Tempted by the Moon (MFM)

Moonlight Shifters 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 58,956
27 Ratings (3.9)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, bondage, public exhibition]

Newly engaged, Brie Ferguson and Jonah McCarthy submerge themselves in primal temptations, but the constant reminder of Sebastian McCarthy's absence is enough to ruin even the best orgasm.

Distracted by the mating heat, Brie feels a deep longing to be with both her mates, especially her Alpha. Discovering that Sebastian's been infected with the same debilitating virus that turned Mason Levi, a convicted murder and werepanther, into an ultimate killing machine is enough to bring her to her knees.

Brie is tormented with the knowledge that the man she loves could destroy her, but the mating heat is all consuming and leaves her with little choice. Instincts drive her to once again feel the sexual heat and connection she shares with Sebastian and Jonah.

But once she learns that Sebastian holds the answers to her past, can the truth be the missing link into freeing her soul and igniting a passion so tempting Sebastian and Jonah can't resist?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Tempted by the Moon (MFM)
27 Ratings (3.9)

Tempted by the Moon (MFM)

Moonlight Shifters 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 58,956
27 Ratings (3.9)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
A wonderful story of 3 lives. Brie, Sebastian and Jonah are Mates. With the virus slowly destroying Sebastian, what will they do to save him.
A must read story
virginia lee
Love this series! So glad this was recommend to me by my Facebook friends ! Morgan Fox is a awesome writer!
Professional Reviews

4 CHERRIES: "Lawyers by day and werewolves by night, Sebastian and Jonah McCarthy are two sexy brothers who happen to share the same mate, Brie Ferguson. When Brie gets stalked and almost killed by the diseased shape-shifter she brought to trial for conviction of multiple murders, alpha-leader Sebastian will not rest until he discovers what it is about his lovely mate that makes her special and what it is that has infected her stalker. Even living with one of her delicious mates Jonah, soon the mating heat becomes unbearable for Brie as she misses her other mouth-watering mate Sebastian. When Brie finally has her reunion with Sebastian, she soon discovers that Sebastian is now also infected with the disease of her stalker. Even as Brie is learning her super-natural powers, can she find a way to heal her mate Sebastian and save them all? This is the second book in the “Moonlight Shifters” series and the conclusion of the adventure between characters Brie, Sebastian and Jonah. Neither of these books stands alone well, and I strongly suggest reading them together. Morgan Fox has hit on a very exciting series with her books thus far in the “Moonlight Shifters” saga. I was totally engrossed in this book to the point that I had trouble putting it down. The love scenes were extremely hot. I am anxious for the next book in this series to be released as I am now completely hooked. I discovered more detail in this book as to the type of shifter our villain is. I was anxious to discover the gift that Brie was born with and how it also affects the future of this romance-thriller. The secondary characters were lively and interesting and I am waiting to see if perhaps their love matches will also be revealed in future installments. I feared the infect-able disease and it's possible affects. This clearly made the story exciting and involving. Also the fantasy of having two exciting mates all to yourself? Wow. I advise you not to "moon" over the fact that you have not found a good werewolf story in awhile, because this book might just be what you're searching for. But remember, what makes this book truly adventurous are the steamy love scenes." -- Dogwood, Whipped Cream Reviews

4 STARS: "Two sexy werewolves and a female with magical powers who has all their attention make for a sexy romp. Jonah and Sebastian are werewolves in love and lust with the same female. Brie Ferguson is that female. She feels deeply connected to the brothers in more ways than one. Her lust and her desire for them both is as important as the air she breathes. The brothers feel the same deep connection and find it hard when parted from her as well. Enter part of the conflict. Sebastian has gone off and left Jonah and Brie in search of Mason Levi who had tried to kill her. Brie is trying to find out what she is and what makes her different. All of this happens with her being in mating heat. Which makes everything else more complicated. While Sebastian heads out to find Mason Levi so that he cannot get their mate, Jonah is left to guard Brie. Their connection is just as potent as the one that Brie has with her Alpha male Sebastian, but at the same time not enough. She needs them both. There are a myriad of characters and personalities within this book which at times makes it a little hard to follow. But. Each character is an intricate part of the story as a whole. I think that perhaps it is because the author has plans for more in the series and with as much information that was offered, there should be more to the series. I liked Jonah and Sebastian, though at times the jealousy that was displayed made me wonder if their menage would work. In the end Morgan Fox showed that it could and would. It does go back to the fact that it seems the author is working towards a sequel and perhaps will answer it then. I hope so. The satisfactory HEA (Happy Ever After) I usually look for to me is a HFN (Happy For Now), because of the loose ends. In the long run, I wanted the three main characters to be together and rooted for them and was happy when they were. The world that Morgan Fox built was intricate and very interesting. I found myself liking the different personalities and how they interacted with one another. Three in particular caught my eye and that would be Reyes, Dominic and the female Dr. Shaw. There is something there between them all that the author touches on. Can't wait to see it. I will be looking for more from her and hope to have all my questions answered. Four stars for the hot lovemaking, excellent public exhibitionism and varied characters." -- Ebony, The Romance Reviews

