I'm Nothing (MF)

The Family 2

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 41,300
5 Ratings (4.8)

There is an uprising within The Family. They do not like young men taking over, and it’s up to Tonio, Donnie, Luiz, and Jake to take out the problems. But Tonio can’t pay proper attention to his new duties because his memories haunt him. He grew up in The Family with a secret he hasn’t even told his friends. His father would beat and torture him if he didn’t go down to the basement, and what Tonio had to do there turned him into a monster.

Zara is trapped. Her father died and left her with a debt she can’t pay, and she hates her life. When Tonio saves her from being raped and killed, Zara knows she has to help him. No matter how hard he tries, Tonio can’t keep the infuriating little virgin from getting under his skin—but he won’t give in to his feelings for her. Tonio thought he loved a woman once, but it turned out to be a lie, and he’ll never trust himself again.

However, what will happen when he does fall for her? Will Zara stay with the man who saved her, or will she run when she sees the monster lurking within?

Be Warned: anal sex

I'm Nothing (MF)
5 Ratings (4.8)

I'm Nothing (MF)

The Family 2

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 41,300
5 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Jay Aheer
This series of books has both sadness and happiness. It is exceptionally well written and the characters are real and heart walming. An amazing writer.

He smiled. This was the first time a woman had ever trusted him with something so precious. All of the other women had been forced to be there, and he’d been terrified. With Maria, she’d been the one in charge, and he’d done as he was ordered.

Resting both of his hands on the inside of her thighs, he left her wanting more.

“It’s going to hurt.”

“At first it will hurt, and then it’s going to be amazing,” she said.

Opening the lips of her pussy, he stared down at her cunt, seeing how wet she was. There was a thin dusting of hair covering her pussy, and when he opened her up, he saw the swollen nub of her clit. She was soaking wet, and using his thumb, he circled her sweet spot, and she shuddered.

“God, that’s amazing.”

“That’s just my thumb, baby. I can make it better.”


He smirked. Leaning down, he spread her legs wide by using his arms to keep them open. Sliding his tongue across her clit, he heard her cry out his name.

“Fuck, that is so good, Tonio,” she said.

Tonio loved hearing his name coming from her lips, and he wanted to hear it again.

“Oh God, so good,” she said, whimpering.

“We’re only just getting started.” He sucked the whole of her clit inside his mouth, and at the same time moved his arms up to cup her breasts. He pinched her nipples and teased her in time with his sucks.

Changing from his mouth to his fingers, he moved up her body, sucking on her tits before, taking her mouth.

“Taste how sweet you are,” he said.

She moaned. “Please, why did you stop?”

He chuckled against her skin, moving back down to flick, suck, and tease her clit.

“Tonio, oh, Tonio.”

With his free hand, he gripped his dick, teasing up and down the length. He wanted inside her. Never had he felt this burning need to claim a woman for his own, and with Zara, he could make her his.

She called to him in ways that he never thought possible.

“Come for me, Zara. Let me taste that sweet cum.”

“Yes, yes, I want to.”

“Give it to me, and then I’ll slam my cock inside you, and show you everything that the porn movies couldn’t give you.”

“What’s that?” she asked.

“A real cock.”

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