[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Sci-Fi Romance, M/M, shape-shifters]

Dr. Imlay Jones has never understood what all the excitement is around sex. It is dirty, sweaty, and, most times, just plain boring. He prefers his test tubes and medical bay. But when Livewire leaves to go on a mission, Imlay suddenly realizes he doesn't want the man out of his sight. There's something about the crazy mechanic that draws Imlay like a flame.

When Livewire doesn't return, Imlay is beside himself. When it's discovered that Livewire is being held hostage, Imlay insists on going on the rescue mission to retrieve his missing mate. But rescuing Livewire doesn't stop once they get him back onboard the Lady Blue. Livewire can't stand to be touched, trusts no one, and has constant nightmares about his capture. Only Imlay's gentle touch can calm the man. Can Imlay overcome his aversion to sex in order to bring his mate back to the land of the living, or will he lose Livewire forever to the memories that haunt him?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Imlay's Cure (MM)
98 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Sexy, sweet and heart tugging.
I am so glad the next book will be available in 1hour and 15 minutes! I love you both. Another fantastic book :)
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2011 Nominee for Best Series All Around
                in LR Cafe's Loop

5 FALLEN ANGELS: "Imlay paid the Lady Blue handsomely to transport him to another world, but he never expected to find his mate, Livewire. Imlay was never interested in intimate relationships because he thought they were a waste of time. Livewire didn't think he could stand another minute near Imlay without claiming his mate, so he got permission to take a leave of absence and the Lady Blue would pick him up on the trip back, after they dropped off Imlay. Livewire had to see Imlay one more time and couldn't stop himself from taking one kiss to last him for the rest of his life. Imlay was held in a trance after the kiss, and when he comes out of it, it was too late to bring Livewire back. Imlay immediately decides to stay of the ship and can't wait to see Livewire again. Unfortunately, when they return, they can't locate him. The crew refuses to give up. When they find Livewire and another man, Adwaka, badly beaten, Imlay knows that Livewire will need time and love to get him through the pain that lies ahead. Will Imlay's love be enough to heal Livewire? Who is the stranger and will the Lady Blue Crew survive what lies ahead? It was fascinating to experience the changes in Imlay as he came to terms with his feelings for Livewire. It must have been difficult to go from being so self-contained, to caring for the well-being of someone else more than your own. I enjoy the many differing personalities of the mates, especially Gigi as he enlisted the other mates in his many schemes, driving their lovers crazy while trying to protect them from themselves! Livewire is very funny as he treats the Lady Blue as if she is alive. But for him, she probably is, since he's an engineer. I'm always surprised at how the paranormal aspects of the story sneak up on the reader and manifest in ways that you'd never expect. As the Lady Blue seeks to find out who is trying to capture/kill them, the depths of the mystery remain hidden while they struggle to survive." -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

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Imlay swallowed hard, and then swallowed again. His throat had gone desert dry. He stood in the doorway to the bathroom and couldn’t get his feet to move.

“Come here, Imlay.” Livewire held his hand out.

Imlay’s feet obeyed his mate as he padded across the floor. His fingers fluttered over his towel as he took a seat on the edge of the bed. Only the very bottom of his butt cheeks made contact with the bed. His body was coiled and ready to jump away.

Livewire killed the plan when his arm wrapped around Imlay’s waist and pulled him back to a warm and solid body. Imlay’s cock was tenting under the towel, giving away his desire as Livewire pulled him down to lie stretched out next to his mate. Imlay could feel his pale skin flush as Livewire’s arms wrapped around him.

“Hi.” A sexy-as-sin grin pulled at Livewire’s lips.

They lay stretched out together, their bodies molded from shoulders to toes. It didn’t quite match up perfectly though. Imlay was five inches taller than Livewire. But his mate made up for that in body girth. Livewire was chiseled, muscular, maybe from working with machines all the time. Whereas Imlay had more of a runner’s body…okay, his mind was babbling.

“Hello.” Imlay felt strange lying in bed using pleasantries. Why wasn’t Livewire making a move? A hand landed on his hips and Imlay yelped.

“Relax, babe.” Livewire leaned forward and lapped at his neck as his hand wandered on circles over his naked hip. Where had his towel gone? Imlay could feel the light touches of Livewire’s finger teasing his flesh as his tongue seduced Imlay’s neck and shoulder. This was good, real good. It felt wonderful.

Imlay let his head drop to the side as Livewire teased and sucked, licked and nipped. Imlay was relaxing, forgetting his fears, and his mate’s hand ran up his back and then a finger traced down his spine, making Imlay shiver.

“That’s it, babe.” Livewire took his lips in a mind-altering kiss as the finger that trailed his spine dipped further down, running between his crease.

Imlay moaned when his mate tapped the plug with his finger. He cried into Livewire’s mouth when his mate jostled it. The sensation felt so good that Imlay wanted more, so much more. He lifted his hips, driving his cock into Livewire’s stomach and then pushing back against his mate’s hand. Imlay wanted the plug out and Livewire’s cock in.

“Please,” he begged and then buried his face into the crook of his mate’s neck. Imlay moaned when all of a sudden, he was empty. His hands quickly grabbed Livewire’s shoulders as he rolled them, putting Imlay underneath so much solid muscle.

Instinctively Imlay lifted his legs, offering his mate anything he wanted or needed. Livewire’s shifter reddish-orange hues stared down at him, his eyes reassuring Imlay that he would stop if need be.

“Don’t stop.”

Livewire grinned and then grabbed the lube from under the pillow. His mate leaned back, snapped the cap, and then made everything slick and wet. His lubed fingers glided into Imlay’s already stretched hole. Imlay arched his back, feeling like he was going to explode when Livewire stroked over his prostate.

Imlay wrapped his arms around Livewire’s neck, pulling his mate close as Livewire’s cock touched his hole and then popped past the ring, burying itself deep inside of him. His mate didn’t move. Not one muscle twitched while Imlay breathed through the wide girth. This is what he had wanted, what he had been dreaming of for the past couple of weeks.

Imlay hitched his hips, trying to get Livewire deeper inside of him, to feel that enormous cock tickling the back of his throat. Livewire pulled back and then rammed forward, watching Imlay’s eyes, studying him.

“Harder…yes, harder,” Imlay begged as his feet tried to climb up Livewire’s back. “You’re so big, so huge.” His fingernails dug into Livewire’s skin as his hole stretched to capacity and beyond. If Imlay had only known, really known how good this felt, he would have jumped Livewire as soon as he met him.

So much wasted time because Imlay had been too afraid. Imlay pushed that thought aside, refusing to let it mar their perfect moment. It was happening now and that was all that mattered. “Give me more, Livewire.”

“How much more, babe?” Livewire was panting.

Imlay could tell he was holding back, big time. “All of you. Show me the real you.” Imlay wasn’t sure what he was asking for, but this wasn’t enough. He needed more, so much more.

Livewire reared back, pushing one leg so far back that it touched Imlay’s ear. His mate began to power drive into him, giving Imlay what he had been begging for.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Imlay cried as Livewire unleashed his beast. His fingernails grew long, his fangs emerged, and his skin darkened and then lightened with those brilliant hues of sunset colors. Livewire was giving him everything.

Imlay gasped when Livewire leaned forward, turning Imlay into a pretzel as Livewire got impossibly close and he whispered in his ear. “I’m going to claim you, mate.”

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