[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters]

Recently divorced from her high school sweetheart, Chelsea Goebel begrudgingly accompanies her best friend on a work trip to Savage Valley, Colorado. A strange encounter with a mountain lion in the wild leads her to meet Oliver Cash, mayor of Savage Valley, and his brother Roarke.

Mountain lion-shifters Oliver and Roarke instantly know Chelsea is their mate, and they want her as soon as possible. But Chelsea convinces herself she wants only a rebound fling with the sexy shifters, and the brothers set out to prove they want more.

But a darkness looms over Savage Valley. The conglomerate NormCorp wants to buy up Savage Valley, and a drought and strange animal attacks have the townspeople anxious. Oliver and Roarke need to mate Chelsea to strengthen themselves for a fight. It’s up to Chelsea to get over her past, accept her lion-shifting mates, and help Oliver and Roarke save Savage Valley.

Note: There are two different series in the Savage Valley, Colorado collection. The Pride of Savage Valley series by Helena Ray is mountain lion-shifters. Rugged Savage Valley by Edith Dubois is bear-shifters. Each book features a different romantic trio or quartet. Even though the two series take place in the same setting with crossover characters and share an external story arc, each of the series can stand alone.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Helena Ray is a Siren-exclusive author.

Mountain Pride (MFM)
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Great story and flow. Characters are likable.
i lv my caseyroo
Enjoyed the start of the series.. I've read the 2nd book and look forward to the 3rd. Not normally a shapeshifter reader, but the premise captured my attention!

I can't wait to see the Pride's victory over NonmComp. Is it wrong I want his daughter to end up with the moonshine making twins.
Professional Reviews

4 RAVENS: "Helena Ray’s Mountain Pride combines two romance genres, paranormal shifters and m/f/m menage into one exciting story. Ms. Ray does a bit of world building to construct the canon of Savage Valley and then does a fine job of maintaining continuity throughout the book. Not knowing the habits of mountain lions, I can’t say whether the characteristics of Oliver and Roarke are consistent with those of true mountain lions, but they are well developed personalities who are sexy men and strong lions in their shifted forms. It is fun to see them depicted as politicians, though. As a bit of foreshadowing, Chelsea encounters one of the brothers in his lion form while on a hike in the mountains, the other brother appears to save her and then disappears, leaving her to wonder if the incident was an hallucination. Chelsea becomes aware of the fact that shifters exist rather slowly and methodically so her reaction is actually one of realistic shock. Then, she also has to become accustomed to the fact that both brothers want her, which leads to some wowza sex scenes. Make no mistake; this is an erotic romance novel, and the heroine is the one making a lot of adjustments to her own perceptions and the curve balls being thrown at her. Chelsea is a sexy girl with grit, and I liked her very much. There are a few minor characters who seem to exist mainly to get the major characters where they need to be in the story, but perhaps they will become more prominent as the series continues, or they may have served their purpose already. There rules that are unique to this variation on the theme of shifters, such as only one generation at a time can shift, the whole shifter experience is based on Native American legends that are more than myths, shifters can never leave Savage Valley, and they are held accountable, even in the face of formidable odds, for preventing ecological destruction of the environment is intriguing. The evil Ulysses Norman, head of Norm Corp, is the villain who is bent on obliterating the natural landscape in the name of progress and expansion of his business. He has no regard for anyone else, and he will stop at nothing, including murder, to get his way. In that he may be a bit overstated as the representative of all things bad about corporations and greed, but the point is made through him that Savage Valley is in danger of devastation and its inhabitants of extinction. There are parallel books set in Savage Valley, written by different authors. Ms. Ray writes about mountain lion shifters and Edith Du Boise writes about Savage Valley’s bear shifters in another series of books, beginning with Rugged Glimpse. We are introduced very briefly in Mountain Pride to the sheriff and his deputy as possibly being bear shifters so I’m looking forward to following both Savage Valley shifter/menage series. It’s an interesting concept in co-writing that I plan to enjoy." -- Mrs. C., Blackraven's Reviews

4 NYMPHS: "The first book about The Pride of Savage Valley, Colorado series is about mountain lion shifters. Mountain Pride tells about how Savage Valley and shifters came about. I found the fact that there would only be one generation of shifters at a time different. The fact that the oldest male would become the Alpha at age thirty and then the older generation would no longer shift, putting a new twist to a shifter society. I liked the fact that Chelsea slowly overcame her insecurities, as most of us don't do that overnight. Chelsea, Oliver and Roarke had sizzling chemistry. The grumbling of some of the secondary characters made me laugh, as I could just see this happening. I look forward to seeing how the author chooses to resolve the suspense story within Mountain Pride, as you will not be able to really know who the bad guy is, even though there seems to be an obvious one. I am looking forward to reading about the rest of the five families of shifters in Savage Valley." -- Amazon Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews


