[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen Ménage ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Growing up in a sterile home, all Jake wanted was to know what it was like to be loved. What he hadn’t expected was his brother to get him into a life-threatening situation. With an enchanted collar around his neck that allows him to shift only halfway, he is pretty much screwed.
After adopting a cat, William starts to notice how peculiar the animal is. He even caught the furry feline scrolling through his text messages. While out looking for a job, William meets a sexy biker and agrees to go out with the guy, although his cat has other plans.
Chase “Hound Dog” Remus is blown away when he realizes the hot, little twink he’s interested in is his mate. He just has one problem, the guy’s cat. Midnight is a shifter. Hound is sure of it. He just has to figure out why the shifter allowed William to adopt him.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.


Hound (MMM)
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Cover Art by Melody Simmons
Another fantastic addition to the series. I love bears and kitty cats ;)
Looking forward to Cross's story.


Story Excerpt


Chase “Hound Dog” Remus pulled his Harley to the traffic light. He always drew attention whenever he rode. Hound was six-four and weighed three hundred and sixty whoping pounds—all muscles, thank you—and he dressed like a thug. Jeans, leather jackets, biker boots, tight T-shirt, and a bandana over his head. He even wore a mask over his lower jaw. Top that off with a pair of dark sunglasses and women clutched their purses and grabbed their kids before hurrying away.

Not all though. There were plenty of females who batted their eyelashes and licked their lips. Those come-hither looks stroked his ego like a bitch.

He nodded toward a pair of females who stood at the curb  giggling and smiling at him. As he waited on the light to turn green, something caught Hound’s attention. He squinted and gazed at a dark-haired male who stood outside a Wendy’s restaurant, talking to a black cat as if the cat understood every word the guy said.

The man was sleek, short, and sexy as the day was long, and Hound took notice. He always took notice when his gaze zeroed in on a fine piece of ass. The light had turned green, and there were cars honking behind him, but the little, dark-haired beauty intrigued Hound. Intrigued him so much that he busted a U-turn, narrowly missing oncoming cars as he headed around to the curb where the man stood.

The guy and the cat turned and looked at him. The male backed up a step. Hound cursed and lowered the mask covering the lower part of his face. Next, he shoved his Oakley sunglasses on top of his head and smiled. He’d been told too many times that his smile was his winning asset, so he grinned wickedly at the stranger.

“Is there something I can help you with?” the guy asked. Hazel eyes that got Hound’s heart pumping wildly, kissable lips that would look like magic wrapped around Hound’s dick, and damn if his sleek body didn’t look even more like heaven up close. That was a body worth getting to know. Hound could already imagine mapping out every dip and curve with his hands and tongue. His dirty mind had the twink bent over his bike while Hound spread those pretty thighs and gave the guy every inch of his dick.

Hound blinked a few times to clear the fantasy as the black cat moved in front of the stranger, as if protecting him.

“Just wondering if you’re single.”


Like Hound had to spell it out for the guy. He was pretty sure the human was hit on multiple times a day. If the guy wanted to be coy, Hound could play along. He liked games.

Games that ended in everyone getting naked.

“’Cause I’d like to get to know you, cub.” Hound toed his kickstand down, cut the motor, and dismounted. The human craned his neck back to look up at him. Pocket-sized. Perfect. Hound liked little guys. They were fun and easy to maneuver around the bed, against the wall, or over any flat surface.

The cat hissed and batted his paw at Hound.

“Midnight, be polite,” the human admonished with a wag of his finger. “You’re not even supposed to be out here.”

“Talk to your cat a lot?”

The human glanced up at him. “Just got him yesterday. There’s nothing wrong with talking to your pet.” He tucked his hands behind his back and gave Hound a challenging stare.

“Didn’t say anything was wrong with it,” Hound said. “I like that you like animals enough to treat them like they’re human.”

The man chuckled, and Hound’s dick became hard. What a sweet sound. He took a step closer and then stopped. Something inside of him unleashed, nearly making him stagger. He glanced at the guy, and then down at the cat, before looking back at the human again.

“What’s your name?”

“William. Yours?”


A deep scowl appeared on William’s handsome face. “Hound? Really? Is that a nickname or your real name?”

Handing out his real name was something Hound rarely did. It kept stalkers and creepers from tracking him down. It wasn’t a bragging point, but the honest truth. He slept with a lot of men and women, and some didn’t know what a one-night stand meant. They begged for his phone number, promised to show him an even better time if they could get together again, or drama ensued when Hound tried to politely slip away. Not to say he hadn’t dated a person more than once, but so far, no one had caught his interest enough that he was tempted to stick around.

“Chase.” Hound stepped closer and scented the air. William smelled exquisite, like stepping into a candy shop. Since Hound was a bear shifter, the sweet smell was toothache inducing.

“I like that better,” William said. “Are you single, Chase?”

“I am.”

The man’s hazel eyes lit up, and he smiled. Damn, Hound was hooked. The guy had a smile that could power the city for an entire year. And he had a set of deep dimples to boot.

The cat hissed again as he head-butted William’s legs. Hound squatted and studied the cat. The cat stopped moving and studied him.

“You said you just got him yesterday?”

William nodded and bent to pick the cat up. Midnight curled in William’s arms as Hound stood.

