My Boss Is a Grumpy Werewolf and I Think He Wants to Marry Me! (MM)

My Boss Is a Grumpy Werewolf 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,518
33 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, light bondage, sex toys, HEA]
Four months ago, Cole Morgan, human, writer, sufferer of verbal diarrhoea, fell in love with Evan West, his boss. Two months ago, he was kidnapped and held hostage by Evan's dad. Now he is doing just fine, or he would be if everybody wasn't constantly waiting for him to break down over it. Evan, on the other hand, is not fine. The werewolf, having decided that Cole is his mate, is having trouble keeping his protective instincts in check, and the violent nightmares he endures are creeping into his waking life.
With issues and dangerous revelations coming at them from both sides of their families, not to mention Cole's penchant for finding trouble and uncovering secrets, the couple find themselves tested at every turn. Cole's pretty sure they can handle it though. After all, nothing can be worse than declaring their relationship to the scary HR lady.
A Siren Erotic Romance
My Boss Is a Grumpy Werewolf and I Think He Wants to Marry Me! (MM)
33 Ratings (4.7)

My Boss Is a Grumpy Werewolf and I Think He Wants to Marry Me! (MM)

My Boss Is a Grumpy Werewolf 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,518
33 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Such a great series! I will re-read this one often. Very different and original. Full of fun, but plenty exciting and lots of drama! I actually hope there is a Grumpy 4! ;)
I actually felt that this was a better book in the series than the previous one was. Evan and Cole were more settled, and the author delved a lot more into both of their family lives and backgrounds.

Cole managed to get himself kidnapped again, but this time he was the hero and saved Evan. There was some definite drama and action adventure in this second book of the series, so it was well worth it.

Fun, sexy, intriguing - what else could you want?
Christy Duke
Professional Reviews

"It is fair to say that I was super excited to see this sequel pop up in my search for new releases. I had so enjoyed my first encounter with Cole Morgan – sassy human journalist who does not get along with Human Resources – and Evan West – controlling werewolf CEO who does not like having his control challenged by Human Resources... or anyone else. They managed to get together at the end of book one, but they are just not the kind of men to quietly fade into their happily-ever-after. And I wanted to see what was next for them. I am happy to say that this second book is a worthy successor to volume one: as hilarious as it is tongue-in-cheek, with a slightly futuristic shifter world where werewolves have come out and are theoretically protected by the law, and a plot that focuses on the issues around werewolf equality and a “humans first” movement with some very scary ideas about what the world should be like if they were in charge. Cole has been together with the love of his life, controlling and super-rich werewolf CEO Evan, for four months. It’s been two months since he’s been kidnapped, and even though everyone expects him to have a breakdown because of the traumatic events, he is doing just fine, thank you very much. In fact, he is already knee-deep into finding the next sticky situation and is well on the way to creating more mayhem and chaos than ever before, All with the best of intentions, of course. It isn’t him who is out for blood, after all, he just seems to end up with people who are. Evan is a different story. The encounter with the man he thought was his abusive dad, seeing Cole kidnapped, and trying to deal with it all by being macho are taking their toll. The nightmares are bad enough for him to inadvertently hurt Cole, and Evan knows he needs the therapy he absolutely does not want. And on top of all of that, they have to declare their relationship to the scary Human Resources lady – who I was very glad to see is still as icy and stuck-up as ever. Those people who say that finding the man you love results in “settling down”, have certainly not met Cole and Evan. Their lives are more chaotic than ever: action-packed, suspenseful, and outright scary are only a few of the descriptors that come to mind. The one thing that has changed for them is that they now have each other to rely on. That is a beautiful thing to see and I loved every second of it! If you like Cole and Evan and their self-deprecating way and want to know how they are doing, if humor in a werewolf story sounds like a good idea, and if you’re looking for a read that is as funny as it is suspenseful, then you will probably enjoy this novella as much as the first one." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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When Cole finally stepped out of the elevator, he all but burst through the doors the second they were open. He hastily brushed his shirt down as though he thought he could push the wrinkles away without the aid of an iron. Evan only just resisted rolling his eyes.

“I know,” Cole said in lieu of a greeting. “I’m late. Sorry.”

Evan wasn’t about to give Cole a lecture on the importance of punctuality, mostly because he knew from experience that the human would nod and agree with him and then stay exactly the same.

“Come on,” Evan said as he took the few steps to the door. He knocked twice and waited.

“Are you mad? You look mad,” Cole pointed out.

