Lovers and Saints (MF)

The Copperton Files 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 58,440
3 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Romantic Suspense, HEA]

Take a young investigative reporter. Add a dash of mystery and loads of lust to create the perfect recipe for murder and sensuality in Lovers and Saints. The town of Crompton is under siege by a serial killer intent on throwing the police off with prayer cards, bits of rosary, and a shadowy priest. Who is the murderer? Who secures the heart of Sam? Can a woman give herself completely to the man she loves while cracking the crime of the century?

In order to write the article of a lifetime, Samantha Copperton befriends the officers at the precinct—Carl, the lovelorn friend, Grant, the father figure, and Andre Carson, Sam's nemesis–turned–voracious lover. As Carl helps Sam dissect the killer's evil intent, Andre's ire leads to a fiery inferno of passion and heated desire. In a series of conflicts between good and evil, will love endure?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Lovers and Saints (MF)
3 Ratings (4.3)

Lovers and Saints (MF)

The Copperton Files 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 58,440
3 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Start with four very dead young girls, none of them Catholic, all bearing parts of a rosary. Add a sinister dark-clad man with a revolver, a priest with more than one secret, a former cop who has conveniently left no trace of himself, and a sick, cunning serpentine brain behind all of it. Stir in a sizzling, erotic attraction between ace reporter Samantha Copperton and hardened cop Andre Rodriguez. Try not to cringe at the masturbatory yearnings of another man who desires Sam in and out of his dreams, and a raven who always seems to watch over the grisly proceedings with “wings of doom.”

What do you have? A cocktail for brutal, serial killings and lust that is too potent to control. You have the hugely entertaining LOVERS AND SAINTS.

I will not give away the plot any more than I have. But I warn you, readers--this book moves with blood-pounding tension from start to finish. You will be stirred by the sensuous love scenes. But even more, your blood will hammer to the pulse of the ominous Gregorian chant that the killer slips into Sam’s CD as he draws ever and ever closer to his final prey.
Erin O‘Quinn
I love reading and writing romantic suspense. This story started out slow for me, but once the author got to the suspense part, the writing tightened up. It's in writing suspense that this author's skills really shine. The suspense thread of this book is creepy and chilling, and as the story progresses the tension doesn't let up. There are a lot of characters, and at times the POV jumps quickly from one to the next, but all of the characters play a necessary part in solving the crime. I do love that we get to solve the crime along with the heroine as the book progresses. As to the romance, I was a bit confused at first, because it read more like a love triangle between Samantha, Carl and Andre rather than a budding romance between Sam and Andre. I also felt like I was being told there was sexual tension between Sam and Andre, rather than shown it. I would have loved a chance to get to know Andre on my own as a reader. In many of the scenes Sam mentally compared what Carl would do or say with what Andre would do or say in any given situation. I would have preferred these scenes evolve more through action and dialogue, actually showing these men competing for her attention, rather than being given a series of "what-if" scenarios told through Samantha's imagination. When Sam and Andre finally did get together, and when the author wrote scenes between them that were action-based rather than introspective, they were hot and well done. I would read another of her books.
Carolyn Rosewood

Story Excerpt


Sam loved being a journalist. As a child she always carried a notebook and pencil. Constantly jotting down events at school, Timmy falls off bike, Cindy scratches knee, Mr. Robbins stinks. It was the beginning of her life. She savored the words and flow of graphite over paper. Now, it was the flurry of fingertips on keyboards, tape recordings, and texting. The technology had changed, but not the words. Words wound threads of thought in her creative head, twisting and turning until the perfect tapestry of thought was produced. 

Samantha drove to the gas station and picked up two paper cups of black coffee and a half dozen packets of sugar for Carl. Loving his sweets, Sam felt a twinge of pity for the man and picked up a pack of donuts as well. His stomach was bulging and his hairline receding, but that’s not what bothered Sam. Carl always found a way to touch her, whether it be a pat on the arm, a friendly embrace, or a seemingly innocent brush against her thigh. Sensations of nausea would pang Sam as her skin crawled when he invaded her space.

Briar’s park loomed in front of her. The iron gates stood open. Rust prevented the closure of the security barrier. She could see dew dripping from the birch trees. A small current of breath blew each tender leaf. The park was beautiful this time of day. In a few hours, mothers with their children in tow would invade the serenity and stillness that enveloped her.

Briar’s park was close to Sam’s home and work. Actually, everything in Crompton was intimate. It wasn’t a small town like Mayberry, yet far from New York City. As much as she loved the familiarity, Sam yearned to be a reporter in a big city. One day, she would uncover a huge story that would make her byline known globally. Smiling at this thought, she pulled her Honda into the park and replaced her thoughts of fame with the crime scene ahead.

Yellow tape was being set around the pond, the adjacent playground, and the picnic area. Carl had come through for her again. There was no sign of the press. Once again, he had got Sam to the forefront of a big headline.

“Hey, Copperton, what songbird sang for you this morning?” Detective Grant Wilson yelled across the lawn. She waved and gave him a flashing smile.

“Just felt like taking a walk in the park. What’s going on here? Are you decorating for a birthday party?” Samantha liked Grant. He was sturdy in build, tendrils neglected to lay flat against his slightly graying hair. No matter how neatly dressed he was, she was always drawn to his unkempt coif.

Despite Carl’s objections, Grant had introduced Sam to Paul. There was symmetry that attracted the pair immediately. Grant used to tease Sam that he hand-picked Paul just for her. Like Carl, Grant and Paul had been lifelong pals in Crompton. The three played baseball, football, and skinny-dipped in the stream outside of town. They were brothers. There was another musketeer in the group, one that Sam detested. Andre was nothing like Carl the simpleton, Grant the wise, and Paul the delicious. 

