Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove:: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifter, HEA]  

Alistair, a walking fantasy, is dangerous, deadly, and willing to kill all evil with a flick of his sword. He practically walked out of a romance novel.

This isn't fantasy, it's real life, and Kevin is pregnant with Alistair's child when evil rushes to the front door to attack. They know Kevin is alive, and they want him dead. Murdered in a past life by this same evil force, Kevin doesn't want a repeat, and luckily Alistair won't let anyone get between him and his mate.

Alistair will do anything to protect his lover. Kevin died in their previous life, but Kevin is back, and he may hold the key to everything Alistair and his brothers lost, which is why a sworn enemy wants his mate kidnapped and killed. Alistair hasn't wielded his sword in a long time, but for his mate and unborn child, taking up the blade and being the protector he used to be comes all too easy.

A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.


Protective Knight (MM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




Kevin Alartis never thought he could be more attracted to Alistair than he was in that moment, and he’d felt nothing but attraction for the man ever since he first met him.

The guy was walking, talking lust.

It should have been impossible. He shouldn’t have been feeling these things at all. Kevin was already massively in love with the man, and the fact that Alistair was over six feet tall of gorgeous muscle and face and hair and just…

Wow. That was the only word to describe him. He was a living, breathing, Men’s Health magazine come to life, but here Kevin was, heart thumping as he stared at his lover as if it was the first time he’d ever seen him.

Kevin shifted in his seat. God, don’t let his cock be obvious. He was wearing jeans, so no one should notice it, but at the same time, these guys, Alistair and his brothers, were immortal shapeshifters. They were knights, powerful and honorable, and did he happen to mention shapeshifters? Yeah, what if their animal side could pick up on the lust Kevin wasn’t doing a good job of hiding? What was he going to do then?

Alistair looked at him and chuckled. His brothers joined in.

“See something you like?”

Kevin swallowed hard then nodded.

Yuki shook his head. “Your mate is unbelievable.”

Alistair couldn’t stop smiling. “Is it the swords?”

Kevin nodded. “Yeah. They, uh, they look really good.”

Had his voice squeaked when he said that? He was pretty sure his voice had squeaked. Fuck. He hadn’t wanted that to happen.

Alistair chuckled then reached behind him to where his sword was sheathed at his back, pulling it out.

The metal made a harsh noise against the sheath, but that only made it sound all the more delicious to Kevin’s ears, especially as he watched Alistair handle the heavy-looking blade.

“Even back then, you found me handsome wearing this sword. What is it with mates and weapons?” Alistair looked to his brothers, as if hoping they would have an answer for him.

Bramwell smiled and shrugged. The others appeared marginally interested. Burne shook his head, amused, though William quickly averted his eyes and appeared to be examining the blade of his own sword. Garrick and Yuki made no attempt at all to humor their brother.

Kevin understood why. He saw what Alistair currently did not see. Alistair was still flying high because he had his mate back because Kevin had, somehow, managed to come back from the dead.

Well, not really. He’d been reincarnated, into a different body, a male body. That part was fine. Kevin liked being a guy, and he felt totally comfortable in his body, and Alistair said there were enough similarities that he could see what Kevin was to him almost the instant he’d looked at him.

The problem, however, was that Alistair’s mate hadn’t been the only one to be killed all those years ago.

The mates of these other men, their loved ones, and children had also died. Kevin felt bad for them, especially when Alistair was so happy and they couldn’t totally join in because their mates were still dead and Kevin had no answers for how it was he’d managed to come back.

Not that Kevin sensed any resentment from Alistair’s brothers. When they’d come around to believing Kevin was who he and Alistair said he was, they were delighted for Alistair, but now it was clear they were wishing the same gift had been given to them as well.

Kevin’s heart went out to them, but when Alistair knelt over him, his hands on either side of Kevin’s hips on the chair he sat in with that look in his eyes…

Kevin was swept away. It was difficult to not think selfishly when he was this close to the person he loved.

He’d met Alistair only recently, but he’d known the man for years, thanks to their past lives together. This was totally where Kevin belonged. “You enjoyed my sword a great deal before the fire. Should I bring it to bed with us, as well?”

“Which sword are you talking about?”

Bramwell snorted at that.

Alistair glared over his shoulder before smiling at his mate, that glint in his eyes that suggested Kevin was going to regret his little joke later tonight.

He couldn’t wait.

“Always you with the perverted jokes.”

Kevin tensed. “I don’t always make perverted jokes!”

“You used to,” William replied, sheathing his sword behind his back. “They were some of your most favorite jokes to tell.”

Kevin let that sink in before his shoulder slumped. “Oh, well…that might be a little bit of what I like.”

His favorite comedians always had some sort of foul or perverted jokes to tell. Kevin wanted to deny that, but in reality, he couldn’t.

Alistair laughed at him for that.

Kevin glared at his mate. “Yeah, whatever. Laugh it up.”

“I will,” Alistair promised, hooking his arms under Kevin’s knees and behind his back and lifting him into the air.

Kevin let out an embarrassing squawking noise but otherwise didn’t fight the bigger, taller man when Alistair pulled Kevin closer for a kiss.