“I’m not mad. This is just how my face looks according to you.”

Cole smiled and nudged him with his shoulder. The door opened, and Ellen gave them both a tight smile.

“Mr. West, Mr. Morgan, please, come in,” Ellen greeted them. The last time Evan had been called down to HR was on Cole’s first day there when he sent an e-mail to his friend about the way Evan had looked at him. Evan had wanted to kill the new guy at the time. Who would have thought they would be back there a few months later, officially declaring their relationship?

They sat opposite Ellen’s desk. Cole looked nervous, like a child who had been called to the principal’s office. While Ellen looked through her drawers for some forms, Cole’s leg started to bounce up and down. Evan quickly put his hand on Cole’s knee, forcing him to stop.

Cole raised his eyebrows at him in an attempt at silent communication, but Evan just kept looking forward.

“Here we are,” Ellen said as she spread out four separate sheets of paper over her desk. “These are standard forms declaring that both parties entered into the relationship willingly and that neither of you felt coerced in any way.”

Evan nodded and glanced over at Cole. The human looked like he was trying really hard not to roll his eyes. Instead, he pushed his glasses up his nose.

“Okay, so when did the relationship begin?” she asked, her pen at the ready.

Evan went to answer her, but Cole got there first, “Do you seriously need to know that?”

Ellen’s face darkened a little. “Mr. Morgan, it’s my job to make sure everyone is safe and comfortable in the workplace. These forms are here to protect you, both of you.”

“Of course,” Evan quickly interjected. “We understand that.”

He shot Cole a sharp look, telling him to take it seriously. In retaliation, Cole sent back a look that said, “Oh, so now you want to communicate silently with me?”

Evan was starting to think he had been spending too much time with Cole to know what that face in particular meant.

“I don’t recall the exact date, but it was the day after your…harassment seminar,” Evan said, only realizing how bad that sounded once he had said it out loud.

Ellen raised an eyebrow at that but jotted down the date. “I see. And who approached who?”

Thinking back through the night they got together, it was hard to discern what exactly the first move had been.

“You asked me to have dinner with you,” Cole pointed out.

“Yeah, but it was just dinner, I wasn’t asking you on a date,” Evan reminded him.

“You kissed me first,” Cole said. “You also wouldn’t take no for an answer about driving me home that night. So I’m saying that you approached me.”

Evan was pretty sure Cole hadn’t realized what he had just said until he turned and saw the look on Ellen’s face.

“Oh crap, no, that’s not what I meant. He ran me over in the parking lot and destroyed my bike so he insisted on driving me home, that’s what I meant. It wasn’t like a creepy thing. And then he took me to dinner instead of driving me straight home…and then he kissed me,” Cole abruptly stopped talking and looked over at Evan. “Wow, when I say it like that it does kind of sound like you orchestrated the whole thing.”

Evan widened his eyes at him in warning, and Cole quickly nodded. “Right, but that’s not what he did. It was just a very organic thing, you know? I mean you could argue that I started this whole thing with that e-mail I sent. I think I called him hot in it or something.”

“Look, can we just sign these things and get back to work?” Evan asked. “You’ve spent more than five minutes with him, do you really want to spend any more time with him?”

Ellen wrote something down on the sheets of paper before turning them round and sliding them over to Evan and Cole. Evan scanned over the words, having been taught from an early age to never sign anything without reading it first. When he was done, he slid them over to Cole, who quickly scribbled his name on them without reading them. It either proved he was an idiot or that he really trusted Evan. Evan liked to think it was the latter.

“Okay, well, thank you, Ellen, as always,” Evan said as he stood. He held out his hand to shake hers and quickly exited the office with Cole close behind him. Once the door was shut behind them, they looked at each other.

“That could have gone better,” Cole mused out loud.

“You mean you could have not accused me of pursuing you against your will and tricking you into going on a date with me?” Evan asked with false flippancy.

Cole bit his lower lip and slowly stalked closer to Evan. He put his hands on Evan’s waist and leaned up to kiss him on the cheek.

“I don’t feel too sorry for you, you knew what you were getting into,” Cole said.




“What are the other ties for?” Cole couldn’t help but ask. He was a naturally curious person, and he had never had much patience.

Evan smirked at him and leaned down to lick over a nipple. The warm wet tongue sent a shock of arousal down to Cole’s cock.

“Have you heard of edging?” Evan asked him. His voice was so smooth and in control. Cole had never in his life wanted someone the way he wanted Evan.

