is equipped with various treats.” He mumbled a few words to himself and said, “There is something called ginger play, guaranteed to stimulate arousal and make the submissive eager to fuck.”

“Orgasms are more intense,” Judson informed them, acting as if he were the pro in Domination and submission. Maybe he was. Years had separated them. Abby had no idea what he’d been up to since she last saw him.

“I think the reservations need to be changed. Judson may know more than the rest of you.”

“I wouldn’t say that,” Ace said, grabbing hold of the wheel. “We need Abby upright. Lend a hand if you can.”

The guys followed Ace’s lead. In a matter of seconds, the wooden platform was perpendicular. Now, they could give her a spin and view her body from various angles. 

“Is this equipment supposed to be used for punishment?”

“Shh,” Kit whispered, caressing the side of her full breast.

“Flogger, please,” Porter said, extending his hand to Casey, who immediately placed a leather handle in his palm. The lashers on the end were silken strands similar to horse hair. 

“What are you doing?” she asked, stretching her neck.

“Give her a spin,” Porter called out, dragging the flogger over her throbbing nipples.

“Oh God,” she whimpered, alarmed when the wheel started its rotation with a sudden jar.

After one full cycle, Porter stopped the motion. He popped the crop and the lashers whispered over her mound. She gasped as he brushed her folds with gentle caresses. A dose of arousal shot through her body.

Her breasts were highly sensitive. Her nipples painfully sore. As the lust continued to build, she longed for two mouths suckling her tender points.

Porter handed the erotic tool to Casey who immediately flipped the flogger upside down. Tapping her vagina with the solid end, he grinned as he rubbernecked. Staring at her cunt, he said. “She’s already damp.”

“Damp, hell,” she grumbled.

“No complaining,” Kit said, slapping her pussy.

“What the fuck!” she screamed.

“Liked that, did ya?” Kit asked, winking.

She swallowed as she considered the stroke of heat inside her folds. Her channel burned like fire and was as slippery as ice.

A blend of sensations pooled at her entrance until her pussy clenched. Her cunt vibrated. She desperately wanted to house a long, rigid cock inside her trembling walls.

Porter bumped the flogger against her center again. Using his fingers to stretch her, he dragged the knotted, rough leather around her opening. He didn’t insert the piece, and she might have gone into spasms if he’d tried, but man, this was some kind of feeling.

With the lust sparkling in their eyes, she felt empowered, like she was on some kind of pedestal. Ironically, even though she understood how they could somewhat control her orgasms—or prevent them entirely—she quickly realized she actually held her share of power, too.

Obedience was the ticket. If she practiced defiance, they’d spank and punish her until their arousal and hers would border along the lines of pain more than pleasure. She wondered then. Would the orgasms be more intense, stronger than anything she’d ever enjoyed?

A rabbit-style vibrator was brought out and shown to her. Brantley took pleasure in demonstrating the various speeds and control options. “This button here is designed to stimulate your clit.”

“Shucks, Brantley,” she drawled. “Can’t you think of a better way to arouse me?”

“I can,” Casey volunteered, wiggling his tongue.

She immediately trembled. Chill bumps scattered over her arms. “You really should have a permit to show that thing.”

“You think that brought you pleasure,” Casey said, grabbing his package in the front.

Men were so predictable. Abby should’ve figured they’d all want her to look at their crotches and just ooh and ahh and make a real fuss. They had the wrong woman if they wanted praise and such.

She’d worked with these men. She’d watched them crawl to the finish in training, whine like babies when a bullet grazed their skin, and act like children when they didn’t get their way.

Still, she loved them in spite of their flaws–all seven of them. 

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