Pride and Politics (MM)

Men of Holsum College 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,742
6 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, light consensual BDSM, HEA]

Aloof and arrogant, Holsum College junior Hunter Ford has enjoyed all the perks of being from one of America's most prominent families. Hunter can have anything he wants—except time away from his family's political spotlight and the image consultant hired to keep him there. 

Steve Camden’s job is simple—make Hunter toe the line for the duration of his uncle’s vice-presidential campaign. This is the break Steve's been waiting for and a chance to provide a better life for his deaf sister. But he didn't count on an attraction to the broken scion—one that rearranges everything Steve thought he knew about himself.

As Steve melts Hunter's icy exterior, the heat between them threatens more than just their hearts. Then a ghost from Hunter’s past shows up on the campaign, challenging Hunter’s stability, and straining Steve’s ability to defend and protect the man he’s growing to love.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Pride and Politics (MM)
6 Ratings (4.7)

Pride and Politics (MM)

Men of Holsum College 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,742
6 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
This installment was not as good as the ones previous.
When I heard Ms. Harris was making Hunter the hero of one of her College Boys series books, I was both delighted and intrigued. Hunter is...not a nice person in earlier books in this series and I wondered how Ms. Harris would go about making him a good hero. My questions were answered. By the end of the book I was entirely in love with Hunter. Steve was a great hero too, but in my opinion Hunter made this book. Another great job by Ms. Harris!
Cassandra Carr
Professional Reviews

atruegemaward38-300x300.png4.5 STARS: "The highly anticipated story of Hunter Ford. I’ve patiently waited for Hunter to get his story and I must say Daisy Harris did not disappoint. In the 6th installment of the series readers get to see how bad boy Hunter Ford finally gets himself together and obtains the man of his dreams. I wondered how Ms. Harris would transform Hunter from the selfish, arrogant, spoiled kid to the man worthy of true love in the form of Steve Camden. I love that Hunter isn’t altered from bad boy one day to good guy the next; throughout the story is becomes obvious that it’s not entitlement or status that has shaped attitude Hunter but mainly family drama, and childhood trauma. As Hunter confronts his past, with a lot of help from Steve, and learns to deal with his emotions it becomes incredible easy to fall for the bad boy. Steve is the greatest, he’s hard working, loyal, sexy and smart and he’s also the man whose new job assignment is being “Hunter’s Handler”; making sure Hunter doesn’t embarrass his uncle on the campaign trail. Steve is exactly what Hunter needs; he’s older and wiser and doesn’t put up with any of Hunter’s crap. Steve lets Hunter be himself without judgment and without being too easy on him either. The power exchange between the two men makes for an extremely provocative read and it also adds some BDSM elements to the story." -- Charnel Chante, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

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“I need a blow job,” Hunter said.

“What?” Steve wondered if he’d heard wrong. The window buzzed closed between the driver’s cab and their back section of the limo. Poor Sabi. First saddled with a name normally given to girls, and now being terrorized by Hunter Ford.

“Don’t look so shocked. I was just making conversation.” Hunter crossed his ankle over his opposite knee, looking like the picture of collected calm.

Steve thought about how to answer, but decided to play along. “Well, in that case, I could use one, too. But since it isn’t going to happen for either one of us, I suggest we figure out what to have for lunch.”

Hunter shrugged, and then reached into the cooler set in the armrest and grabbed a Coca-Cola. “The only decent restaurant in this part of town is at the hotel.” He made a face. “Unless you want to eat at Applebee’s.”

Steve would have been fine with a chain restaurant, but he knew Hunter would be a pain in the ass about going, so he decided to wait. “Fine. We’re clear to check into the hotel in a half hour.” He followed Hunter’s lead and grabbed himself a club soda out of the cooler. Then, figuring he didn’t need to be 100 percent sober for a couple hours, he reached over for the decanter of scotch that seemed to be standard issue on stretch limousines and poured himself half of a shot.

“So, which do you like better, giving or getting?” Hunter hid his smirk behind his sunglasses, but that didn’t stop Steve noticing he was back to talking about sex.

“Getting.” Steve poured some club soda over the alcohol and added a handful of ice. “Doesn’t everyone?” Steve had a few gay friends, but they tended to be like him—quiet and serious. They didn’t talk about their sex lives much.