Kevin gasped when their mouths met. He was from a fairly liberal town in Michigan, but even he didn’t often kiss in front of other people. Alistair proved again and again that it didn’t matter what Kevin’s body looked like, that he loved Kevin no matter what, and how could Kevin not respond to that? He was still getting used to openly showing this much affection to his lover in front of other people, but if Alistair didn’t mind it, then Kevin couldn't mind it either.

Kevin put his arms around Alistair’s neck, holding the other man close as he opened his mouth, letting Alistair take what he wanted.

“Get a room,” Burne said playfully, smirking at the both of them.




Kevin tensed. “Uh, we are still talking about your cock, right?”

Alistair laughed. “When did you become so funny?”

“I’m not funny.”

“Yes, you are.” Alistair took Kevin by the waist of his jeans, forcing his hips forward. Thankfully, unlike the last time, this time he didn’t rip away Kevin’s clothes. He just slowly, teasingly, undid the button and zipper of Kevin’s jeans, spreading them apart and yanking them down his legs.

Kevin was going to have to get into the habit of wearing joggers. If he was going to be pulled out of his clothes so any times in one day, he needed to start wearing clothes that were easy to get in and out of.

“What are you smiling about now?” Alistair asked, his tone still teasing, still making Kevin shiver from top to bottom.

Kevin quickly shook his head. “Uh, nothing.”

“Liar.” Alistair didn’t remove Kevin’s T-shirt, but he did slide his hand up beneath the material. The touch of his rough, scarred fingers, scarred from so many years ago when he’d tried in vain to dig Kevin out of that fire, made Kevin burn and twitch.

He opened his mouth in a silent gasp when Alistair’s finger reached his nipples, pressing over them teasingly until they hardened beneath his touch.

“You like that?”

Kevin swallowed. “Yeah.”

Alistair’s eyes danced with amusement. “You should see yourself right now. You are so fucking amazing. I can’t wait to put my cock inside your body, to feel you clenching around me, riding me hard and coming to that wave of pleasure.”

Kevin groaned, but in the best possible way. No one else Kevin had ever been with had ever spoken to him like that. “You sound so corny. I don’t know why I like it so much.”

“Why wouldn’t you like it? I’m your mate.”

That made sense, he supposed.

Alistair leaned in, kissing the spot just over Kevin’s heart.

“Tell me how you want me, and it’s yours.”

Kevin blinked. “Really?”

Alistair nodded. “Really.”

Kevin thought of all sorts of different ways he wanted to be taken. The first time they’d fucked, Alistair had taken Kevin by the wrists and yanked them over his head. Kevin had liked that. Other times, he’d been on his hands and knees, and once Alistair had stuck Kevin’s legs over his wide shoulders. That had been pretty amazing, too.

Kevin was looking for a little something different this time around. “Do you think, maybe, I could sit in your lap this time?”

“Anything you want.”

Kevin breathed, encouraged by the eager sound of Alistair’s voice, as if he couldn’t wait for this either.

“Do you want to face me or be faced away from me?”

Kevin didn’t even have to think about it. “I want to face you.”

He pushed eagerly against Alistair’s chest, overcome now by his own lust and his own needs. Kevin needed this. Even though it shocked him that Alistair could go so long without losing his stamina, it seemed as if Kevin didn’t need that much help before he was following right on the heels of his mate, and Alistair had nothing but a wide smile for him as he leaned back, allowing Kevin to climb into his lap.

“Easy now, easy,” Alistair warned. “If I didn’t know any better, I would say you wanted me to put my cock inside you without anything to ease the way.”

Kevin stopped, embarrassed by how eager he’d been in that moment. Heat rushed up his neck and into his cheeks, but he pushed it all back. “Oh, right. Where’s the lube. It’s under the mattress, right?”

“Of course,” Alistair replied with a chuckle, sounding as sure of himself as he always did. “Do you think I should, perhaps, take my clothes off, as well?”

Kevin looked down at his mate then groaned when he realized he’d climbed into Alistair’s lap without so much as letting the other man take off his pants.

Alistair laughed out loud at him, the bastard.

Kevin grumbled under his breath while he pushed himself out of the other man’s lap. “You’d better be out of those pants in ten seconds.”

“I’ll be out of the part that matters,” Alistair promised.

That heat returned to Kevin’s neck again as he reached for the lube hidden between the mattress.

It was a slim bottle, nothing like anything Kevin had ever seen in a drug store before, but Alistair had assured Kevin that this was the stuff they’d used together thousands of years ago.

Apparently it was some secret immortal recipe, but whatever it was, it made Kevin feel amazing almost before he was touched, heightening his senses and making his body that much more receptive to Alistair’s hands, mouth, and cock.

Not that he needed the help. Every time Alistair touched him it had been a wild ride, but Kevin still appreciated the extra effort.

He pulled out the small bottle, popping open the top with the back of his thumb. Kevin grinned at his mate, who had done as he’d promised and removed only the part of his pants that mattered. He still looked fully dressed, but when he stared at Kevin with those hard eyes, that dangerous gleam and commanded him, “Come here,” well, Kevin hardly cared about getting his mate naked at that point. He wanted only to ride him.

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