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Jonah smiled as his eyes found the perfectly round globes of Brie’s ass, a cock-swelling sight. A rumble flared deep in his chest while watching her reach up, arms extended above her head, stretching her curvy body. She rose to her tiptoes, holding a crystal vase in her hands.

His gaze followed the splendid curves of her breasts, down a narrow waist and full hips. Licking his lips, biting back a growl, he didn’t want to move from the sight of her erotic pose, but he couldn’t let her harm herself either. She should’ve asked for help and waited for him to be available to assist her.

But if he had, he wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the pleasure of stumbling upon her perfect body displayed in such a gratifying way. Seeing her this way had his cock hard and ready. Then again, he was always hard and ready to be naked with his precious little vixen, making love to her and enjoying her intoxicating flavor and scent. She aroused even the animalistic beast that lay dormant inside—at least it appeared dormant most days.

Grumbling, he warned, “Don’t even think about it, mate.”

Eyes wide, like she’d been caught doing something she shouldn’t, she stared back at him. “Don’t think about what?” she wheezed, still stretching her body.

“You know what,” he growled, stepping closer to her, his cock filled with the heat of primal needs. “You could’ve waited for me.”

She returned to placing the vase on top of the entertainment stand as if he hadn’t interrupted her. “Sorry, Babe, but I couldn’t take it any longer. I couldn’t wait another minute to add something a little feminine to this very masculine bachelor pad.”

Clearing his throat, he corrected, “Former bachelor pad.”

She batted her golden lashes at him with a grin. “If you expect me to live in this ‘former bachelor pad,’ there needs to be something that says a woman actually does live here. Right now it doesn’t say anything except, ‘where’s the TV, pizza, and beer?’”

The corners of his mouth twitched as he fought the urge to smile at her. He should’ve expected this sooner. They’d lived together for almost a month now, and she hadn’t complained once about his insistence that she move in with him while Sebastian was away. He needed to keep her close for more reasons than Mason Levi, the virus-infected fugitive were-animal that escaped from prison just over a month ago.

He needed her close because the mating heat was ferocious in the beginning. The need to bend her over the nearest piece of furniture and take her fast and furious was like a nail hammering into his skull and boiling water scalding his brain. How his brother, Sebastian, was handling being away from her even for a second amazed the shit out of him.

“I love that you want to add some of your things to our home,” he said, stepping behind her at the base of the three-step stool. Her beautiful, perky ass teased his vision.

She grinned. “Oh really?” She snickered with a hit of sarcasm.

His lengthening canines bit into his bottom lip. He groaned, inhaling her sweet floral scent. “Hell yes,” he snapped out with heat in his gaze. “If this is the sight I can expect each and every time you put a new feminine touch in our home, then I have absolutely no objections.” His warm hands grasped her outer thighs and slowly crept up to her ass. He heard her breath catch. He’d never get tired of feeling the blazing chemistry burn hot between them. “However, I do have one suggestion,” he told her, a smile creasing his lips.

Glancing down at him, she giggled. “And what, may I ask, is that?”

He locked in on her sensual expression. She had to know what he was about to suggest. It was him after all, the man who couldn’t go one full day without some kind of sexual reference to her. Sex with her was all he thought about.

Unable to hide his wicked smile, he revealed, “That you do so naked.”

Taking a few steps down the ladder, she twisted to face him. Licking her lips, she moaned, “I’m sure I can manage that.” She reached her hands out, palms pressed flat against his chest, breathing harder. “But what will you do with me when I am naked?” Her delicate index finger toyed with the collar of his shirt, dipping to his skin, burning him like a branding iron. “Will you simply watch me as I hang pictures, my nipples scraping against the rough canvas, or as I arrange frilly pillows that glide causally over the skin of my arms and breasts? Will you wish to touch me as I drape throws over the sofa and chairs, the soft chenille basking over the flesh of my chest, stomach, and thighs? Will you keep your distance as I elongate and arch my body to add flowers to the top of the bookshelves?”

