Fated Hearts (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 30,171
0 Ratings (0.0)

Ethan MacGowan has been not-so-patiently waiting for his mate to find him. The heart-shaped mark on his neck is not just a birthmark, but an Anam Cara, a sign he’s destined for a supernatural being. At thirty-three, he hasn’t given up, but he is frustrated by waiting. Until a regular night out puts him face to face with a vampire that makes his blood sing.

Avriel has spent a century on this earth, skulking in shadows. Until he met his mate thirty years ago, and gave up illegal activities for a more sedate life. Being mated to a wolf shifter isn’t anything like he expected, but Avi is happier than he’s ever been. Meeting Ethan at a club, and knowing the man is supposed to be his, sends Avi’s world into a tailspin. How can he be so drawn to Ethan when he has Cash at home?

Cash Turner never expected to mate a vampire. He certainly never expected his mate to come home distraught because Avi feels the mate pull with someone else. Ever the alpha, peacemaker, and fixer, Cash remains calm. When he meets Ethan for the first time, Cash understands what’s going on.

Cash and Avi were never meant to be just two. Ethan was always destined to join them. But navigating a relationship between three people is never easy, no matter that Fate has decreed it. If they work together, and make sure everyone’s needs are met, will it be enough to cement a happily ever after?

Fated Hearts (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Fated Hearts (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 30,171
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

“Wait!” Cash called before it clicked shut. “Ethan, please. Just wait a sec.”

I shuddered at the way he said my name. Now that was weird. But I left the door open a crack, just far enough that I could peer out with one eye. “What?”

“I’m willing to have this conversation with us out here and you protected by your very formidable wards, if that makes you more comfortable. All I ask is that you hear me out.” Avriel was being so polite.

“Why should I?” my heart was racing, and I know I sounded slightly petulant. But I couldn’t help it. I didn’t know what was going on. And I wanted to hear him out, because seeing Avriel again only cemented my first thought about him. Except he was clearly already mated, and that meant he wasn’t mine.

“Because, sweetheart, you’re also my mate.” Avriel’s voice went soft. “And I’d very much like to talk to you.”

I shut the door with a snap and leaned my forehead against it, just breathing. For a very long moment. It wasn’t completely unheard of, but it was rare. I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to trust him, because last night had fucking hurt. Way more than it should have after a five minute conversation. And I wasn’t sure if I wanted to allow Avriel that much power.

Except he was mine. I knew it.

I removed the chain, and pulled the door open wide. The way Avriel’s face lit up made my stomach swoop. I tentatively returned the grin, then stepped back. “Welcome to my home. Both of you.”

There was a flutter of magic, and the wards released enough to let Avriel and Cash in. Avriel reached for me, and with fluttering fingers, touched my neck before he pulled back.

“My apologies.” His voice shook just a little. “I shouldn’t take liberties until you’ve given me permission. Thank you for allowing us in.”

The growl that came from Cash had us both turning to stare. His eyes had shifted into wolf amber -- which let me know he was a wolf shifter -- and his top lip was pulled back in a snarl. His gaze was laser focused on me.

“Mine,” he snarled out.

Oh shit. I backed up fast, ready to call out for Granda. A jealous shifter was nothing to dismiss. But Avriel whirled around and trapped Cash against the door. Cash didn’t even try to fight him, but he whined a little, his gaze still fixed on me. I practically held my breath, waiting to see how this played out.

Avriel was studying Cash, then he took Cash’s face in this hands. Cash blinked and seemed to come back to himself.


“With the wards in the way, I couldn’t smell him well. But now I can. Avi, babe, he’s ours.” Cash’s voice was full of wonder.

Avriel’s face lit up, and his grin was so wide his fangs were on full display. “Truly?”

Cash’s grin was kind of feral. “Oh yeah. Shit.” His gaze shot to mine. “Sorry. Sorry about that. Hi Ethan, I’m Cash. You’re ours.”

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