Fueled by Lust: Geleon (MF)

Fueled by Lust 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 97,051
3 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Sci-Fi Romance, HEA]
Hey! Yeah, you! Want in on a juicy secret? Geleon Thaice sure does. Why is the mysterious female of his dreams, wet or otherwise, constantly slipping through his hands? All he craves is to shower her with love and make her his own. Is that so bad? Is it just the fingers of fate doling out yet another allotment of misery upon his head? Or has destiny slyly laid a precise path that’s been waiting patiently for centuries?
Jaelyn Areeda just wants to peacefully survive another day, but the cosmos have her violently colliding with forces out of her control, falling into the capable, muscle-packed arms of a sinfully sexy alpha alien hell bent on inserting himself into her life… as well as her heart, mind, and soul. Will she run—or stay?
Book 9 in the Fueled By Lust Series doesn’t fail in delivering up another scrumptiously hunky male to whet your appetite, make you drool, and dare to love.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Fueled by Lust: Geleon (MF)
3 Ratings (4.7)

Fueled by Lust: Geleon (MF)

Fueled by Lust 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 97,051
3 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Easily slipping into mist form, Geleon seeped through the abundant crack of the door and reformed within the shadowed entranceway. Retrieving the phone, he called for the hotel courtesy van, and stepped out into the dim glow of the coming day.

His mind churning out one nonsensical thought after the other, Geleon felt like kicking his own ass as he stomped down the walkway while steadily mumbling his malcontent.

“Don’t bother her so late at night, you’d said. I should’ve come here as soon as Destiny gave me her address. Great! You just had to choose fate’s hardest path, didn’t you? Have you learned nothing? Go with your first gut instinct next time. They warn you for a reason.”

“Hey! Are you looking for Jaelyn?”

Startled, Geleon swung around, instantly assessing the young female standing several doors down from Jaelyn’s abandoned apartment. She was reed thin, her small frame even more noticeable with the oversized pink shift dress hanging past her knees. She was barefoot. Not yet in her teens, the child’s lovely golden skin matched well with the caramel-colored hair running in four rows of tight braids across her scalp. Small ribbons matching the dress held the ends in place. Wide, dark brown eyes accompanied the huge smile. She took a tentative step down from the porch step and cocked her head.

“I saw you walk away from her door. Hi. I’m Bethany.”

Geleon backed up to stand beneath the courtyard lamp so as not to frighten her. “Hello, Bethany. Yes. I’m looking for her. Do you know where she went?”

Her sweet smile drifted away, and she pursed her lips. “No. I’m going to miss her. She always walks with me to the mailboxes so I won’t get hurt. She gives me food, too.”

“That was nice of her. Did she say why she was leaving?”

“No, but she was upset yesterday.”

Geleon’s stomach rolled. “Do you know why?”

Thin shoulders lifted and fell. “She was okay until she opened her mail.”

“Was it white and have fat red words on the front?”

Her nose crinkled and she shook her head. “It was a dark yellow one. Jaelyn tried not to show it, but I could see she was about to cry.” Her chin lifted, chest puffing with pride. “She didn’t because she’s tough. My mom cries all the time. Not Jaelyn. I heard her leaving last night, but my brother wouldn’t let me out of the apartment.” Excitement lit her face, and she lifted to her toes. “She left me a note on the door, though.”

“What did it say?”

“Goodbye, and that she’ll miss me. She gave me five dollars. Wasn’t that sweet?”

“Yes, it was. Did someone come pick her up, Bethany?”

“I didn’t see nobody. She was walking just like she always does, but this time she was pulling a bag with wheels.” She giggled and chewed on the end of one braid. “They squeaked. That’s what made me look out the window.”

Glancing toward the main road, Geleon squashed the need to ask which direction. What would it matter? She might as well have turned into a ghost and melted into the blackness of the night.

“No one comes to see Jaelyn. You’re the first. Who are you?”

He looked back and gave her a warm smile that was in total opposition to his unsettled emotions. “I’m a friend. My name’s Geleon.”

“Are you a wrestler?”


She pointed over her shoulder to her apartment. “My brother loves wrestling shows. You look like one of them.”

He had no control over the chuckle releasing to drift across the quiet courtyard. “Oh. No. I’m sorry. I don’t wrestle.”

She shrugged. “Are you going to find her, Geleon?”

“I hope so.”

She threw him a beaming smile. “If you do, tell her that my brother promised to walk with me today so I won’t get hurt.”

“I will.”

“Thank you.”

Geleon scanned the area, wishing he could find whatever was causing this little girl’s fear from something as simple as retrieving the mail. The only thing he spotted was the rapidly approaching hotel van. He needed to pound something. Anything. Without an outlet for his growing angst, Geleon bit his lip and suppressed his instinct to punch the light post. He looked her directly in the eye and calmed his voice.

“Will you promise never to go without your brother? Jaelyn won’t be happy if she knows you did that. The mail’s not worth getting hurt over.”

“Okay. I promise.”

“Good. That makes me happy. I have to leave, Bethany. I enjoyed speaking with you. Go back inside so you’ll be safe.”

The little girl smiled and waved. “Okay. Bye, Geleon.”

He forced himself to walk away. Settling onto the back seat of the courtesy vehicle, Geleon refused to look over to see if Bethany had done as he’d asked. He was already fighting the urge to jump out of the van and hang around until time for her to retrieve the gods damn mail that brought nothing but grief. Pushing out a hard breath, Geleon tapped the driver on the shoulder.

“How far is Silvia’s Diner from here? It’s on Cypress.”

“Is it in the Ridgeway Shopping Center?”


“About eight blocks. Do you want to go there?”

“No, I was just curious. Thank you.” Slumping back against the seat, Geleon stared blindly at the passing neighborhood.