“What, are you kidding? Some guys love sucking cock.” He leaned back in his seat and drank his Coke right out of the can.

Steve couldn’t control his curiosity. “How about you? What do you like?” He was skirting a dangerous edge, Steve knew. His dick plumped up in his slacks, but it wasn’t the erection that was causing the problem.

Hunter was just so damn good-looking. It was easy not to notice when he was being a jerk. But the guy was fucking beautiful. And Steve was getting the serious impression that Hunter wanted to sleep with him. Perhaps it was that Hunter wanted to sleep with someone, and Steve just happened to be there, but that didn’t stop Steve from feeling unbelievably tempted.

“You should know by now—I’m a taker.” The words were dickish, but Hunter’s smile was super hot. He raised an eyebrow. “Maybe we could find some cute little bottom to blow us both.”

Club soda bubbled up Steve’s nose, and he coughed into his hand. “No.” Steve laughed. He could just imagine it, he and Hunter picking up some guy and driving around in the limo, getting serviced. The image was so decadent and wrong that Steve almost wanted to do it.

He’d never done anything really crazy. Steve hadn’t even gone to his own prom, much less had any sexual exploits on the way to and from. He hadn’t known he was gay back then, only that he was completely different, and had spent as much time as possible alone or with his couple close friends.

During his one year at community college, he’d met a boy and figured out he was gay. They’d had a wonderful time discovering sex together. But it was never wild.

“Oh, you’re no fun.” Hunter rolled his eyes, and his smile was more amused than sarcastic. “I guess you’ll just have to blow me, then.”

Steve knew he was joking. He must have been joking. But that didn’t stop Steve from getting hard as diamonds. “You know that can’t happen.” Steve should have opened the divider, told Sabi—not a girl—to drive them back to the hotel and drop the pair of them at the staff entrance. But Steve couldn’t look away from Hunter’s lips, his jaw, his ivory-white neck above the collar of his dress shirt.

Oh, God. What it would feel like to open that top button, and then the next, and the next? Had Steve said he didn’t like giving head as much as getting? He would suck Hunter down, he didn’t even care if Hunter grabbed his ears and thrust.

He swallowed, trying to get his body and thoughts back under control. “Not possible, Hunter.”

“But you want to, right?” Something shifted in Hunter’s expression, his mouth got looser. He took off his sunglasses and rubbed his eyes. “Listen…”

Steve might have fallen over, he was so surprised by Hunter’s moment of letting down his guard.

“It’s normal for people to hook up on the campaign trail. It’s stressful as shit, and after the morning we’ve had, I want to fuck someone through a wall.” Hunter let out a long breath. Then he lifted his glass—the one filled with alcohol—and took another sip. He stared out the window at the Florida suburbs streaming by. “You’re an okay-looking guy. So if you’re interested, let me know.”

“Okay-looking?” Steve couldn’t help but chuckle. He knew he wasn’t gorgeous or anything, not like Hunter. “Wow, you’re a charmer, aren’t you?” He wasn’t really offended.

Hunter huffed out a sound through his nose, like a laugh, but not quite. “You may not have noticed, but I don’t normally have to be charming.”




“I don’t normally…” Steve let the sentence trail off. He wasn’t even sure what he meant. He didn’t normally want to act like someone’s sex slave? He wasn’t normally a sub, or even a bottom? He wanted to explain to Hunter or apologize. But fuck—he wanted what Hunter was offering so badly.

Yeah, a blow job in a limo sounded great. Who wouldn’t want that, right? But what Hunter was suggesting…Was it wrong that it sounded better?

“I know you don’t.” Hunter stared across the expanse between them with stern gray eyes. They looked amazing with that suit. Like steel dipped in silver. And even though he’d opened the top couple buttons of his shirt now, and his tie was hanging loosely by his belly, he still looked sexy as fuck. “But it’s okay to want it now.”

Shit. Shit. Shit. Steve was so turned on he could barely see straight. His cock pounded in time with his heart. He wasn’t even aware that he’d gotten off his seat and walked on his knees over to where Hunter was sitting until Hunter touched his chin.

“Hey.” Hunter tilted Steve’s face, looked in his eyes. His smile was slow and thawed the coldness in his eyes.

Steve felt like he had turned to putty.

