Two Times the Trouble (MFM)

Bewitching Desires 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 30,985
5 Ratings (4.0)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Fantasy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, witches, voyeurism, exhibitionism, HEA]

Under constant attack from her family's sworn enemy, Jolán Macska has all but given up hope of finding her mates when the day of her twenty-first birthday arrives. Now a full-fledged witch, her fertility cycle has begun and she must find her mates soon or wait seven years to try again. Security is tight, and no one dares leave the safety of the estate. How will she meet any eligible men? Liam Pattison and Ivan Janokov have been hired to build a new wing onto the Macska mansion to accommodate the growing family. Both men are drawn to Jolán, and the stepbrothers are at odds when they begin the job. When the enemy attacks, the three of them are trapped in the basement beneath a massive maze of tangled lumber. While there, Jolán, Liam, and Ivan must discover a way to work together to build a strong and lasting love.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Two Times the Trouble (MFM)
5 Ratings (4.0)

Two Times the Trouble (MFM)

Bewitching Desires 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 30,985
5 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston



A loud crack above them made her stiffen. “What was that?”

A creak and another snap had them both looking skyward. Splinters rained down on them, and the framing swayed.

“What the hell?” Liam leapt out of the way as a fractured beam from the roof speared toward the basement. He ran to the closest corner, setting her on her feet, and then ran to drag Ivan into a huddle away from the falling debris. “Cover your head!”

She hunched over Ivan and folded her arms above her. Liam wrapped around her from behind, taking the brunt of shattering pieces of lumber. The thundering in her ears drowned out the words he shouted. Dust littered the air, and she choked when she tried to draw in a breath.

My family. Goddess, please protect my family.

The ground rumbled under her feet, sending tremors through her. The noise and quakes continued. Her only comfort was that she’d die in the arms of her lovers. The men she’d recognized as her mates at the moment of ultimate pleasure. Not the onset of orgasm or the rush of ecstasy but in the seconds after it was over, when she’d lain with each of them in the peaceful afterglow. Ilona’s suggestion had been correct. Both men were mated to Jolán—no matter whether she or they accepted it or not.

A trembling hand caressed her shoulder. “I think it’s over. Whatever the hell it was.”

The deafening din had faded to eerie silence, but clouds of dust still floated around them, blocking their view of the destruction. The sun filtered in around them, narrow shafts emitting just enough light to make out the outline of the joists several feet over her head and the man in front of her.

Liam’s lips brushed her cheek, setting off shock waves in her body. “First earthquake I’ve ever felt. Stay with Ivan while I check to see if we can get out.”

She clutched at his hand and turned to meet his gaze. “Be careful.”

With a quick nod, he moved away from her and brushed a coating of wood chips from his hair. What would he say if she told him the true cause of the damage? That she was a witch? She’d have to reveal everything to take him as her mate. Right now, she needed to treat the other man her body had chosen.

Kneeling next to Ivan’s inert form, she pressed her fingers to the pulse in his neck. The rhythm had slowed to a normal pace since her earlier assessment. Hopefully, his heart’s rapid tempo had been caused by the fall, not the allergic reaction to the bites.

She spread the contents of her pockets on his bare stomach and considered them for several seconds. Her sister Kata was the plant expert, and her cousin Rebeka’s specialty was homeopathic remedies. Both had spent hours imparting their knowledge on Jolán, but she’d had little opportunity to practice what she’d learned.




Her brusque demand reminded him of the confident, aggressive woman he’d met yesterday. He’d never be able to settle for passive again. Rising to remove his jeans, he winced at the tightness. His dick was more than ready to be free. “Yes, ma’am.”

Ivan stood to do the same, having slipped his pants back on while she was unconscious. “Bossy women are so damn sexy.”

Although the makeshift ceiling now left the basement in shadow, Liam was pretty sure she rolled her eyes at them. “You guys talk too much.”

She yanked her tank top over her head and then wiggled out of her skirt and panties. With a tit cradled in one hand and fingers making their way to the thatch of dark hair hiding her pussy, she arched, making a dribble of pre-cum ooze from Liam’s slit.

