Thank You Very Much, Mr. Mobster (MMMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 56,513
2 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Menage Amour ManLove: Erotic Romance, Menage, Paranormal, Shifters, Alternative, Futuristic, MMMM, HEA]

When the supernatural world is exposed, new governmental departments are formed. One of them is the secret special force within the military, and Luke Baxter is a member. Robert Hull, a powerful mobster, funds laboratories that conduct experiments on the supernaturals and the non supernaturals. While out on a mission to uncover these laboratories, Luke is pursued by the members of the mafia. Wounded by a bullet, he hides within the garden of a house. He doesn't expect to encounter Lorenzo Stephens, Edgar Cooper, and Heath Walters.

Initially, the three men are wary of Luke, but they decide to help after learning about Robert's laboratories. The four men gradually build up trust before developing deeper feelings. However, it's difficult to date while trying to destroy those inhumane laboratories and being attacked by Robert's partners, who happen to be a group of powerful dark magic users.

Will the four men succeed in their mission while nurturing the love among them?

Thank You Very Much, Mr. Mobster (MMMM)
2 Ratings (4.5)

Thank You Very Much, Mr. Mobster (MMMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 56,513
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Luke muttered an expletive under his breath. He couldn’t believe his bad luck. He also couldn’t comprehend why the owner had to come out from the house at this hour. Most people should be asleep now. Luke peeped out from one side of the bush. He was surprised to discover that there were two people instead of one. Two men, to be exact, and one of them seriously needed a bell around his ankle or something because his movement was as quiet as a mouse. Luke wasn’t able to see their faces or bodies clearly, but the two men, who were leaning against the walls on either side of the door, were tall, and they had broad shoulders.

“Can’t sleep, baby?” one of the men asked.

The second man shook his head. “I don’t know why, but I’m feeling on edge. Something inside is urging me to get out here, and I can also sense the restlessness from my magic.”

Upon hearing that, Luke could feel his heart pounding much harder and faster. Toward the end of the twenty-first century, which was more than six hundred years ago, the supernatural community in South Korea had been exposed, and it wasn’t long before the ones in the other countries had revealed themselves in solidarity. Not surprisingly, the decades that followed had been chaotic. After all, humans often feared what they couldn’t understand. The Councils of Supernatural Beings and Creatures had been formed all over the world. Then the United Federation had been created about a month afterward to rule over all of the councils. The United Federation and the Councils of Supernatural Beings and Creatures worked with the governments, and their main task was to deal with the supernatural communities. After all, it was impossible for the governments to handle the shifters, faes, merfolk, trolls, witches, and many others.

“There’s nothing out here. You may have magic, but since I have a more developed olfactory sense than you, I should have been able to sniff out anything out of the ordinary.”

“But it’s possible that you can’t catch the scent because of all these plants and flowering bushes.”

“True, but then again, maybe your intuition is wrong this time around. Why don’t we go back into the house and head into the kitchen? I’ll boil some water and make us some tea.”

“Good idea.”

Luke was relieved, but it was short-lived because the pain in his left arm acted up, and he couldn’t stop himself from hissing. He instantly knew his hiding spot had been exposed because he noticed the two men glancing in his direction. Continuing to crouch behind the bush would be futile. Luke slowly got up, and he attempted to raise both of his arms, but the left one hurt like a fucking motherfucker. Hence, he had no choice but to only lift his right hand in the air.

“My name is Luke Baxter,” Luke quickly introduced himself. “I’m not a robber. Or some other type of criminal. I promise.”

One of the men snapped his fingers, and Luke was amazed when a small fireball hovered in the air halfway between him and the two men. There was now sufficient light for him to study the men’s faces. One of them had green eyes like him, but blond hair instead of the dark blond color that he had. The second man had dark brown eyes and black hair.

“Okay. Let’s assume that I believe you,” the man with green eyes said. “What were you doing in the bushes on my front yard at this hour?”

Luke wanted to answer the question, but his left arm abruptly ached even worse than before. He yelped as he grabbed at his arm.

“You’re bleeding,” the one with the dark brown eyes pointed out while rushing toward him.

No shit, Sherlock.

Luke wanted to respond out loud, but he refrained from doing that, and he was glad he did because a second or two later, the man approaching him stretched one hand out toward him. In the next instant, he could feel something cold around his wound. He was taken aback, and he immediately glanced at his left arm. There was now a thin layer of ice wrapped around the bleeding area. Luke wasn’t sure if this man was a witch, wizard, druid, spark, sorcerer, or warlock, but he definitely couldn’t afford to offend this stranger with his sarcasm. He might be excellent in physical combat, and he was great with guns and daggers, but all those would have been useless against someone who utilized magic. Besides, he desperately needed some help.

