Catching the Runaway...Bride? (MMM)

Men of Silver 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,292
20 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Alternative Cowboy Menage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, HEA]
Darby MacCarthy met Riley Cooper and Miles Parker as he was escaping the unwanted attention of a perverted photographer. Having two hot guys rescue him was close to being a fantasy. Neither seemed shocked that he was wearing a wedding dress and combat boots. They even flirted with him, something that confused Darby later after he heard several children address them both as “daddy.”
Learning they were divorced and now living together as partners, Darby wondered if there was any place in their lives for him. He didn’t want to ruin a good thing for them. Was a life with the men a possibility? Or were there too many things against them having a future together?
He did have a busy life with many commitments. Fear and doubts made him run. What he didn’t know was that Riley and Miles were determined to have him in their lives and were willing to do whatever it took to catch him and keep him.
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Catching the Runaway...Bride? (MMM)
20 Ratings (4.5)

Catching the Runaway...Bride? (MMM)

Men of Silver 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,292
20 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Perverts, jerks, and grizzly bears. It seemed his life was anything but boring these days, Darby thought with a measure of disgust. He glanced back over his shoulder to where there was a large brown bear walking along a stream about a half mile away. It had shown little interest in him, which was a relief. Darby prayed the animal continued with his search for a fish and didn’t decide that he looked tasty.

After gaining success on the Internet for several years, Darby had decided to try something new rather than spending so much time broadcasting portions of his life from his studio apartment. When a famous photographer contacted him about posing for some artsy-type photographs, Darby had agreed. After all, he loved being edgy—pushing against the boundaries set by others—by being himself, something he encouraged in others. Being fashion savvy, he had wanted to explore new things. He should have been in his own personal little heaven. However, he was currently anything but happy.

Darby tromped through the tall grass and beautiful flowers, wearing an incredibly expensive wedding gown. He cursed the asshole who had momentarily turned his life upside down and the jerky kiss-asses who hadn’t said a word against the man signing their paychecks. He would have taken the gown off and left it behind long ago, despite the expense, but he wasn’t wearing anything under it.

Stopping, Darby took a moment to get his bearings and take a breath. Despite him being in excellent physical condition, dragging the heavy gown through the tall grass was beginning to tire him out. How had women worn so much crap as everyday clothing?

Darby was relieved when he heard a vehicle of some kind not far from his position. Heading in that direction was a no-brainer, so he gathered up the gown’s heavy silk skirt and resumed tromping through the grass, glad he had been modeling a ball gown and not a mermaid style. He was also grateful for the heavy black leather boots the photographer and his minions had paired with the gown. Now, if he could find a bathroom, he would be happy.

Once he reached the paved road, Darby let out a sigh of relief. Standing on the edge, he looked both ways, trying to spot any sign of civilization. He had never been to the Rocky Mountains before. Hell, he had never been west of the Mississippi River. When he had first seen the mountains in the distance, he had been impressed. Especially with how they got so much bigger the closer they were. Then there was the whole experience of riding in a car on roads and highways snaking through the mountains. The terrain was rugged, the scenery exquisitely beautiful.

The loud, grumbling sound of a diesel engine caught Darby’s attention. He braced himself for whoever it was in the vehicle seeing him in the strapless gown. The tight-fitted bodice showed off his upper chest and shoulders, as well as his creamy skin. The teardrop diamond necklace accentuated his long neck. Yeah, he would have made a beautiful woman, especially with the makeup he was wearing. His eyes were smoky and appeared larger than normal. His high cheekbones gave him an exotic appearance. And his full lips? The dark plum matte finish made him want to kiss himself, he thought with a chuckle. Yeah, he might have made a beautiful woman, but he did make one hell of a gorgeous man.

Darby blinked when the huge pickup truck with the silver stacks behind the cab and the rugged wheels came over the rise. It slowed and finally came to a stop across from him. If there hadn’t been a lane between them, Darby wouldn’t have been able to see the driver. As it was, he got a good look at the amused cowboy with the beaten-up white western-style hat, white T-shirt, and muscles. Lots and lots of bulging muscles. At least that’s what the man’s left arm was displaying, giving a hint as to what the rest of the body was like. Cowboys. He had never met the breed before. Not real ones, anyway. He bet this one had a big belt buckle, too.

“Need a ride, honey?”

Darby didn’t move a muscle. He knew better. “Just so we’re clear, you do realize I’m not a woman, don’t you?”

A brief, devastating grin flashed across the man’s darkly tanned face. The cowboy nodded as his gaze flickered over Darby again. “The Adam’s apple gave it away. What are you doing out here?”