He knelt between her thighs and held her face in his palms to kiss her again. Instinct drove him to claim her, to be sure she knew his mouth as opposed to his brother’s and that they weren’t interchangeable.

Nipping at his lip, she pulled away, her breath shallow and panting. “Hurry.”

Not accustomed to a woman pleading with him to please her, he had to squeeze his eyes shut to keep from exploding at the desperation in her voice. God, his balls ached.

He helped her lay back on the towels and kissed a path through the valley of spectacular boobs to her flat stomach and her neatly trimmed bush. Her musky scent drew him farther southward. The sample he’d tasted from his finger yesterday hadn’t satisfied his craving for her.

As he belly-crawled backward, she let out a soft moan. A glance up her contours made his nuts tighten even more. Ivan’s lips had closed around one of her rosy buds while he plucked at the other with his thumb. Last night had brought a surge of jealousy at seeing his brother paying homage to her body, but the knowledge that they’d work together to give her an orgasm soothed him. Sharing her meant increasing her pleasure and the opportunity to truly see it since he was focused on a single part of her instead of every erogenous zone he could find.

Ready to hear more of those sexy groans, he eased his tongue into the moist sanctuary hidden beneath her pussy lips. Her tang washed over his taste buds, and he lapped at her juices while he searched for her clit. A slow glide along the length of her cunt yielded the swollen nub. He spread her thighs wider, savoring the silky smoothness of her skin against his fingers as he sucked on the bundle of nerves.

Jolán’s husky whisper carried to his ears. “I want your cock in my mouth, Ivan.”

Another glimpse up at her gave Liam the perfect view of his brother’s dick disappearing into her talented mouth. “Shit, Liam, you need to get busy, or I’m gonna come before she does, and I want that beautiful ass.”

Conceding to Ivan’s wishes, Liam fluttered his tongue back and forth over her clit as he traced the seam of her butt cheeks. When he bumped over her taut anus, he kept going to her wet opening for a dip inside her. He returned to the tight hole and smeared her cream over it. A gentle push had half his middle finger buried in her.

Uneven breaths sounded loud in the confines of their prison, and muffled feminine cries urged him to lick faster and ease deeper. Her muscles contracted around his finger as she bowed off the floor and screamed. In an effort to control the pressure building in his cock, he tensed his lower abdominals and held his breath.

“Man, what the hell did you do to her?” His brother’s question caught Liam off guard. “I’ve never seen anybody come so hard.”

Liam snorted a laugh in relief that he’d had a part in that. “Just a bit of prep work for you.”

“Playing in that gorgeous butt, were you?”

“If you two are done patting yourselves on the back, you have a job to finish.” Jolán’s contented tone took the edge off her scolding. Besides, she couldn’t be angry with them for doing what she’d asked them to do.

Liam kissed her inner thigh. “Whatever you want, honey.”


* * * *


Struggling to fill her lungs, Jolán shook off the sated relaxation of her orgasm in favor of possessing and being possessed by her two sexy construction workers. She’d had her doubts about them agreeing to a threesome, but they hadn’t disappointed her so far. “I want more.”

From his vantage point above her, Ivan grinned at her. “So do I, but I’m thinking we might need to discuss logistics. How do you want this to work, sweetheart?”

“I’m going to ride Liam, and you can kneel behind me.” A year of reading her sex manual and experimenting with her toys gave her plenty of ideas. She reached for the aloe leaves, removing enough gel to ease Ivan’s entry and holding out her hand. “Lube. You shouldn’t need much since I’m already a little loose from the prep work.”

Ivan coated his cock while she switched positions with his stepbrother. Straddling Liam’s waist, she leaned forward to nuzzle his beard stubble. He guided her mouth to his, giving her a taste of her cunt juices. The slow, sensual circuit he made past her tongue, teeth, and lips almost distracted her from the silky glide of a finger into her ass. She rocked her hips backward to take it deeper before lowering her aching pussy onto Liam’s length.

The double invasion wasn’t enough. “I want you inside me, Ivan. Fuck my ass.”


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