Masquerade (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 33,913
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA] 
Samantha Keller wanted to concentrate on her career as a nurse. Men were not always as trustworthy as they seemed. She had learned that lesson the hard way. Taking care of Jackson Rutherford, injured FBI agent, was just supposed to be part of her job. Falling in love and opening her heart was not supposed to be in the job description.
Jackson Rutherford was a career man all the way. He loved his job and had no intention of looking for love. When he couldn’t forget the beautiful, sweet nurse who had taken care of him, he had to admit there was something there worth exploring.
When Jackson's job collides with his attempt to get Samantha to take a chance by getting to know him, the risks become more dangerous. Can Samantha realize Jackson has her best interests at heart before it is too late?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Masquerade (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Masquerade (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 33,913
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Samantha’s chest felt heavy with emotions. Regret was the biggest. She had to tell him about the last time she saw Nathan. She had not told anyone else. “I am the last person Nathan would go to for help. We had a horrible argument when I discovered the truth about him and Valerie. She is young and pretty. I called him some horrible names. I was so hurt because I’ve had bad relationships in the past, but I gave Nathan all of my trust. I believed in him and I felt like such an idiot. He lost his temper when I refused to stay in the relationship. I have never seen him so angry that I refused to forgive him and just go on as if nothing happened. He ended up slapping me.”

She saw Jackson’s mouth tighten with anger and he squeezed her hand in support. He let her talk without interruption. “I threw some dishes at him and he hightailed it out of there. I never heard from him again. I can’t see any reason he would want to contact me. I even closed my bank account there. He doesn’t know my new cell number.”

Jackson smiled. “Good for you. If he does call you or you do see him let me know. I’d like to have a few words about him on how to treat ladies right before I throw his ass in a cell.”

“I will but that’s unlikely to happen. I changed my cell number and stopped going to the places we frequented,” Samantha assured him. She didn’t want to run into any of his friends and see the pity on their faces. “He had a few friends from college he liked to hang out with. We went out with them a few times. Have you contacted them?”

“Yeah. They all claim to have no idea what was going on and I believe them. A few said he had been preoccupied with work and hadn’t gone out with them much lately. They didn’t even know about Valerie. He never told them he was involved with her. He told them Valerie had a crush on him and wouldn’t leave him alone.”

“Sad,” Samantha commented. “She must have really loved him to allow herself to be treated in that way.”

The waitress came to clear their plates. Samantha leaned back against the booth. “I wish I could be more of a help, Jackson. I really don’t want any contact with him.”

“That’s okay, Sam. You gave me some idea of who Nathan is,” he assured her. “Money changes people. If he felt wronged by not getting the promotion that could be a good motive. I’m sure he left the country. I just hope Valerie is okay. Her mother is ill and she’s taking this hard.”

Jackson set some bills down on the table. “You ready? Unless you want dessert?”

She told him she had been joking. She stood up, grabbing her purse. The more time she spent with Jackson the more she liked him. It was a scary feeling. She just wasn’t ready to take another risk. It was better she ignore the physical attraction.

As they walked outside he kept his hand at the small of her back. She felt safe and warm with him. The evenings were still cool. She wrapped her sweater closer to her body. He pulled her close to his body and she felt warm right away. His big body blocked the wind.

He walked with her to her car, which was parked down the block. She was reluctant to go home to her lonely apartment. She felt confused by her growing feelings for Jackson. She was afraid to take a chance again, yet she desired him. She wondered if his kiss would be soft and romantic or hard and wild. Her tummy did a few flip-flops just thinking about it.

“I hope you find Valerie safe, Jackson,” she said in a low voice. She had to tear her eyes away from his lips before she did something foolish like grab him and kiss him.

He pushed her bangs out of her eyes in a gentle matter. “Oh I will,” he said with confidence.

“If I have more questions can I call you again?” He winked at her playfully. “You can be my source. I have to stay in contact with my source.”

Samantha felt her cheeks warm up and was glad it was dim outside. This man was too tempting and too handsome. Too everything. “But, Agent Rutherford, I have no information on your suspect.” Her voice came out soft and low. Oh God, why was she flirting with him?

