Her Alien Lovers (MFMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,356
6 Ratings (4.2)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Sci-Fi Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, HEA]
Ellen Kane and her FBI partner go undercover to bust a slave trafficking ring. They’re soon abducted and find themselves being auctioned off. She has her wits and her friend to help her escape, but can they devise a plan to get away?
Zander, Darkan, and Kartone are part of an intergalactic organization trying to stop the abduction of Earth females sold into interplanetary slavery. When they see Ellen, they sense an instant connection. Is she the one they’ve been waiting for? If she is, do they continue their mission or do they claim her instead?
When their plan goes haywire, they grab Ellen and run. Tracked by the slavers and their murderous beasts of prey, the men promise to get the feisty woman away from danger. If they’re caught, they face certain death. Ellen faces worse.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.
Her Alien Lovers (MFMM)
6 Ratings (4.2)

Her Alien Lovers (MFMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,356
6 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Bone-wrenching pain hit her, startling her as she fought out of the darkness and back to reality. “Fuck, what happened?”

“Quiet, Ellen. We got nabbed.”

Catching the strain in Charlie’s voice, she came fully awake. She opened her eyes and blinked. Her eyes had to adjust to the dimly lit room. Once she could see better, however, she almost wished she’d stayed knocked out.

Whoever had abducted them must’ve used chloroform, taking her out of commission fast. She frowned, trying to remember the sensation of someone covering her mouth but couldn’t. It was more like they had knocked her out without even touching her.

She shivered, suddenly realizing she was naked. She wasn’t the only one without clothes. Charlie had her arm around her shoulders, the side of her breast pushed against Ellen’s arm. A soft sobbing came from two other women, both naked, on the other side of the cage.

“What the hell happened to our backup?”

Charlie shot her an incredulous look. “I guess they were more zoned out than we thought.” Her expression saddened. “Either that or the abductors took them out before kidnapping us.”

Were Zimmerman and Remson dead? She prayed they weren’t. She touched a bar near her, still finding it difficult to believe where she was. “We’re in a cage.”

“Yeah.” Charlie trembled and leaned harder against her.

“Got any idea where we are?” She kept her voice low. So far, she hadn’t seen anyone else in the room. The lighting was too low to see well. Were they in a house? If so, where were the windows? Were they in a basement? She wasn’t sure why, but she had the feeling that they were in something like an underground bunker.

“I don’t know. They knocked me out, too.” Charlie shifted, her blue eyes clouded with fear. “But I don’t think it was chloroform.” Her trembling grew stronger. “There was this man’s face, a handsome face, except…” Another tremble shook her.

An image came. “Except for the red eyes?”

“You saw them, too?”

“Shut the fuck up before they hear you.”

Ellen stared at a pretty girl around twenty-one. Her dark skin was marred with cuts and dried patches of blood. She sat with her legs tugged to her chest and her wrists wresting on top of her knees. The other young woman was curled into a fetal position on the floor.

“What’d you say?”

“I told you to shut the fuck up. They don’t like it when we talk.”

“Who?” Ellen lowered her voice, but she wasn’t about to remain silent. They’d have no chance of getting out of there without getting information. When their abductors had taken their clothes, they’d also take their cell phones and the bracelet-style tracking device they’d worn around their wrists. As far as she knew, the other agents didn’t have a clue how to find them.

We’re on our own.

Charlie must’ve been thinking along the same lines. “Maybe our clothes are nearby. They could still be tracking us.”

“What part of shut the fuck up don’t you understand?” hissed the African-American girl.

“What’s your name?”


“What? I asked you your name.”

She laughed a sad, bitter sound. “We don’t have names. We’re numbers. It’s slavery all over again. Now shut up before they hear you.”

“Who brought you here? Did you see who brought us here?” She was determined to get answers.

The girl threw her a hard glare. At the sound of a metal door being opened, she dropped her gaze toward her knees and pulled her legs even closer to her chest.

Ellen shifted along with Charlie as a shaft of bright light split the room. Leather chairs were lined up with their backs to them, but other than that, there wasn’t anything else in the room.

“You should’ve checked them out better. Taking them could cause problems.”

The voice was velvety-soft, deep and rich. The timbre of it slipped into her, stunning her with its allure.

Several men, all dressed conservatively, strolled into the room. They ranged in age from a young man who couldn’t have been old enough to drink to a gray-haired gentleman dressed in an expensive suit. She counted six of them before her gaze landed on the three men bringing up the rear.

They’re magnificent.

It was a strange way for her to describe anyone, much less men dealing in abduction. Yet she couldn’t find another word that fit them better. The three men were taller than the others, standing several inches over six feet.

The first one had longish black hair and was dressed in black slacks and a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up. His black eyes were mesmerizing in their intensity. He had an air about him that spoke of refinement and old-fashioned gentility. However, she sensed an underlying raw power oozing from him.

The second one was a younger-looking guy with blond hair and dimples. He dressed casually in black jeans and a tight T-shirt that showed every curve and flex of his arm and chest muscles. Although he was obviously strong, she couldn’t help but think the strength she saw only masked his real power.