“And, you brought coffee. That was sweet.” Grant reached out and grabbed Carl’s coffee.

“Hey that’s for…the birds. Go ahead, enjoy.” Sam felt like one of the family around Grant. Her acceptance into the group was smooth and flowing. Sam thought this must be what having brothers was like.

“Where’s my—oh, you have it. A guy can’t even get a cup of coffee anymore.” Carl joined the two. He started to put his arm around Sam, but she moved slightly closer to Grant. Winking, Grant appeared to catch on.

“Sorry”—Samantha smiled—“Detective Wilson thought the cup was his.”

“Grant thinks everything is his.” There was a bit of sting to the sentence.

The three headed toward the crime scene. Samantha could see a platform sandal in the grass. The closer Sam got to the body, she saw pieces of clothing strewn about. Samantha turned sharply when a hand was placed roughly on her shoulder.

“What the hell are you doing here? The press hasn’t been called. Get back to your little office and write an article on the new supermarket opening.”

It was Andre Carson. Samantha cringed at his stark attitude. She hoped he would be playing cops and robbers elsewhere. Andre’s breath was hot against her neck as he moved in closer. Sam could feel her heart beating against her chest. Anger and a bit of sexual tension seemed to mount whenever Andre was near.

“I was taking an early-morning walk and saw the police cars. I’m nosy, remember?” Samantha shook his hand off of her. Glaring into his sienna eyes, she shuddered under his gaze. Scowling at her, the lines around his mouth touched the faint hint of a mustache. Andre always made Sam a bit agitated and out of control. The aroma of his cologne stopped her, jasmine with a bit of spice, she thought. He should be wearing garlic. Sam began to chuckle at her own inside joke.

“You have no business here. Leave so the police can do their work.” His intense voice penetrated her ears and made Sam’s knees wobble. His black linen jacket brushed against her arm as it flapped in the breeze. Chills ran down her back.

“Come on, Andre,” Carl chided in. “You know she is one of the best investigative reporters around. She even broke the Franco murder case last month. If it wasn’t for her, we never would have found the weapon in the wheel well of Arthur Franco’s car.” Samantha was grateful for Carl’s gracious interruption. It seemed that Carl was particularly protective of her when it came to Andre.


Adult Excerpt


“Sit, unless you want me to make some coffee.” Pointing to the dining room chair, Andre followed her direction.

“Coffee would be great. I’ll help you.” The two left Sela snoring on the floor. Apparently she could sleep through anything. This fact didn’t reassure Sam very much.

“Okay, what is the big revelation?” Holding the coffeepot, she began rinsing it out in the sink.

“This!” Andre grabbed the pot out of her hand and put it in the sink. He leaned into her body. She could feel his excitement. Sam wanted to slap him, remove herself from his clutches, but resisted. His warm mouth brushed against her ear. His tongue made its way down her swanlike neck and back up again. Goose bumps rose on her skin.

Sam put her right hand on the back of his head. The left was pinned between her back and the wall. Andre’s full weight was pushing into her. She could barely breathe. He pulled her hair gently back and ran his tongue across her lips, parting them gently. Sam reciprocated and met his with her own.

Sam stared into the dark eyes of her lustful hero. There was no anger in the orbs, only passion and glee. Limbs, tangled like strings of softened twine, searched, sought, and found. Kissing and tasting the flesh around their mouths and necks, the two danced in a rhythmic rumba.

Andre’s mouth sought her breasts. The tiny globes erupted under the tearing of satin and lace. White with delicate, petal-pink nipples, Andre suckled and gently bit as he rubbed Sam’s thigh. Sam allowed his hand to cup her breast and gently knead the nipple and grope her ass. The tightness of his chest was unbearable. She unbuttoned his shirt and took in his muscular form.

Sam wanted more. She wanted to quench her thirst in his body and allow hers to fill his need. She wanted to unleash his cock and caress its stiffness. Sam gasped for air as she ached to feel the passion of his rod in her hand, mouth, and pussy.

Andre arched her back, mouth filled with the rose softness of her breast. He pulled her panties down below her bottom. Sam ached in pleasure. She reached for his belt and, with tenacity and tenderness, released his throbbing cock. Trying not to be too enamored by the size of his rod, Sam desired to touch, stroke, and suck.

Andre moved her, continually searching her mouth, toward the table. He laid her down gently and ferociously tore the rest of her gown from her pale skin. Naked and vulnerable, Sam tingled with a sensation she hadn’t felt in months. Begging silently with her body for more, she grasped his stick shift and playfully ground his gears. Andre kissed her stomach, licking as he went. He stopped short of the skewed panties and removed his hands from her breasts so he could pull the lilac fabric. Her mound glowed. The soft skin had only a thin racing stripe of pubic downiness.

“Not here, in the bedroom. I want to make love to you on the bed. You are not meant for quick release on a table,” Andre said as he grabbed her hand and led her to the bedroom.

In a quick motion, Andre tossed her to the stripe-and-floral comforter. He lay on top of her, looking deep into her emerald eyes. Sam quaked under his girth and delighted in his flesh. The heat that erupted between the two bodies was almost unbearable.

Andre entered Sam quickly, sending a small streak of pain up Sam’s back. He pulled from her and reunited in a more ginger fashion. The fullness of his cock caused delicious pain in her pussy. At first, Sam wasn’t sure if she could endure his length and thickness. Relaxing her abdomen, she allowed the tide of movement Andre provided. As he continually kissed her lips and licked at her neck, Sam felt a swelling she had never experienced. Her muscles contracted over and over. Juices flowed from her pussy, making sweet sweat and stickiness between their legs.

The ebb and flow of his movements drove her crazy. Andre had discovered her weakness and continued to gently suck at the nape of her neck. She screamed wildly as the explosive thrusts continued.

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