Scent & Attraction (MMMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,965
1 Ratings (3.0)

[Menage Amour ManLove: Alternative Contemporary Menage a Quatre Paranormal Romance, MMMM, shape-shifter, werewolves, HEA]

Davian Hanson, an alpha werewolf, loves being mated to Deangelo Lowery, an incubus, and Kieran Miller, a nephilim. Then Lane Young walks into the studio for an audition to be the model of the latest perfume produced by the company owned by Davian, Kieran, and Deangelo. Davian is stunned to discover Lane is his true mate, a rare occurrence for a werewolf. As much as he loves Deangelo and Kieran, he can't walk away from Lane.

Kieran and Deangelo agree to work things out with Lane. The four men get along well enough, and soon, their friendship blossoms into a loving relationship. The other supernatural beings accept and respect their relationship, except for a group of power-hungry harpies who crave for Lane's incredible amount of magical power. Things take a turn for the worse when Lane is abducted.

Can Kieran, Deangelo, and Davian make it in time to rescue Lane? Or is their happiness destined to be short-lived and fleeting?

Scent & Attraction (MMMM)
1 Ratings (3.0)

Scent & Attraction (MMMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,965
1 Ratings (3.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Shit…” Davian trailed off under his breath as the overwhelming scent of Lane’s magic assaulted his nose.

He clenched his fists and stood rooted on the spot right outside of the master bedroom as he devoured the incredible scent of his true mate. The earth seemed to tilt off its axis as he attempted to regain his bearing. There was so much saliva inside his mouth, he had to rub the back of his palm against his lips to ensure he wasn’t openly drooling. Fortunately, it was dry. The front of his trunks was another matter altogether. He noticed it was now damp with the free-flowing precum from the slit of his cockhead. His only salvation was the fact that the color of his trunks was a darker shade of gray. He sniffed in the scent of magic and allowed his sense of smell to guide him toward Lane, crowing in delight internally when he spotted his true mate nursing on a cup of coffee inside the kitchen. Lane shot him what appeared to be an apologetic smile when the man caught sight of him.

“Hey, Dave. I’d woken up way too early, and I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I made some coffee in your kitchen. I hope that’s okay.”

Davian tried to grin at Lane, but he was certain it would probably look more like a grimace. He was aware of how grumpy and gruff he could be most of the time, and he was ten, maybe twenty, times worse early in the morning. It didn’t help that Lane smelled positively delicious. Moreover, Lane was standing inside the kitchen in this tiny pair of briefs. The man’s skimpy underwear was white, and the material was thin. Really thin. Davian was tempted to nuzzle his entire face against Lane’s tantalizing bulge and breathed in the scent of his true mate’s crotch, but he managed to restrain himself at the last second. Barely.

“Su…sure. You can drink whatever is inside the kitchen. I think there are milk and orange juice inside the fridge.”

Lane beamed at Davian. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Are you hungry?”

Lane chuckled. “Honestly, I’m starving.”

Davian nodded. “I’ll prepare breakfast for us. Bacon, pancakes, and eggs okay with you? There are various types of cereal in the pantry if you prefer those.”

“It’s cool. I’ll eat whatever you’re having for breakfast.”


A momentary period of silence ensued before Lane spoke up again. “Can I assist you with the eggs or something?”

Davian shrugged. “Sure. In the meantime, I’ll start on the batter for the pancakes.”


For the next several minutes, neither of them chatted at all, but the silence wasn’t awkward at all. It was soothing, and Davian loved every second of it. He was in close proximity with Lane, his true mate, and the two of them were working together in the kitchen to get breakfast ready. It was perfect. He drew Lane’s scent into his nose as discreetly as he could while he started on the first batch of pancakes. He wasn’t going to take huge gulps of air and risk sounding like he was about to have an asthma attack. He simply wanted to savor the scent of his true mate to his heart’s content, and he continued to do so over the next few batches of pancakes. Lane was next to him, frying the eggs and bacon.

Davian was so focused on his task and Lane’s mouthwatering aroma, he almost jumped in shock when two pairs of arms wrapped themselves around his waist from behind. Immediately, he detected the combined scent of Deangelo’s seductive magic and Kieran’s powerful grace, and also the warmth of their bare chests against his naked back. His sense of smell might be powerful, but he wasn’t astonished he had automatically lowered his defenses around his mates and true mate, especially since he was at home with them. The mobile home had its own layer of protective magic. Moreover, he was inside his territory. He felt much safer in it. All his senses were duller at the moment. Lane’s sweet yet powerful magical scent was the final nail in the coffin. He didn’t detect Deangelo and Kieran’s scents because he was concentrating on Lane’s instead.

“Hey, babes.”

“Morning to you, too, stud,” Deangelo whispered into his ear. “I have no idea what got into you last night, but you can fuck me like that anytime you like anywhere.”

Davian could feel his cock hardening a little inside his trunks. “Babe, not now.”

Deangelo snickered before whispering softly into his ear. “Prude.”