Her breathy voice sent hot blood pumping straight to his cock. Nuzzling her neck, his voice a husky growl, he teased, “Why don’t I just show you?”




Her sweet pink tongue glided over her bottom lip, and his cock got harder. How that was possible, he had no idea, but it did. He blew another warm burst of air over her clit. Her head lolled back, chest arched forward. Full breasts filled his vision, her rosy pink nipples hardened to perfection.

“Oh God,” she gasped, frustration glimmered in her eyes. “Jonah, Please. Do it, eat my pussy, suck me, fuck me. For Christ’s sake do something,” she begged.

Chuckling, he responded, “Whatever the lady wants.”

Fevered passion forced him to probe the depths of her pussy, fucking her with slow, determined strokes. Licking the wetness from her cunt, his tongue swirled around her clit, again and again. Closing his mouth over the throbbing bud, he let his hungry mouth and tongue dance, flicking fast and eager.

Soft, fluttering moans escaped her trembling lips. She tugged on her nipples, pulling at them as she drew closer to orgasm. He could taste it. Felt her body writhing under his touch.

His mouth worked her pussy as he watched her wicked fingers play with her body, heightening her own pleasure. If he had more hands, he would gladly join her, but currently his fingers were occupied—one hand spreading the lips of her pussy, while the other probed at her rear, rubbing around the entrance to her rectum.

“Yes, Jonah, that’s it. Oh God, feels so good.”

More aggressive than ever, he sucked her pussy, sliding his mouth up and down on her clit, sucking it hard between his lips. His finger pumped inside her, first one then two, then three. He felt her cunt tighten and squeeze around his probing fingers and watched as her juices flooded from her pussy.

Pumping faster, he continued to suck her clit. A tormented cry tore from her lips as she finally began to come. He didn’t let up, lapping at her delicious essence.

One final lick and he stood in front of her. She reached forward to take his cock in her hand. He knew she was going to slide his dick between her moistened lips and suck him until he came in her mouth, but he had other plans for his mate.

Jonah grabbed hold of her hand before she could grip his pulsing cock. “No, that’s not what I want.” Wide-eyed, she stared at him. “Get on your hands and knees. I want to fuck that pretty little asshole of yours.”

She nibbled her lip “But we don’t have any lubricant.”

He licked around his mouth, tasting the remnants of her orgasm. ”Your pussy is plenty wet. I’ll have no problem sliding into you.” He held her timid gaze. “You do like being fucked this way, don’t you?”

She nodded. “Yes, but my first time was with Sebastian. This is only my second time.”

“I won’t hurt you, Brie. I’ve waited a long time to take you this way.”

“Why didn’t you try before when it was just us these past few weeks?”

He glared down at her, his cock in his hand, stroking slowly. She stared at his hard, thick shaft. Pre-cum glistened at the head of his cock. “Are we going to talk about it or are you going to let me fuck you?”

She gave a shy smile and turned onto her hands and knees, positioning her ass directly in front of his hips. The view left him breathless. He always loved her body, sensual curves, full breasts, round hips, an angel with a devilishly sexy body. Feeling her soft ass pressed against his hard, rigid cock, he was proud to call this woman his mate. She was everything and so much more. He was a damn lucky wolf, and he knew it.

Sliding between her wet folds, the heat of her pussy teased the broad head of his dick. He used her wet cunt to lube up his cock, then his finger, which he used to circle around her rectum. A gentle push and he was fucking her ass with his thick finger, stretching her slowly. Then a second, and before long his cock was positioned at her perfect little hole.

As he pushed inside her, he grabbed hold of her hips and pulled her back against him. He heard her groan and knew the sound was of pleasure, not pain. Pulling back, he pushed inside. Fucking her slowly, until he was balls-deep.

Hips rocking forward, he felt her tighten all around him, her asshole clamping down on his cock like a fist. She pushed back, and he felt she was ready to take him harder. He obliged, pushing against her, forcing his shaft deeper and harder with each thrust.

She relished everything he did to her, and he could feel it in her physical response to him as well as through the primal connection they shared.

Leaning against her back, he reached around her to play with her swollen clit. She jerked as he stroked her, brushing his fingers over the tip. The more he touched her pussy, the harder she rocked against him.

Balls tightening, he was so close to exploding. He ground his teeth together as fire ripped from deep within his gut, shooting from his balls to the head of cock. Sexual bliss, total and complete, he was on the verge of dying a very happy man.

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