“I got him from a shelter.” The little twink narrowed his hazel eyes and hugged the cat tighter. “I hope you’re not about to tell me he’s yours. I bought him fair and square.”

The intelligence in Midnight’s eyes told Hound everything he needed to know. “Nope, not about to tell you that. But I’m figuring that there’s more to Midnight than meets the eye.”

Midnight was a cat shifter. Hound could smell it. Why on earth would he want to be owned by someone? Even more strange, how had he ended up in a shelter, and why was he clinging to Hound’s mate?


Adult Excerpt


 “Damn it, cub.” Chase hissed and moaned. He leaned forward and licked a path up William’s lobe. “Turn your body around so I can fuck you.”

William wasn’t able to move until Chase eased the crush of their bodies. They’d been perfectly aligned, and William hated when the bearlike man moved back an inch.

“Condom?” William asked. “Sorry, but I don’t screw without one.”

Chase was gorgeous and all, but that didn’t guarantee he was clean. William liked living a healthy life and planned on living one for as many years as possible. Before his dry spell, he’d gone to the clinic on a regular basis, like every six months. He never had sex without a condom, but one never knew, and it was better to be safe than sorry.

“Got one?”

“In my bedroom.” William glanced toward the bedroom door. “If you can get past that crazy cat, they’re in the nightstand.” He pressed his palm against Chase’s chest to stop the man from moving. “Whatever you do, don’t let him out.”

“Don’t plan on it.” Chase strode to William’s bedroom. William took the opportunity to worship the man’s ass again. The guy had to do a thousand squats a day to get it that tight and muscular.

The bedroom door opened and then closed. William waited. The entire apartment was graveyard quiet. Chase was taking too long. The condoms were in the nightstand. How hard could it be to find them?

William jumped when he heard a thud and then a loud yowl. Chase cursed, and then the door opened and slammed shut. Chase appeared winded before he smiled at William. “Got ’em.”

Them. As in more than one? Just how many times did Chase plan on fucking him? He wasn’t sure, but hell if he would turn the handsome man down. If Chase wanted to have sex all night, William would definitely keep up.

Chase pressed the condoms into William’s hand. “Tell me, sexy kitten, do you like it rough and messy, or slow and steady?”

William’s pulse skyrocketed. His breathing became erratic as he tried to decide how he wanted to get fucked. Just because they were strangers didn’t mean it had to be a certain way. William knew for a fact that a lot of people thought gay men were promiscuous and slutty. William wasn’t a virgin, but he wasn’t a slut either. He landed somewhere in between.

“What are you in the mood for?” he asked. If he asked for messy and rough, he didn’t want Chase thinking him a pervert. Was it a test? It might’ve been a test. Was Chase trying to see if William was take-home material or just someone to fuck when the mood struck?

William went quiet, watching and waiting for Chase’s response.

“Darlin’, I’ll fuck you anyway you want. We can go slow, or we can tear this motherfucking apartment apart.”

“Oh hell.” William’s mouth went dry as his cock became impossibly hard. “You want to do that?”

Chase looked around. He seemed on edge, from his dilated pupils to his heavy breathing. “I want to, but I think your grandmother would roast both our nuts if we tore her apartment apart.”

That was true. “Then we can go fast and messy, but not break anything.”

Chase grinned, his pearly-white teeth mesmerizing. “We can do that.”

Chase nodded toward his jutting erection. “Put the condom on, and let’s get this party started.”

William loved the man’s enthusiasm. He rolled the condom down Chase’s thick length and then turned, gripping the cabinet. Two wet fingers worked inside of his aching hole. William hissed and fought against the hard burn. Chase’s fingers were thick as hell.

“You know you like this,” Hound said against the shell of William’s ear. “You like it dirty, don’t you?”

Should he admit it? “Yes.” William winced and tried to relax, tried not to think too hard about the pain. He wiggled around as Chase stretched him, adding a third finger.

“So fuckin’ tight, cub. I’m going to wreck you, baby.”

William sure as hell hoped so. “Then do it,” he begged. “Wreck me.”

Chase dipped his head and latched his mouth onto the nape of William’s neck. He sucked hard, using his tongue to lash the skin as his teeth brought William a different kind of pleasurable pain. He let go of the cabinet and curled his arms behind him, around Chase’s neck, pulling the man closer as William bowed his body.

“Like having your ass played with, don’t you?”

All William could manage was a moan. Chase’s fingers were working him over, but soon they weren’t enough. William clenched his ass around Chase’s fingers, feeling a primal need to be stretched wide. “Chase, I need more.”

Chase’s fingers disappeared, and William felt the head of Chase’s cock rubbing over his hole, teasing him until William was close to threatening the biker’s life.

“Want me to shove my dick into your ass, pretty baby?” The words were asked in a kind of low rumble, slutty and dirty, just how Chase probably intended them to be. He trailed kisses over William’s shoulder, bit his jaw, and then licked his way down William’s neck. “Do ya?”

“God yes,” William pleaded. “Yes, fuck me.”

Something crashed in William’s bedroom, and the sound barely registered past William’s lust-addled brain. He blew out a puff of air, hissed, and curled his toes as Chase entered him. The head of Chase’s cock was thick, stretching William wide.

“Beg me to give you more.”

A flood of hot, sensual pleasure spread through William. “I want more.”

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