Lochlan (MM)


Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 49,913
0 Ratings (0.0)

Mage Roland sends Lochlan, his adopted son and apprentice, to a distant city to steal a valuable item -- a relatively simple task for a thief with Lochlan's skills. On his journey, Lochlan meets two commoners will soon play an important part in his life -- Garratt and his sister, Maurenn, who Garratt is escorting to meet her betrothed.

At first, the young men dislike each other but they are thrown together again when Garratt discovers why Lochlan is in the city and convinces him that he can help if Lochlan will teach him the art of thievery.

Then, there's the problem with Hankin, Maurenn's betrothed, who intends to wed her so he can have an unpaid servant at his beck-and-call. When Garratt finds out, he and Lochlan devise a plan to sneak her out of the city, but only after they retrieve the item Roland needs -- a flask of Vampyre blood. They manage both objectives, and in the process Lochlan and Garratt begin to care for each.

There's a reason Roland wants the blood. He intends to use it a part of a plan to eliminate a coven of Vampyres who hide in caverns on Ayr Peak. As his plan comes together, he brings in friends and Lochlan to help complete it.

Will they find and eliminate the Vampyres? If they do, how will it affect Lochlan's budding relationship with Garratt, especially when the problem of a rogue werewolf needs to be addressed and Lochlan is once again called upon to help his father?

Lochlan (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Lochlan (MM)


Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 49,913
0 Ratings (0.0)
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"I'm back," Lochlan called out as he entered Roland's house.

"I'm in the workroom, as if you couldn't have surmised as much," Roland called back. "Join me if you would."

When Lochlan hurried into the workroom, the first thing he noticed was the flask he'd purloined from Lord Anfroy's place of business. It was lying on its side with the top removed. Beside it he saw a clear, stoppered vial filled with what he could only presume from its color was the Vampyre blood which had been in the flask.

"How?" he asked in disbelief.

"A simple containment spell which kept light and air from reaching it during the transference," Roland replied as if Lochlan should have figured it out for himself.

"Oh. That makes sense. What will you do with it now?"

"I'm still pondering on that. I may use some of it, because it won't matter if it's pure blood or ash, to call the shade of the Vampyre to whom it belonged. When it appears I will compel it to tell me where on Ayr Peak the remainder of the coven hides."

"That would be a good thing to know if we're going to eliminate them. You might want to ask how many there are."

Roland gave him a dry look. "That thought did occur to me."

"Sorry. What will you do with the remainder of the blood?"

"Create a potion of protection against the creatures. Enough for every man who is willing to go after them."

"Including you and me, I hope."

"Me, definitely," Roland replied. "You ... well, I'll make the decision when the time comes."

"Oh." Lochlan resisted showing his disappointment with the idea he might not be included in the hunt. "Do you have anyone in mind specifically to take on the task with you?"

"I do. One is Tibost, a freebooter and quite proficient thief. There's also a pair of brothers, Walcher and Piers. They are mercenaries by trade, who I have hired when I needed their skills for specific jobs. Lastly, Mage Edarin, an old and trusted friend whose powers are equal to mine."

"Only four men other than you?" Lochlan asked, not terribly surprised at the inclusion of a second mage.

"You want I should put together an army? I think the Vampyres would know immediately if a large group of men was hunting them. It has happened before and the creatures fled to a new hiding spot without engaging in a battle they might not have won. With the men I have in mind it should be possible to approach without the Vampyers' knowledge and thus slay them before they can slay us."

"You need a scout," Lochlan told him.

Roland eyed him with a knowing smile. "I presume you're offering your services."

"Well, I'm not bad at it. It's what I do when I'm trying to decide how to safely enter a home or shop which has something I'm after."

"You have a point, although I'm certain Tibost is well versed in scouting, too. As I said, I'll consider bringing you along."

"I'll come with you whether you like it or not," Lochlan said under his breath, knowing full well that Roland could keep that from happening if he deemed it necessary.

If he heard him, Roland ignored what he'd said as he began preparations for summoning the dead Vampyre from wherever it had gone after its final demise.

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