It Takes an Artist (MM)

Quint & Clay Art Crimes


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 47,035
0 Ratings (0.0)

What do you do when someone attempts to frame you for the murder of your roommate? That's the problem facing kinetic artist Trev Eldridge. Although Detective Quint Hawk determines Trev is innocent, it does nothing to assuage Trev's fears.

While Quint sets out to discover who's responsible for the murder, Trev is befriended by Dr. Zack Kendall. As Zack helps Trev deal with what happened, the two men begin to bond. At the same time, artist Clay Richardson takes Trev under his wing, after discovering that he is a talented artist.

Evidence leads Quint to a theory about the murder and who is involved. With the help of Trev, Zack, Clay, and Officer Lou Hernandez, they come up with a plan to catch the villains.

With all that is happening, can the growing attraction between Trev and Zack survive before the criminals take them out of the picture ... permanently?

It Takes an Artist (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

It Takes an Artist (MM)

Quint & Clay Art Crimes


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 47,035
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

"Now, about the attack," Detective Hawk said. "I want you to tell me exactly how it went down, step by step."

"I already did that," Trev protested.

"Please do it again. You've had time to think about it more, at least subconsciously, even if you're avoiding consciously doing it."

For some reason he couldn't explain, Trev looked over at Zack. He was leaning against the wall by the door, obviously listening to the conversation. Zack nodded and smiled encouragingly. "Just take it slow," he said.

Quint glanced over -- seeming momentarily surprised (the doctor) was still in the room. Returning his attention to Trev, he said, "What were the two of you doing just before they came in?"

"John was watching ... some comedy on TV. I was sort of watching too, while I was sketching out an idea I'd had for a new mobile. We were on either end of the sofa."

"All right. Then?"

"There was a bang on the door. Loud. My first thought was that our neighbor would be calling the manager about the noise. She's older and did that once when I had my music turned up too high. Luckily, we're at the end of the hall so she was the only one close to us." Trev bit his lip. "Then the door burst open."

"From the evidence," Quint told him, "the bang you heard was one of them kicking just below the door handle."

"I ... guess? Anyway, they came in. They had guns. I was closest to them." Trev closed his eyes, trying to picture it. "The one guy said the thing about the big man. I ... damn!" Trev snapped his eyes open, looking at the detective. "They shot John. I turned to look at him." He shivered. "I couldn't believe it had happened. Then something hit me on the head." He touched the spot, wincing, because it was definitely tender. "That was the last I remember. Not being shot…but being hit." He frowned, looking at Zack again. "Why didn't I remember that the first time I told the story?"

Zack replied, "I suspect because it all happened so fast. Your mind processed the major details -- the men breaking in, them shooting your friend, what the one man said. Those were the important points. The rest came later."

"I remembered what they were wearing and told him." Trev nodded toward Quint.

"You have an artist's eye for that kind of detail."

Trev smiled a bit smugly at the detective. "See, that's what I said when you asked."

Quint chuckled. "You did. Now I need more. I need you to try to remember their faces."

"They looked angry. Well, not angry really. Aggressive. Hostile. The bigger man --" Trev paused, trying to picture him "-- I couldn't see his hair, because of the beanie. He had dark eyebrows, thin lips, a ... a thin nose but with a small bend, like it had been broken sometime."

"Excellent," Quint said, taking notes. "If you couldn't see his hair, I suspect it's either short or he had it tucked up. What about the other man?"

"I didn't really get much of a good look at him. He was off to the side, almost behind me. Other than his hoodie and the fact that he was shorter, that's about it. No ... wait! He had blond hair. Probably long, because I caught a glimpse of it here --" Trev tapped the side of his neck "-- poking out of the hood. And maybe blue eyes."

"Anything about their builds, other than their heights?"

"The taller man ... It's hard to tell since he was wearing a heavy jacket, but I got the impression he was bulked out. Broad shoulders."

"You're doing very well, Trev."

"Thank you. Now, I have a question for you, Detect -- I mean, Quint." Again Trev glanced at Zack before continuing. "They're going to release me in the morning. If I want to, can I go back to the apartment?"

"Yes. I will warn you. It hasn't been cleaned since the shooting and the CSI team going over it."

Trev shivered. "So his blood ..."

"I'm afraid so. I'll give you the name of a company that specializes in crime scene cleanup." Quint wrote down the name and number after checking his cell phone, and handed it to Trev.

"Thanks." Trev put it on the nightstand then asked, "What if they, the men who shot us and whoever sent them ... What if they find out you haven't arrested me for John's murder?"

"With your permission, I'd like to make certain they do find out. I want to let the reporters know, as an update on the murder, that you were a person of interest who was questioned and released, since we have reason to believe you didn't shoot Mr. Pierce."

Trev hissed in a breath, panic washing through him. "That would make me a sitting duck."

"Yes, it would, which is why I need your permission to do it. So far, all the news outlets know is that Mr. Pierce was murdered and his roommate -- you, but not your name -- was shot, with the veiled implication that your wound might have been self-inflicted and that you're under police guard here at the hospital until you recuperate."

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