Unexpected Gifts (MMM)

Men of Silver 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,682
21 Ratings (4.3)
[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M/M, sex toys, HEA]
Vic Whitacre is starting over in a new place. At twenty-five he has somehow managed to stay alive and out of major trouble. Vic wasn’t planning on meeting two very handsome, successful men, and has to wonder if he can ever reach the place where he'll be their equal outside of the bedroom.
Butler and curator at Redford Manor, Randall Dorchester is a control freak. It's a personality quirk that makes him very good at his job. His work is satisfying but it's his love life that's lacking. Then he meets Vic, a man who oozes confidence and a dominant nature.
Entrepreneur Finn Redford returns to Silver for a Christmas holiday hoping to claim Randall, the man he's fallen in love with. There's one problem. When Finn arrives he discovers someone else has caught the sexy man’s interest.
What the three of them discover together is nothing short of unexpected.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Unexpected Gifts (MMM)
21 Ratings (4.3)

Unexpected Gifts (MMM)

Men of Silver 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,682
21 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Finn, Vic, and Randall. ...three men looking for the love commitment , to experience the total trust in someone, to find the true love they all deserved and desired. They just didn't expect to find it with three men. This was a beautiful story of letting go, starting over, and finding what's important. .....love, family. Sweet sexy, I love this series.
donna b buccella




When Vic left the grocery store with two more bags, these much heavier than the others, he did briefly wish he had a car. Shrugging, he headed home, but cut across on a street he hadn’t yet been on, instead of retracing his route, which would have been much longer. He walked three blocks and stopped on the corner, ready to cross the street, when he looked to the left for cars.

That’s when he saw it, a huge house built of red brick with ornate trim painted white. It was several blocks away, but it was so big that it demanded his attention. He walked toward it without thought, utterly fascinated by it.

Someone really important must live there, Vic thought as he got closer. It wasn’t until he was standing on the sidewalk directly in front of the house, did he get a true sense of how massive the it was. The property alone was the equal to several blocks in either direction, the house taking up a large portion of that. There were peaks, gables, and conical protrusions shooting skyward. The windows were tall and there were a lot of them.

Vic was so fascinated by the house, he barely noticed the people moving around in front of it. Some were carrying ladders. Others were standing on ones leaning against the house. Two of the windows were open and a woman and a man were leaning out of them, helping place large wreaths of dark greenery and a bright red ribbon on each. Vic guessed that they would be hung from all the windows, since several were already had them. It would look incredible when it was finished.

“Hello there!” A cheerful voice called to him. Vic started in surprise to see a man standing a few feet away from him, a snow shovel gripped in his hand. Like Vic, he was dressed for the weather. “It’s a bit nippy out. Would you like to come in for a cup of hot chocolate?” The man had a British accent, although his words sounded more American. Vic looked around to see if there was anyone standing behind him. The man chuckled. “I was speaking to you, sir. You seem a stranger to these parts. Come on in. Warm yourself. Enjoy a cup of chocolate made from the finest chocolate in Silver.” By this time the man was at the tall, ornate wrought iron gate. He pushed it open and held out his hand to Vic. “I’m Randall Dorchester, the butler and curator here at Redford Manor.”

“Vic Whitacre. I work at Silver’s Chocolate Café.” He looked over the house, from the left wing to the right. “Butler, huh? I didn’t know anyone had butlers anymore.”

“I’m more of a manager, these days. There are no Redfords in residence  any longer.” The gate closed behind Vic as he was gently herded toward the house. The bags were taken from his hands. He would have protested, but a glance from the older man silenced him. He smiled weakly, feeling weird at being treated as if he was a special guest. “As you can see, we’re preparing the manor for the holidays. There will be a Christmas ball this year.” This statement was made with a mixture of pride and excitement.

They walked right up to front doors that had to be twelve feet high. Vic gulped and hesitated as Randall opened the door. He felt as if he should be going around back or something. Wasn’t that how they did it in the movies?

Randall must have had some idea of what idiocy was running through his head because he chuckled. “The Redfords are very democratic people. You’re as welcome through the front door as anyone else.”

“If you say so,” Vic murmured uncertainly.

If Vic had been impressed by the outside of the huge house, it was nothing compared to the awe he felt as he saw the inside for the first time. He stood looking around like a goober, as Randall helped Vic shed his gloves, coat, and boots. He was given a pair of soft slippers to wear. Randall took him by the arm and led him through the house, beyond the grand staircase, and along a wide hallway. He peeked into rooms as he went, thoroughly impressed, but rather fearful he might bump into something. Hell, he didn’t even like walking on the polished floor.

The kitchen was a large room with a lot of counter space, cupboards, and a long oak table, but there was a coziness about it, an intimate feel. There were several people seated at the table, drinking coffee and what he guessed was hot chocolate, and eating cookies from a platter covered with them.