"Chelsea agrees to go out of town with her best friend, who needs to complete a work assignment in Savage Valley, Colorado. Chelsea is recently divorced and needs a change of scenery so that she can figure out what she is going to do with her life, as her ex took their business as part of a the divorce. She meets Roarke after she has a close encounter with a mountain lion in the wild, what she doesn’t know is that she has also met Oliver. Mayor of Savage Valley, Colorado, Oliver and his brother Roarke know the minute they see Chelsea that she is their mate. But, what can they do to convince her that she needs to stay in Savage Valley and that they are the men for her? What will happen when they reveal they are shifters? Additionally it appears conglomerate NormCorp is wrecking havoc on not only the shifters but the valley as a whole. Chelsea Goebel finds out what real love is in Mountain Pride. She just never expects it to come so close on the heels of her divorce, or from a set of mountain lion shifters. But, you never know when love will strike. Ms. Ray has me hooked on her The Pride of Savage Valley series, I can’t wait to read book two." -- Tanya, Joyfully Reviewed

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Story Excerpt


“Mountain lion-shifters,” Oliver finished. “We have the ability to change form into mountain lions, and we need to change. We’re still human, but the lion has become an integral part of who we are.”

This was all too much for Chelsea to take in. She pulled her hand away from Roarke’s and dropped her face to her palms. Only her. This could only happen to her. She found two incredibly sexy men who adored her, and they were freaks who thought they could transform into mountain lions. Or worse, they were freaks who actually could transform into mountain lions.

Roarke tried to reach an arm around her shoulders, but she shrugged it off. She looked up at him, and the look on his face tugged at her heart. She rubbed his thigh and tried to give him a conciliatory smile.

“Okay,” she said shakily. “Go on.” She gulped to try and dispel the lump in her throat, a futile effort. “I want to know everything.”

“Well, back in those days,” Roarke continued, “families were big. Even with the high mortality rate on the Oregon Trail, each of the families that settled in Savage Valley had at least two or three men. Cameahwait realized how easy it would be for families to split apart and neglect their protective duties, so he added another element to the curse. Every set of brothers must take only one mate.” Chelsea felt her jaw drop. “Meaning that every two or three men mated one woman, and she was their woman for life. If the lion-shifters did not do this, the children that resulted from the mating would be weak and die before they reached their third birthday.”

“So that’s why you and Oliver, both, you know…” The familiar heat returned to her face.

“Yes, Chelsea,” Oliver answered. “We both must mate you in order to create a new generation of baby Cashes.”

The idea of being mated by Oliver and Roarke caused her stomach to twist. She still wasn’t certain whether or not she believed in relationships that lasted for life. She had thought her marriage would last, but that was certainly a disaster. However, a strange wave of jealousy crested over her when she thought of Oliver and Roarke mating any other woman. Even though she’d known them for such a short period of time, they had somehow burrowed beneath the walls she built around her heart. No, Chelsea did not want any other woman getting anywhere near these two men.

Roarke stroked her cheek, and she turned to face him. His eyes held concern and a hint of lust. Competing feelings tore at her heart. She wanted to grab his face and press her lips against his, but she wanted to run and save herself from these two men who were at best lunatics and at worst dangerous predators. Instead she merely held Roarke’s gaze as she felt the hot sting of tears at the corners of her eyes.

“Don’t cry, honey,” Roarke said as he tangled a hand in her hair. “At least let us prove to you that we’re not crazy.”

Chelsea gave a dry laugh. “I think that would be quite difficult to do.”

“No, it wouldn’t,” Oliver said, and his hands began unbuttoning his shirt. Chelsea felt herself salivate as Oliver revealed the smooth planes of his masculine chest. Roarke stood, joined Oliver, and pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his hard pectoral muscles and six-pack abs.

“What on earth are you—”

“Just wait.” Roarke pulled off his belt at the same time Oliver shrugged off his shirt, giving Chelsea a view of the most perfect male chest she had ever seen. Oliver could have been a male model with his Adonis-like, chiseled muscles that looked like they belonged on a statue of a Greek god. Her nipples tightened underneath her bra, and lunatic or not, she wanted to feel his hard chest underneath her hands.

She started to rise, but Oliver pulled off his belt and pinned her to the spot with the ferocity of his gaze.


Both shirtless and with their jeans settled loosely on their defined hips, they turned to each other, and Oliver closed his eyes and let out a string of unintelligible syllables.

“Deegai-doyadukubichi’, mukua.”

Before her eyes, she saw Oliver start trembling. At first it looked as though he was having some sort of seizure, but his tremors stilled, and his nails extended into claws. Chelsea watched in awe as his large hands transformed into massive paws. His light brown hair grew and started covering every inch of his body. Soon, he dropped to all fours, his clothing only a pile around his hind legs. The same was happening to Roarke, and Chelsea watched as fangs protruded from his full lips and his broad chest grew a soft layer of fur. When she looked back at Oliver, what she saw knocked the breath from her.