“I’m going to do you, now,” Hunter said. Then he handed Steve his champagne glass. “Drink.”

The glass felt cool against Steve’s heated lips. And the champagne tasted sharp and sweet and good. Steve handed it back, letting Hunter put it back in its holder. He didn’t want to leave his spot, sitting on his heels by Hunter’s feet.

“I like this tie on you.” Hunter tugged Steve’s tie down a short way. He kissed Steve once, quickly and not giving Steve a chance to kiss back. Then, with a glint in his eyes, he tugged Steve’s tie out of his collar and flipped it around, pressing the long section across Steve’s mouth.

“Here. Bite down.”

Steve opened his mouth. Felt silk, smooth but unyielding, against his tongue. He did what Hunter said, but around his mouthful, he asked, “Won’t it get wet?”

Hunter smiled as he unhooked Steve’s belt and began unfastening Steve’s pants. “Don’t you worry your pretty little head about that.”

He palmed Steve’s dick through the cotton of his briefs, and Steve had to admit that at that moment he didn’t give a fuck if he chewed right through his damn tie.

“I’m going to fuck you. In case you hadn’t figured that out yet,” Hunter said. He was completely calm and looking more at Steve’s chest than his eyes. Still, he kept up his rough tugging on Steve’s shaft.

Steve huffed a little moan, glad to have something in his mouth to stop him from being louder. God, he wanted it so badly. But there was a driver only feet away. And the city lights were passing outside, faded by the dark windows.

Hunter studied Steve’s face for a second, like he was reconsidering his plan.

But before Hunter could change his mind, Steve nodded. He tried to say, “Please,” but around the tie in his mouth, it came out sounding like, “Eess.”

“Okay.” Hunter rolled his eyes a little, like he was making fun of Steve, but kindly. “You’re so much trouble sometimes.”

Steve didn’t know why, but Hunter’s scolding got him even harder. Hunter wasn’t even touching him anymore, but Steve felt like every inch of his body was tingling.

“Now, I’m not going to ruin my tie or go to the trouble of tying up your hands. That’s far too much work.” Hunter leaned back in his seat again. He took a slow sip of his drink before setting it down. With a put-upon sigh, he said, “So you’re going to have to hold yourself still.”

Oh, my God. Steve felt like he was going to come on the spot. He wanted Hunter so badly he would have done anything he wanted. Even bend over right on the hood of the car.

“Good. Well, then, I guess I’ll have to give you your present.” There was only the tiniest hint of a grin to show how happy Hunter was. “Go back to your side and take down your pants.”

Sweat broke out on Steve’s brow. If he was leaning over the rear-facing bench he’d be right behind the driver. Not that he was far away from the guy now, but…

He nodded. Though his pants were open, they were still far enough up his legs he could get across to his side easily enough. When he was facing the front of the car, Steve bent forward and rested his cheek on the seat. The smell of the bench’s leather filled his nose.

He reached back and lowered his pants over his ass and partway down his thighs.

Hunter made him wait. Fuck. Of course he did.

Steve felt more naked than he ever had in his life. He could hear cars rushing by on the highway outside. City lights flashed, even through the dulling of the windows. And the back of his thighs felt cool and shivery, since they were the only part of his body exposed.

Then Hunter was behind him. He didn’t waste any movements, just grabbed the tie on either side behind Steve’s head and pulled it tight across Steve’s mouth. His other hand went to Steve’s ass. And he must have brought lube because the fingers on Steve’s pucker were cool and slippery.

Hunter tugged so that Steve was forced to lift his head off the seat. And at the same time, he shoved two fingers into Steve’s ass—so quickly that if it hadn’t been for the tie across his mouth, Steve might have yelled.

“That’s good.” Hunter worked Steve’s ass open, his fingers probing deep, fucking in a slow, maddening rhythm. He pulled away when Steve still wasn’t sure he was ready. And then his dick was at Steve’s ass, poised to spear inside.

Steve breathed hard through his nose. His hard cock strained forward, as if it were trying to touch the seat’s buttery leather. But Hunter kept Steve far enough back that his dick just waved in the air, his wet cap occasionally brushing the tails of his dress shirt.

“Sit back, darling.” Hunter sat on his heels, and with a hand on Steve’s hip, he pulled Steve backward, until Steve was balanced, with no choice but to sit on Hunter’s cock.


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