He Should Have Died (MMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 68,933
2 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Menage Amour ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Paranormal, Futuristic/Science Fiction, MMM, HEA]

Asteroids crashed on earth. Some humans, animals, and plants evolved, developing powers. New types of plants have also sprung to life.

Remy Webb unexpectedly awakens as an Evolved Soldier and Protector or ESP after consuming a bottle of elixir instead of only a single drop as prescribed. He must acquire information before going after those who almost kill him. The Lawson League provides information for the right price, but Remy doesn't have that kind of money or anything else valuable enough. He must find another way in.

Fabian Lawson is an only child. His parents don't allow him to hunt the mutated animals and plants unless he gets Dante Hayes, a ten-crystal ESPs and one of the most powerful beings, as his bodyguard. Thankfully, Dante agrees. Fabian is doubly blessed when Remy, a newly awakened ten-crystal mage, joins in the hunt in an enclosed zone. Feelings develop, but there's also danger.

Can the three men survive while fighting for their love?

He Should Have Died (MMM)
2 Ratings (4.5)

He Should Have Died (MMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 68,933
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Remy nodded while studying Fabian as discreetly as he could. He wasn’t sure what it was about Fabian that made him so approachable. It was probably Fabian’s unique charm or something. It definitely helped that he was so incredibly good-looking with an awesome body to boot. Moreover, he would inherit the Lawson League someday. He certainly had plenty of amazing qualities. The perfect husband material for sure. Then Remy was taken aback. In the past, he had never thought about settling down with anybody. It wasn’t his style. Besides, there was a part of him that still considered himself as an assassin even though he was now an ESP. Someone like Fabian would never be interested in him. More likely than not, he would grow old alone.

He sighed softly. He had no idea why he was suddenly pondering something so depressing. Maybe it was the age factor or something. After all, he was already thirty years old. He might not be decrepit and wrinkled yet, but he was no spring chicken either. Or it could be the environment he was in at the moment. He was also possibly tired of getting through the days without companionship. That, or he might be craving for sex. It had been a while. Seven months at least. As an assassin, Remy couldn’t get close to anyone. It was impossible to explain to a boyfriend, or even a fuck buddy, that he killed people for a living, and to expect them to understand, much less accept it, would be even more difficult.

“What are you two handsome men chatting about?”

Remy turned to his other side and glanced upward. He wasn’t surprised that it was Dante. He had already sniffed out Dante’s familiar cologne as the man was coming closer, but he was rather astonished by the seductive tone of voice. Dante was the laid-back and affectionate type, and he had this sweet disposition about him that made him extremely attractive. However, Remy couldn’t comprehend why Dante was gazing at him in such an intense manner. All of a sudden, he felt strangely warm and shy. That was odd. This wasn’t the first time Remy had experienced something like this around Dante. Or Fabian, for that matter. However, Remy couldn’t understand his reaction to either of those two men. He was aware that he was sexually attracted to them, but there was something else. Something much deeper and more tender.

“We were talking about body odors,” Fabian replied with a wink.

“Ooh! My favorite subject,” Dante shot back without missing a beat. He was also grinning as he plopped onto the empty spot next to Remy. Upon hearing that, Remy chuckled. He couldn’t help it. It just happened. Then Dante beamed widely at Remy. “You should smile a lot more, man.”


“You look even better when you do,” Dante answered. “At least a million times more. You’re too handsome to be real, and that makes my heart beat a lot harder and faster.”

Remy gaped a little. Dante was blatantly flirting with him. He was absolutely positive now. There was no mistaking it for anything else.

“Uh, thanks.”

“You’re welcome. I really hope you don’t mind me telling you that. It’s honestly meant as a compliment.”

Remy shook his head. “It’s cool.”

“Awesome. You got me worried for a moment there. You sounded hesitant and unsure.”

“It’s really okay,” Remy reassured Dante.

“Great. I just don’t want to offend you and have to explain my honorable intention to your angry, ferocious lover.”

Fabian snorted before Remy was able to correct Dante’s assumption. “Damn! You’re a smooth operator, aren’t you?”

Dante shrugged while chuckling. “I tried. If I openly ask about someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend, that will make me look like a creep.”

“I’m single,” Remy quickly clarified while there was a brief lull in the conversation. “And I’m gay, by the way.”

He didn’t know why it was important for him to get that out in the open, but it was too late to take it back. Besides, it wasn’t that big of a deal.

“Does that mean I have a chance with you?”

Remy gasped. “A chance?”

“To date you.”

“I’ve never dated anyone,” Remy admitted.

“Never?” Dante and Fabian yelled out at the same time.

“My profession made it rather difficult.”

“You’re not a virgin, are you?” Dante asked.

Remy was amused by the question. “No.”

“Okay. Just checking.”