“I would still like the excuse to see you again,” he said honestly. His eyes were warm and sexy.

She tilted her head to the side. “Jackson…”

He placed his fingers on her lips. “Don’t shatter my dreams. I will see you again, Sam. Soon you’ll stop resisting me.”

He opened the car door for her and placed a soft kiss on her cheek. He closed it and walked off.

She drove home feeling bemused and aroused. Was Jackson for real or just another illusion?




He slid the straps of her silky blouse down and kissed her bare shoulder. She closed her eyes and leaned toward him. She was so sweet and trusting. He wanted this night to be amazing for her. She took his breath away with her sensuality and curves. Her perfume was soft and sweet smelling.

She put her soft, warm hands on his chest and rubbed her hands up and down. He watched her face show the pleasure she felt at touching him. It was such a turn-on. She unbuttoned his shirt slowly and let it fall to the floor. She explored his bare chest and he groaned at how good her soft hands felt. They landed just above his button on his jeans. She touched the button with her fingers and he felt his manhood twitch with excitement. He thought his cock would burst through the material any minute. He had wanted her for so long and finally the moment was here.

She looked up shyly, her blue eyes were bright and almost glowing from excitement. “I want you so much, Jackson. You turn me on and make it hard for me to sleep at night. I have dreamt of this so much now that it’s happening I feel nervous.”

He tilted her chin up until her eyes were focused on his deep, warm brown eyes. “Just relax, Sam. The desire between us is intense. I have thought of you since the moment you stepped into my bedroom. Suddenly the pain in my leg went away. It will be special because of that. There is no right way to do this. Just feel. Us together.”

Her lips tilted upwards into a dreamy smile and he knew he said the right thing. She took a deep breath and exhaled. She lifted the blouse over her head and let it fall carelessly to the ground. She stood proudly in a black lacy bra that held her firm breasts.

“You are even more beautiful than I could have imagined, baby.” he whispered. He unclipped her bra and let it fall carelessly. He ran his fingers down the slope of her bare breast and watched the pink tips harden into little beads. He pulled her close, anxious to feel her skin to skin. The tingling sensation was there and he felt her warm breath on his neck. He kissed her and she opened up to him. The heat was building as he kissed her. Their tongues intertwined as they explored each other not only with their hands but their mouths. Moans filled the silence. His hands explored the skin at her bare back. He cupped her plump ass through the material of her skirt and squeezed. She moaned into his mouth.

He laid her on the bed and hovered over her drinking in the sight of her. He pulled her black skirt and undies down her thighs and threw them on the floor. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were filled with heat. She smiled, letting him know she was feeling it too. The electricity was in the air, the desire, the heat. His thumb ran across her nipple. Samantha’s skin was milky white. He leaned forward and took the tip into his mouth, lavishing it with his tongue. He heard her small moan and it made his own lust rise higher. He sucked harder.

“No regrets?” He needed to make sure before he passed the point of no return.

“No regrets. I want you so much. I might die if I don’t feel you inside of me.” Her voice was strong and confident. He ran his tongue along her other breast, caressing the nipple. Then he sucked the tip and she arched up to offer him more. He kissed the slope of her breast and felt her shiver.

He slid his own jeans down, feeling hurried and clumsy. He kicked them off. He felt his hard cock spring free, ready to perform. He hoped he could hold it together and make this good for her. He’d hate to come like a teenage boy before they got to the good stuff. He slowed his heartbeat down.

He used his hands to open her thighs wide. She relaxed her legs and he could see her pink pussy glistening with moisture. It was covered in light golden hairs. Her eyes were closed and she licked her lips. He touched her folds with his fingers. She was hot to the touch and wet and so tempting. She was soaking wet already and that only made him hornier. He had to taste her. He leaned down in between her thighs and used his tongue to swipe it across her pussy lips. Sweet as honey. He did it some more. Her clit was swollen and he swiped it with his tongue. She almost jumped off the bed, but his hand on her stomach held her down.

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