“I was working.” Darby jerked his head back, indicating the direction from which he had come. “Back there a couple of miles. Then the jerk-off photographer thought I might like to make a few extra bucks.”

“Doing what?”

“You don’t want to know. When I didn’t want to play his little game, he and the others packed everything up and took off with my stuff. He said he would be back to see if I’d changed my mind. Is there a place around here where a guy can take a leak?”

The cowboy stared at Darby for a few seconds. Then he glanced around. “You’re kidding, right?”




Darby couldn’t explain the madness that had brought him to Miles’s and Riley’s ranch and, within an hour, to their bedroom. His clothes were being peeled away by Riley’s and Miles’s strong, callused hands. Their warm lips and teeth teased the sensitive skin of his neck and shoulders. Their hands held him firmly, as if they were afraid he would slip away from them. Darby’s legs trembled. It was getting difficult to breathe, and he was afraid he would pass out from the extreme excitement pulsing through his body.

Every nerve, even those he was normally unaware of, seemed to come alive. He kicked his jeans away after one of the two men pushed them down to his ankles. He hadn’t even realized they had been unfastened.

“Oh, fuck yes!” Miles had his left nipple between his teeth, tugging at it, teasing the hard nub.

Grabbing hold of Miles’s broad shoulders, Darby tried to stop the shaking in his legs. He couldn’t believe the level of excitement he had reached. It would be humiliating if he passed out before they got to the really fun stuff. His asshole clenched hard, anticipating their possession, taking turns to fuck him.

Maybe he should get on the bed before he did pass out. It wouldn’t make it less humiliating, but it would be less painful than hitting the floor.

After releasing Miles, Darby turned toward the bed. He grabbed the luxurious down comforter and pulled it, and the sheet and blankets beneath, down over the footboard. Then he crawled onto the high bed, hyperaware that he was giving the two men an incredible view of his ass. A hand reached between his thighs to gently grasp his balls. They began to tighten, and he held his breath as the mounds of his ass and the crevice between were explored. A moan left his lips. Riley rimmed the puckered flesh around his asshole with the tip of his finger. Closing his eyes, he focused on what Riley and Miles were doing to him. They obviously had some skills, something he hoped would continue. Darby hadn’t had many lovers, but he’d had a few who were less than creative in bed. Just being fucked wasn’t an option. He couldn’t explain exactly why he had fallen for the two men, but he suspected it was because there was something about them that made them special, that they would fit well with him and bring him a sense of completion.

After collapsing on the bed when his arms trembled so much they gave out, Darby rolled onto his back. As he did so, he watched Riley stretch out beside him. Miles was in the process of pushing his sweats down. Then he, too, was getting up on the bed and settling his length beside Darby.

One thing Darby did know, even as his thoughts scattered, was that he enjoyed being the center of attention. Being between two attentive lovers was not something he had experienced before. Was this a mistake where they would all be hurt, or an incredible chance to explore the freedom to love more than one person?

All Darby wanted was to fall in love with them. He believed he was already there, but he still had doubts and fears.

Shoving those aside for the opportunity at hand, he took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Touches, sounds, and scents were all intensified. Riley and Miles stroked him. Rough calluses scraped over his sensitive skin. Shivering, moaning, he waited as their hands moved along his thighs toward his groin. His balls were already pulled tight to his body. It wouldn’t take much for him to fall over the edge as passion flared between them. A warm breath caressed the throbbing flesh of his cock.

Darby spread his legs and felt the bed move. When a strong hand took hold of his cock, he opened his eyes to see Miles kneeling between his legs and opening his mouth to take the spongy, purplish head into it. His breath caught in his throat as he waited for that moment when they would connect. He could feel the man’s warm breath on his flesh. Darby watched as Miles’s tongue came out to wipe away the droplets of clear fluid seeping from the slit.

Trembling, Darby felt as if he was on the verge of tears. His emotions were running so high they needed an outlet. This was all so incredible. He wanted more, yet he didn’t.

Stop being a baby, Darby silently told himself. This is what you came here for.

Blue eyes fixed on Darby’s face as Miles finally took the head of his cock into his mouth, then sucked on it for several seconds, pushing him closer to the edge. He truly didn’t know how much more he could take. His chest was rising and falling as if he had just finished a marathon. His blood rushed through his veins, and he began to tremble again.

Moaning as Miles began to slide his mouth up and down his cock, Darby wrapped his fingers in the man’s thick dark-brown hair. He watched as his cock disappeared. Miles’s nose was pressed against his hairless groin.

As the man swallowed around his cock, his throat working around the head, Darby whimpered. Riley moved again, lowering his head so he could suck and lick Darby’s nipples.

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