Kieran chortled and spanked Deangelo’s ass. “Don’t tease him, babe. Behave.”

Deangelo pouted. “You’re both not fun anymore.”

Davian turned and kissed both Deangelo and Kieran on their lips before pointing toward the dining table. “Have a seat. Breakfast will be served soon.”

He was thankful when Deangelo and Kieran did as they were told. Then he was startled when Lane began to laugh softly next to him. He arched his left eyebrow at Lane.

“The three of you are so adorable together.”

Davian snorted. “I’m the only mature adult in this relationship.”

Kieran huffed loudly from the direction of the dining room. “As if.”




“It will sting and burn, baby,” Davian whispered into Lane’s ear after bending downward to get as close to his true mate as possible. “I’m sorry. I’ll go as slow as I can.”

Lane nodded while smiling up at Davian. “I trust you.”

Davian shivered upon hearing the words. He could listen to Lane’s heartbeats, too. They were steady and calm. His true mate was telling the truth. He was humbled by the level of faith Lane put in him. He pressed his lips against Lane’s, gently kissing his true mate as he pushed his dick inward one sweet, agonizing inch at a time. Lane’s breaths hitched over and over again, and Davian was amazed his true mate never asked him to stop. Deangelo and Kieran did their best to distract Lane by sucking and licking on the young man’s ears and neck. They also played with and pinched Lane’s nipples. Davian could feel the sweat pouring down his face, chest, and back from the exertion of holding himself back. Even his butt cheeks, thighs, and calves were perspiring from the effort. When he finally sheathed his entire cock inside Lane’s ass, he shuddered from the sheer relief.

“I’m all in, baby.”

Lane beamed at Davian. “My ass feels really full. It’s like…like I have two…two baseball bats inside me.”

Davian laughed, and then he groaned because he could feel his dick rubbing inside Lane’s ass as his entire body shook. It was so much more incredible when Lane squeezed his ass around his cock.

“Baby, fuck! Don’t…don’t fucking do that. I don’t want to come.”

“You don’t?”

Davian expelled his breath, feeling breathless all of a sudden. “I want to, but not…not yet.”


Davian smiled at Lane, and the two of them proceeded to kiss each other. In fact, he, Lane, Deangelo, and Kieran took turns kissing one another. Once he was certain he wasn’t too close to his climax, he dragged his cock out from inside Lane’s ass until only the head remained before thrusting in. He repeated the process, pulling sweet and beautiful sounds from Lane. He was determined to make love to Lane for as long as he could, but Deangelo and Kieran obviously had other plans in mind. When Deangelo shoved his cock between him and Lane, he gobbled his incubus-mate’s dick deep inside his throat. He watched as Lane stuck his tongue out to lick on Deangelo’s balls. Then he stiffened in surprise when he felt Kieran behind him. He wanted to turn around and glare at Kieran. Kieran and Deangelo both knew he couldn’t fuck and last longer than a few short minutes if he was getting pounded at the same time. His prostate was too damn sensitive. However, Deangelo was merciless, gripping tightly onto his cheeks and fucking into his mouth. He groaned and surrendered himself.

“I’m going to fuck you, babe,” Kieran whispered into Davian’s ear. “You’re going to come inside Lane’s ass and fill him up with your cum. Mark him from the inside with your cum. Claim and bond with him. Angel and I will do the same. Then Lane will be our mate for all eternity. You want that, don’t you?”

Davian couldn’t utter a single word. He had Deangelo’s cock inside his mouth, but his own dick pulsed in agreement inside Lane’s ass. He pushed his ass back against the head of Kieran’s cock, willing his nephilim-mate to clobber him and drive him over the edge. Kieran chuckled softly against his ear and gave him what he wanted. Davian groaned loudly with Deangelo’s cock inside his mouth as Kieran’s dick filled him up. Then everything happened all at once. Davian could feel Lane’s ass tightening around his dick while Kieran clobbered into his ass from behind and Deangelo was hammering into his mouth. Every hard and rough battering his ass and mouth received from Kieran and Deangelo, respectively, it caused him to pound into Lane’s ass at the same speed and strength.

The pungent stench of their sexual arousal intensified with every thrust and moan. Davian could feel his control slipping away. It wouldn’t be long now. He pushed Deangelo away from his mouth as his body arched. He tilted his head backward and howled as his fangs and claws lengthened once again. His vision was blood-red, and mere seconds later, he shoved his cock deep into Lane’s ass for one last time before he growled and sank his fangs into his true mate’s chest. He could taste Lane’s blood inside his mouth as his true mate screamed. Lane’s warm cum shot out between their bodies while he filled his true mate up with his cum over and over again. His connection with Lane solidified mere seconds later, and he could sense his true mate’s intense emotions inside him. He was certain Lane could also detect his emotions now. He lapped at the mating bite on Lane’s chest with his saliva, healing and sealing the punctured wounds in an instant.

He wished he could leave his cock inside Lane’s ass for the rest of eternity, but he was aware Deangelo and Kieran were itching to bond with the young man, as well.

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