His eyes stayed the same steely blue, and there was a distinctive black mark between his eyes.

Oliver was the lion she met in the clearing on her hike to Adam’s Point.


Adult Excerpt


A tingling of excitement and arousal mixed with a hint of nervousness swept over her as Roarke pulled her shirt up and over her head, revealing the nicest lingerie she had brought with her. Roarke placed a hand on her hip and rolled her onto her back then stroked her stomach softly. His hair fell in front of his eyes as he looked down at Chelsea.

“You are so beautiful.” The reverence in his tone warmed Chelsea’s heart, and she could see exactly how much he meant it. Even though she had never thought of herself as anything but an awkward redhead with a disproportionately large chest, having Roarke tell her otherwise made her feel like a Hollywood starlet.

Oliver sat up and also gazed with admiration at Chelsea. The heat radiating from both of them made her pussy muscles clench in anticipation. It had been a long while since she had last had sex, and she hadn’t particularly minded. But now, with two handsome, strong shape-shifters—unlikely as that may have seemed—apparently eager to claim her, she suddenly felt like a wanton sex goddess, in desperate need of a hard cock buried deep in her pussy.

Roarke’s soft touch continued upward until his hand caressed her breast through the black silk of her bra. He began massaging it, and warm tendrils radiated from his touch straight to her clit. She crossed her legs in an attempt to relieve some of the pressure building within her. She was so engrossed in Roarke’s ministrations that she jumped a little when Oliver joined Roarke and massaged her other breast. Whereas Roarke’s touch was gentle and reverent, Oliver’s was fervent and demanding.

He pulled her substantial breast out from her bra and sucked her hardened nipple into his mouth. Chelsea’s hips shot upward of their own volition as she reveled in the warm sensation. Oliver nipped at the hardened nub, and the shock of the sharp pressure drew a high-pitched moan from Chelsea. Oliver’s teeth suddenly released their hold on her nipple at the same time that Roarke’s hand left her other breast, and she snapped her head up to see what was the matter. The sight she saw, though, excited her even further. Roarke had just discarded his shirt, and Oliver busied himself with the fastener on his jeans. Once he freed himself from the material, he turned to Chelsea, giving her a view of his exquisite cock. It stood fully erect with a droplet of glistening pre-cum on the tip. She longed to reach for him and taste the fluid, but Oliver had other plans.

He climbed on top of her, his erection pressing against the zipper of her jeans, and claimed her mouth in a kiss of utter, undeniable possession. Oliver licked at the entrance to her lips, demanding access, and used his teeth to send deliberate sparks of energy straight to Chelsea’s clit. The kiss didn’t last long, though, since Roarke tangled one of his hands in her hair and pulled her face to his. Oliver climbed off her, and Roarke rolled her back onto her side. His lips never released hers, and Chelsea felt his naked erection pressing against her thigh as Roarke claimed her mouth with his.

Oliver cupped her bottom with both hands, massaging her ass cheeks as Roarke ground his hips and his cock against her now-burning flesh. Chelsea hooked a leg over Roarke’s hip so she could rub her clit against his tanned skin and relieve some of the sizzling sexual ache that had consumed her. He angled his hips upward, and she felt his cock brush against the dampened curls at her entrance. Just as she thrust her hips toward Roarke to feel his prick near her slick entrance, Oliver ran one finger down the valley between the globes of her ass and teased at her rear entrance. She wrapped her leg tighter around Roarke’s hip and brushed her mound against his pelvis at the sudden pressure in such a forbidden place.

Often, Chelsea had dreamed of someone taking her there, pressing his cock into her and filling her completely. She had pushed the fantasy to the back of her mind, but now she knew the real thing was close, and a new erotic vision danced into consciousness. She thought of two cocks taking her, one in her ass and one pounding into her pussy, filling her small body to the brim with pure masculine sexuality.

She tore her mouth from Roarke’s to moan her appreciation for Oliver’s touch. Roarke took this as a cue to move down Chelsea, landing a trail of kisses along his descent. Once he was eye level with her now-soaked cunt, he trailed one finger up and down her slit. Chelsea jolted with pleasure at the touch, and he sank his finger deep into her. The penetration lit a fire inside Chelsea that she had never felt before. She pushed her hips forward, humping against Roarke’s finger in the front and Oliver’s finger in the back. As she withdrew from Roarke, he inserted a second finger inside her.

“More,” Chelsea panted, needing a little something else to fan the flames of the infernal climax building within her.

“Like this?” Roarke’s voice was raspy just before he lowered his head and laved at her clit. The feeling of his hot mouth on her dripping pussy prompted her inner muscles to convulse with preorgasmic shudders. Roarke tilted his fingers upward, brushing against the electric button of her G-spot. She felt her clit engorge as she rode Roarke’s digits straight into the scorching void of pure ecstasy. She let out a cry of pleasure as the liquid evidence of her release drenched Roarke’s fingers.


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