The Hybrid King (MM)

Nehalem Pack 41

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,990
5 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Paranormal, Werewolves, Romantic Suspense, MM, HEA]

At the tender age of fifteen Loki Compton watched as his mate was gunned down right in front of him. King Houseman gave up his life in order to help Loki escape. It’s a sacrifice Loki will never forget but knowing his mate died a hero doesn’t help fill the void of being alone.

Five years later Loki is like any typical college student. He has the support of his adoptive dads and his awesome older brother who love him unconditionally. Life could not be any better that is until the past comes back in the form of King.

Trapped! Afraid! Need him!

Kingsley Houseman has been imprisoned inside his own mind. It wasn’t until he saw Loki again did he hunger for freedom. Can Loki help cure him or is Loki just as much a prisoner as King is? Is there a way they can save each other and find their own happily ever after?

AJ Jarrett is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Hybrid King (MM)
5 Ratings (4.8)

The Hybrid King (MM)

Nehalem Pack 41

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,990
5 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing

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A light warm breeze ghosted over Loki’s skin, causing the fine hairs along his arm to stand on end. An owl hooted off in the distance, causing him to stir. He snuggled into the scorching warmth at his back and blinked open his heavy eyelids. The beautiful sight before him took his breath away. He lay outside under a canopy of tall trees with breaks between the leafy branches showcasing the navy dark sky with a billion twinkling stars above him. Those tiny balls of light cast a soft glow all around. The smell of moist dirt and wildflowers fluttered under Loki’s nose, and he smiled. It took him back in time to when he was younger and running wild with his mom and sister. Those were the good memoires. The only ones he allowed to invade his heart and mind.

Loki burrowed closer to the furnace at his back, liking the safety it provided him. The solid firmness shifted against his back, and a strong arm clamped down across his middle, pulling him closer. The inner calmness from being outside vanished when he heard the harsh growl in his ear and felt the rough stubble that nuzzled the back of his neck.

Loki glanced over his shoulder, eyes widening at the sight. Wild blond hair clumped together by dirt and leaves. He glanced down at the tan arm corded with thick muscles holding him close, smeared with blood.

“Oh boy.”

Loki closed his eyes and groaned as the events of—he glanced down at his watch—the past five hours came rushing back to him. He’d been at the Pack house when they were attacked. That evil man who had kept Loki locked up had been there, and he wasn’t alone. Men with guns and those half-man half-wolf shifter hybrid thingies surrounded them. It was scary. No, terrifying. Those men came to their home. They had the balls to do that. To march right in as if they had the right to go wherever they pleased. They were arrogant and simply stupid.

Anger and fear had consumed him like a living cancer eating at his self-control. That one little minute loss of control had caused him to lose track of Jonah. He didn’t hesitate to take off after the little boy. He’d do anything he could to protect his family, no matter the risk to his own wellbeing. His fathers loved and hated that trait about him. Loki had lost to much already in his young life. He’d be damned if he lost anyone else he loved.

Loki had been so focused on finding Jonah he’d been caught off guard when he got his first glimpse of King.

“What did they do to you?” Loki whispered as he gently rubbed his fingers over the tight muscles in King’s forearm. Even in sleep, it seemed as if this man stayed on guard, waiting for the next attack.

The moment Loki saw King his heart broke at what stood before him. The once powerful confidant man had turned into nothing more than a wild animal. A wild animal who had taken off with Loki and currently had him locked tight against his body. Loki was trapped, but oddly enough, he wasn’t afraid. He remembered King from the night he’d been captured five years ago. Loki had been so scared and distraught. He’d watched helplessly as his sister was shot and then held her in his arms until she died. Loki found himself at the mercy of some deadly organization that wanted to hold him prisoner.

“Don’t be scared, kid.” King’s softly spoken words from all those years ago still, to this day, flooded warmth through Loki’s insides.

King stood larger than life. He had this short spiky blond hair and so many muscles that Loki didn’t think the guy could be real. Like the incredible Hulk but without green skin. King was so tall that, between his height and muscular body, Loki couldn’t breathe. Fear had his heart racing, and he nearly wet himself, but King didn’t attack or yell at him. He just smiled. He’d given Loki a candy bar and a soda and promised he’d keep Loki safe. At the time it seemed so weird, but now that Loki was older and more mature, and more knowledgeable of his own anatomy, he understood why he felt so safe with King.


The word whirled around Loki, making him dizzy. Loki sensed it five years ago, this connection to King. He couldn’t deny King’s gorgeousness. There should be a law against people being that attractive. Loki had been young but not blind. He wasn’t bothered when King came to visit him. It made him feel less afraid. And a piece of Loki’s heart broke when he thought King had died, but even then, he didn’t really feel like King had truly left this plane of existence.

Loki craned his head around to look at King, but the man was out cold. He could feel King’s chest rise and fall at a rapid pace as he breathed. Every few minutes King tightened his grip as if, in his sleep, he feared Loki would run off.