The last one, the one whose lips curved in a patronizing smile as the blond rambled on about the quality of the stock for sale, was similar to the first man. He, too, had dark hair, although shorter, and a way about him that was drenched in confidence few men could ever possess.




“It’s my name. I’m Ellen Kane.”

She leaned against him, much as she’d done with Zander, and let out a long sigh. Once more, the sensation of being protected swept over her. With an absent father and a mother who didn’t give a damn about her young daughter, Ellen had rarely felt safe. At least, not until she’d joined the police academy then moved on to the FBI. By then she’d learned to put her safety in her own hands and, to some extent, in Charlie’s.

“Everything’s going to be all right.”

God, how I want to believe him.

His fingers under her chin lifted her gaze to his. This time, however, her eyes didn’t stay. Instead, she lowered her attention to his strong, yet lush lips.

Kiss me.

When he pressed his mouth to hers, she would’ve sworn he’d heard her.

The kiss started off light, just enough to barely brush her lips. The soft caress was enough to spur the lust burning inside her into a higher flame. She moaned and pushed her body against his even harder, more insistent than before.

He had mesmerized her with his eyes, but it was his body that hypnotized her. She couldn’t have resisted him to save her life. It was as though he’d taken control of her, yet she was willing to give him that control. To give all three of them complete control.

One minute, she was holding him, her hands climbing over his toned abdomen, over his ribs, and onto the hard pecs. In the next, her hands skimmed along his shoulders, gripping him, digging her fingers into the soft flesh that covered his broad expanse. She moaned, begging him to make her even hotter.

“Close your eyes.” Kartone’s words were a demand, and yet she sensed he sought her permission, too.

She could feel Zander and Darkan closing in on her. Suddenly, she felt as though she was floating, her body weightless, lifting into a horizontal position, her lips leaving Kartone’s. Her arms drifted to her sides as the men pulled the shirt away.

Their hands were all over her, soothing her while exciting her. She moaned again and was about to open her eyes when Kartone urged her with a whisper against her ear to keep them closed.

She’d never felt this way before, floating on air, their hands sliding in and out of erotic places. She would’ve sworn she was lying on her side and yet supported in air. Someone urged her legs apart, and she did without using any effort. It was as though she didn’t have to use her muscles to move.

Gasping, she barely managed to keep her eyes closed as a finger eased her pussy folds apart. A mouth captured her pussy, and a tongue stroked her clit then pushed into her pussy. Another moan escaped her, and she reached out, wanting, needing to touch one of them.

The musky smell filled her nostrils, and she breathed in. If she didn’t know better, if it weren’t physically impossible, she’d swear something soft yet hard pushed against her lips. She opened and welcomed the engorged cock into her mouth, stretching the limits of how much width and length she could handle. He tasted amazing, a unique mix of saltiness with just a hint of another flavor she couldn’t place right away. She searched her mind and came up with the answer.

Orange. There’s the slightest taste of orange in his pre-cum.

But how was that possible?

She hollowed her cheeks and sucked on him hard, earning a moan. She recognized the voice as belonging to Kartone. Smiling, she flicked her tongue around and around, sucking every so often to get more of the delicious orange cum flavor.

One of them moved beneath her, stunning her into opening her eyes. She glanced down to find Darken’s head between her legs. Looking up, she saw Kartone floating over her.

“No, honey, keep your eyes closed. It’ll be better that way.” Kartone swept his hand over her eyes, closing them again.

Darkan’s attack on her pussy intensified, as he licked sucked, and nibbled until she squirmed to get away. He held her to him. Not down, not against anything, but with him as though she were lying on her back in a swimming pool with his head between her legs.

Zander’s kisses covered her butt cheeks. His fingers probed her asshole. She couldn’t feel any of the rest of his body against hers and wondered if she were somehow suspended above him.

Had they drugged her? And yet, she didn’t believe they’d done so earlier. She hadn’t consumed any food or water, so how could they have done it? Wouldn’t she have felt a needle?

No, they hadn’t drugged her those ways. Instead, they were drugs of their own making, their eyes a mix of both tranquilizers and stimulants. They hadn’t needed to use anything except the strange bewitching quality they all possessed. They were magicians and she their willing subject.

Surprising her, Zander thrust his cock inside her anus. Yet instead of pain, instead of the burn she’d expected, his cock pushed against her anus walls, ratcheting up the friction to a delightfully sinful level. She wanted to push back, to drive him farther inside her, but with nothing to use as leverage, she couldn’t.

Darkan moved upward, his mouth leaving her pussy, leaving her crying out for him to come back, to suck hard on her clit again, to fuel the rising storm of her climax. Her cry was stopped the moment he spread her legs even farther apart and entered her.

They filled her with their dicks, their hands possessing the rest of her, their murmured words, words spoken in a language she didn’t understand, enthralling her. She no longer worried, no longer had any thoughts other than to please them.

And to see them.

“Open your eyes.”

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