“What’s the ice for?” Luke inquired when the unknown man finally reached his side while continuing to keep an eye out for the other man.

He noticed that the second man still appeared wary of him. However, he also sensed that the guy didn’t feel as hostile as before. Instead, the stranger actually seemed sympathetic toward him.

“It’s my magic. If your left arm has been infected, it will prevent it from worsening and moving toward some other parts of your body.”

“Somebody shot at me,” Luke explained even though Mr. Magician, his nickname for the man, hadn’t asked for it.

Mr. Magician stared at Luke in silence for the next few seconds, obviously taken aback. Then he shook his head.

“Whatever. Come into the house with me. I’ll get the bullet out.”

Luke was surprised by the offer, but he was grateful. “Can you do that?”

“I have magic. Remember?”




“Did you steal that from a dragon shifter or something?” Lorenzo asked Luke while staring at the man’s cock and licking his lips.

Luke chuckled, and he appeared to be pumping his dick a little faster now. “No. Does a dragon shifter usually have a large cock?”

Lorenzo nodded. “Upon reaching twenty years of age, all dragon shifters will be considered as mature adults within their clans. I’m friends with a few of the men from the various dragon clans, and the smallest one I’ve seen is at least ten inches.”

Luke raised both of his eyebrows. “I assume you must have slept with at least one of them.”

“A few,” Lorenzo admitted with a wink. “They were all before I got into a relationship with Heath and Edgar.”

“Do you like big cocks?”

“Yeah,” Lorenzo replied.

Luke smirked as he continued to fondle his dick. “I have one right here. Almost eleven inches.”

Lorenzo licked his lips as he started taking his shirt off. “Can’t wait to feel that inside my ass.”

“Then come and get it,” Luke said while grinning widely.

“I will.”

A moment later, Lorenzo finished removing all of his clothes. Luke whistled softly after briefly inspecting Lorenzo from top to bottom.

“Nice dick,” Luke complimented.

“Smaller than yours, though,” Lorenzo pointed out before licking his lips, getting up on the bed, and slowly crawling toward Luke. “Mine doesn’t even reach ten inches.”

“You’re packing more than enough meat to satisfy any cock-hungry bottoms, man,” Luke muttered in a husky, soft voice, but since the bedroom was quiet, except for the combined sound of their breathing, Heath could catch every single word clearly while silently watching the interactions between the other three men.

Lorenzo chuckled as he straddled Luke’s waist. “No, thanks. I’m one hundred percent a bottom. I’ve never been a top, and I have zero desire to be one.”

Luke grabbed Lorenzo’s butt cheeks and squeezed. “That’s more than fine with me. I enjoy being pounded in the ass every once in a while, but I’m more of a top. I definitely love to fuck a tight, hot ass.”

Lorenzo teased Luke by placing the man’s cock in between his butt cheeks and rubbing against it. “Sounds like heaven to me, and there’s no need for condoms. My magic will protect all four of us from any diseases. Not that Edgar, Heath, and I have anything like that to pass on to you.”

“I don’t either,” Luke said with a chuckle before turning toward Heath, who was standing by the side of the bed. “Hey, man. Why are you still fully clothed? Join us.”

Heath beamed as he quickly removed all of his clothes. His dick was nothing compared to Luke’s or Lorenzo’s. It was even a little shorter than Edgar’s, which was close to nine inches with an average girth, but Heath won by quite a bit in terms of thickness. Once he was naked, he approached Luke from the right side, and the second he reached the man, he was greeted with a passionate kiss. He could feel Luke deepening it in the next instant, and simultaneously, his new lover attempted to exert his dominance. Heath didn’t fight back with his tongue. Instead, he gently lapped at Luke’s tongue with his own, gently guiding it until he could sense his lover becoming slightly less aggressive.

Once he succeeded, he was able to further enjoy the sensation of making out with Luke. He could savor the taste of Luke’s tongue while he ran one hand all over the rather dense growth of hair on his lover’s chest and stomach. All of a sudden, Luke grunted, and Heath was slightly taken aback so he broke away from the kiss. He chuckled when he understood the reason for that unexpected noise coming from Luke. Lorenzo was riding up and down on Luke’s bare cock.

“Lorenzo’s ass is lethal, isn’t it?” Heath whispered.

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