“Have a seat. I’ll get your hot chocolate. Unless you would prefer coffee? Perhaps tea?”

“Chocolate sounds terrific, thanks.” Vic gave him a smile. When Randall returned it, Vic felt it all the way to his toes.

Vic watched as Randall took milk from the refrigerator and walked to the stove. He took a pan out and poured the milk into it. Then he was putting chocolate in it. As Vic’s gaze moved over Redford Manor’s butler, he noted that at first glance Randall was very ordinary in appearance. He had neatly styled, reddish-brown hair, a tall, slender body, and rather undefined muscles under his sweater and slacks. It was when Randall turned his head to look at Vic, and he smiled, that Randall changed from ordinary to breathtaking.




By the time Finn thanked Randall for the excellent supper and left Vic and Randall alone, Randall was all but trembling with anticipation. There would be another delay, of course. Vic had studying to do. He had carried several books in with him, which he brought with him to the lounge.

Randall watched as he picked up one from the stack and began to read. There was a notepad and a pen on the arm of the chair. “I’m going to make a fresh pot of coffee. Or would you like something else?”

Vic looked up and smiled. “I don’t think I need any more coffee. A beer would be nice, if it’s no trouble.”

“It’s no trouble at all. I’ll return shortly.”

“Be sure you’re naked, when you do come back.”

A jolt of excitement hit Randall as he heard the command from the deep voice. There was an edge to it. He didn’t stop and look back as he left the room. Instead, he hurried to get the beer for Vic and to strip down. Randall’s excitement was so great, it didn’t bother him in the least to know Finn could catch him in the nude, if Finn returned to the ground floor of the manor. Actually, the possibility of being caught amped up Randall’s excitement level to where his cock hardened and pre-cum began seeping in copious amount of from the tip. After setting aside his neatly folded and stacked clothing, he went for the beer. He placed the bottle and a chilled glass on a tray. Taking a deep breath, he left the kitchen and hurried to the lounge, his rigid flesh bouncing as he went.

Randall was certain he would come at any moment, but knew instinctively that Vic would not approve. His fingers tightened on the edges of the tray as he took deep, calming breaths. He could do this. He could hold off his orgasm. He could please his master. He would be rewarded for it with a hard cock fucking his aching arse.

Randall was mentally prepared for an evening of self-denial and reward. What he wasn’t prepared for was Finn seated where he had been less than a half hour earlier, in a comfortable armchair matching the one Vic was seated in. They were less than four feet apart, separated by a rosewood table.

“Don’t stand there, Randall. Bring my beer to me and then you’re to take care of Finn while I study this algebra. It seems he wants to feel your lips wrapped around his cock.”

Vic never looked up from the book he held. Randall stared at him before looking back at Finn. It was the moment of truth. What was he willing to do to please his Master? Yet, the better question was, could he entertain the hopes of having two Masters?

“Do not force me to punish you, pet.”

Deciding to take the risk of having it all or nothing, Randall quickly shook off the moment of indecision and took the beer to Vic. He placed the tray on the table. Picking up the glass, he poured the beer into it, his hands shaking as he did so. His cock, which had flagged slightly, was now resuming its former length and thickness, pre-cum leaking from the slit. He put the glass of beer onto the table and then turned to move to stand in front of Finn. His gaze never moved upward to the man’s face. Instead, it was fixed on the open slacks and the exposed cock.

Randall’s mouth watered at the sight of it. His balls tightened. As he kneeled between Finn’s legs, he took a deep breath. Remaining in control when he was so excited would be difficult. So he focused on the reward he hoped to achieve by pleasuring both of the men, one with his obedience, the other with his skill at fellatio.

Finn possessed a beautiful cock. It was long, thick, and had the texture of velvet, much like his own. The foreskin was pushed back, leaving the wide, mushroom-shaped head exposed. It was a light red, the skin tight, with pre-cum dribbling from the hole. Randall admired it as he leaned closer. Then he was closing his eyes and inhaling, taking in Finn’s unique scent. It was dark, rich, earthy, similar to Vic’s, but with enough of a difference that he would always be able to tell them apart from scent alone.

Bracing himself with one hand on a powerful thigh, Randall opened his mouth to take the head of Finn’s cock into his mouth. His lips closed around it as his tongue flicked over the slit and then around the circumference, taking special care to lavish the ultrasensitive bundle of nerves beneath. A low moan was Randall’s first reward. He took it to mean he was on the right track with this man. Relaxing his jaw, he worked his way down the velvety length, the head of Finn’s cock finally pushing at the back of Randall’s throat. He took a deep breath through his nose.

Randall’s excitement increased when strong fingers slid into his neatly combed hair to grip it firmly. His cock flexed against his belly, and his asshole twitched, making him wish he had something shoved in deep to ease the emptiness he felt. Resisting the urge to stroke his aching flesh, he began a slow journey up and down the impressive length of Finn’s cock.

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