“Um…sort of,” Cole admitted. His sex life had been perfectly satisfactory before meeting Evan, but it had always been pretty vanilla. Until Evan came along, Cole hadn’t even known what he was missing out on.

“Well, I’ll tell you,” Evan practically purred. He lazily ran his fingers over the nipple he had licked, ghosting them over the hardened nub. “I’m going to tease your body to the point of orgasm and then stop.”

Cole frowned up at him. “This doesn’t sound like a fun game.”

Evan grinned at him. “Trust me, it will be.”

The thing was that Cole did trust him. He nodded his head once and let himself relax. Evan gave him a reassuring smile and somehow that did even more to Cole than the werewolf’s sexy smirk.

Evan picked up another tie. This one was dark red. As Evan moved it over Cole’s body, even he had to admit it looked good against his pale skin. Cole watched with rapt attention as Evan trailed it down over his cock. The cool, silky material felt nice, but what felt even nicer was when Evan lowered his head and took Cole’s cock into his mouth.

Cole let out a shuddering breath as his boyfriend began slowly sucking his cock. His eyes fluttered closed at the blissful sensation. He focused on the heat of Evan’s mouth, more intense than a human’s. Just as he was getting into it, Evan stopped. Cole opened his eyes and looked down at his boyfriend in time to see him wrap the silk tie around the base of his cock, and around his balls, before tying it off.

“What the hell?” Cole asked as he looked down at the angrily flushed head of his cock.

Evan just smirked at him again. “Trust me, when I finally let you come, it’s going to feel amazing.”

Cole wasn’t entirely convinced, but he was happy enough to let Evan carry on. It did make him wonder, though, how did Evan know how it felt? It was funny but Cole had never actually wondered about it before. For Evan to be into the kinky stuff, and to be so confident about it, he had to have experience. Now that Cole had seen one of Evan’s past lovers, he could all too easily picture the two of them making love in the very same way that he and Evan were now.

Cole forced himself to look at Evan, to focus on the other man as he grabbed another tie. If Cole thought about Evan with other men, it would likely drive him crazy.

“At Christmas, if anyone in your family buys you a new tie, I’m going to die of embarrassment,” Cole told him. Evan just gave him a look before grabbing another tie and balling it up in his hand. He reached up and pretended like he was going to stuff it in Cole’s mouth, but he didn’t.

“Okay, okay, I get it,” Cole said. “Don’t talk about your family while we’re getting freaky.”

Evan gave him a satisfied look before dipping his head and running his tongue all the way down from Cole’s chest to his cock. He ran his hand down one leg before pulling Cole’s foot out until he could tie it to the bedpost with the tie in his hand.

“Oh fuck,” Cole moaned. He was going to be laid out like some kind of sacrifice. Damn if that didn’t make his cock even harder. Evan did the same to Cole’s other foot, leaving Cole spread-eagled on the bed.

“One day I’m going to take photographs of you like this,” Evan said as he reached under the bed and pulled out a box. Cole had seen that box before. In his head, he thought of it as the fun-box. Evan pulled out a silver butt plug and trailed it over Cole’s body. The metal was cold as it teased his cock before sliding up to torment his nipples. It had a stem on it, a handle of sorts, making it look like a really naughty lollipop.

“Warm it up for yourself,” Evan told him before running the tip of it over Cole’s lips.

Oh sweet Jesus, Cole thought.

It was so dirty and so fucking hot. He opened his mouth and accepted the plug. It was wider at the base than Evan’s cock but not so much so that it was uncomfortable. Having something to suck on sent tendrils of desire creeping down through Cole’s stomach.

Evan got up on his knees and stroked his own cock while he watched Cole suck on the plug.

“Actually, one day I’m going to take photographs of you like this.”

After about a minute, Evan took hold of the handle and gently pulled it out of Cole’s mouth. He efficiently lubed the plug up and coated two of his own fingers. Cole moaned, knowing what was coming next. Evan traced his finger round the opening of Cole’s ass. The cool slick made Cole flinch, but he quickly relaxed again when Evan pushed against the tight ring of muscle.

Cole closed his eyes and concentrated on the feeling of Evan’s finger slowly sliding into him. Usually Evan would go right for the sweet spot, but tonight wasn’t about getting Cole off, apparently. It was about driving him insane. Evan wiggled his finger a little, fluttering the digit and sending gentle jolts of pleasure to Cole’s cock.

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