Just a Client (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 57,503
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[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA]

Nick Bolton's organized life has gone crazy since finding his trusted friend and employee, Jimmy, is embezzling from his construction company. A letter arrives notifying him of yet another "Jimmy" project. Nick decides to drive from Virginia Beach to Kitty Hawk to investigate. The instant he sees Arden Mitchell, he loses his heart. Spending time with this stranger reinforces his feelings.

Arden is skeptical of Nick, yet she's drawn to him on a sexual level. She accepts his weekend workmen idea to get her motel renovation finished before the season. She acknowledges her dreams of a relationship with this man aren't realistic, yet she wants him anyway—until the moment he tells her their private time is over, calling her just a client he can't become involved with.

Meeting on New Year's, their hormones override common sense to satisfy lust with sexual gratification. Can a clear mind prevail when love is involved?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Just a Client (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Just a Client (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 57,503
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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4 STARS: "'This job is going to be crazy enough. I can't have a relationship with you and have you as a client. I don't get involved with clients.' Nick's harsh words may end everything before it even starts. Nick Bolton is the most stubborn man I know. He has his reasons for not wanting to start a relationship with Arden Mitchell. Sure, she is his client, but could he not separate his personal feelings towards her and his professional situation? Now Arden Mitchell, I had total respect for her because she gave him the space he needed to think and figure out what he truly wanted to do with his life. Nick had a hard decision to make, he could get sued for a job that he could not do or somehow figure out how he could have his guys do the renovation on Arden's motel. After meeting her, he knew what he needed to do even though his lawyer told him it was a bad idea. Both Nick and Arden had feelings toward each other instantly after seeing each other. They spent time together, having lunch, walking out on the beach and also just talking and getting to know each other. Except that Nick ended things between them. Arden tried her best to avoid Nick but he was not making it easy. And after Arden saw where Nick lived and worked, she walked out on him. I often wanted to slap Nick a couple of times to snap him out of the funk he was in. He had no right in stringing Arden along when he was the one that ended whatever they had. The romantic development is something that left me longing for more. I wish there was just a bit more of the hot romantic development between Nick and Arden but I understood the author's reasoning for it. The dialogue was well done and the story flow is good. JUST A CLIENT is a contemporary story that warned my heart. I will say the happy ever after was completely satisfying and delightful. If you love contemporaries, why not pick up JUST A CLIENT today." -- CozyReader, The Romance Reviews

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With his elbows on his knees and his head buried in his hands, Arden couldn’t begin to tell what was on his mind, but she knew not to touch him. “I’ll make some coffee.”

No. I’m not staying.” Again his tone was flat, his attitude resigned. She was beginning to hate that tone of his voice. She took off her jacket and tossed it on the couch. Standing before the windows in the darkened room, she waited, wondering what he would do next. When he spoke, the dread she had felt earlier in the day returned, a nagging pain in the pit of her stomach.

“Arden, I’ve made a decision.”

“Have you, Nick?” Keeping her back to him, she knew he was still sitting on the stairs. “Are you going to keep it to yourself?” Her words were clipped, her attitude started to slip through, and she tried to rein it back.

“I’m going to have Tommy oversee the project. He’ll be your contact person both here and at the office.”

“All right, Nick, anything else?”

“Yes. You’re a client.”

“Is that what I am?” Glancing over her shoulder, she saw what she decided was pain in his eyes, or what she chose to read as pain. She wondered if having to deal with her and the situation annoyed him. Even so, she kept bypassing the thought.

“This job is going to be crazy enough. I can’t have a relationship with you and have you as a client. I don’t get involved with clients.” She heard his words, but wondered whether they were for her benefit or his. His voice sounded foreign.

“Anything else?”

“I’ll stop by occasionally, to check the progress, and in an emergency call me, but if it’s work related, I’d prefer you go to Tommy. Alex will be able to help, too. He’s always in the office.”

“That’s fine. I assume you two worked this out over your beers?”

“Something like that.”

