Kindly His (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 10,586
0 Ratings (0.0)

Back in high school. Damian Lamonte had a crush on fellow student Arthur Kindly that never went anywhere. He hadn’t known then that Arthur was bisexual.

Years later Damian, now a paramedic, is called to the office of Arthur’s father during a medical emergency. Soon, Arthur is asking Damian out, setting them on a course for the romance Damian never dreamed of when he was younger.

But just as things are getting serious, Arthur’s interfering family might make Damian change his mind about how serious he can be. Or will he, in the end, be Kindly His?

Kindly His (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Kindly His (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 10,586
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

I decided to get the conversation going.

“When I approached you at that bar a few months back, you didn’t even know who I was at first, huh?”

Arthur chucked as he raised his wine glass to his lips. “I know I was pretty transparent. Can I be honest?”

“Go for it.”

“Once I left high school I haven’t really given a lot of thought to anything surrounding that time.”

“Or anybody.”


I tried my own wine. “It’s good. I got the impression you were pretty popular then. Or well-liked at any rate.”

“I was. But I was also dealing with some inner struggles.”

“Sexuality?” I guessed.

Arthur made a face. “I know you likely know all about that sort of struggle. But it took me a while to realize I was attracted to both women and men. I don’t want to say I come from a conservative family but --”

“You do.”

“To a large extent, yeah. They wouldn’t disown me, because I dated a guy, but it’s not at all their first choice. And it took me a while to decide that choice was mine, not theirs. Anyway.” Arthur shrugged. “Those were my struggles then. And I also was a little uncomfortable myself with being attracted to guys.”

“I have to admit I was pretty surprised to see you sitting in that booth looking pretty okay with it then.” I smiled to let him know it was cool. We all go through our own processes when figuring things out. I didn’t judge anyone. Or tried not to anyway.

“I bet. But I’ve long since become very all right with it all. I’m not afraid to admit my attraction to anyone and I’ve dated both genders. And since I asked you over you can probably figure I’m not with the guy from the bar either.”

I laughed. “I figured, but I don’t know. Maybe you had an open relationship.”

“Not when I’m in one, no. But that wasn’t really what that was. It was a --”


Arthur shrugged. “Yeah.”

“Believe me, I get it. Everything actually. I was still trying to hide a lot of shit in high school. And as for not thinking of all those times, I’m not saying I never give any of it a thought, but I’m not exactly in touch with any friends from those days.”

“Exactly.” He smiled faintly. “Yet you knew who I was. I don’t think we were particular friends back then.”

“We weren’t. I had a big crush on you. I was pretty much a nerd gazing at you from afar.”

Arthur arched a brow. “Well, whatever the case, I’m glad you stopped by that booth. And even more glad that you came to rescue my dad.”

“How’s he feeling anyway?”

“Much improved. And I think I’d better check on our dinner.”

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