My precious, sweet Jaelyn. You walked sixteen blocks every day to survive and probably just gave away your last few dollars. You’ll never have to do that again. I’m going to find you. That’s a promise.




His eyes flicked up, and he let loose the most erotic sounding string of foreign words as he licked and nibbled along the edge of the material.

Donec volueris vesci glutiam unaquaevis stilla dulci sucus.”

Jaelyn didn’t have a clue what the hell he was saying, but she hoped it involved his tongue and a lot of licking and sucking on her very eager clit. She cried out as he slipped a finger under the material to quickly swipe against a very saturated pussy before retreating and pushing the glistening digit into his mouth. His low groan of approval of her taste had her trembling and ready to knock him backward so she could impale herself on his fat cock.

Geleon snapped her out of her madness by popping lightly against her ankle. She hadn’t even realized he’d slid the panties down. She stepped from the material and quickly grabbed his thick shoulders as he rose like a tower, gripped her waist, and tossed her onto the bed. He was breathing heavily and stroking his cock again by the time she lifted and braced on her elbows.

“Open your legs. Wide.”

Hell, yeah. Jaelyn spread them without hesitation. His intense green eyes zeroed in on her pussy, pink tongue flicking out just enough to wet his bottom lip.

“I love that you’re hairless. You’ll feel me loving you. Spread those pretty lips with one hand and rub your clit, my foemina. Show me my prize.”

Moaning at the first sensation of her fingers slipping across the hardened bud, she arched her back and dug her heels into the mattress.

“That’s it,” he groaned. “Mmm, I love seeing you touch yourself. Rub it hard, baby. I want to see the pleasure consuming your body.”

The strokes to his cock sped up, igniting her desire to come completely unglued for him. Jaelyn rubbed in a tight circle, clenched her teeth, and moaned as the fire built into a raging inferno, overriding any logical thought.

“Ah, look at that. You’re glistening for me. I can see your pussy flowering and clenching in your need to come. Do you want to come, sweetness?”

“Yes, Geleon,” she panted. “I want to come for you. I’m so close.”


Eyes widening, Jaelyn immediately stilled. Geleon scooped his hands under her ass and dragged her toward him until her butt hung slightly over the edge of the mattress. Reaching over, he snatched a pillow and placed it under her head. He was back on his knees, gripping her thighs and power sucking her clit before she could blink an eye.

“Ah, shit! Oh, fuck. Goddamn, that feels good. Ummm! Oh, my God!” Two seconds in and she was mumbling nothing but garbage pretending to be words. All brain activity was firmly zeroed in on the hot stud’s mouth attached to her crotch.

Hands slapping against the side of his head, Jaelyn dug her heels into his back and hung on for dear life. Just as she was about to explode, he’d slow to take his time lapping around the sensitive tip, flattening his tongue to let her ride against it to her heart’s content, probing inside her channel to vibrate against her hot spot, and nipping at the tender flesh when she tried to twist away from the intensity. Not once did he take his eyes from hers, constantly watching every reaction, and adjusting to the right tempo, pressure, and technique.

Repeatedly, Geleon drove her to the edge and backed away, consistently shoving her up to a new level she didn’t know was possible. Never in her life had she been drenched in erotic, slippery sweat just from being eaten out. There was no rush, no drive just to get her wet enough to shove a cock inside. It was an intense, savoring, labored effort to cherish and make her cling to him forever—and it was working.

The second his warm, slippery tongue began to vibrate directly on top of her clit, Jaelyn knew she’d just met the master of the muff dive, the genie of the G-spot, and the fucking captain of the clit. She was irretrievably and utterly broken. Never had she felt such excruciating sensations owning the entirety of her body. Every movement had been calculated solely for her pleasure. In a dazed stupor, Jaelyn watched Geleon lift his head, mouth shiny with her juices as he whispered huskily against her mound.

“Come, my love. Let me feel it.”

The instant he sucked her clit fully into his warm mouth and swirled his masterful tongue in what might have been the first six letters of the fucking alphabet, Jaelyn exploded in a whirl of strobing lights, screams of nonsensical mess, and the wonderful sensation of being impaled by the fattest cock she’d ever encountered.

Geleon stretched her limits, touching every sensitive nerve as he steadily sawed inside of her. She clung to his thick shoulders, feeling his muscles quiver as he took his time penetrating her, pausing to allow her to adjust, and utilizing her cream to coat his way. Inch by glorious inch of her magnificent, virile man moved deeper until he fully seated. Pussy grabbing, fluttering, and clenching against the thick meat, Jaelyn shivered as their hot, sweaty skin slid together, hard muscles pressing against her nipples. Husky, rumbling words sent her pussy into a tight convulsion.

“Ah, my foemina. At last, I’m inside of you. I knew you’d be warm, slick, and snug. I’ve dreamed of this. You’re squeezing me so tightly. Yes. Yes. Rock your hips against me. Umm, I love it when you grip my hair. Tighter.”

Insane with the flood of sensation bombarding every inch of her flesh, his hot breath wafting across her skin, and the feel of his silky hair gripped in her hand, Jaelyn lost her mind. She bit his shoulder, just barely catching her runaway sanity before drawing blood. Every muscle in his body instantly tightened, and he pushed up on his arms, neck lolled back and groaning toward the ceiling.

“Aw, gods damn, that was fucking hot,” he ground out.

Her one fleeting, unchecked moment unleashed whatever hold he’d had on his iron control. Bracing his knees, Geleon reached up and freed her hand from his hair, clasped the other at the wrist and pressed both above her head. His eyes were wild and electrically erotic.

“I want to fuck you hard, my wild female. I almost lost my seed when you placed your mark.”

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