The thought of escape did cross his mind. Loki had a family to get back home to. His dads were probably worried sick, being as his adopted brother, Lucas, had been kidnapped by the same people who’d attacked the packhouse earlier that night.

King was with those men, but from what Loki could see, King wasn’t there of his own free will. Chains were wrapped around King’s wrist, pulling him toward the chaos happening around them. Anger boiled within Loki, causing his body to react. His nails grew into long sharp and deadly claws. To see the this once powerful man reduced to nothing set Loki off.




“Here let me help you take your clothes off.” Loki reached for the fastening on King’s pants, undid the button and zipper, then shoved them down his trim hips. The tip of his cock pushed out the top of his black boxer briefs, the wet tip making Loki’s mouth water. “Why don’t you finish while I get undressed.”

Loki took a step back, needing some air. The sight of the fat red top of King’s shaft nearly made him come undone. He’d never seen another man naked like this before, and he’d waited so long Loki feared he wouldn’t last long.

Loki turned away from King in order to catch his breath as he reached for the back of his shirt and yanked it over his head. He undid his jeans and shoved them and his boxers down his quivering legs.

“Mine.” King stepped up behind him, rubbing his leaking cock between Loki’s cheeks.

Heat pulsed between Loki’s legs. Excitement and a little fear warred inside his overheated body. All he’d ever had inside him before were his fingers, and he hoped his body could stretch to accommodate his mate.

“Come on. Let’s get in the bath.” Loki laughed at King’s huffed annoyance. King pressed his lips into the side of Loki’s head, kissing him then stepping over the edge of the tub and sinking into the water.

King lowered his entire body under the water and popped back up with his wet hair clinging to his face and shoulders. Loki’s mouth began to water. Every muscle glistened on King’s thick body, and his arms were so thick the veins stood out along his tanned skin.

“Come.” King held up his hand for Loki to take.

“So, you do know more than one word.” Loki smiled down at the annoyed look on King’s face.

Loki exhaled as he sank into the hot water. His body instantly relaxed. King’s watchful gaze never left him. Loki took a deep breath then lowered his head under the water, and as he rose to the surface, he pushed his hair out of his eyes, smiling at King.

King reached for Loki and pulled him up onto his lap. Loki spread his legs, straddling King’s hips. Loki brushed at King’s lips once then twice before his wild mate claimed his mouth. Loki hummed in pleasure as King’s tongue dominated his mouth while his thick cock rubbed at Loki’s crease. Loki’s cock pressed up into King’s hard abs, causing a string of whimpers to fall from his lips. The sounds must have been working for King, because he thrust harder, brushing past Loki’s hole.

Loki pulled away from the kiss and tried to get much-needed air into his lungs. He had to stay in control of this. He needed to make sure he was ready for King’s thick length or else he’d end up hurting himself.

Loki stood up, much to King’s disgruntled growls, and walked toward the bathroom counter. He yanked open one drawer then another until he found an unopened bottle of lube. Loki didn’t want to think about why that had been placed there. His wolf growled in anger. Loki couldn’t allow himself to think about his mate with anyone else other than him.

Once back in the tub, Loki got on his knees, his hard cock sticking out of the water. Loki squirted some lube onto his fingers then reached behind him to circle his hole before shoving one finger inside.

“Oh fuck.” Loki gasped as he pushed the finger in farther. He worked the one finger a little bit longer until he added a second. He pushed back on his hand, causing the water to slosh over the lip of the tub. Loki had his eyes closed and head thrown back as he rode his own hand. “Shit.” Loki opened his eyes looked down at King as his mate sucked Loki’s cock between his lips.

The wet, tight heat was too much. King stared up at him with those stormy blue eyes, and Loki feared he’d come right then and there.

“Stop.” Loki put his hand on King’s shoulder, pushing him back. King went easily but flicked his tongue out to lick off the string of precum oozing out the top. “You are way too good at that.” Loki laid his hand on King’s cheek, loving the way King rubbed his face into Loki’s palm. King looked so young and innocent, and something in Loki’s chest cracked. His heart pounded so fast, and he knew with all his being that this was right. Loki was right where he needed to be and with whom he was meant to be with. Call it love or them being destined mates, it didn’t matter. Loki wanted every inch of King inside him, connecting them in the most intimate of ways.

Loki reached behind him, grasping King’s hard length. King sucked in a breath at his touch but held still. Between the hot water and sexual tension building between them, Loki relaxed. He held King’s cock up as he slowly lowered himself down on it. Loki whimpered as the fat tip pressed at his tight hole. It hurt, but Loki refused to stop. He knew it would get better. He’d heard enough stories from his pack mates about how good it felt to be taken by their mates. And Loki had waited long enough to finally experience that pleasure for himself.

The head of King’s cock pushed past his resistance, and Loki’s legs shook. King leaned toward Loki and latched onto his right nipple, sucking deeply. White heat rippled from his chest down to his cock, allowing Loki to open farther, and he sank down on King’s shaft a little bit more.

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