After that, neither of them uttered a single word, and Remy was confused when Fabian abruptly got up. “Are you going to bed?”

“Not yet, but you and Dante deserve some privacy.”

“Don’t go,” Dante said before Remy did. “I’m actually interested in both of you.”

Fabian raised both of his eyebrows while staring at Dante and slowly sitting down again. “Like a polyamory relationship?”

“I prefer a polygamy relationship,” Dante corrected. “I want us to be exclusive.”

“Wow!” Fabian exclaimed softly. “You sure don’t beat around the bush, do you?”

“I don’t like wasting time. I know what I want, and I go for it.”

“You don’t know me well enough,” Remy interjected.

“And that’s why I want us to go out on a date,” Dante retorted without any hesitation. “All three of us.”




Dante was overwhelmed. The assault on his senses was too much for him to bear. He could smell and taste both Fabian and Remy as the three of them kissed and fought with their lips and tongues while they grabbed and tore at one another’s clothes with the passion and desperation that were akin to some violent beasts in heat. He nearly stumbled and fell onto the floor several times over because he didn’t bother to pay attention to anything else other than Fabian and Remy as they made their way unsteadily and more than a little impatiently toward the bed. By the time they landed on the mattress in a messy tangle of limbs, every single part of them was fully exposed, and for a second or two, Dante noticed all of their shredded shirts and jeans, along with some socks and shoes, had been strewn haphazardly all over the bedroom. However, he quickly returned his focus on to Fabian’s and Remy’s naked bodies. He was lying on his back while Fabian and Remy were on his right and left, lying on their sides and facing him.

“Fuck!” Dante cursed loudly as he took in the sight. He was quite a hirsute man, with plenty of black hair on his head, face, and almost everywhere else, except for his back and butt cheeks. Fabian and Remy put him to shame in that department. Then he grinned at Fabian and Remy. “The carpet certainly matches the drapes.”

Fabian had dark blond hair all over while Remy was covered in flaming red hair. Dante groaned in pleasure and delight when Fabian winked at him and wrapped one hand around his throbbing cock.

“Same goes for you,” Fabian said before stroking Dante’s dick slowly. “Damn! Your cock is fucking massive. It’s so thick and heavy. My one hand isn’t enough to hold it properly. My middle finger and thumb can’t even touch each other.”

“It’s only eight and a half inches,” Dante volunteered the information before reaching for both of his lovers’ butt cheeks and squeezing them. “Yours is so much larger. How long is it? Fifteen inches? Twenty?”

Fabian snorted. “Around ten and a half, but sex-wise, I’m a bottom through and through. I don’t top. Never have, never will. Just not interested. Life is infinitely better as a bottom.”

Dante shrugged lightly. “Fine by me. I’m purely a top. I don’t get fucked.”

“Perfect,” Fabian shot back before glancing at Remy. “And you?”

“I like both,” Remy replied, but he didn’t elaborate.

Not that Dante was surprised. He expected that Remy would be the quiet type even during sex. He didn’t mind it, though. He didn’t discriminate. It didn’t matter to him if the men and women were noisy in bed or the complete opposite. He watched as Fabian leaned in closer to Remy before enveloping the mage’s dick with one hand.

“Nice cock,” Fabian complimented. “Nine inches?”

“Slightly more than nine and a half,” Remy corrected.

Fabian licked his lips while gazing straight into Remy’s eyes. “A satisfying mouthful.”

“Not as fat as Dante’s.”

Fabian chuckled. “More than enough to make me happy. Have you two gotten tested recently?”

“I actually went to the clinic twice after my last encounter, which was three weeks ago,” Dante answered immediately.

“Why?” Remy asked.

“I always double-check my sexual health at the clinic after each one-night stand. Just to make sure that I’m all right.”

“Are you?”

Dante nodded at Fabian. “One hundred percent disease free.”

“Same here,” Fabian said. “My last partner was two months ago.”

“Longer than that for me,” Remy interjected. “After awakening as an ESP, I visited the council clinic and requested for a full-body checkup, including the tests for my sexual health. The results are all good.”

“Are you both okay if we have sex without condoms?” Fabian asked. “We’re dating anyway.”

“Absolutely,” Dante replied.

“Yeah,” Remy added.

“Perfect,” Dante muttered softly before slipping one finger each into his lovers’ holes, and he eagerly opened his mouth before sticking his tongue out when Fabian and Remy started licking at his lips.

A moment later, he moaned in delight when he felt Fabian stroking at his dick much faster than before while Remy was caressing his balls. Then Remy moved toward his ear and lapped at it while he and Fabian clashed their mouths together and ferociously traded spit with each other, battling for dominance with their tongues. He also added a second finger into each of his lovers’ holes. He could feel his arousal spiking higher due to the tightness and warmth of Fabian’s and Remy’s holes. He couldn’t wait to bury his cock inside them.

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