“Thank you for telling me, Nick. I’ll make the proper changes. Anything else?” She refused to let him see her cry. She wanted him out of her space and fast. Arden hoped her arrogant tone impressed this upon him. “Good-bye, Nick.”

“Good night, Arden.” Tears stung at the backs of her eyes before he reached the door, so she didn’t turn around. She stayed where she was, hoping he’d leave. The muffled sound of the door closing behind him was the final signal to her tears. This time she let them come, enjoying the knowledge she could still feel, at least, even if it did hurt.




Relinquishing control was difficult. Torturing him with her lips and mouth in ways he never imagined, she took both his hands in one of hers, letting her free hand roam his stomach, touching and feeling each patch of exposed skin. She leaned forward, letting his mouth contact with her right nipple for just a moment, and then she pulled back, offering the left. His erection twitched under her. Freeing Nick of his pants never quite happened. She managed to open them and pull them to the side and half down, but they never really came off. Still straddling him, with his arms held above his head, she leaned forward, looking him squarely in the eye.

“Don’t move.”

His eyes half opened with her words, but they closed as she kissed him lightly. She released her grip, and he automatically reached to grasp her hip.

Don’t move,” she repeated.

“Arden, please…” was all he managed to moan before he felt her hand reach for his hardness. His eyes flew open as he watched her head descend to his belly. She feathered kisses along his sides, drawing closer to his erection. She held him lightly, stroking and rubbing. When her hot mouth engulfed him, Nick let out a groan, whispering her name. With her mouth, she teased him again, starting at his nipples and working her way back to his throbbing cock. Nick had enjoyed women over the years, but Arden made love to his cock like no other woman had. She took him on a ride of lust and need. She’d get him to the point of coming and then hold his orgasm back, pinching at his base until he was back in control.

“You’re huge,” Arden said in between licks and nips to his erection.

“And trying not to come.”

“Not yet, Nick. Let me suck you for a while.”

She lapped at each drop of pre-cum her motions produced as if it were her reward. Between her fingers and her mouth, he wasn’t sure how he was holding back. He was only aware that it was Arden and that he wanted to experience everything.

“Nick, I want to suck you, but I need to feel you inside me. Need to feel how you’ll stretch my body to accommodate your length and width.”

“Come up here where I can lick you first.”

“Later. I’m already wet from you sucking my nipples. I can’t wait any longer. I’ve been wondering how you’d fill me since the first time I felt you against my belly.” Her head dropped back, and she swallowed him, using her throat muscles to pull him deeper. “You’re so close,” she told him and finally relaxed her hold on him.

When she pulled back again, she moved away momentarily. He watched her hook her thumbs under the elastic of her panties and draw them down her legs, kicking them off. He felt her shift over him and heard the familiar tear of the condom package just before he felt her slide the protection over his length, a mere second before he was engulfed inside her. Her inner warmth brought him to his senses, his eyes flying open. That was when he saw her, watched her smile of satisfaction as she straddled him, impaling her body on his cock. Her eyes were closed, and her head tossed back as she rode him.

“My God, Arden. You’re beautiful.” His hands went to her waist, holding her, guiding her as she rose then slowly lowered herself onto him. “You’re so tight and hot,” he managed to tell her as she used her hips to find her own rhythm, taking what she wanted from him. Watching her in the semidarkness with only the moonlight filtering through the window, he felt her shudder and pause for only a moment. Arden opened her eyes, scanning the room and finally looking down at him. He fell in love again with her small smirk of satisfaction.

Knowing he couldn’t last long with her riding him, he rolled her onto her back, pulling out from her warmth. A raspy Nick was all she got out as he struggled to rid himself of the rest of his clothing. His hand stroked her, finding her wet from her release. The tip of his finger invaded her most private place, stroking in and out of her pussy. With each dip of his finger, she heaved her weight upon him, waiting for him to come back inside her.

“Nick, please…”

“Arden, love…” His other hand stroked the hair from her face, as his lips met hers. His fingers continued to invade her pussy while he again went back to her breasts, starting at the beginning.

“Nick, please, come back inside me.”

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