New Year, New Love (MMM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 29,023
0 Ratings (0.0)

Vance Waller can’t believe his luck. It’s a week before Thanksgiving, and he has to travel more than three hours to meet up with a client just because his supervisor is too lazy to do it. To make matter worse, his crappy car has to die on him, and he’s stuck in a small town called Pontybridge, which is forty-five minutes away from his destination. As if that isn’t bad enough, there’s a snowstorm.

Vance’s luck improves when Brett Griffiths, the attractive owner of the bed and breakfast in town, approaches him and helps tow his car away. His luck continues to become better when Talon Patterson, a handsome and successful lawyer, comes to stay at the B&B.

There’s an instant attraction between the three of them, and the sexual tension is intense. However, there’s a big problem. Both Vance and Talon live in San Francisco while Brett resides in Pontybridge. Vance is also having issues at work, and he knows he needs to resolve that.

Can the three men find a way to make their relationship work?

New Year, New Love (MMM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

New Year, New Love (MMM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 29,023
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

“Mom, Dad,” Brett called out to his parents. “Why are you both still inside the car?”

“You will know the reason later,” Brett’s father replied. “Goodbye, son!”

Brett seemed totally taken aback when the occupants inside all three cars abruptly bade them farewells. Then the cars sped away, leaving Vance and Brett to stare after the back of the vehicles.

“What just happened?” Vance asked.

“Beats me,” Brett answered. Then he gasped. “Where’s Talon?”

Vance grew even more bewildered. “Now that I think about it, I didn’t get to see much of him for the last few hours because Talon’s parents kept on talking to me.”

“Talon’s brothers or sisters would distract me whenever I was about to search for Talon,” Brett added. “Even my parents, as well.”

Upon hearing that, Vance immediately deduced that something must be going on, and he had a strong feeling that Talon was somehow involved in that situation. In fact, Talon was most likely the mastermind behind everything. However, before Vance could voice out his suspicion, he noticed the front door of the house opening, and then Talon walked out from inside.

“Talon!” Vance exclaimed as he briskly made his way toward the older man. “How did you get back here before Brett and me?”

“And for what reason?” Brett added.

“I had something to prepare,” Talon explained. “So, I asked one of my brothers to give me a ride back about two hours ago while the others remained with you two to act as distractions.”

“What did you have to pre --”

“You will see them in a bit,” Talon cut Brett off midsentence while beaming widely.

Talon looked really excited about something, and Vance couldn’t help but wonder what the man had been doing for the past couple of hours. “Can we go into the house now?”

Talon nodded before grabbing Vance’s and Brett’s hands. Then he gently dragged them inside before lightly kicking the door shut. Once they were inside, Vance was stunned. Most of the lights had been switched off, except for a few of them and the decorative strands of multi-color fairy lights that had been hung on the Christmas tree, walls, and the railings of the staircases. Vance was even more amazed when he noticed the photographs that had been clipped on to the light cables or taped to the walls.

“These photos are incredible,” Brett complimented as he admired some of the photographs that were closest to him.

“I agree,” Vance said as he looked at the photographs while running his fingers over them. Then he smiled at Talon. “Is this the reason why you had insisted on taking so many pictures of the three of us together with Brett’s parents on Christmas day?”

“Yeah,” Talon admitted. “There are more photos of us with Brett’s parents and my family from this morning all the way until earlier this afternoon, but they’re placed on the railings of the staircases.”

After that, the three of them didn’t talk much, but they often laughed as they reminisced. Vance was amazed as he studied each of the photographs, and there were two main reasons for that. In this day and age, it was extremely rare for anybody to print out their photographs because most people preferred to store them in their phones, tablets, laptops, or some other devices. Vance thought it was awesome that he was able to hold all of these photographs in his hands. The fact that the photographs were tangible reminders of the beautiful memories he shared with Brett and Talon was a nice bonus. Most importantly, he was touched by the efforts and time Talon must have expended. He was certain it was no easy feat, from planning for the photographs to be taken at just the right moments all the way to putting them on display all over the house.

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